Among Us but it’s proximity chat and I’m always impostor...

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I AM WILDCAT Month ago
If you're confused by the ad in the beginning...just read the fine print. That's all I'll say
Tiffany Davis
Tiffany Davis 5 days ago
@Eddie Ramos What
Eddie Ramos
Eddie Ramos 10 days ago
Well i hope this series goes great for all of the people involved. Best of wishes. I can't help but think about Deadrealm. Sorry...😞...
Shikensuu 22 days ago
I reported USposts for ad break
the real z
the real z 23 days ago
i thought it was a pre-video ad
Martin Mesa
Martin Mesa 28 days ago
Win kenshiro
Lee Gogolowski
Lee Gogolowski Day ago
Make narrator juicy mully joshdub ree kid and eddievr play with you
Lee Gogolowski
Lee Gogolowski Day ago
Julian Heng
Julian Heng 2 days ago
I thought the ad was another Raid jebait ad...
Cole Hunt
Cole Hunt 2 days ago
All-time Funniest video by far in 2021
Tydoseroblox26 5 days ago
I’m waiting for More of Narrator and his Boys to play with Wildcat
Yato Kami
Yato Kami 5 days ago
I was so confused why tf i was getting an ad lol
yoinkz qind
yoinkz qind 7 days ago
When i clicked on this video i thought i clicked on the wrong vid
W.D Gaster
W.D Gaster 8 days ago
i thought the beginning was an ad
Doctor Eggman
Doctor Eggman 9 days ago
I didn't know you knew narrator.
An_anime_Weeb 10 days ago
*the energy division*
Matthew Elliott
Matthew Elliott 11 days ago
Wildcat: Impostor Basically: Screaming for his life.
Bending Time
Bending Time 13 days ago
Famous last words... killer can you kill me I have to poop 🤣🤣🤣
Lord Hoth_09
Lord Hoth_09 13 days ago
Wait..... THE Narrator?
Orlanimations Rivera romo
Orlanimations Rivera romo 14 days ago
*TENT* productions
*TENT* productions 14 days ago
Whats happening at the beginning
The Mystery Man
The Mystery Man 14 days ago
1st minute of the video was shit but the rest after that was nice!
Shxryplum 15 days ago
Wtf was the energy division.
Kyle Crooks
Kyle Crooks 15 days ago
I loved this vid thx for posting almost ever three days
Troy Holland
Troy Holland 16 days ago
What's the begging music?
atomiicamii 16 days ago
Bruh what kind of skynet looking ass ad is that bullshit
Preston Drummond
Preston Drummond 17 days ago
Who else tried to press the skip button at the beginning
Haydn Stults
Haydn Stults 18 days ago
Your Narrator is here!!!!!!!!!!!
Noah 18 days ago
This is late but i just noticed that Tay isnt in the description cause she hasnt posted on youtube in 5 years, she is on twitch as Taydertot
Namlis 18 days ago
I thought I clicked on the wrong video when it started with the energy division thing.
Jean Nakamoto
Jean Nakamoto 19 days ago
Never mess with the camera guy
Ch jehhr Hdjdjdj
Ch jehhr Hdjdjdj 20 days ago
I love how “omwa mo shinderu” means you are already dead in Japanese
Reda ;
Reda ; 20 days ago
2:00 did a lil of what?
Creepster 443
Creepster 443 21 day ago
Love his face in the thumbnail
Rachel B
Rachel B 22 days ago
Deluxe giving wildcat kisses is the funniest shit
Levi Kawaii
Levi Kawaii 23 days ago
Why did I think his intro was an ad
DoZy EdItss
DoZy EdItss 24 days ago
The imposters are against the energy division Always turning the lights off
Zarina 26 days ago
What is the song at 0:48?
wyatterminator _
wyatterminator _ 8 days ago
I also really want to know 😭
Icecold blooD
Icecold blooD 26 days ago
who else thought the beiginning was a ad
Ana Gonzales
Ana Gonzales 27 days ago
Since u played with narrator can u play with Eddie vr
Philosophic human
Philosophic human 27 days ago
Wildcat, can I just say that advertisement with the energy division was the creepiest advertisement I've ever seen you ever have for a sponsor. I don't know why, it was just unsettling.
KristianVonRandom 28 days ago
“DISLCAIMER: May cause rectal bleeding” bruh 👁👄👁
KristianVonRandom 28 days ago
Not me double checking I tapped on the right video
Hey Fella
Hey Fella 28 days ago
What is the intro song he used
fluffy3049 28 days ago
I've had youtube premium for a little over a year (I watch A LOT of youtube, so no ads for $10 a month is ok in my book.) But I haven't experienced a single ad in all that time (ngl it's nice). And that "energy division ad" had me so confused how this single ad slipped through in all this time. I was tricked, I was played... Quite possibly bamboozled.
Brandon W
Brandon W 28 days ago
The other night I got imposter 8/10 games, I was sick of it
Anime Watcher
Anime Watcher 28 days ago
Wildcat and cartoon as team impostor I wanna see it.
Itz Dee Rez Boii
Itz Dee Rez Boii 28 days ago
What the fuck was this whole ass commercial before the video??
Vic vic
Vic vic 28 days ago
Bruh the first few seconds in the video got me thinking I hit an ad.
Jayden Troeger
Jayden Troeger 28 days ago
Wow narrator is with you guys cool
A _SIBS 28 days ago
that kill on marcel on his 3rd imposter game was FILTHY
Boykwei 28 days ago
I thought I clicked on a ad
kokoro_rose 28 days ago
dude. i -just- got premium and legit was about to get so mad from across the room when this vid started 😅
Ticci Toby
Ticci Toby 28 days ago
One thing I thought would never happen is Narrator playing with wildcat
Shockz 28 days ago
4:05 surprised nobody said afterwards:”let’s change that then” as a joke 😂
Barcode LKG
Barcode LKG 29 days ago
Bro I have premium and you still give ads😭😭😭
Mikee 1234444
Mikee 1234444 29 days ago
The Energy Division. We scare because we care.
jointwitchtoday2130 29 days ago
10:46 Best shit ever "Actually kill though..." *VICTORY*
TRE FISH ‘N’ OUTDOORS ! 29 days ago
“Rectal bleeding”.....
Isaiah Smith
Isaiah Smith 29 days ago
Am I the only one replaying the starting clip
Crybaby. Clay
Crybaby. Clay 29 days ago
Narrator, quietly whispering: “...Marcel called me daddy.”
Ethan Reed
Ethan Reed 29 days ago
The erect coal electrophoretically seal because bolt prospectively crush per a careful bladder. woebegone, zealous pain
wyatterminator _
wyatterminator _ 29 days ago
What is the song at 0:54
Mr Burrito
Mr Burrito 29 days ago
0:32 it irritates me that the one guy is playing xbox and the other is on playstation
Jose The Goat
Jose The Goat 29 days ago
At the beginning of the video I thought that was a ad
Imnot_agod’s Channel
Imnot_agod’s Channel 29 days ago
Bruh wtf was at the start
Darian Olivares
Darian Olivares 29 days ago
LMAO 9:01
Cole Hunt
Cole Hunt 29 days ago
I love when he’s imposter it makes the videos 100x funnier
lorraine campbell
lorraine campbell 29 days ago
Get narrator to get his friends to play whit you and Brian or even
Lily Same
Lily Same 29 days ago
they should try playing dungeon defenders and bring it back to life. its a good game
OrderOfTheArk 29 days ago
Yo these energy department adds are brainwash
5th Element Entertainment
5th Element Entertainment 29 days ago
I kept looking for the skip ad button at the beginning and legitimately thought my USposts was broken lol
Nathan Rodriguez
Nathan Rodriguez 29 days ago
Mans really got me with the energy division bs😂
Darkwater Deep
Darkwater Deep 29 days ago
Wait tay doing lights? That's sus.
Michael Munoz
Michael Munoz 29 days ago
Yo wtf is this energy shit lol I ready the little words at the bottom
Ricky Tann
Ricky Tann Month ago
Hey killer, can you kill me I need a poop 😂
Kaiju_King189 Month ago
I did not know you played with Speedy and narrator 2 dudes from two different groups
Ivan_ kovalov
Ivan_ kovalov Month ago
I'm 1000
#LONGLIVEX Month ago
Kallixen Month ago
gotta love a good arg
dat_dude dustin
dat_dude dustin Month ago
Not gonna lie, i was beyond confused before i read the fine print lmao
twisted leo
twisted leo Month ago
I’m glad u got to. Play with narrator he is fun to play with
Oscar Muñiz
Oscar Muñiz Month ago
Bro I watched the whole energy division clip and I thought it was a actual ad but I am very interested in this division *look in the description* :3
Bret Kimball
Bret Kimball Month ago
Play with connor I miss him
The Sh*tposter
The Sh*tposter Month ago
Boys, read the bottom text in the “Energy Division Ad”
Trever Jackson
Trever Jackson Month ago
finally found out what the energy division is lmao
KSI Hawkk
KSI Hawkk Month ago
Kaden McDow
Kaden McDow Month ago
Honestly, thought I was watching an ad for Monsters incorporation, collecting screams for energy!🤦‍♂️👌😂
King Brave
King Brave Month ago
I thought that was an ad in the beginning I was looking for the skip button
Dylan Calnon
Dylan Calnon Month ago
Fucking love that intro music
I live in a box
I live in a box Month ago
You should ear rape everyone in proximity chat it would be hilarious 😂😂
itsmeRamo Month ago
My favorite part was when impostor
Lee Month ago
What the fuck was that at the beginning
Vamperrxd Month ago
What happen to marcels mic
Matthew Mitroi
Matthew Mitroi Month ago
He really do got the tangotek intro music at the beginning
Tyson No chill
Tyson No chill Month ago
This dude wildcat really said "fuck it I'm running my own ads before the video even starts"
Luciana Medrano
Luciana Medrano Month ago
Narrator? FROM THE BOYS?!?!?
Jaydeth Xiong
Jaydeth Xiong Month ago
Tbh. I thought my premium ended when I first watched this video 😂
Babiewraith Month ago
Alpha betas here we come
Tea Pot
Tea Pot Month ago
Da Flaming RHIN0
Da Flaming RHIN0 Month ago
I cant believe that narrator is in this
Electric_Fox Month ago
dead body reported --------------------------------------------------- *gasp* *gasp* *gasp* *gasp* someone else: *COUGHING*
Darien Williams
Darien Williams Month ago
Why does it have to be a black market why can it just be a market 😂✊🏿 Love you Wildcat❤️
Austin Reeves
Austin Reeves Month ago
Wait.. wtf? He knows Narrator? Does he know Josh? Mully? Juicy? Eddie?
SenseiKeo Month ago
Always read the fine print....lmfao
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Fables and Folktales: The Snow Queen
Overly Sarcastic Productions
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