Spellbreak moments where Nogla and I become master wizards...

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22 days ago

Spellbreak is cross-platform, cross-play, and cross-progression on Epic Games Store, Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch! Click here to start playing: www.inflcr.co/SH4QS
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cyberspace ent.
cyberspace ent. 4 days ago
I love how Tyler didn’t upgrade his gauntlet the whole video
Kobe Jones
Kobe Jones 8 days ago
Lightning should be a sniper class
Lazy Blaziken
Lazy Blaziken 8 days ago
"Name's Tyler and im craaacked at spellbreak. AAUHH
MikeIn3D 10 days ago
Im guessing this is the game wildcat will be playing every video now.
itsskunkboy 11 days ago
don’t panic, but i think he’s playing with bots
bodki malone
bodki malone 11 days ago
orange circles=other players dropping there, yellow circle= no others landing there
Rinko the L A D
Rinko the L A D 12 days ago
Who else realized this game was played in metarunner?
Killer Blunts
Killer Blunts 15 days ago
Spell break is a shit game
juma Hernandez
juma Hernandez 15 days ago
Can someone help me I can’t play spellbreak on my ps4 :(
kaykay3654 15 days ago
Isn’t it low-land outpost? Idk j might be wrong but that’s how I read it
pog cory
pog cory 17 days ago
Wizard 101: Battle Royale
hhh hh
hhh hh 18 days ago
we need a naruto battle royale five maps according to the land of fire and the rest a simple 100 ninja then something special clan war you can choose a bloodline or limit once every two or three days a tournaments kind of thing 5 matches 100 players
Trico19 18 days ago
This game is so fun, would recommend
Seth Alvarez
Seth Alvarez 18 days ago
That wasn’t me
Seth Tolar
Seth Tolar 18 days ago
That's not me, but technically since they said my name I'm in a video guys. I made it.
Lord Cloakimus Prime
Lord Cloakimus Prime 19 days ago
First time ever watching a video here, and the accents are just...😂😂😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌
sutton owens
sutton owens 19 days ago
Is it bad that I got my win on the second game that I played😂😂
Outer Saiyan
Outer Saiyan 19 days ago
Fortnite lookin different from what I remember
Jace Hill
Jace Hill 19 days ago
Fortnite x Harry Potter
Zarek0110 19 days ago
Chapter pass what an original idea!
Matthew Riding
Matthew Riding 19 days ago
U nooooobbbbb ur late for once lol this shits gold your amazing long time fan
King_of_demoms546 20 days ago
𝑌𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑎 𝑊𝑖𝑧𝑎𝑟𝑑 ℎ𝑎𝑟𝑟𝑦
River Erickson
River Erickson 20 days ago
Play more
HYPER VOID 20 days ago
I tried spell break and it actually so good and I was so cracked I won my first match dud
TuneFist 20 days ago
I know you won't see this but you should totally play this again. I know I'm getting Spellbreak.
Drifty _
Drifty _ 20 days ago
Welcome to fortnite except it’s actually good and removes all the things fOrTnITe has that makes it suck
Aspxct 20 days ago
Does he realize that you play with bots till lvl 5
LiquidFade 20 days ago
Not trying to brag or anything but... I won my first game. I guess Tyler has sweats in his games or I just pulled a pro gamer move.
LiquidFade 20 days ago
Ngl this game better than fortnite
Ironsweed 20 days ago
I actually played this game a while back when it was originally released and it was so easy and im not even good at pvp games i won almost every game🤣
Lucifer Tempest
Lucifer Tempest 20 days ago
With the increasing amount of people playing it should be alot more difficult
Bryant Rojas
Bryant Rojas 20 days ago
I love this gameplay
Sean Gallaher
Sean Gallaher 20 days ago
I got bored playing it after a couple weeks I was good at it ,
Royal Gamer
Royal Gamer 20 days ago
Tyler you can combine the spells, it deals more damage
G Kimble42
G Kimble42 20 days ago
Wildcat could you do a randomizer nuzzlock on an older Pokémon game because I would definitely watch it
CQTrix 20 days ago
once the game came out fully all of my progress from signing up for the prerelease got deleted so ive been hesitant to pick it back up
Jacob Schonewitz
Jacob Schonewitz 20 days ago
rock+fire=fun fire+toxic=fun wind+anything=bad ice+anything=good lighting+anything=good lighting+ice=op
Vincent Benassi
Vincent Benassi 20 days ago
ew earth main
Twinsanity Dad
Twinsanity Dad 20 days ago
I played this recently & I won my first game in this. It isn’t a Fortnite but it is fun
Emix Marrr
Emix Marrr 20 days ago
Better post that Minecraft
Mystic Boar
Mystic Boar 20 days ago
You can use your own tornado as a spring board to get some air
Sp - nge
Sp - nge 20 days ago
Who else got this video recommended to them after 20 hours why did USposts wait so long
Nicholaus Stevens
Nicholaus Stevens 20 days ago
I got the notification last night lmao
Nicholaus Stevens
Nicholaus Stevens 20 days ago
I got the notification last night lmao
Lecracked gamer
Lecracked gamer 20 days ago
try playing Valorant i wanna see u pop the fuck off
Kriptic 20 days ago
When Wildcat is way better than u but u get first in ur first time playing. Game is fun af.
Hudson Irwin
Hudson Irwin 20 days ago
Wildcat, I hate to disappoint you but.... I already got the game lmao, as soon as I saw the video!!! Keep up the great work
Rajon Rondo
Rajon Rondo 20 days ago
Dude is just goo in every game he plays. How the fuck
Liam Sveinson
Liam Sveinson 20 days ago
Loved the game since I saw it
Seth Slater Greene
Seth Slater Greene 20 days ago
That Seth made us look bad, Shame.
The Minority Squad
The Minority Squad 20 days ago
The game Lowkey nice
TGS sky
TGS sky 20 days ago
Yo i just downloaded this game and i got a win my first game, thanks tyler for this vid
not a streamer btw
not a streamer btw 20 days ago
This games sick i downloaded it as soon as the gameplay started
not a streamer btw
not a streamer btw 20 days ago
Did epic make It
Sethkicks 20 days ago
As someone named Seth, I apologize for the actions of that Seth, on behalf of all Seths.
The Deviant
The Deviant 20 days ago
I played this game ages ago and got bored immediately.
Gina De justo
Gina De justo 20 days ago
There's a fortnite joke in this video
Niceguy gaming
Niceguy gaming 20 days ago
I know you won’t see this but I won a game by myself when my friends were dead and it was my 3rd game
RobotManx 900
RobotManx 900 20 days ago
Played this as soon as it came out for the switch and loved it Glad to see other people are doing the same Especially Tyler and nogla
lorraine campbell
lorraine campbell 20 days ago
Great Tyler has a nother fortnight to play this time Harry potter adishin
Cole Brickner
Cole Brickner 20 days ago
Ah yes, i remember playing this over a month ago
Golden speed Guy YT
Golden speed Guy YT 20 days ago
Tyler is going poor everybody, if ya need money open a patreon I'll donate :|
Kian Marcial
Kian Marcial 20 days ago
game's dead, I was in a 15 minute loading time
The LockedWolf
The LockedWolf 10 days ago
Just cause it won't load doesn't mean it's dead
Lum1n Otryc
Lum1n Otryc 20 days ago
That’s how it was for me till about a week ago, they changed something with the matchmaking that makes it quicker now
TenGotGame35 20 days ago
I’ve been waiting for you to play this game for awhile now
Dylan H.
Dylan H. 20 days ago
It’s just fortnite without building lol
Luke C Combs
Luke C Combs 20 days ago
nice youtube can still manage to pull an ad out of their ass but they can't load the video. cool.
Matt C
Matt C 20 days ago
Is this game free
huzzman 20 days ago
ngl this game looks kinda dope
Nova 20 days ago
Yeah I can't wait to play a game that you play, but you got paid to play it in a video otherwise you'd never touch it they got to learn to market a little better
AJ Sant
AJ Sant 20 days ago
Nogla streamed this gameplay that shit was hilarious it was a good 20 mins before the met up at the start 😂
Suck It
Suck It 21 day ago
Jus recently downloaded this game an it's dope af
HM A!1
HM A!1 21 day ago
Wildcat try you using toxicpower and Nogla ice it will combine or toxic and fire 🤔🙃
Void DjacksonYT
Void DjacksonYT 21 day ago
Finally a game I played before wildcat
Andrew Wyatt
Andrew Wyatt 21 day ago
Your first match in this game is all bots, and they gradually integrate other players as you play more matches. It’s a neat trick to make you feel godlike on your early matches as you learn combos and mechanics
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia 21 day ago
I will really love to see Tyler play overwatch I think he will enjoy it
Zachariah Hamilton
Zachariah Hamilton 21 day ago
I thought you were already a Grand Wizard
Shrek Deck
Shrek Deck 21 day ago
This game actually looks fun af
Killerbro Gaming
Killerbro Gaming 21 day ago
Love u and friends and the love looks fun at first but people just don't enjoy it i guess
Eric Griego
Eric Griego 21 day ago
Dude if I wasn’t drunk I would get it
Ryan Decina
Ryan Decina 21 day ago
Honestly a dope game I hope he plays it more
Ryuu-sama 94
Ryuu-sama 94 21 day ago
Absolutely love this game been playing since beta
Angel Ortiz
Angel Ortiz 21 day ago
Fortnite Update: Wizard Spell Book and Wizard skins
Fanatical 21 day ago
Thought I'd let you know strats Fire Acid=booms and Fire Stone= pure damage
Dylan Barbosa
Dylan Barbosa 21 day ago
I love this content keep it up
Yayo Björnson
Yayo Björnson 21 day ago
I love this game, finally it’s getting some attention
Epic gamer
Epic gamer 21 day ago
My names Seth ;(
GJ Adachi
GJ Adachi 21 day ago
Bad matchmaking setup for now. Basically at disadvantage if you are on console. Lol
SCgh0st 69
SCgh0st 69 21 day ago
I played that on switch that shit is impossible to win
JCatalan C
JCatalan C 21 day ago
Yay I was really hoping you would play this game I’ve been playing since the preview came out
TOXIC KILLER 21 day ago
Gotta respect the OG dragon ball noises
Chance Askew
Chance Askew 21 day ago
Ngl pretty good
Joseph Alia
Joseph Alia 21 day ago
i’ll played the beta with my friend the game is really fun
Daniel Vazquez
Daniel Vazquez 21 day ago
Wildcat you have a skin in fortnite it's called wildcat
Travibetes 21 day ago
was nogla quoting that abe lincoln skit by WKUK??? "now you fucked up! now you fucked up!
SadoManiac 457
SadoManiac 457 21 day ago
Me and my bud played this game during a really early access and man, it was really fun, I especially liked the frost gauntlets.
Kids aren’t Perfect
Kids aren’t Perfect 21 day ago
Tyler i got and idea for you for your next video you should do beat Wheezes compilation
boomer 134
boomer 134 21 day ago
Is it on switch?
Sumeet Nerurkar
Sumeet Nerurkar 21 day ago
Is it free doe???
Leon Senpai
Leon Senpai 21 day ago
I’ve been trying to link my Xbox account to my pc account for spellbreak cuz I have stuff I bought on my Xbox account but I wanna play on my pc, can anyone help me?
Noumadic 21 day ago
Anyone else just watching the kill feed to see if their name pops up?
Christian Eppes
Christian Eppes 21 day ago
Play more
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown 21 day ago
Bro I was watching this video and a add came up that is 90 minutes fucking long
DizzyTiger 21 day ago
I hope this joins Tyler's usual line up. Love this game and would love to see him play it with more competent friends =w=
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