Fall Guys is so easy I uninstalled...

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3 months ago

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Bubbabob145 2 months ago
6:30 Just listening to that scream of failure and watching so many others choke killed me.
Goubie 2 months ago
The door opens every three times
Why em i here
Why em i here 2 months ago
I was dieing at 4:05
Minato Ness
Minato Ness 2 months ago
So yah to be continued
Tom Gurran
Tom Gurran 2 months ago
I'm on level 27 and never won I'm so bad
Super Stick
Super Stick 2 months ago
Super Stick
Super Stick 2 months ago
TydalRave23 2 months ago
Wildcat: Cool I got the dub after a hour and a half Tim: Finally gets *ONE* win after a week
Red Tord
Red Tord 2 months ago
Lol came here to see an Epic montage, but I just saw how you rage! even better
MrCRoyal 2 months ago
I was 1000
Mr-Jay 1
Mr-Jay 1 2 months ago
Mr-Jay 1
Mr-Jay 1 2 months ago
Airsoft Weekly
Airsoft Weekly 2 months ago
All them fortnite hours hurt your other game skills huh...
Zeek 2 months ago
i suck at fall guys way to much pressure 🤣
Sriram Mohan
Sriram Mohan 2 months ago
Grizzy the Glizzy
Anthony Rausch
Anthony Rausch 2 months ago
I can not wait for a pig costume: WILDCAT WILL NEVER UNINSTALL AGAIN!!!!!
Hunter Vanderwolf
Hunter Vanderwolf 2 months ago
He’s so bad lol
Mahdi Aljubaili
Mahdi Aljubaili 2 months ago
هلا والله شباب
Kalum Tillmanns
Kalum Tillmanns 2 months ago
Nick gurr
John G.
John G. 2 months ago
Not the same anymore
Hello Hi
Hello Hi 2 months ago
Nobody: Wildcat: complaining about spawning in the back
Spicey Soup
Spicey Soup 3 months ago
He’s been playing for a couple of hours and won, and I’ve been playing for weeks and haven’t won yet. This is a scam
Spicey Soup
Spicey Soup 2 months ago
Cipheiz I don’t play it alone
Cipheiz 3 months ago
He had 3 other people helping him. Most people play it alone.
Quincy Reed
Quincy Reed 3 months ago
It took 40 hours to win
Combo Breaker
Combo Breaker 3 months ago
Tyler hates the game until they add building
nathonnovak 3 months ago
Cant believe you even played this trashcan of a game.
Joe Mamma
Joe Mamma 3 months ago
I can’t finish a game I get disconnected every game
Tyler Trembath
Tyler Trembath 3 months ago
This game is actually easy, the only way you can’t get a win is by being actually brain dead *TimthaTatman sweats nervously*
Matthew Noyes
Matthew Noyes 3 months ago
Watching this video has made me realize my IQ is above average or yours is below average by a lot
Luke Najera
Luke Najera 3 months ago
He’s so bad
Mexican Gamer
Mexican Gamer 3 months ago
I know how you feel wildcat
2242OnYT 3 months ago
Wildcat is good at every other game but this game he just had at lol
ali mohamed fawzi ali
ali mohamed fawzi ali 3 months ago
Someone press f for Wildcats desk
IceCapZzZ 3 months ago
does he keep a fork on a plate just to make that noise
Alphawolf 3 months ago
This game better than fortnite that's for sure 👍
Steven 3 months ago
Man you suck at this game
MoneyJoe Films
MoneyJoe Films 3 months ago
Can’t believe you uninstall after you won
FluxCash 3 months ago
why play with controller if you have a game on pc, i swear it makes no sense. :(
Eric Whitehead
Eric Whitehead 3 months ago
Yeah I think that's the point.
Jackson Mcvay
Jackson Mcvay 3 months ago
He kinda sucks
Jackson Mcvay
Jackson Mcvay 3 months ago
Yet he still won?
TheUniversalEclipse 3 months ago
Can we all agree that slime climb is dumb as shit
Lincoln Hagy
Lincoln Hagy 3 months ago
Blue Light
Blue Light 3 months ago
New Tim?
Fredy O
Fredy O 3 months ago
Um I’m at 666k views should I be concerned
BRIAN Ocampo
BRIAN Ocampo 3 months ago
Stick to war zone kid
Rhys Killeen
Rhys Killeen 3 months ago
Never heard Tyler complain so fkn much about being so bad at a game
Minnie 3 months ago
"Its just that easy"
Ben Conley
Ben Conley 3 months ago
Good vid man
Gabbo Cheese
Gabbo Cheese 3 months ago
All this video is Zoom It’s funny-
Keontae Key
Keontae Key 3 months ago
That’s great Cap 🧢😭
Aidan Garza
Aidan Garza 3 months ago
Imagine saying all these idiots are dumb for getting smash on the whirlygig when u go faster when u get SMASHED
jake wolff
jake wolff 3 months ago
Imagine being so bad
MN-SONS 3 months ago
Kylo Bren
Kylo Bren 3 months ago
I could see vanoss and wildcat talking shit together on this
JHall18 3 months ago
Why is wildcat good at every other game and sucks at the legit easiest game ever made
Nature_gives _Us_life
Nature_gives _Us_life 3 months ago
This game is so Dog sh*t
Joseph Tellez
Joseph Tellez 3 months ago
Back in the back Rosa parks
John Fritz
John Fritz 3 months ago
Why do you complain the whole video and call it content
goldenhell 123
goldenhell 123 3 months ago
“Fall guys suck “ “I am light years away look how far back this guy he sucks “ your just horrible at the game
bornleopard 3 months ago
I think Wildcats mad
Radim Skunk
Radim Skunk 3 months ago
Wildcat: rages Me: thats why i love u
Rads BossCraft
Rads BossCraft 3 months ago
And this is why i wont ever play this game unless it becomes f2p because i aint paying 20$ to be angry at another bullshit game
xKFHx Export
xKFHx Export 3 months ago
wildcat gives a lot of excuses
Nathan J
Nathan J 3 months ago
Bro wildcat is good a Cod but this game.... damn....
RGVPRO 3 months ago
They need to add more maps or the game will probably die in the next month
Alex .437
Alex .437 3 months ago
who else thought wildcat was good?
Colin Yeezy
Colin Yeezy 3 months ago
Why's Tim better than him tho???
Rover 3 months ago
Rage builds up in the mind, sometimes faster than you can think out your next action. That's why some, or most people damage the controller, keyboard, console, or pc that they are playing the game on. - this has been Rover With your fun fact
K1NGP1N 3 months ago
wait why do youtubers and streamers suuk at FALL GUYS
Kyle Frank
Kyle Frank 3 months ago
I love how you can always hear a fork clattering on a plate when he bangs his desk.
BccNotTroll197 Carrilo
BccNotTroll197 Carrilo 3 months ago
Bro this is just gmod death run without death wildcat should be the goat at this game
Tacoman Games
Tacoman Games 3 months ago
Literally the 1% people who's reading,,,,, I hope you have the best day of your life today and tomorrow and every other day if you want to help me you can go sub please and thank you
Joel Limón
Joel Limón 3 months ago
My favorite part is the unistall, hands down.
Wicked Frozen
Wicked Frozen 3 months ago
“I’m so good” Gets eliminated the whole vid
Two More Eggs
Two More Eggs 3 months ago
I hate this game.
Sor 3 months ago
aint this the guy who cried cause bughs killed him in season 11
Thecoolone 123
Thecoolone 123 3 months ago
Nice clutch
Andrew Detro
Andrew Detro 3 months ago
Avenger Ground
Avenger Ground 3 months ago
I can't wait to see this game die
bot1_yt 3 months ago
He’s amazing I’ve never played and I probably suck compared to him
Jackson Burkemper
Jackson Burkemper 3 months ago
mans gotta stick to cod
Legalstraw13442 3 months ago
Bro the *its fine noises* got me😂😂
ItzHoolio 3 months ago
You suck
Erik Vantyukh
Erik Vantyukh 3 months ago
Hopefully he reacted to COD cold war
Gerald Dorame
Gerald Dorame 3 months ago
I wish I could play with you wildcat
Jesus Perez
Jesus Perez 3 months ago
Toxic wildcat
Joseph Bees
Joseph Bees 3 months ago
Christ Wildcat is awful
Christopher Rodriguez
Christopher Rodriguez 3 months ago
He's bad😂
Random Name
Random Name 3 months ago
I love the cereal bowl featured in every video
Jasmin Flowers
Jasmin Flowers 3 months ago
bro says fallguys is easy always falls
killer mike
killer mike 3 months ago
Selcuk Tobal
Selcuk Tobal 3 months ago
Wildcat is the type of player who doesn’t understand how see saw works
Pixel Pickle2456
Pixel Pickle2456 3 months ago
Hahahahah, wildcat did you miss the warzone event -_-
Foxx 3 months ago
There is a new mode in multiplayer
Cheezy Mondays
Cheezy Mondays 3 months ago
c l i c k b a i t
Robo Sapien
Robo Sapien 3 months ago
"I hate playing games with other people." His whole career is him playing with other people
IDontHaveAName 3 months ago
6:51 *WhEn YoU tRy YoUr BeSt BuT yOu DoNt SuCsEeD*
XXXFlare 3 months ago
Imagine being so bad you reinstall it
Noah Leopold
Noah Leopold 3 months ago
Dude, Whirlygig is so easy! That gamemode is just all about the timing between your jumps. If you jump too early, you get thrown off the platform. No offense, btw.
Sykadelik IE
Sykadelik IE 3 months ago
Bro Is It Me Or Did The Outro Slap A Lil Harder This Time?
Alexander Santos
Alexander Santos 3 months ago
Wildcat do be kinda bad at fall guys, I hope he realises that he can get better and enjoy this....
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