Modern Warfare but we plant the bomb on a recon drone 🤣

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a kid falling apart
a kid falling apart 5 days ago
welp guess cod players are still toxic as hell even through sponsers. main reason why i just play zombies on other cods or just play against bots
Agent _vibes
Agent _vibes 13 days ago
Cod at its prime : 14:02
Russian floor Panda
Russian floor Panda 15 days ago
i didn’t know vanoss was in this video
Nicholas Waite
Nicholas Waite 22 days ago
Tyler, dose Raid Shadow legends have your family hostage?
Ghost1 24 days ago
Tyler don’t put your sponsor out in mid game especially if it’s Raid shadow legends Please Tyler don’t go cringe
Grodz R.
Grodz R. 24 days ago
I'll Never Download Raid Shadow Garbage
FRUGALMARMOT 26 days ago
goddamn unskippable double ads
Awkward penguin147
Awkward penguin147 27 days ago
14:02 anyone else hear that 😂
Night30_o 27 days ago
After the sponsorship when the vid starts is right here 5:00
agent carnage227
agent carnage227 28 days ago
I never watch sponsors during videos but this one was funny and creative
Ian Tamayo
Ian Tamayo 28 days ago
Delirious does a better crow noise why didn't you invite him
Ian Tamayo
Ian Tamayo 28 days ago
But I still love your vids
#MakeRocketLeague2016again 28 days ago
Lmao love this I’ve tried it and done it thanks for the advice Wildcat 🙏
Seth Johnson
Seth Johnson Month ago
Lol pretty legendary transition into an ad
Maison Cooper
Maison Cooper Month ago
Johnny really swiped WILDCATS ip. Dang
Alex Burstrem
Alex Burstrem Month ago
I love the way wildcat does his sponsorships lol makes em entertaining somehow
Gavin Gamez
Gavin Gamez Month ago
first time i’ve ever watched a sponsor promo😭
Edgar G
Edgar G Month ago
Wildcat I think that was ur account Tonight but u didn’t speak 🤔 idk but u didn’t win cuz u left at the end of 5 to 1. Am surprised that my team won 6 to 1 In S&D. I was recording the whole time and GOOD game if that was u..
lil-Fly-Raist Month ago
I hear that Donkey Kong music.... Nice touch
ElderCastle Month ago
I think if you shoot the trophy system once you get the bomb in the air it'll stay
ES23X :]
ES23X :] Month ago
12:05 6:19 your welcome
OG Ajax
OG Ajax Month ago
Yo noone heard that kid drop the N-word 14:01
Unloosed Aura224
Unloosed Aura224 Month ago
When I saw the ad for raid shadow legends I had to skip through bc I get raid shadow legends as a ad every time I click a vid
arb 348
arb 348 Month ago
The only enjoyment I get from this game are these videos, the game itself is so fuckin bad
DAIQURE Month ago
first time i actually listened to a advertisment i downloaded it
Srw_1212 YT
Srw_1212 YT Month ago
Me at the begging put it on a DRONE
random guy
random guy Month ago
1/3 of the video is a damn ad wtf
Jellysmish Month ago
4 minute raid add you shitting me
Melting Stream
Melting Stream Month ago
That shotgun looks pretty nice
YNW Melly fan
YNW Melly fan Month ago
That bird noise was a FUCKING THROWBACK to the golf video where he “made the noise” of an albatross
Bdd_ lewlu
Bdd_ lewlu Month ago
I bet ur used to two v ones lmaooo
Roland Lemus
Roland Lemus Month ago
Half the video is Raid🐥
Júlia Alves
Júlia Alves Month ago
Not gonna lie, the way u talked about raid shadow made me wanna play now
AK 47
AK 47 Month ago
Lol wildcat rage quits 😂
hustlinjustin Month ago
Fine I'll give it a try. A small try
hustlinjustin Month ago
3:56 more of a race than a faction
Lucious Matthew
Lucious Matthew Month ago
Moo sounded so disappointed when basically left 😂
Annie Armbruster
Annie Armbruster Month ago
make attack drone
Eaonns Month ago
You want some facts about the game? “No” “Are you getting paid to do this?” Yes
Literally the only raid shadow legends ads I watch when he does this
Freight Treyn
Freight Treyn Month ago
This man in game chat doing his Raid Shadow Legends ad. The creativity on this lad.
Isaiah Mayham
Isaiah Mayham Month ago
max a rider
max a rider Month ago
Can confirm I downloaded raid shadow legends just for wildcat. But also because it's fun😉
D151031 Month ago
When you click to enjoy 15mins of awesome cod content and you get hit with 5 mins of RAID SHADOW LEGENDS
Blake Meister
Blake Meister Month ago
bruh a 2 and a half minute ad??? Excessive.
chickenMcnuggit 1
chickenMcnuggit 1 Month ago
Bruh I need that m4 loudout bc my current one is dog💩
Lost YT lmao
Lost YT lmao Month ago
Michael Mcclanahan
Michael Mcclanahan Month ago
Same as marksman sucks..worst game ever
BWake Month ago
Video starts at 5:00 thank me later
Slipknot4life Month ago
Dude we need “my jeans are tight as fuck” t shirts lmao
Vape Cat
Vape Cat Month ago
Raid shadow legends sucks imo
Tom Tjebbes
Tom Tjebbes Month ago
00:10 that’s one of those damn albatrosses
ICY PHANTOM5 Month ago
I love wild cat
Karuso xd
Karuso xd Month ago
Can you plant the bomb on the remote vehicle?
CHEESEisCHEWEY 12 Month ago
Wildcats first skin would be perfect for delirious
lukealicious Month ago
Wildcat is a funny man
Reubzz Month ago
Where do I find Wildcats discord
Taylor Month ago
Great game if it worked properly. 😂 😂 😂 MW Warzone Broken.
devilclown141 Month ago
Raid shadow legends = I love C°ck
EnterText Month ago
Marcel saying “I’m done” is literally my whole MW experience
cb productionz
cb productionz Month ago
Daniel Cosgrove
Daniel Cosgrove Month ago
I'd 1v1 a kid who went 1 and 2
Mike Hinson
Mike Hinson Month ago
Bro that Raid segway has me dying. It almost makes me wanna go download the game... almost...
Jordan Christensen
Jordan Christensen Month ago
Wildcat saying that he's better than anybody in game even though he still rage quits 😑😐
Samuel Mcmillan
Samuel Mcmillan Month ago
Why is almost half of it a sponsor
Wavy 4Hunnid
Wavy 4Hunnid Month ago
You know Wildcat is serious about this when you see a emoji in the title
OFRO Month ago
*Reads Title* “uhhhhhh... Here we go Again”
Anthony Quintal
Anthony Quintal Month ago
I literally just played wit the Jacob kid in vr 9:02
Corvald Month ago
You advertised RAID twice in a single video, holy shit
Im Hectic
Im Hectic Month ago
“1v1 me” “ok here’s me 1v1-ing you” *looks at killcam* “oop, shit on”
Rosemarie Salas the the Sonic movie trailer
Rosemarie Salas the the Sonic movie trailer Month ago
When you say it that way I'm downloading it
Etyk Espeer
Etyk Espeer Month ago
This Raid shadow legends thing is sure doing some good ads
Doctor Sam
Doctor Sam Month ago
Wildcat calling others babies when he's using an M4 and 725, then rage quits and blames SBMM if someone is better than him. lol
Xavion Che
Xavion Che Month ago
You should bring the bomb right in front of one of the enemy if you do this again
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance Month ago
Hello, Humans. "Nature is a big part of my weekend. Whenever possible, I take Friday and Monday off and spend four days outdoors. We should remind ourselves that there was something here before us, a force more powerful than us." -Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa TERRANCE OUT
ethan lister
ethan lister Month ago
JonnyMan420: are you getting paid for this? Wildcat: ......Yes
MadJamYT Month ago
_Are you getting paid to do this ?_ Proud Tyler : *YES*
Christian Eroh
Christian Eroh Month ago
"I cant wait to dive in and start playing" Wildcat you cant name 5 characters
Fried Bean
Fried Bean Month ago
The vid looks desaturated. Still a great vid though loved it 👍🏼
niickcookk Month ago
I’m so glad to see 407
Native Game Squad
Native Game Squad Month ago
Wild Gangsta
Wild Gangsta Month ago
are there constant ads after every level
Astian Stewart
Astian Stewart Month ago
Next video have nogla say “33,333 trees” 100% worth
Crusiffix Month ago
Are you being paid to do this ? *YES*
Miles Huffstutler
Miles Huffstutler Month ago
Wildcat actually made the sponsorship fun to watch
Dai Gyakusatsu
Dai Gyakusatsu Month ago
I'm 99% sure that this video is the first video that he put a emoji in the thumbnail
Lunitik Gaming
Lunitik Gaming Month ago
is it just me or was that the longest youtuber ad in the world
Corroding Chaos
Corroding Chaos Month ago
Legend has it that guy is still trying to get people to 1v1 him.
Austin Benavidez
Austin Benavidez Month ago
Id rather eat dog meat again than download raid
Mushromboe Invading
Mushromboe Invading Month ago
Wildcat complaining about players camping spawn and shit, then he does it himself and talks trash
Airic Munoz
Airic Munoz Month ago
Hey wildcat I think I was playing with you plz can you friend me lil-morphin M
Liquify On R6
Liquify On R6 Month ago
If u think that’s bad timing play r6
John Newton
John Newton Month ago
The 725 is the only weapon I have maxed in this game and it’s hilarious how furious people get at it
pharzeval Month ago
Look, he's hoo-dini.
John Newton
John Newton Month ago
How has this game been out for so long, and it still gets a gun that shoots through the map and a way to glitch the bomb
Bird Free
Bird Free Month ago
0:59 I quit my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
EzSpl Month ago
sea of thieves that has all pf those
C-Note Month ago
Anyone annoyed by this trash can new microphone I hate it so much is it so noisy
oni chan
oni chan Month ago
I miss your fortnite vids
sparks Month ago
raid shadow legends skip ad 5 4 3 2 1 skip ad
Call Me Tags
Call Me Tags Month ago
U should do that style of sponsorships more, it was actually entertaining to see randoms listen to your "facts" about raid😂
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