BLACK OPS COLD WAR warzone event was AWESOME...

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3 months ago

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James MacQ
James MacQ Day ago
Shout-out to Babyface playin WOW at 12:19
Soldier D-1804
Soldier D-1804 9 days ago
Can someone tell me what the song at the beginning is called?
poot fish
poot fish 9 days ago
11:40 at the time of writing this. I’ve played the entire Cold War campaign and this scene NEVER HAPPENS
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin 11 days ago
Fun fact: the numbers were the numbers from BO1
bhremantyo ganendra
bhremantyo ganendra 13 days ago
At the trailer of the open beta i thougt i was at the trailer but it was cool
Joshua Cope
Joshua Cope 15 days ago
Um did anyone else notice that step 2 was "secure the key" from Black Ops one Vorkuta?
Hiroshima 19 days ago
I hate that wildcat says there’s a guy in here and not ITS WOODS
Icecold blooD
Icecold blooD Month ago
Oh no he did not just say fortnite in this video
Xnvy Month ago
Manz wanted to see woods wood
Justin La Platney
Justin La Platney 2 months ago
Dude I got a commercial about bocw and I thought it was wildcats video 😂
Xnvy Month ago
Lol 😂
The Wick
The Wick 2 months ago
Why does it say modern warfare warzone and not Black Ops Cold War Warzone
maruftim 2 months ago
that was amazing
The Viewer
The Viewer 2 months ago
Wait, i was in this game, i sniped chen on stadium but died
Jonathan Niblett
Jonathan Niblett 2 months ago
Ngl i think that the campain might be the best part about cold war
Ryan Siegrist
Ryan Siegrist 2 months ago
He's counting the numbers from bo1 when mason got brainwashed
Owen Dragonheart
Owen Dragonheart 2 months ago
So the event was just one big trailer?
Jurassic Room
Jurassic Room 2 months ago
That was actually dope when Reagan came up its crazy how real he looked.
Krispy Gaming
Krispy Gaming 2 months ago
Ok so just asking for opinions but which is better this event or fortnite events
Jarred 2 months ago
“Boi come with a hickory”😂
The Mason
The Mason 2 months ago
4:38 when you said "they're hacking us." my resolution went down to 420p LOL!
Mr CINEMA 2 months ago
Is that ww84 theme song
King Cobra
King Cobra 2 months ago
For those of y'all who are to young to know call of duty: cold war is just a remake of the first black ops because the first one was based off the cold war
chrxme 9 days ago
I thought that cold war is a sequel to bo1, or takes place after it but before bo2
Acworth 2 months ago
The the countdown at the end was a the numbers in the main characters head in B01
LazyStevey 2 months ago
I’ve played about 0 seconds of Call of Duty but this is pretty cool. Coming from someone who doesn’t know sh__ about COD.
HANK DaTank 2 months ago
SoughtYaper 2 months ago
"OH there's a guy in here" its woods😔
Graves Alucard
Graves Alucard 2 months ago
No it wasn't it was stupid and garbage you paided shills are next level
Nelly CAVAZOS 2 months ago
Fortnite ass
Jixx pix
Jixx pix 2 months ago
The Numbers tyler............... *What do they mean*
iDontGetPaidEnough 2 months ago
Dude if someone gifts me this I will be great ful and some how pay you back
AceXxSTRONGxX Strong
AceXxSTRONGxX Strong 2 months ago
Check out my gaming content please
Cj Bokuku
Cj Bokuku 2 months ago
I cant wait for woods and wildcat to see woods bulge😂😂😂
Preston Thompson
Preston Thompson 2 months ago
Just came from nanners channel to let you know that you’re Garbo compared to him in warzone🤣
Da_Tired_Cat 2 months ago
The only thing I thought of when he said this is exhilarating was Dr.Stone
Mr Munk00
Mr Munk00 2 months ago
in the cold war they actually had the internet and servers thats why it was made
Sebastian Roberts
Sebastian Roberts 2 months ago
Did you guys even experience how cool the reveal was with constant screaming, bad jokes, and talking over the cool shit?
unseen killer855
unseen killer855 2 months ago
Them with the slideing what ever happend to tge dofendriveing wtfff
FeralFennecFox 2 months ago
Other guy in this video @Pieman is a living legend, check him out on twitch!!
harry hegerle
harry hegerle 2 months ago
tell me there gonna be a sand dune map
SoupLols 2 months ago
“Who ever told me to restart my game you’re retarted”
Adam Covarrubias
Adam Covarrubias 2 months ago
Its not just a guy its fucking woods
Sean O'Brien Plays
Sean O'Brien Plays 2 months ago
I saw the trailer before watching this so I didn't think it was that cool.
Yocoub H A
Yocoub H A 2 months ago
0:28 Wildcat : there's a guy in here Me : that's not just some guy that's sgt Frank Woods
Reee7472 ggfortnite
Reee7472 ggfortnite 2 months ago
Great editing video
Nguyen Minh Khoi
Nguyen Minh Khoi 2 months ago
When wild cat get hack by russian intel and trying to take the cod coin
Nguyen Minh Khoi
Nguyen Minh Khoi 2 months ago
We in VN boys
Mr. CasBoi
Mr. CasBoi 2 months ago
0:18 Ah yes, Dr. Stone
QuantumChrist X
QuantumChrist X 2 months ago
Not really
Nick Thornton
Nick Thornton 2 months ago
song in the intro of the trailer is run through the jungle by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Expired Maulk
Expired Maulk 2 months ago
Yo this might be the next COD
Feinsanity 2 months ago
So it is a continuation of the original black ops storyline?
KingPenguin 4301
KingPenguin 4301 2 months ago
Anyone else stuck at 480p?
Security Camera
Security Camera 2 months ago
I missed but at least i get to watch from one of my favorite youtubers
The Huysen
The Huysen 2 months ago
Not the best reaction I’ve seen for this event
Big D
Big D 2 months ago
Sad part is the trailer is true for today's world libs have already started the new world order
Dylan Grove
Dylan Grove 2 months ago
[babyface] started playing world of warcraft
Bookishmarlin 3
Bookishmarlin 3 2 months ago
Imagine not knowing who woods is💀
Krypto_FPS 2 months ago
Wildcat looking at Frank Woods down under
Aldo Fuentes
Aldo Fuentes 2 months ago
The event was fire, but I’m kind of skeptical one how the game will turn out. Don’t get me wrong, but a lot of COD games have been kind of trash, in their own respective ways
Harry Man
Harry Man 2 months ago
It actually looks incredible
The Baron
The Baron 2 months ago
Hey, why is the video quality locked at poopy
Pnmypool Does Stuff
Pnmypool Does Stuff 2 months ago
I feel so bad for the guys trying to get to woods and wildcat keeps killing them
Nicholas Xavier
Nicholas Xavier 2 months ago
maxturbo45 2 months ago
Speaking of black Ops, you guys should go back to BO1 zambies, just in case yall run out of ideas for videos ; )
Milo Rodriguez
Milo Rodriguez 2 months ago
Spaceghost as Ronald Reagan is throwing me off
gabe ortiz
gabe ortiz 2 months ago
I pray that you or 407 doesn’t do anything dumb pls guys lol
Sean McNamara
Sean McNamara 2 months ago
Is anyone else feel insulted by Tyler not know frank woods name I am. Never mind I watch back and he did thank fuck
Motmus_YT Motmus
Motmus_YT Motmus 2 months ago
Bruh tf do u mean?! U trynna compare fortnite (a colorful kids game) to a manly game (call of duty) plus wtf do u want activision to do more than that?! Bring a godzilla captain price?!😂🤣
Lito Cardona
Lito Cardona 2 months ago
Only thing I was thinking about The numbers mason
Idiot_Records 2 months ago
DerfTheClown 2 months ago
I left for a week and this shit happens....
Trent Grace
Trent Grace 2 months ago
I’m losing my shit at the one guys lisp
Lovarian 2 months ago
Some one tell babyface hes playing the wrong game
Tim Peter
Tim Peter 2 months ago
Are you gonna play the new season of fortnight
Mr. clan
Mr. clan 2 months ago
you fit the whole video in the intro
smol i am
smol i am 2 months ago
Question:was that FAL skin that Tyler used at first a hentai skin?
Brian the Cyan imposter
Brian the Cyan imposter 2 months ago
Ay yo wildcat god kidnapped by the cod black ops 1 enemie save him!
Gryphon 2 months ago
If it doesn't have skill-based matchmaking, then it will be great.
JuvenileTrash 83
JuvenileTrash 83 2 months ago
I read that it does
Aden L
Aden L 2 months ago
It really pisses me off that he didn’t know woods his name
bev_ btw
bev_ btw 2 months ago
Please start playing fortnite again
Mystic The Wolf
Mystic The Wolf 2 months ago
believe it or not, The A-10 was being made during the Cold War (March 1977)
Brian Lamb
Brian Lamb 2 months ago
Bruh u shouting vegetables the whole video is the shit lolll
mr. sock and friends.
mr. sock and friends. 2 months ago
Erik Vantyukh
Erik Vantyukh 2 months ago
Glory to the Soviet Union ⚒️🟥
Erik Vantyukh
Erik Vantyukh 2 months ago
Yeeeeees what I wanted got delivered
SKNY 2 months ago
Xfinity has been sucking ass in Utah for the past month
Itsplainxalex 2 months ago
That fake ass reaction to seeing woods
Carlo Salinas
Carlo Salinas 2 months ago
I don’t understand why you guys don’t play the story mode. The whole footage y’all saw reflects the campaign but no one ever wants to play it. Everyone just waits for the multiplayer
Tøxic Pípes
Tøxic Pípes 2 months ago
I don't see why people don't try the story mode first at least before trying to go to multiplayer
Battlefield Grandpa
Battlefield Grandpa 2 months ago
Know your history..... And they removed a scene because China told them XD
BluCaliburn 2 months ago
When you meet a random stranger This is what you do Check how big his "bulge" is
Myster Speedo
Myster Speedo 2 months ago
"theres a guy in here" bruh that's woods
Lits Edits
Lits Edits 2 months ago
Yo wildcat what’s the best suppressor?
Yumi’s Mom
Yumi’s Mom 2 months ago
I disliked because I heard fortnite
roland craggs
roland craggs 2 months ago
I wasnt going to buy it but since they used New Order - Blue Monday in the trailer, I've changed my mind 🤣
Thanas Ankkuri
Thanas Ankkuri 2 months ago
3:41 When u do drugs
MexicanPanda31 2 months ago
I mean it's the cold war nukes weren't launched lol
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes 2 months ago
Everybody: OMFG ITS WOODS!!!! Wildcat: Look at that bulge
wolfpackhustler 2 months ago
so glitch restock soon orrrr.......
KengGokuGod 2 months ago
Imagine a collaboration between black ops and Cpt Price
Vøid 2 months ago
3:49 “Know your history”
not a super hero man
not a super hero man 2 months ago
In my opinion. This was better than what fortnite ever done. But that’s my opinion🤷🏼‍♂️
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