Pokémon pack battle but loser has to give my dog a massage...

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27 days ago

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I AM WILDCAT 26 days ago
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Rosalina Bonghanoy
Rosalina Bonghanoy 11 days ago
I need mobile legend bang bang not adventure🤣
Candy king
Candy king 25 days ago
show more of your dogs please they are so cute
kollyn amthor
kollyn amthor 25 days ago
kollyn amthor
kollyn amthor 25 days ago
Man Mobile Legends literally is getting addicted these days huh
Chris Floers
Chris Floers 6 hours ago
I got one of those Charizard GX I got it for five bucks
Chris Floers
Chris Floers 6 hours ago
In 2019
LokiBoii 3_69
LokiBoii 3_69 16 hours ago
I am watching this mynchingon pokemon gummies
Rockethero Day ago
Your collections must be massive. Also why is patting the belly of a pupper the punishment for losing?
Matthew Couch
Matthew Couch Day ago
michalene collier
michalene collier 2 days ago
smallchezboi 2 days ago
14:23 "and...a reverse hollow Scyth-" "IGOTAROWLET" "FUCK"
Matthew Warren
Matthew Warren 3 days ago
My god by’s how many Pokémon cards do u guys own in total
Dark L
Dark L 3 days ago
U should give vanoss all the Eknas u have and give him the link to this vidoe , let the meme become true
ps4 gamer
ps4 gamer 3 days ago
I just came for the dogs
Cam_shaft_06 /TTV
Cam_shaft_06 /TTV 4 days ago
14:12 epic rap
RagingBeast619 6 days ago
Where do you purchase booster boxes and stuff??
WilliamNPC 7 days ago
Anthony losing a challenge: Eat hot wings Tyler loses a challenge: Pets his dogs
juan diego ramos
juan diego ramos 8 days ago
18:04 for belly rubs
Mista Fistya Sista
Mista Fistya Sista 9 days ago
id lose on purpose :D
Owen Holdaway
Owen Holdaway 9 days ago
what breed is your dog?
HpH 9 days ago
I don’t give a shit abt the nerd cards, you guys are just funny, I’m just here for the fun
Avrelianus Invictus
Avrelianus Invictus 9 days ago
This isn’t really a punishment
You made the dog rubbing oddly sexual
Anonymous 10 days ago
I've never been into pokemon much until this
lord butternutz
lord butternutz 11 days ago
Moar pokemans
Julius Perez
Julius Perez 11 days ago
Does anyone know where I can go to look up cards to buy and sell cards ?
Creepster 443
Creepster 443 13 days ago
More Pokemaun!
BB Rules
BB Rules 13 days ago
Why is there a called my last stand?
Dark L
Dark L 13 days ago
11:13 - 11:14 get pooped on dude
Carson Heidecker
Carson Heidecker 13 days ago
Panda and his browns gear makes me happy
GEnVy 13 days ago
Right, so anthony missed it but that sylveon is also a shiny making it so much better xD how does he miss dissssssss
Ben Sundberg
Ben Sundberg 14 days ago
14:16. I honestly thought they were doing the Pokemon Rap song from the “Indigo league” series😂
Sean Taylor
Sean Taylor 14 days ago
14:15 The pokemon rap with wildcat and Big jiggly panda
Neighborhood_white_boi 14 days ago
Did u know u can get packs at dollar tree and make money from them
ばネイサン 14 days ago
“We’re all nervous, our first time.”~Wildcat
Billy Finlay
Billy Finlay 14 days ago
Anyone remember when charmander use to be insane
Billy Finlay
Billy Finlay 14 days ago
6:42 wtf
TryMe Army
TryMe Army 15 days ago
Open packs with Kelly
Alexander Brewer
Alexander Brewer 15 days ago
I’m a simple man. I see keno, I click
Dakotah Lusted
Dakotah Lusted 16 days ago
Yo wildcat I’ll buy that zapdos off you honestly probably one of my favourite Pokémon since i was a kid If interested dm me on insta at dakotahlusted if not thats ok
Sarah Butler
Sarah Butler 16 days ago
Lmao he's camera shy
Kasia Klimczak
Kasia Klimczak 17 days ago
Kino looks at you and says, " why are you doing this to me and why this feels good?"
Luke_TheDj 29
Luke_TheDj 29 18 days ago
Can I have a picachu please
Myriad Truths Go Brrr
Myriad Truths Go Brrr 19 days ago
Kino is way too cute!!!!
Chronic 19 days ago
If the punishment was to massage a dog, I would call that a reward, I love dogs very much.
Sarah Wu
Sarah Wu 19 days ago
anyone know where they bought their cards at, or any good places online to buy cards?
YZ KING 19 days ago
Wildcat, you should checkout Poke Collect get some of their random booster packs
Makenzie Gooch
Makenzie Gooch 19 days ago
Cute doggos
Travis Shirley
Travis Shirley 20 days ago
How does he get this many of this set?
Mythic_iBouncy 20 days ago
Please More Pokémon I very much love these vs pack battles with panda 🐼
Daniel Renteria Jimenez
Daniel Renteria Jimenez 20 days ago
merry late christmas here are some champions path online tcg codes: YZ4 7JWV DKQ LMJ and the other is YT4 JH7C NC4 4X4 please tell me what you pulled ;)
DarkDriod 2305
DarkDriod 2305 20 days ago
Dont give a shit about pokemon (exept some) but damn these shits fun asf to watch booted
ScarfLad87 20 days ago
I need more Pokémon pack openings
Vinny Liebergen
Vinny Liebergen 20 days ago
Congrats on ur browns Anthony
Mdunkonyoass 20 days ago
I'll spend my whole next check on packs just to vs you and panda 🤣
Arfiel Manalo
Arfiel Manalo 21 day ago
Mobile legends download that too remove the adventure so u can play the 5v5 Not rpg
Jacob39822 Gaming
Jacob39822 Gaming 21 day ago
Personally i don’t see how giving a dog a massage is a punishment, I give my dog massages all the time and i love it.
CardiB’sWeddingRing 21 day ago
whoever wins gives dog bellyrubs Kino: *”I see this as an absolute win”*
L2 DrXp
L2 DrXp 21 day ago
0:01 welcome back for more pokomon
Logan Johnson
Logan Johnson 21 day ago
UM 2 03
Caprin 21 day ago
I don't care for Pokemon cards, I am into Magic the Gathering, but this was interesting as fuck to me and really enjoyable, then again I love when I open new boosters and see what I get, so makes sense
Xport Cobra
Xport Cobra 21 day ago
Anthony didnt upload the other part of this video
Connor Rogers
Connor Rogers 22 days ago
Do a house or setup tour
Kyle Gibson
Kyle Gibson 22 days ago
As a Sooner fan I LOVE Pandas shirt.
Shadow Cola
Shadow Cola 22 days ago
How do I get into Pokémon trading cards and what website tells me how much they are worth and how good the are?
Elijah Cunningham
Elijah Cunningham 22 days ago
I want that greninja with every fiber of my being
Dyoto Deno
Dyoto Deno 23 days ago
put prices the nice cards are worth, more content an fun to look at 😂 keep up the great videos tho, i love watching pack openings
HoneyBear 23 days ago
I love how they both looked into the camera at the same time. That a good background pic😍😍😍
Trevor Anderson
Trevor Anderson 23 days ago
I support your addiction fully
noob and noob kid
noob and noob kid 23 days ago
Imagine not subbing to THE CAT
epicgamer ninja
epicgamer ninja 23 days ago
@Terrorizer bring your soundboard "Get pooped on dude" 🤣 🤣
Doctr Zee
Doctr Zee 23 days ago
These Pokemon vids are fuckin chill, definitely a fan
Zerpects 23 days ago
Brian Astor
Brian Astor 23 days ago
I think your videos want me to start collecting Pokémon cards
Guðbjörn Máni Guðmundsson
Guðbjörn Máni Guðmundsson 23 days ago
Wait why are they calling evin a snake
Knicks0604 YT
Knicks0604 YT 23 days ago
I don’t care if I lose I’ll give your dog a message
Apokalypze Kozplay
Apokalypze Kozplay 23 days ago
NEED. MORE.OF. THESE!!! Really enjoy these card pulls, never ever bought a pack before but just ordered 3 boxes on ebay lol
Shadow 23 days ago
18:44 Tyler: *slaps Kino’s tummy* Kino: *winks*
Cameron Harrington
Cameron Harrington 23 days ago
Waiting on Anthony's videos intensely
Erick Pech
Erick Pech 23 days ago
Ya need to actually play it that would be fun
John Jelar
John Jelar 23 days ago
Damn nice drip Anthony
Steven Franks
Steven Franks 24 days ago
Hey mr. cat. Could you post these everyday until the end of days so I could smoke a blunt and watch this every day til the end of days? Great thanks(:
iMedxnaaa -
iMedxnaaa - 24 days ago
yeeee tyler with hecz merch
FTW pancake
FTW pancake 24 days ago
Where do you buy these packs ?
Space Paincake
Space Paincake 24 days ago
daaamn i want that slyveon card
Jude Lockhart
Jude Lockhart 24 days ago
I know jack shit about pokemon but I love these videos
TheyungErod Rodriguez
TheyungErod Rodriguez 24 days ago
Juzamguy 24 days ago
glad to support your addiction
metrovick_diesel 64
metrovick_diesel 64 24 days ago
vaporeon is my favorite pokemon
Austin Thompson
Austin Thompson 24 days ago
13:35 same Anthony, same. Lol
Pumkinpie 3321
Pumkinpie 3321 24 days ago
At the beginning I'm so use to seeing ads I literally thought his sponsor part of the vid had a skip button on it lol
Harleen_Doll 24 days ago
I had that same dinosaur toy...quote "had"
Armond471 24 days ago
all the magnet pokemon stuck together
Jad Ghazleh
Jad Ghazleh 24 days ago
Do more with jiggly plzz
andrew vega
andrew vega 24 days ago
Can you post another one I’m sooo into them
Matt Akamine
Matt Akamine 24 days ago
pls play more gta online
Cody Miles
Cody Miles 24 days ago
How is giving ur dog a massage a punishment
IgloLegacy 24 days ago
What I’d do to burn some leaf energy with Anthony and Tyler...
Melissa Wickersham
Melissa Wickersham 24 days ago
I wonder if Vanoss collects Pokémon cards.
LGND 24 days ago
Tyler you got me back on to Pokémon thank you
rae peterson
rae peterson 24 days ago
i love pack bttles
Xeno Rayzz
Xeno Rayzz 24 days ago
He got a shiny sylveon. Kinda jelly
Xeno Rayzz
Xeno Rayzz 24 days ago
Lexie Mondragon
Lexie Mondragon 24 days ago
yes more Pokemon
Jasper Peterson
Jasper Peterson 24 days ago
Hey please do more of these videos I used to love doing this when I was younger brings back good memories thank you for your content and hope more comes soon
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