Spellbreak but we make tornadoes and booger bombs...

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13 days ago

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Ethan Church
Ethan Church 8 days ago
Who else when Tyler said “I’m trying to go places where people ARENT dropping” thought “Bruh go Castle Bogmore”?
Lucaso Curry
Lucaso Curry 8 days ago
Lil mike loved them buggers
Ian Benitez
Ian Benitez 8 days ago
Hey dosent wildcat know you can change your main power to a higher reraty?
Justyne Padilla
Justyne Padilla 9 days ago
Me when I do absolutely nothing “The scroll of the mind”
Rotten Spice
Rotten Spice 9 days ago
1 clap for pour "Little Mike". lol
darksithlord 10 days ago
hey look another fortnite remake game
DARK SHADOW2054 10 days ago
ima admit the game is fun. i played it myself and i love it.
Drew Koz
Drew Koz 10 days ago
You should try playing diablo
Night Nite
Night Nite 11 days ago
Bring Little Mike on the Wildcast
Keshav Ravi
Keshav Ravi 11 days ago
You should try playing Genshin Impact.
TopHat yAk
TopHat yAk 11 days ago
I think the fire gantlet is the best it's just so easy to use.
Crimzash 11 days ago
The Lil Mike story legit made me gag 😂
Dankus Memeus
Dankus Memeus 11 days ago
We need to see Sark more often
KLD444 11 days ago
Isn't it weird you can only get 7th with 3 people but with 2 people and NOGLA YOU CAN GET 2ND? WEIRD HUH?
BBQ sauce on my nippees
BBQ sauce on my nippees 11 days ago
oooo a new thumbnail style
Leighton Andrews
Leighton Andrews 11 days ago
(nerd voice) uh they're called cyclones
psycho gaming
psycho gaming 11 days ago
Who here also wants to see wildcat play mW again?
Logan Eshelman
Logan Eshelman 11 days ago
you should do more pokemon pack vids
Manuel Armenta
Manuel Armenta 11 days ago
Can you just say funny moments lmao
Evan Okonma
Evan Okonma 11 days ago
Wildcat please don't end up being a weirdo into minors
Hatred 11 days ago
this game will die in 3 weeks. bet
nfsfanAndrew 11 days ago
If it's battle royale, it's garbage. Plain and simple. Gimmick game mode. Also crossplay is a terrible idea if it's with pc. It'll be overrun with cheaters and sweats.
VialX 11 days ago
Play more minecraft
Nate 2002 GameZ
Nate 2002 GameZ 11 days ago
I would love to see Tyler play DOOM Eternal on Ultra Nightmare.
Marcus Simardwescott
Marcus Simardwescott 11 days ago
You do know that the color of the circle on the map tells you if anyone else has selected that as their spawn point
Jordan Conway
Jordan Conway 11 days ago
About time dude
Knavish Ninja
Knavish Ninja 11 days ago
Movement is the key to this game! I main tempest and fire secondary I get consistent dubs
Najixkydd 11 days ago
Soon you will rage so hard to a point where you delete the whole game...........Trust me
Whimperingrex77 X
Whimperingrex77 X 11 days ago
Sarks the best
Ghcsty -_-
Ghcsty -_- 11 days ago
The only spell break video I enjoyed watching
Xl_Danny_Xl 11 days ago
poor lil mike
Liam Bullard
Liam Bullard 11 days ago
Last video I recommended the wind in the comments so thank you
Zach Ganker
Zach Ganker 11 days ago
You should honestly play more on spellbreak. Its great to watch and i got into it again because of this video
Dragtistic Arrow
Dragtistic Arrow 11 days ago
Daphne de fartbag
Chris Blommers
Chris Blommers 11 days ago
Can you please play more of this game
Madison 11 days ago
"And it was just lil mike looking hungry"😂
Donavin Mcclendon
Donavin Mcclendon 11 days ago
When I used to play this game on console me and my friends would say this when were getting thirstied there giving me the suck but if we were thirsting them we would say I'm giving them the suck
BeastGamer004 11 days ago
I played this when it first came out and there was literally no one on
helltiger wuc
helltiger wuc 11 days ago
I was a beta tester for dis game and I loved it,it was so fun
Wrongful doing
Wrongful doing 11 days ago
Play more please omg
Your everday Spider-Man
Your everday Spider-Man 11 days ago
Do Cold War the sweaty hour
Omaer 1
Omaer 1 11 days ago
Yall remember Fortnite Lol.
Westecles -
Westecles - 11 days ago
I’ve seen more health potions and armor as loot in this video than I have in 5 hours of gameplay
Siamese 11 days ago
little mike got me cringin hard bro
Grim_ Oz
Grim_ Oz 11 days ago
Funny how jagerhimself has more views then you in the first 14 hrs xD
captain sticky beard 2.0
captain sticky beard 2.0 11 days ago
Wild cat: hey guys today we're going to be playing fortnite but with spells Me: ok
shookish tookish
shookish tookish 11 days ago
When will u play fornite again
Sektrif 11 days ago
But is it Cross-dressing?
Dennis Krämer
Dennis Krämer 11 days ago
Would be sick seeing you guys play magica😁
Valek Demon
Valek Demon 11 days ago
😂😂😂OG lil mike
King Ice Brain
King Ice Brain 11 days ago
I remember being low level and getting third partied on
Mr. Solo Dolo
Mr. Solo Dolo 12 days ago
Is this game for single player? Just asking, thinking about buying it
Chance 12 days ago
Not mouse and keyboard on xbox. Dogshit
Grant Canlas
Grant Canlas 12 days ago
Combat in this game: Random bullshit go!!!
SaintTwitch 12 days ago
hell ye wildcat on spellbreak, one of my favourite games.
Nathaniel Malcolm
Nathaniel Malcolm 12 days ago
*"We've been the meat of the fuck sandwich everytime"* -MrSark on third-partying in Spellbreak, 2021. 🤣
Cread_227 12 days ago
I just started playing Spellbreak today and I must say Finally a battle royal game where I don't get sniped across the map by a camper in a tower A 1v1 arena mode would be nice tho
Billiam 12 days ago
I’ve played 634 matches and only ever lost twice
RJ Glover
RJ Glover 12 days ago
I've been playing this game for a few months but it takes forever to get into a lobby. Hopefully your video will bring attraction to this fantastic game and I'll be able to play it alot more
Leonardo Limon
Leonardo Limon 12 days ago
Is that good to get on pc
Joel Lee
Joel Lee 12 days ago
O7 OFFICIAL 12 days ago
Wildcat should bring Evan to the podcast now.
OCE-Swayyz 12 days ago
Jaxon Chipman
Jaxon Chipman 12 days ago
Po ip
Doug Dudley
Doug Dudley 12 days ago
Wildcat you agree content creator you're one of my favorite USpostsrs
Ashigadu 12 days ago
Cool, can't wait for the 150+ episodes of spellbreak
William Paine
William Paine 12 days ago
You guys are kinda dog water
Matdrac 12 days ago
Mad respect for Little Mike
Thomas Harrington
Thomas Harrington 12 days ago
if you've ever seen MetaRunner, this is a ripoff of tempest. Someone tell Luke and Kevin of this, they need to take some legal action about this
Stop Camping
Stop Camping 11 days ago
shut up
Mike oxlong
Mike oxlong 12 days ago
Rather watch this then lame ass fucking among us
Elemenatore 12 days ago
Great to see this game advance so far since the pre-alpha
Discord Maroy
Discord Maroy 12 days ago
Can you try Rocket League
Lafing Scarecrow
Lafing Scarecrow 12 days ago
so wildcat, how does battle royale in this game compare to fortnite and warzone in your opinion?
Lafing Scarecrow
Lafing Scarecrow 12 days ago
fortnite has the boogie bomb spellbreak has the booger bomb XD!
YaGirlMya 12 days ago
Im In invishible During Allershgy Seshen (I'm invincible during allergy season)
Dr Phil !
Dr Phil ! 12 days ago
Pog champ
Armando Valero
Armando Valero 12 days ago
Its nice to see sark, evan and tyler just having fun together and evan not being carried, tyler just being a sweat and well sarks always a joy
Jordan Zamora
Jordan Zamora 12 days ago
I’ve to see spell break finally get to the big boys. Even though no one plays that much
Stop Camping
Stop Camping 11 days ago
it isn’t that good
Dylan H
Dylan H 12 days ago
Its was a great vid until little mike
Endzone4siX PS4
Endzone4siX PS4 12 days ago
Dude! I bet Lil Mike never gets sick!!! Lmao
Faith Noble
Faith Noble 12 days ago
Ameliah Harris
Ameliah Harris 12 days ago
Fortnite 2.0
Matchu 25
Matchu 25 12 days ago
12:49 God this was the worst time to eat McDonald’s. I almost threw up hearing Sark talk about Mikey eating while eating my pie 🤢
Hayden Gardner
Hayden Gardner 12 days ago
Hi wildcat i love your vids
Mr. Minorium
Mr. Minorium 12 days ago
Rip fortnite 2018-2020 fortnite is now gay and never saw any other youtuber play fortnite in 2020
Wyatt Ball
Wyatt Ball 12 days ago
Patrick Weir
Patrick Weir 12 days ago
Jesus, I guess he has to pay for all this Pokémon cards somehow🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Kyle O
Kyle O 12 days ago
Little Mike will be immune for the rest of eternity
Eli TheOne
Eli TheOne 12 days ago
Why does this somewhat remind me of a more magical BR version of a game called Gigantic that never got fully released?
Jenrry Pineda
Jenrry Pineda 12 days ago
wildcat play some rlcraft with your friends ( its a big mod in Minecraft with a lot of sheet )
Bigfoot_The_Old 12 days ago
This is pretty shit. I don’t care if I’m blasted. This is terrible
Bigfoot_The_Old 12 days ago
Y’all know how to play right?
Seth Curtis
Seth Curtis 12 days ago
TYLER IF YOU READ THESE when you go to choose your location to drop, the color of the circle determines how many people select that location too! Tmyk!
young verxy
young verxy 12 days ago
I got a win first game
Celestial ACE
Celestial ACE 12 days ago
The thumbnail is amazing
CyberPool 12 days ago
I'm invincible during flu season🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gourmsauce 12 days ago
p00p13f4c3 12 days ago
Anyone else remember Boogerman?
that one person
that one person 12 days ago
When they were trying to one up each other with powers, I expected one of them to say "Yeah, well my dad has Diabetes"
Nightly Shadow
Nightly Shadow 12 days ago
Where do we catch a wildcat stream?
ಠ_ಠ 12 days ago
*hole god*
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