Modern Warfare but we're the world's most advanced campers...

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6 months ago

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WILDCAT 6 months ago
Join me in Honkai Impact 3rd to check out the most powerful Valkyrie Mei: Gift code from me: ELUX4WTX3G
SABean RPuff
SABean RPuff 17 days ago
A pig of culture I see
Zachary Howlett
Zachary Howlett 2 months ago
Lol get it ur a pig and the games called honk eye
Cosmic_Wyvern 3 months ago
Won't lie. You are the last person I'd expect to be playing Honkai Tyler, or watch anime.
xxscrapymax 5 months ago
Hahah it is now 70 instead of 69
Cole Tobin
Cole Tobin 6 months ago
HOLY SHIT! I'm playing that very game
Tyler Cobb
Tyler Cobb 22 days ago
Wildcat constantly saying "OH MY GOD" when Marksman literally is God lol
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf 28 days ago
I downloaded it ITS FUN already on captain level 41 HAHAH ANIMEEEEEEEEEEE
Leeland Mash
Leeland Mash Month ago
0:04 Wildcat: this is a beautiful game that combines the two greatest things in the universe, anime waifus and video games. Me: your goddamn right
PsychaChi Month ago
5:44 "Are you winning son?"
Xyken Uchiha
Xyken Uchiha Month ago
After he said anime waifus, I said "I'm listening..."
Deros playz
Deros playz Month ago
9:22 what is that song
Cokkie Ninja
Cokkie Ninja Month ago
Axoo Month ago
you think we wouldn’t notice smii7y’s outro music
Nicholas Cisneros
Nicholas Cisneros Month ago
The spooky keyboard mechanistically explain because germany happily reign anenst a sweltering parsnip. stupid, quack bottle
Astro Knight
Astro Knight Month ago
Bruh Wildcat talking about world cracked right the hell open, never expected him to do that its weird
Ripxy 2 months ago
Next modern warfare title: modern warfare moments where my sponsors go up
Hajime Hinata
Hajime Hinata 2 months ago
You know wildcat is in it for the anime bitches XDDD So Tyler are you
Nina Roxas
Nina Roxas 2 months ago
The imported resolution algorithmically force because value repressingly breathe within a merciful frown. abrupt, unkempt garlic
Annihilation Squadron
Annihilation Squadron 2 months ago
S O U L 2 months ago
Thought I would never hear wildcat say waifu
skee boo
skee boo 2 months ago
The oval radiator frustratingly inject because thunderstorm additionally peep amid a tearful tin. violent, daily separated
gas mask gaming
gas mask gaming 2 months ago
that first no scope
Nicholas Cisneros
Nicholas Cisneros 2 months ago
The secretive exchange aditionally answer because skiing intrahepatically bathe by a husky geese. alert, available yoke
Txslaz 2 months ago
How do you get modern warfare for free
Sukia nosuko
Sukia nosuko 2 months ago
Honki impact I have played and if you watch one of the ads a character get mindslaved and has to kill her friend and that’s all I’m going to tell you play it for yourself ;)
Gunnem 76
Gunnem 76 2 months ago
After 2 min sponsortalk...commercial.sigh
Brady 2 months ago
Im hoping for wildcat to it 8mill by Christmas
Metanoba 3 months ago
7:17 Nah-Ru-Toe Trust me I’m Asian
Garry The toothpick
Garry The toothpick 3 months ago
How much did they pay you for this one ? 😂😂
Brendon Boyer
Brendon Boyer 3 months ago
Cosmic Badger
Cosmic Badger 3 months ago
Wildcat you must promise me one thing if I download the game there must me waifu oppai and it waifu material if you know what I mean
Random Dude
Random Dude 3 months ago
I can’t get it cause I have to ask permission for it and my mom is going to be pissed if I disconnect my share
Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate 3 months ago
you know tylers desperate when he says PLEASE PLEASE CL ICK THE LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION X5
kindreck inabnitt
kindreck inabnitt 3 months ago
This is by far one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched
THE Slasher
THE Slasher 3 months ago
Andrew Sooter
Andrew Sooter 3 months ago
I love but start of every video is a ad pretty muck
Cristian Bueno
Cristian Bueno 3 months ago
Genshin is better
dallon walker
dallon walker 3 months ago
can you try to make a ak47 into a dragonof in cod modern warfare
Rattlepopsucc 4 months ago
I don’t know how I feel about this videos sponsorship
Timothy Lee
Timothy Lee 4 months ago
anyone know what song he uses in 9:28 of the video??? The epic guitar riff
criptixc 4 months ago
they get more kill messing around then i do with gold gun 🤣🤣
Nova The Fusky
Nova The Fusky 4 months ago
I dont wanna be one of those people in the comments but that sponsor kinda weird (sorry this is my gay talking)
KayLily M
KayLily M 4 months ago
Call this camping hit up 3ps4pros
Grant Thompson
Grant Thompson 4 months ago
Me reading the desc before watching: ....huh?...
h20panda133 5 months ago
That Honkia game doesn't have male characters only female thats bs
Jordan Cox (CCHS 2024)
Jordan Cox (CCHS 2024) 5 months ago
I love your videos you so bad you have to camp
Aurelio Ayala
Aurelio Ayala 5 months ago
I am ayalaBROZ
Declan Scheps
Declan Scheps 5 months ago
Anybody else think marksman is not good for content and annoying? He is not fun enough for this lol
aka Riese
aka Riese 5 months ago
SBMM has ruined this side of Call of Duty
Vowis [SRWG]
Vowis [SRWG] 5 months ago
watching this now but uh... honkai impact... FUCK YEAH MY FAVORITE GAME. dunno why I didnt watch this earlier but, FUCK I havent played Honkai in so long I dont have any other good rare's besides HOR Bronya ;-;
crystal magnum
crystal magnum 5 months ago
Fuckin anime for a whole ass minute wtf
Xeno Shinsuki
Xeno Shinsuki 5 months ago
Playing honkai still in 4 years
BrickBattle 5 months ago
i nutted too fast
i nutted too fast 5 months ago
I’m go do the real truth game=gets bored me is talkin the sponser after year of play
Hayame Kun
Hayame Kun 5 months ago
Clementtoh 23
Clementtoh 23 5 months ago
alot of zelda fans hated honkai impact cause they looks copied from a master piece
SuperSaiyan Bacon
SuperSaiyan Bacon 5 months ago
I hate I'm the only one who got the reference at 3:01
Aestrus 5 months ago
One of the best sponsorships I've ever seen
sparrow 5 months ago
Shield turret should be a field upgrade for the new warzone mode
NueroNorotsky 5 months ago
Pretty sure I played with WILDCAT yesterday, too bad it wasn’t marksman.
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 5 months ago
Let me see that KD 👀
Arthur Callahan
Arthur Callahan 6 months ago
Mihajlo Kovacevic
Mihajlo Kovacevic 6 months ago
9:21 name of song/sound?
FF_COVID 666 6 months ago
9:03 God: kills a player WILDCAT: OH MY “GOD” Me: ._. “Gay”
BookyKuro 6 months ago
Honkai.... No Hentai
Reese 6 months ago
L e t s p l a y r a i d s h a d o w l e g e- Oh a different sponsor on a yt video? Huh.
Jameson Mcgaha
Jameson Mcgaha 6 months ago
Tyler next time you throw a c4 can you scream “puncake”?
skitzybaby1 6 months ago
HILARIOUS! Well done 10Inchessoft you've reached perfection 😂🤣 pissing myself with laughter the whole way through
unussgamerSSZZ 6 months ago
Damn now I need to unsub since you sold out to a anime game the worst thing other den furrys
Indie Mtb
Indie Mtb 6 months ago
Oh I played against God the other day. He wasn’t too good ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
NoobButterYT 6 months ago
My brother enjoyed the sponsor so much, he started doing a funny dance on the floor lol
Paolo Reyes
Paolo Reyes 6 months ago
So i named myself HorrlbIe so when people say horrible i just think they said my name
Christian Castillo
Christian Castillo 6 months ago
The way marksmans character looked aiming the shield turret down the stairs put me in fucking tears. Been watching you play cod since I was 12 and can still get the same enjoyment. Love it
ian sanchez
ian sanchez 6 months ago
Anyone notice one of the maps on the honkai was a map from jump force? No just me ok 😂
Only Call of Duty Mobile
Only Call of Duty Mobile 6 months ago
Sell out
YTKilla monkey209
YTKilla monkey209 6 months ago
Crazy bro raid is amazing
Inuwa Angel
Inuwa Angel 6 months ago
My boyfriend plays Honkai Impact 3. The graphics in that game are on another level
CallMeHappy 4
CallMeHappy 4 6 months ago
Tyler's just better
Watsu girl
Watsu girl 6 months ago
shrapnel wit restock Molotov
PaperPenguin 429
PaperPenguin 429 6 months ago
Wait I've played with a person named god
Raw Entice
Raw Entice 6 months ago
Honkai Impact 3rd’s backgrounds and scenery really give off Sonic 06 vibes
Hayden Myers
Hayden Myers 6 months ago
jordan 32
jordan 32 6 months ago
wildcats cheeks tho
Ryan Darrah
Ryan Darrah 6 months ago
Just my opinion but when it’s just Tyler and nick it’s way funny
Angel hurtado
Angel hurtado 6 months ago
Which link do I get the broke. Sword he says at the end of the video bc I downloaded the game off the first link in the description but I haven’t gotten my
Steven Childress
Steven Childress 6 months ago
There coming hard-wildcat 2020
ً 6 months ago
0:08 The hell was that noise? ._.
AkileanRS 6 months ago
I'm a big fan I love you
yoloswaggins 6 months ago
Is the exchange code expired?
Wesley Imbody
Wesley Imbody 6 months ago
Hey try getting a gold deagle and master the recoil of the gun the entire time
King Of The Dead
King Of The Dead 6 months ago
How did I barely get the notification five days later??
Xweebx 123
Xweebx 123 6 months ago
1:13 skip da sponsor if ya want
cervantez Webb
cervantez Webb 6 months ago
The thumbnail is ass cheeks
Lame Z
Lame Z 6 months ago
Fake wildcat where is RAID SHADOW LEGENDS!!
lilHyperX - VODS
lilHyperX - VODS 6 months ago
Everytime he has a sponser he always says “super super cool”
SSG Ryuko
SSG Ryuko 6 months ago
Had honkai impact already download day 1 yaaaaaaa
Firewolf 90
Firewolf 90 6 months ago
6:51 he’s Lucifer talking bout Earth and 2020
Raynier Potolin
Raynier Potolin 6 months ago
Welp Time to download Honkai Impact 3rd since wildcat got sponsord
Ethan Valencia
Ethan Valencia 6 months ago
yo f the kid who’s username is blue lives matter
miftaWONG 6 months ago
First delirious now wildcat with honkai impact let’s gooooo honestly best mobile game
Tom DeadMan
Tom DeadMan 6 months ago
I was actually waiting to "skip ad" in the beginning.
Avery Savory
Avery Savory 6 months ago
Best part of the video 😂 10:00
sam elyasi
sam elyasi 6 months ago
Ah so he is a web
Abood Hamed
Abood Hamed 6 months ago
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I JOINED 1%...
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