Among Us but we’re masters of manipulation...

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2 months ago

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Fallen Legion
Fallen Legion 9 hours ago
When did wildcat start playing with the click house hell yeah and jacksepticeye fun times
TNT Gohan
TNT Gohan Day ago
That second to last game, Lachlan third impostered the entire game.
fj nagel
fj nagel 3 days ago
Marcel would be the guy to end friendships over being mad at the game
Nick MJ
Nick MJ 4 days ago
Sees thumbnail, also sees title Me automatically: Master of Puppets im pulling your STRINGS
Rowie 9 days ago
unpopular opinion hate it when people group up and also hate it when people clear each other
Natty Shelton
Natty Shelton 10 days ago
I’ve never seen two people throw as hard as Lacey and Muselk did that one round
Pops Month ago
Pops Month ago
Polus is the best map
Ares The Wolf
Ares The Wolf Month ago
All these comments don't mention the crossovers that are happening 😂😂😂.
PsycheGeezy Month ago
Wildcat losing is not good content just stating facts....
xDropDeadMaxx Month ago
Marcel is such a mood “I JUST WANTED HIM DEAD”
Carl Basco
Carl Basco Month ago
Idiot why didn’t you subotage you could have subotage to get some time ,Jk love you wildcat your the only USpostsr in the banana bus that makes me laugh
Jake Hollingshead
Jake Hollingshead Month ago
The Yoda death noise was the death of me
Zhooville EWWYGANG
Zhooville EWWYGANG Month ago
Marcel had a real life mental break down because of Wildcat 🤣😂🤣
A.C. Month ago
"I literally got the ability to vent as crewmate!!"
Haze Pierce
Haze Pierce Month ago
Is it just me or is he reposting the same clips..
MiniSquirt Month ago
Who is challow
Itz Tdawg
Itz Tdawg Month ago
Valk and Noah sus as hell
Peashooter _0216
Peashooter _0216 Month ago
Marcel planning an assassination attempt on Wildcat...
Nick- Andre
Nick- Andre Month ago
Imagez Month ago
These among us vids are funny and entertaining much love wildcat
Yeah Am Moose
Yeah Am Moose Month ago
I cant even hear jacksepticeye
P1Kachu arts
P1Kachu arts Month ago
Dude this is the dream crossover of content creators
potato Month ago
Muselk has the most punchable voice ever I hate his voice 😂
thedingboat Month ago
14:36 I spilled my water.
JohnO920 Playzzz
JohnO920 Playzzz Month ago
sadly Brian Or Terrorisor wasn't there. Just imagine Jacksepticeye and Brian in the same among us. LOL!
The Cringe Bros
The Cringe Bros Month ago
1:10 Made me laugh so much
Dulla Month ago
noah is a fucking tease man, just sat there knowing they are gonna win and you couldnt kill him
Big Ant
Big Ant Month ago
Wow. I used to watch LazarBeam when he did the Madden Challenge videos. I never thought I’d see him play with Wildcat.
Shebibs Creations
Shebibs Creations Month ago
There's a trolldier among us
Uncultured Gaming
Uncultured Gaming Month ago
better reasoning would be that muselk said to be together in a group of 4 which means he wants to stack kill
miftaWONG Month ago
That grouping shit is stupid
Jordan Harvie
Jordan Harvie Month ago
as an imposter, nothing is more frustrating than hearing the words "i cleared..." followed by someones name said by at least 3-4 crewmates . Makes it hard for the imposter to defend themselves lmao.
Ren Seal
Ren Seal Month ago
Oh yey Sean is in there :D
skippy jar
skippy jar Month ago
This is so many crossovers, I just love it😊
Leo Mena
Leo Mena Month ago
kz kash
kz kash Month ago
Jacksepticeye and Iamwildcat........ Thats an odd mix cuh
Maneplix YT
Maneplix YT Month ago
Wildcat: Let’s all do our intro at the same time *Demon’s intro stars*
pixlredn Month ago
wildcat needs to play with 5up.
Julian W
Julian W Month ago
This video would’ve been better if lazarbeam wasn’t in it
Joaquin Barron
Joaquin Barron Month ago
What a way to end the vid
E Lie
E Lie Month ago
This is my childhood come true. All my fav USpostsrs together.
Hunt Westbrook
Hunt Westbrook Month ago
Noah with the PLAY
Kiki Crush
Kiki Crush Month ago
Ivan Cerecer
Ivan Cerecer Month ago
14:34 Best part of the video
Skully Slayer
Skully Slayer Month ago
14:38 haha
Hoodini Month ago
This youtube channle is getting better and better
Hoodini Month ago
JACK played with u?
Doctor Eggman
Doctor Eggman Month ago
What's this? Jacksepticeye and Tyler playing together?
BlozY _
BlozY _ Month ago
CoRRupted Month ago
16:04 i kinda hope i die so i can go pee🤣
Wolfox dogscatscute
Wolfox dogscatscute Month ago
"are they a genius or am I just a moron?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Monosphere Month ago
it is cool to see tonnes of different youtube groups all get together and play among us
Vinsen Widiawan
Vinsen Widiawan Month ago
perfect ending for that video
Aaron Day
Aaron Day Month ago
legend has it marcel is still punching the air rn
JMoney Sniper
JMoney Sniper Month ago
4:37 if you would’ve turned off comms you may have won that round
Braden Bach
Braden Bach Month ago
Since when does Wildcat play with jacksepticeye
Hunter Jones
Hunter Jones Month ago
They say he’s still peeing now even to this day
Faded shadows
Faded shadows Month ago
You know what would make this interesting since they’re changing rules to make things feel new and not repetitive..... what if not only the imposters can use vents.... but also the crewmates?
Reis Egger
Reis Egger Month ago
At 7:47 valkyrae Said she was on the left but then she said on right
Jeremy Bennett
Jeremy Bennett Month ago
Bradytails 1
Bradytails 1 Month ago
Ladys and gentlemen, we have just received the greatest crossover of all time!
AswimmyBoss VR
AswimmyBoss VR Month ago
I love the outro because it has all of my favorite quotes and items from wildcats videos the gmod crowbar the banana bus the pun cake everything
Karissa Valdez
Karissa Valdez Month ago
Lol 9:20 wildcat just said a Texan thing he said “I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him” where did he get that from!?!?😂
Kaleb Calverley
Kaleb Calverley Month ago
You’re lucky you didn’t kill Muselk when you stack killed
Sirius Raycraft
Sirius Raycraft Month ago
Who’s jack septic eye friends with outta all these people
xd_hotshot 69
xd_hotshot 69 Month ago
My question is why didn't wildcat sabotage comms so he couldn't do his task
ImOnly APickle
ImOnly APickle Month ago
Why didn’t he sabotage oxygen
Eden Pheonix
Eden Pheonix Month ago
It's so weird hearing my girls name lochlin from youtubers
LordofHolymoly Month ago
Fox I-_-I
Fox I-_-I Month ago
does anyone else think Valk is so fucking annoying?
Alex1212771 Month ago
Ah yes sexism, my favorite
Ryan Repka
Ryan Repka Month ago
Jaylen Love
Jaylen Love Month ago
what an arrangement of youtubers so exciting
Mars_798 Month ago
When are you gonna post something different just wondering
Nnort gaming
Nnort gaming Month ago
we need more modern warfare
Alejandro Maldonado
Alejandro Maldonado Month ago
I am now convinced all youtuber groups who play among us is now interconnected
Maxx D
Maxx D Month ago
noah ise mei neme
Leanmonster Month ago
Lazar and delirious playing together best thing of 2020
Ozman213 Month ago
i feel so bad for marcel lmao
geo D
geo D Month ago
@wildcat can you guys play the among us map on Minecraft
Shadow_b0itrash Month ago
among us has brought my favorite creators together
Kelvin Fahrenheit
Kelvin Fahrenheit Month ago
You literally gotta use literally more often, it will literally decrease your sus levels, literally
SpaceCreeper 38
SpaceCreeper 38 Month ago
I never thought that I’d see so many USpostsrs that I watch daily in one video
Lok Flauntles
Lok Flauntles Month ago
Rae is adorable asf "kinda of a gg"
Gunner Month ago
Among us still pulling everyone together on USposts And pushing them away at the same time
DeadlySantaFPS Month ago
yo ill have my setup done around the 10th, wanna play sometime WILDCAT?
Durpy John
Durpy John Month ago
I really love how this game brings a bunch of friend groups together
Goldie Fox
Goldie Fox Month ago
When da fuck did u know Lannan
Diego Ballesteros#3
Diego Ballesteros#3 Month ago
Can you please do another cod vid u cod god
Fernando Flores
Fernando Flores Month ago
Thunder jugs
x2kRider Month ago
What timing
Fernando Flores
Fernando Flores Month ago
U are the best thunder jug
Isaac Walden
Isaac Walden Month ago
Dream vs Wildcat-Among Us I wanna see it
TGM Dum Dum
TGM Dum Dum Month ago
Yo you should play Minecraft with technoblade
AwesomeSwagger 2
AwesomeSwagger 2 Month ago
Muselk deserved it fortnite is trash
I ARE ANDY21 Month ago
14:48 had me in tears 🤣🤣🤣
Hyper_Blade Month ago
Marcel is salty Marcel is salty Marcel is salty Marcel is salty Marcel is salty Marcel is salty Marcel is salty Marcel is salty Lolololololololololol
Quirt Month ago
noah had the 3000 iq play by voting for himself lmfaooo
Ixia Qxw
Ixia Qxw Month ago
14:34 is the best LMFOOOOO
apher_ Month ago
can you make some UK prices on your merch store plz.
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