Modern Warfare but I make everyone angry and get called a hacker... *RAGE*

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2 months ago

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No one reads this far into the description...what are you doing snooping around...

Mystic The Wolf
Mystic The Wolf 17 hours ago
6:15 "what Gun is that?" read the fucking kill cam dumb ass xD
Cave in
Cave in 5 days ago
Ik Scotty was joking but if he wasnt im thinking of the logic if how no one loves him even though hes married but thats just me
Leonardo Soto
Leonardo Soto 6 days ago
You are one of the many USpostsr that I love to whatch and become a youtuber
Finlay Kennedy
Finlay Kennedy 8 days ago
Finlay Kennedy
Finlay Kennedy 8 days ago
MagicGTurtle 9 days ago
“Ur 21 and 8 you succ” Ah yes, god tier insults.
Arminius 10 days ago
that was dope
Jordan Da Costa
Jordan Da Costa 15 days ago
Hahaha, this is amazing
Skidads 19 days ago
they are calling him a hacker while missing every bullet😂😂
schmitz998 19 days ago
All the stuff is beautiful
Max Lucas
Max Lucas 22 days ago
You just won the Internet with this vid
Chad hartman
Chad hartman 22 days ago
Keep doing what you doing:)
Thomas Hellecke
Thomas Hellecke 23 days ago
Hahaha, this is amazing
daniellino 25 days ago
Love this
GregorSamsa 25 days ago
Good work, keep it up
Barbara Aurier
Barbara Aurier 27 days ago
Such gorgeous video
logzz __
logzz __ Month ago
imagine meeting your favorite youtuber and getting shit on and trashed talked lmao 😂
Apollo_yeet Month ago
How is unsalted chicken
fedor silverstone
fedor silverstone Month ago
Overly nice!
Mike Van Dyke
Mike Van Dyke Month ago
Damn bruh. This sh’t made me sad. 😔
Julian Rosch
Julian Rosch Month ago
Truly excellent m8
Tuxedo Alien
Tuxedo Alien Month ago
Wait till they wont play this again when they get into the next cod.
Morritz Braun
Morritz Braun Month ago
Oh man, what a video
Xavier Rivera
Xavier Rivera Month ago
“Go eat another crayon.” 😂😂😂
Romain Fgs
Romain Fgs Month ago
I think I'm crying. It's that nice
Augustus Campbell
Augustus Campbell Month ago
Does anyone know what he runs on his 725 classes? I want to replicate if possible, cuz he seems to always one shot everyone with his 725
Gabriele PeRF
Gabriele PeRF Month ago
Amazing stuff right here!
Bari Bari
Bari Bari 2 months ago
Cool I love it really so much you are so amazing
Andrew Contreras
Andrew Contreras 2 months ago
9:24 ....dead
jonatien cho
jonatien cho 2 months ago
i love the kill sound effect
maruftim 2 months ago
I don't get how they're able to call him a hacker from a play that bad
Idc Yeet
Idc Yeet 2 months ago
O Oop
O Oop 2 months ago
Carlos Ramos
Carlos Ramos 2 months ago
twenty one pilots
Cody Howie
Cody Howie 2 months ago
Hey guys help me out what is wildcats load out for the finn lmg
Jacob McGee
Jacob McGee 2 months ago
So just a normal cod mw match???
Josh Duggan
Josh Duggan 2 months ago
Wtf is that gun dude
Goat InAHole
Goat InAHole 2 months ago
U play this game too much for other player to have even a tiny bit of fun
Keegan Pryde
Keegan Pryde 2 months ago
Your thumbnail has no pupils in the eyes
Micheal Crossan
Micheal Crossan 2 months ago
That first clip is nearly titanfall levels of movement
Allan Allan
Allan Allan 2 months ago
Lmfao 'unsalted tricken' 🤣🤣🤣
Trimko 2 months ago
Go make me some unsalted chicken lol
H4rshy 2 months ago
Bro it’s the “ugh” after bully some random kid for me
Jessa sandlin
Jessa sandlin 2 months ago
Ur dum voice when u make fun of someone is funny
NinjaIsAfaggot 2 months ago
Ninja is so bad and gay
DumbassWeeb 2 months ago
7:10 strafing run
DeepFriedShaggy 2 months ago
5:06 Tyler out here singing just the two of us lol Noice
Garnelle0 2 months ago
Cool m8
T0M4T0 2 months ago
0:05 Me when Pizza rolls are ready
Shane Smith
Shane Smith 2 months ago
Just the two of us, we can make it if we try, just the two of us. Just the two of us. Just the two of us building castles in the sky, just the two of us, you and I.
Vonhunter games
Vonhunter games 2 months ago
Me on switch 0:37
HaloXclusive 2 months ago
5:11 such a great "fuck!"
Cesarisactive 2 months ago
*Mw but I only show the clips where I’m alive and i get kills against noobs
Seiya Ü
Seiya Ü 2 months ago
You make these trash talking videos so hilarious WildCat love the Content
Mikael Bernat
Mikael Bernat 2 months ago
goood thing im not that kid
Fake_ TreDDer
Fake_ TreDDer 2 months ago
Tyler farting is everything🤣😂
Shinigami 2 months ago
that SumTingWong kid is my best friend irl BRUH
TheGamingLord777 2 months ago
if someone says you suck with a 21 and 8 you know they salty as hell
Death Lord
Death Lord 2 months ago
My g what are u eating/drinking that makes u almost poo ur pants
Robert Geddes
Robert Geddes 2 months ago
"HaCkIng" headass!!
Red Barrel Entertainment
Red Barrel Entertainment 2 months ago
That kid said you're 21 and 8 you suck. And then said 8 and 21 you suck. Bruh
Blightmare 2 months ago
Wildcat missing 95% of his hipfired shots: Children with 0.1 kdr: "hE's HaCkInG"
Daniel Ortiz
Daniel Ortiz 2 months ago
can we all call this "The boy who cried HACKER!!!!!"
Stormray 2 months ago
Guy: You guys suck bigger ones then my mother cuz my dad has a bigger one Me: how do you know that 😂🧐
Shaggy 2 months ago
Bruh Wildcat is the master of shit talking
GAMING TURTLe 2 months ago
What’s the loud out for the Finn LMG
Giovanni Moreno
Giovanni Moreno 2 months ago
snoop ¨ go make me a sandwich- do i need to teach u go sit down bruh go do your chores dad says do your chores now or ill take yo video games ¨ wildcat ¨ go eat a crayon ¨
Justin Ngo
Justin Ngo 2 months ago
Please play modern warfare and use the new Finn LMG, it has the chain saw attachment. Its one of the most fun I had with a lmg, play shoot the house with it! Or any map really
Ezekiel Hembree Trembley
Ezekiel Hembree Trembley 2 months ago
No offense sir wildcat but I already have that sweaty ass Finn gold
Rain 2 months ago
This vid turned into how wildcat deals with shitty people 0-0
Fluffyx24 2 months ago
Holy shit COD players are childish
Dirty_C 2 months ago
That unsalted chicken burn really cuts deep😂😂😂
BIGcheese0180 2 months ago
I swear some of the kids on this game are toooo young lmao. I swear I’ll be playing gun fight and in the short time you can talk shit to the other team, I’ll hear some little kid go “DUDE WHAT THE FUUUUCK, I SHOT HIM!” And I’ll yell through my mic “YOURE ASS DUDE GET GOOD” and the little ass kid will tell me to stfu. Too young lmao
Raiden Boney
Raiden Boney 2 months ago
At exactly 7:56 you can see my regiment(LVL.) get absolutely shit on. Love you wildcat I'm upset I wasn't in the lobby during this match
McClover 2 months ago
I would gladly have some of wildcats gawk gawk 9000
Daniel A
Daniel A 2 months ago
Play apex
jus12chat 2 months ago
is it just me or has wildcats thumbnails gotten worse
Bruh Wyaaa
Bruh Wyaaa 2 months ago
Wildcat should use the “he disconnected “ meme when they leave the game😂😂😂
TheSunRise 2 months ago
is it just me or do i only come here to watch wildcat shit talk to little kids
Szmmry YT
Szmmry YT 2 months ago
My mom still drives me to school Tyler
BannannaMan FTW
BannannaMan FTW 2 months ago
Wildcat might be the world’s best shit talker 😂😂😂😂 sooo clever
Spedmonkee 2 months ago
When your only way to win an argument is to be loud
celicia martinez
celicia martinez 2 months ago
wildcat is so toxic, I love it
EVOLVE GAMING 2 months ago
when i tell you these vids get me through the day i mean it
CalebadmiraCaleb Three Strikes 015
CalebadmiraCaleb Three Strikes 015 2 months ago
That gun is really accurate dude
Link Sheep
Link Sheep 2 months ago
The kid:"MAKE ME A SANDWICH" Me: if your not gonna tell us which sandwich, I'm not making it
Brett Basham
Brett Basham 2 months ago
10:16 after the killcam there is a small half a second clip of a body flying down the hallway lmao 😂
mack malone
mack malone 2 months ago
Anyone know the attachments?
PROBLEM l 2 months ago
Gotta eat my marinated crayons 🖍 👁👄👁
Judge Guinguin
Judge Guinguin 2 months ago
Hey wildcat, you guys dont played hardcore search and destroy?
Qt Sergzzz
Qt Sergzzz 2 months ago
What loudout is that
Drakko Cappalot
Drakko Cappalot 2 months ago
Hey man great video checkout my 2v2 tournament
Neo 2 months ago
Yo what happened the Among us streams? Sorry to sound agressive but I did quite enjoy seeing the smart plays
Christopher dalzell
Christopher dalzell 2 months ago
Its well good legiqn gets to play black ops cold war multiplayer first. Wonder of wildcat salty he cant
Adrian Zavala
Adrian Zavala 2 months ago
Don't you get call hacker on every single video? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Greg Otte
Greg Otte 2 months ago
last game i still hit that final kill tho 🧑🏿‍🦼
Dark Panda47
Dark Panda47 2 months ago
Love your videos
Dannygamerpro42 2 months ago
The fart was so big I could smell it
UNDERDOG_ ICEKING 2 months ago
Thank you because of you I'm safe my life
Edelman11 2 months ago
Bruh my fuckin friend was in one of the matches😂 I’d fucking love to get into a game with the legend himself Wildcat😂😂
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