Modern Warfare moments that prove it's more fun than Cold War...

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Month ago

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PsychaChi 6 hours ago
Modern warfare isnt the same without Panda screaming
Tiny Cyclone
Tiny Cyclone 18 hours ago
Everytime he gets shit on he bitches about the game
NATALIE VILL 22 hours ago
I miss the modern warfare videos
Micker Dunaway
Micker Dunaway 3 days ago
I'm sorry but how are you getting shit on cold war that game is fucking to easy bro
dabxd_owo 2 days ago
Cold war is a dogshit game
SAMA 20 4 days ago
I love how the game developers make modern warfare so bad after they realized people would rather play modern warfare then cold war.
B. Duello
B. Duello 6 days ago
Modern warfare is far superior to cold war.
officialdumdollaz 8 days ago
We didn't need this video we know it's more fun already 😭
Dominick Curran
Dominick Curran 9 days ago
I’m on Xbox wildcat lol you probably won’t see or react to this whatsoever but let’s play together wanna see if I’m too shitter for yah 🤔😂 Xbox gamer tag: EBLuck Modern gamer tag: UwU_McChigga
Joan .G.S
Joan .G.S 9 days ago
Mw is better than cw
TBM24680 9 days ago
I could never play bomb, I just don’t have the patience or confidence
Kevin Hagensieker
Kevin Hagensieker 10 days ago
Cold War trash. Change my mind.
Ricardo Ramirez
Ricardo Ramirez 11 days ago
Games can’t even be fun no more with these try hards
Fabian Gutierrez
Fabian Gutierrez 11 days ago
When you realize there the same game
Scrub DinoDude
Scrub DinoDude 11 days ago
Your just not good that’s why your mad
SpicySam 14 days ago
Still waiting for his next snd vid
Shrkkng55 14 days ago
Please tell me enough people will stick to Modern Warfare long enough for it to become a proper eSport.
Taytoez947 16 days ago
I love both games and I hope you keep playing Modern Warfare and Cold War(for zombies)
Rad Forces
Rad Forces 16 days ago
I love when you say anything wildcat says "ur mad"
Eric Osmond
Eric Osmond 18 days ago
Cold war feels so lazy compared to MW, I can't play it anymore
CZ Gaming
CZ Gaming 18 days ago
I kinda wish the games mp.merged to have all operators, ik its not possible but it would be cool
Fragged Spartan
Fragged Spartan 18 days ago
2:20 Kid turns off his mic Fucking shitter 🤣
AnthonyTheGreat 19 days ago
We need to get MW to receive more content because Cold War ain’t cutting it Chief! That game is hot garbage compared to MW
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 20 days ago
The only thing Cold War is better at is zombies, because modern warfare doesn’t have it.
i Am Awoken
i Am Awoken 20 days ago
Lol so ur saying modern warfare is better cause ur bad at cold war
ItsOgShow cm
ItsOgShow cm 20 days ago
I don’t mind Cold War it’s not bad it’s just different but everyone has their own opinion
The dislike button
The dislike button 21 day ago
8:05 this is comedy gold
Ricardo José
Ricardo José 21 day ago
Wildcat thank u 4 going back to CODMW we pobre to see it.
Stephanie Fields
Stephanie Fields 22 days ago
Pls more mw
ChaosMiles07 22 days ago
Josh boah
Josh boah 23 days ago
U just suck at the game
XD TKOM8 25 days ago
jeff cummins
jeff cummins 26 days ago
lmaooo u suck at coldwar 🤣🤣
Kyna Sketchy
Kyna Sketchy 26 days ago
"how'd you make it to level 81 without getting any kills? they must give a lot of experience for losing" lmao, fucking destroyed him
wez hayez
wez hayez 27 days ago
Rip cold war
quickmatthew12 28 days ago
im hella good at cw and mw so ion really care they both good 🤣
uhh Jumpy
uhh Jumpy 28 days ago
As much as raged on modern warfare, This game proved to be a flash from the past with those lit SnD lobbies. I really took this game for granted and now that Cold War is out I wished I played this game more
Chris Carson
Chris Carson 28 days ago
Cold War is the first CoD Ive enjoyed since BO2 how do you dislike it lol Modern Warfare is worse than Ghosts imo its awful Its only fun to watch
Spottedhusky 26 days ago
Chris Carson I haven't played Cold War but all I know modern warfare sucks
RiftGaming 29 days ago
More modern warfare please
MaNiaCaL TooTH19
MaNiaCaL TooTH19 29 days ago
What happened to connor😂
SoullessGod Month ago
@WILDCAT u should try call of duty moblie
Desmond Smith
Desmond Smith 23 days ago
No one gives a fuck about mobile
Glitches for PS4 GTA V
Glitches for PS4 GTA V Month ago
I was wondering which one to buy, but now i know its mw
DX Closingbowl
DX Closingbowl Month ago
Idk tbh i would much rather play cold war then...modern campwarfare
KEddy54 29 days ago
same tbh, and it has zombies
gamerbros935 Month ago
Cassy Jonez
Cassy Jonez Month ago
The reason why everyone is a loser and uses overpowered guns in cold war because they all cane from warzone and mw
Help_im_High Month ago
The title is too true
Squiddi Games
Squiddi Games Month ago
Question for all the CoD players: Seeing how I’ve never played a CoD game in my life, can someone explain to me how this game turns people into the most toxic beings of all time? Im of course talking outside of politics and/or social media.
Dillan Douglas
Dillan Douglas Month ago
I mean prop hunt is pretty fun tho
Z40gaming Month ago
Yo wildcat wanna play modern warfare on Christmas
Hey wildcat do you still post call of duty Cold War?
Jakeb Chatham
Jakeb Chatham Month ago
anyone notice at 2:35 the guy who didn’t get any kills leveled up to 82?😂
MRmOiSt Month ago
Yea I'm sticking to MW for now its more fun and cold war just feels unfinished
SavagePheonixPG Month ago
y is it dog shit because its not as easy as MW?
Mitchel 7346
Mitchel 7346 Month ago
SBMM is a big factor in why Cold War sucks
Neo Arellano
Neo Arellano Month ago
1v1 immarksman please
BlightStuff Month ago
i love cold war so much
Capital Boom
Capital Boom Month ago
lets pretend cold war doesnt exist
Capital Boom
Capital Boom Month ago
now this is content
Jack U
Jack U Month ago
jdog340 Month ago
why is CW so fucking bad?
Mitchel 7346
Mitchel 7346 Month ago
Mitchel 7346
Mitchel 7346 Month ago
Mitchel 7346
Mitchel 7346 Month ago
Jezzer Month ago
9:45 lmao wildcat said n***a
Spottedhusky 26 days ago
Jezzer no...?
Neneleafy Month ago
Watch him go back months later when he gets paid more by activision and starts praising the game
03 Dboy
03 Dboy Month ago
Why is Cold War so unenjoyable to play and watch ? I don’t get where they went wrong with the game :( should’ve saved my money
PaintZ Month ago
Sped short for special ed
willdabeast135 Month ago
in my opinion modern warfares bad because the campers and cold war has campers but less
Guy Person
Guy Person Month ago
I can’t tell if he’s actually having more fun on modern warfare or if it’s a bit. I mean modern warfare is better to me but others have different opinions
fsantora Month ago
Cold war is garbage. Everyone seems to realize this except your buddy Marksman.
Reggie Williams
Reggie Williams Month ago
Funny how as soon as he starts struggling he goes back to something he can dominate at. Kinda soft honestly
diego Month ago
Fuck black ops.
Patty O’s
Patty O’s Month ago
I’m enjoying Cold War
Lauren L
Lauren L Month ago
Man I kinda want modern warfare but I dont want my mom to spend money
RiftGaming Month ago
More MW please
Banana Cop
Banana Cop Month ago
This video is facts. Fuck Cold War.
Danny Abifalah
Danny Abifalah Month ago
cold war is so fucking bad it’s actually insane how bad it is
Oscar Martinez
Oscar Martinez Month ago
Aaaaaand here's why I refuse to get cold war.
snoop dogg
snoop dogg Month ago
I got a ninja defuse on him and he called me trash haha
snoop dogg
snoop dogg Month ago
I legit just played against John f Hennessy the other day haha
Christ vargas
Christ vargas Month ago
The only thing that was wrong with MW is maps.
Spottedhusky 26 days ago
Christ vargas exactly, that's why I'm getting Cold War, same game but with better weapons and maps :)
bryce hensley
bryce hensley Month ago
I do think that modern warfare’s multiplayer is better
Alex Gona
Alex Gona Month ago
I enjoy Cold War
charles slone
charles slone Month ago
I honestly think infinityward is better than treyarch
FireballMafia Month ago
MW is love, MW is life.
ItzzMadness-_- Month ago
mmmm i dont think either of the games are better then each other they just have dif pros and cons
Stealth Gaming
Stealth Gaming Month ago
I’m surprised how bad wildcat is at Cold War. I’m just wanting him to enjoy himself love the content wildcat.
James Collier
James Collier Month ago
Wildcat just play prop hunt lol
Squeezycat Face
Squeezycat Face Month ago
Geter Priffin
Geter Priffin Month ago
Well now that prop hunt is here....
Ty QJS Month ago
Damn bruh... 2020 is the year of garbage gamers, devs/creators and game content.
James Knipe
James Knipe Month ago
Cold war is one of the biggist F ups
Ohsteefy Month ago
SirPotatorito Month ago
JO Month ago
Should I get cold war ?
Imagine switching to Modern warfare to use fire shotguns
MLG try hard
MLG try hard Month ago
Mw is garbage
Anthony Canela
Anthony Canela Month ago
Both Cold war and modern warfare are pretty bad
Brandon Sedgwick
Brandon Sedgwick Month ago
Dude honestly would rather have modern warfare than Cold War any day. Keep going🔥🔥🔥
Bancon Month ago
Tyler play cod mobile
Seidenkiller Bet
Seidenkiller Bet Month ago
You should keep playing MW
Astra Month ago
"Guys I'm gonna quit cold war because I can't play against people my skill level and don't know how to play a cod game where people can actually move without dying"
Denim Schaffer
Denim Schaffer Month ago
MP is garbage MW was better even with its flaws but Campaign and Zombies is the only reasons the game isn't complete shit and why I still have it installed lol
Joshua Rock
Joshua Rock Month ago
Can you play Assassin creed Valhalla
Crisis Beast 2.0
Crisis Beast 2.0 Month ago
7:40 nice transition
Will Smith
Will Smith Month ago
9:50 the message at bottom right corner has had me laughing for awhile "hard scoping ass bitch fuck you"
Cold War but it’s butt cheeks...
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