I opened $2000 of Pokémon mystery boxes... (LEGIT or SCAM?)

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Month ago

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CEOof Bees&Wasps
CEOof Bees&Wasps 20 hours ago
It’s so weird watching someone opening Pokémon and not saying “Three to the front get rid of the[Insert random energy]”
IC33GAMER Day ago
Where would you buy these?
Shiimexx Day ago
I really want to get pokemon card packs online because its easy But theres always so many reviews of reseals and certain ones getting looked through and taken
five wired
five wired Day ago
Where did u buy the mystert boxs
Clay Sias
Clay Sias Day ago
Where did you get the mystery boxes?
YaBoy Harry
YaBoy Harry Day ago
Yo does anyone know where to buy these mystery boxes?
Ezra Williams
Ezra Williams Day ago
I had 3 of those chazarders and my brother ripped them in half how should I get him back
D.va_is_bae 2 days ago
where do you get these mystery boxes from?
schweppes Z
schweppes Z 2 days ago
how much are these boxes?
RAGE_ SLAYER 2 days ago
Is this pokemon card opening or pokemon box opening🤣🤣
Genia Brown
Genia Brown 3 days ago
Does anyone know how to tell how much Pokemon cards are
Chief Big
Chief Big 3 days ago
Loved these vids other than the pack hate :/ I personal prefer the V and Vmax cards from it. About 10 random packs from tins and 6 hits. Yet me my brother and a few friends have pulled about 10 CP ETBs and got about 4 V cards🙄 literally the worst hit rate for a charizard
Diego D
Diego D 4 days ago
Mr.wildcat were do you do the bow sets
Bobby Tim
Bobby Tim 4 days ago
This guys kinda wack.......
daniel ramos
daniel ramos 5 days ago
Why is everyone now opening Pokémon?
Retro consoles toys & collectables uk
Retro consoles toys & collectables uk 5 days ago
Some amazing pulls man. Great job!
Brandon 6 days ago
Dude these videos where actually so cool I reeeeally enjoyed this and didn’t get board
Just _Bot Kevin
Just _Bot Kevin 7 days ago
The new packed now named the Fucked up pack all cards are bent🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆🤩👀👀
Cohplayz Conn
Cohplayz Conn 7 days ago
Tyler I opened 8 ten packs that had ten cards and got one charizard
Twirlybasket Twirlybasket
Twirlybasket Twirlybasket 7 days ago
Imagine bending a $3000 card
Asking Bat
Asking Bat 8 days ago
We’re do u buy you pack from
Jarrett Shrewsbury
Jarrett Shrewsbury 8 days ago
2,000 bucks for 25 wtf is wrong with you! Wow I would never just buy some vintage packs
Jarrett Shrewsbury
Jarrett Shrewsbury 8 days ago
You deserved that I really wish that would’ve been a zard that you bent I would’ve loved that! Dumbass!
Brett 9 days ago
Where do you get these boxes
Ronnie 9 days ago
Wildcat is the wings of redemption of pokemon cards
Scorb Deluxe
Scorb Deluxe 9 days ago
what site do u use to know the value wildcat?
ADEADLYKITT3N meow 9 days ago
But where do you find these
Alex Gamrat
Alex Gamrat 9 days ago
I pulled the Brocks Grit full art and I was surprised at how much it went for
Leon Spreilis
Leon Spreilis 10 days ago
Where you getting boxes from mate?
Two Bros' Game Night
Two Bros' Game Night 10 days ago
I can't wait for Shining Fates. It has a trainer card that I really want! It will make my whole year if I pull it. -Younger Bro
Two Bros' Game Night
Two Bros' Game Night 10 days ago
How the fuck did those cards get bent? It breaks my heart. -Younger Bro
PhantomFluid 11 days ago
Why are Pokémon card videos becoming popular again ?
Luke Wiggers
Luke Wiggers 12 days ago
Ya gotta open the vintage packs for the contentttt
Nico Moreno
Nico Moreno 12 days ago
i need more pokémon card videos
djdowndog 12 days ago
Can anyone tell me where I can buy these?
Das a toilet
Das a toilet 13 days ago
5:50 6:11 Tyler fucked up half
Lord Hoth_09
Lord Hoth_09 13 days ago
I’m a weird collector I guess, I don’t give two shits about value. I lost my entire collection of base set from when I was a kid to a pipe busting and I’ve been trying to get them all again, I’ve ripped open a few packs. I’m just in it for the nostalgia.
Averyk Mallett
Averyk Mallett 14 days ago
Where can you buy these?
Lara Klees
Lara Klees 14 days ago
U should battle panda
Zipper puppy390
Zipper puppy390 14 days ago
Me listening to the music build up in the background me:he is going to pull something cool later he pulled something cool
Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg 15 days ago
Does anyone know where to find the mystery power boxes?
I Mister Nex I
I Mister Nex I 16 days ago
... I gave my whole set of cards away to my sister in law... but I just bought 100$ worth of Vivid Voltage Booster packs at target (opened 20 packs) got one secret rare, 2 full arts. 6-8 holos & each pack had a reverse holo.
Braxton Spade
Braxton Spade 17 days ago
Where did you open these at
GusBusGamez 17 days ago
Why don't you play pixelmon. It is Minecraft and pokemon in one
Killaysia 17 days ago
My 1000th liked vid
Killaysia 17 days ago
It does not matter that one st evoloutions the M venasaur will get a psa 10 they don't care if its bent
Killaysia 17 days ago
Fun fact The XY was not a vintage pack because there were 7 packs in that box
Christian Fay
Christian Fay 17 days ago
My cousin pulled the rare charazard that’s going around may be spelt wrong I’m no poke expert but look at packs at dollar general or dollar tree she has pulled multiple rares from those stores
GoldTeam98 17 days ago
Just bought over 1000 cards for $35. From 1999-2004 mostly. Hoping for a few 1st edition or just some I can sell to make my $$ back and keep the rest
Blaze's Siphon
Blaze's Siphon 18 days ago
And it's legit
Blaze's Siphon
Blaze's Siphon 18 days ago
Of these
Blaze's Siphon
Blaze's Siphon 18 days ago
Do more of these videos
Editz 18 days ago
You know that if it’s a PSA 10 those cards are worth hundreds?
Hunter Young
Hunter Young 19 days ago
I have to ask, Why do you look at your monitor instead of your actual hands?
Zyler Aiello
Zyler Aiello 20 days ago
I have that exact charizard full art holo just instead of charizard it’s blastoise
Douglas McArthur
Douglas McArthur 20 days ago
how do you check prices? is there a good website for that?
Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia 20 days ago
Where is the best place to buy pokemon cards? I have been wanting to get into collecting again
Eugene Inong
Eugene Inong 20 days ago
Where do I find one of these packs
Bryson Donovan
Bryson Donovan 20 days ago
3:25 holy shit the beat is fire 🔥
Aston Goff
Aston Goff 21 day ago
Where do you get the packs at?
Jaime Toons 2001
Jaime Toons 2001 21 day ago
11:10 Dude U got Shiny Bisharp
BudderLoli 13
BudderLoli 13 21 day ago
Those third party mystery boxes are a scam
Trini DEX
Trini DEX 21 day ago
can some one please link me as to where you can find out the prices of the vintage pack ?
Malcolm Fawley
Malcolm Fawley 21 day ago
Where can these be purchased? This man literally has me wanting to go bankrupt
TheroboGeek 32
TheroboGeek 32 21 day ago
I have a parallel city also
Torin McIntosh
Torin McIntosh 24 days ago
Is Dragonite a lower evolution of Charzard? Because they look very similar.
Jedicus Jake
Jedicus Jake 24 days ago
anyone know where to buy these without having to scrounge around my state?
Sam Mathews
Sam Mathews 24 days ago
What site does he use to check prices?
LITS 24 days ago
What’s the song at 7:02
Iven Heggli
Iven Heggli 25 days ago
I have a mega charizard ex
Olifer Slays
Olifer Slays 25 days ago
Anyone know were to get these
Caprin 25 days ago
him bending that booster pack hurt my soul....... if I believed in souls
BCGaming 26 days ago
I have 3 full art brocks grit 😂 I’ll sell ya one
Cactus 26 days ago
where do you find these?
Teige Halligan
Teige Halligan 26 days ago
These videos fill the void of CSGO case opening videos from 2015-2017
ChargedAtol3149 26 days ago
If I got that bent mega venasaur I would've actually been sad cause venasaur is my favourite starter
Rejectzzz 26 days ago
you and the gang should make a pixelmon server so you guys can play on and make a series out of it
rainbow jazzy
rainbow jazzy 27 days ago
Are these packs legit? I kinda wanna cop some now
Crowbxy 27 days ago
I have the mega char from xy full art
jeff urmom
jeff urmom 27 days ago
Where do you get thz boxes
James Hoppers2021
James Hoppers2021 28 days ago
I have that bisharp card and I can say that is a shiny boy
Cam21 the north
Cam21 the north 29 days ago
Play more g mod plz
A Random Comment
A Random Comment 29 days ago
How much do cost normally and how much did they cost each for you
Free Masonnn
Free Masonnn 29 days ago
where does he get his packs
Wicksy Gaming
Wicksy Gaming 29 days ago
Ok im addicted to ur Poke vids, bangers!
Moike Games
Moike Games 29 days ago
Where did he get these online
N8D066 Gaming
N8D066 Gaming 29 days ago
anyone know where he finds the prices?
Duane Dibbley
Duane Dibbley 29 days ago
When the base Pokémon packs you had as a kid are considered vintage.
Andrew Millington
Andrew Millington 29 days ago
Were can I buy one of these boxes. I'm in the uk
OmegaMan 29 days ago
I have the $25 mewtwo you got but it’s a little bent no crease.
hi there
hi there Month ago
I got a mega charizard ex full art for from a kid idk why he just gave it to me no cap
RFW Draco
RFW Draco Month ago
Went from 2012 doin cod to now pokemon cards
Fishy Baker
Fishy Baker Month ago
Was looking through cards from when I was younger, found a Charizard G lv X 143/147 that looked untouched. Anyone know on average the price range on this?
Godz Month ago
bro but that pack was 100% resealed not doubt
TTk Dire
TTk Dire Month ago
i had that azumral
Cynx 4
Cynx 4 Month ago
I have the brock's grit full art am I special?
Brisk The Husky
Brisk The Husky Month ago
I have that Gyrados ex o.o
The Gaming Outdoorsman
The Gaming Outdoorsman Month ago
I wanna open PACKS NOW!!!
kiing juliann
kiing juliann Month ago
Me when i once had the mew 2 ancient card and gave it to my friend in middle school 🤠
Preston Poss
Preston Poss Month ago
Where can I get those boxes?
Blurple Koi
Blurple Koi Month ago
Tyler, I have a full art Brock's Grit, sadly idk how to mail stuff.
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