Everything you NEED to know to become a successful YouTuber & Streamer | WILDCAST Ep 9 ft Devin Nash

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3 months ago

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0:00 Intro to the Show
3:51 Working from Home
6:58 Intro to Devin Nash
11:06 How to Start Out on Twitch (Part 1)
19:52 Streaming on USposts
26:02 Clickbait / Being Recommended on USposts
31:42 Content ID, DMCA, and Copyright
40:10 Monetization, Sponsors, and Advertising
45:49 N3RDFUSION, Talent Agencies, and MCNs
50:13 USpostsrs vs Streamers: Who Works More?
52:49 How to Start Out on Twitch (Part 2)
58:46 Using Social Media to Grow a Brand
1:04:00 Creating Content on LinkedIn???
1:06:56 Growing a Brand from Vine and TikTok
1:09:21 Creators Branching Out from Their Core Content
1:17:53 Minecraft
1:22:12 The Most Profitable USposts Categories
1:25:49 Mental Bandwidth / Mental Health
1:34:07 Taking Breaks as a Content Creator
1:42:51 How to Productively Analyze Your Content
1:54:10 Being Authentic as a Content Creator
1:58:43 Ways Panda Can Break Away from Gaming
2:03:37 Wildcat's Never Played an MMO
2:05:11 Devin's Hospital Trip During COVID-19
2:11:04 How to Network as a Content Creator
2:24:28 How to Be a Successful USpostsr / Streamer
2:44:27 Using Metadata
2:47:04 Outro
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I AM WILDCAT 3 months ago
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Ctrl Hyjinx
Ctrl Hyjinx 2 months ago
Will You ever get Vanoss/Evan on the wildcast?
Aurrxi 2 months ago
Will vanoss be on the podcast?
Ricardo Gallardo
Ricardo Gallardo 2 months ago
Sean Bradley
Sean Bradley 3 months ago
You goto get MrSark on here at some point
쬬Lúc1ferツ 3 months ago
When will you do a wildcast with Vanoss and Lui or H20 Delirious
FrozenAsf 5 days ago
Jack Empire
Jack Empire 28 days ago
What is this 1/10 and 10/10 are they talking about the videos views ranking in views for it’s time?
Infinite Gaming
Infinite Gaming Month ago
See this really helps a lot and know how I would have to do for my videos
RTYPRTY Month ago
freshen up your bean awfgeawgghWgegej SATCHEL
KINGWOLF -_- Month ago
I can't wait for Vannos to join the WildCast
lannddoo Month ago
i honestly needed this ‼️
Malkovith1 Month ago
This is what USposts (Broadcast Yourself tm) has become
Kaedon- White
Kaedon- White Month ago
Yes thank you for some info this is my dream to do I really wanted to start 4 years ago but i was scared
Ventis Month ago
I just realized why he called these the wildcast
Zango Month ago
Just wanted to say that I’m most likely going to be going back to this to get advice. Keep up the great work!
Chris Month ago
Ok I'm try to grow on link ten
BigBanshee Month ago
Imma make a LinkedIn page account thing
BigBanshee Month ago
54:52 didn’t lui want to do it for money? Idk
Fell-in-love- Month ago
Got to get VANOSS on
Spy Guy Chip
Spy Guy Chip Month ago
you know shit's about to get real when the hat goes on
Default Channel Name
Default Channel Name Month ago
This is actually good to know! Default Channel Name is still a baby but were ready to start walking
Shadow-ARC gaming
Shadow-ARC gaming Month ago
Bro I legit thought they were in a pod cast with Phil Swift from flex tape and then I clicked on the video realizing it’s not him lmfao I’m fucking done
Hussky Month ago
Sup, I just wanna know if my content is good enough. I'm soon going to post some rust content, but for now this is all I have. I just wanna know if my edits and stuff are good?
Nibroc 17
Nibroc 17 Month ago
Danny Duncan the goat
Giranam0 Harper
Giranam0 Harper Month ago
That January-February break sounds amazing. I'd love to do that myself.
YaBoiPhoenix Month ago
1:06:40 On it!
Primus TF9
Primus TF9 Month ago
I'm trying to become a successful youtuber but honestly I dont think that's gonna happen theres too many people trying to be great youtubers and I dont have anything special about my gameplay
Jay Watkins
Jay Watkins Month ago
Put stonemountain64 in there !!!
worsetactic Month ago
We need delirious on this podcast
Rxflex. 2 months ago
I see those Lucky Charms🍀
Below_Five 2 months ago
xDeath 2 months ago
You should join with the misfits podcast for an episode
Valtteri Airaksinen
Valtteri Airaksinen 2 months ago
Is H20 as a guest a possibility?
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 2 months ago
How the fukkk do u have more followers than marksman
Mason Martin
Mason Martin 2 months ago
I find it very hard to actually watch most podcasts but I could watch your guys all day man
The Slayer
The Slayer 2 months ago
What happened to the podcast they haven't posted a new one in over a month
Brandon Satink
Brandon Satink 2 months ago
Where’s the next episode😭
Kevin Gould
Kevin Gould 2 months ago
When do you think the next podcast is coming out
Garrett Bossell
Garrett Bossell 2 months ago
This makes me really hopeful that I could be a youtuber😂
Dr. hashbrown
Dr. hashbrown 2 months ago
Learnin a lot, ty guys!
Anikin Rodriguez
Anikin Rodriguez 2 months ago
Idky but for a split second I thought Devin Nash was Phil Swift.
Sport Owl Boy
Sport Owl Boy 2 months ago
these videos help me so much so helpful
It’sjust Bryan
It’sjust Bryan 2 months ago
When can u bring Evan to the pod cast
SnipeRelax 2 months ago
I stream on a ps4
Hunter Rivera
Hunter Rivera 2 months ago
Please get lazarbeam
flipmestar 2 months ago
God I love the podcast but the uploads are so inconsistent
Reapted Puma
Reapted Puma 2 months ago
I went into this looking for something to listen to while I play modern and I came out with a channel and I listened to ever podcast because I’m almost done with school and I need to kickstart a hobby while I search for work so thank you wildcat and big jiggly to help me clear my mind
Red Leader115
Red Leader115 2 months ago
I can’t wait for podcast nine and Mario Kart nine
Isaac Ruiz
Isaac Ruiz 2 months ago
Wildcast *
Not Paul
Not Paul Month ago
Isaac you know you can edit comments right just press the three dots and press edit
Isaac Ruiz
Isaac Ruiz 2 months ago
When’s the next wildcats???
Michaelmorris Morria
Michaelmorris Morria 2 months ago
Nash knows whats up on start on youtube
Avrelianus Invictus
Avrelianus Invictus 2 months ago
I thought he was Phil Swift for a second
Hunter Cox
Hunter Cox 2 months ago
I love this podcast
ManmadeImp02 2 months ago
Devin Nash telling us to be shit to get better is one of the most inspirational things I have ever heard.
Mattflexreed 2 months ago
Who's Charlie?
noob 2 months ago
He should make a second channel for his podcast
shadow sniper
shadow sniper 2 months ago
This video was so easy to digest I watched it over 2 days while doing schoolwork and It was very interesting, informational, and funny as hell
Mohammed Stiet
Mohammed Stiet 2 months ago
Thank u tyler this was such an educational episode, one of my favesss🤎🤎🤎
Curtis Burden
Curtis Burden 2 months ago
Its rlly sad waiting on the next one
Moscow713 2 months ago
Where is the next pod cast video 🥺🥺🥺
Entity Oddity
Entity Oddity 2 months ago
This podcast was exactly what I needed to get motivation back to restart my youtube channel. Thanks for the great podcast!
Miguel Soler
Miguel Soler 2 months ago
Get Evan and Brock in if you can Tyler
IAM Batman
IAM Batman 2 months ago
honestly didnt expect to watch the whole video but i kinda of wanted to know to become a successful in youtube, since the covid stuff started
Lefty3213a 2 months ago
aw snap did he say he was part of DIG :O
The Go Go Squad
The Go Go Squad 2 months ago
Can you stream a podcast sometime would be awesome
Amplify 2 months ago
Growing from LinkedIn: Challenge accepted
Christian Edwards
Christian Edwards 2 months ago
Hey Wildcat can you get KSI in one of the episodes
Table 2065
Table 2065 2 months ago
iAmRoot 2 months ago
The next one you do you should bring on azerrz
MrMagic Busch
MrMagic Busch 2 months ago
I clean my d-pad with a lawn mower 3.0 thanks to the Wildcast! I couldnt be more confident in myself now. Lol
Aadam K
Aadam K 2 months ago
I fucking knew anthony smoked weed
Sablemerkat 2 months ago
The episode is super educational 🧠🧠🧠
Reina S
Reina S 3 months ago
Wow. The stuff they talked about during the mental health section really stuck with me
PhaZe BIBLE 3 months ago
Will marksman be on the podcast
Chrxslove 3 months ago
These are time stamps for some important points for me! 17:00 54:00 1:01:00 1:04:00 1:45:00 2:17:00 2:28:30 2:32:00 2:40:00
SpicyKoalaRoll 3 months ago
Thank you so much for this video. I love everything you guys do and how much you care about the community. Hopefully one day this video will be what turned me to my success as someone who just wants everyone, including myself, to enjoy the time they spend on USposts and our channels.
CampioneDi17 3 months ago
Don’t invite Miniladd.
torrestheman _
torrestheman _ 2 months ago
@John Inglis i dont know about that due to how craig didn't profit from that video.
PattyjoAtwork 2 months ago
@John Inglis he doesn't make money from it anyway most likely
John Inglis
John Inglis 2 months ago
He should remove the podcast video he was in
PattyjoAtwork 2 months ago
Tim Krone
Tim Krone 3 months ago
When can we see Evan
Reuben Black
Reuben Black 3 months ago
Just throwing a ropey "I'll be back in 4 months after listening to the LinkedIn conversation" To stream or create content for people has been my dream for a while now, this podcast gave me SOOOO much information, I think I'll end up watching it again to take notes 🤣 Cheers lads.
Suck It
Suck It 3 months ago
Your missing a average joes questions an opinions through the convo to get more specific prudent answers
Wyatt Tuttle
Wyatt Tuttle 3 months ago
This helped a lot I want to be streamer and a content creator but this helped me figure out how to
I'm Mini Ladd the pedophile!
I'm Mini Ladd the pedophile! 3 months ago
Im not sitting through 3h
Tj Le
Tj Le 3 months ago
Anybody know what microphone Tyler uses?
Sly_Aiden P_12
Sly_Aiden P_12 3 months ago
1:14:07 Bruh panda is really zoned in here 😄🤣
SAED DA BAHARI 3 months ago
Do the podcast with H2O DELIRIOUS
sean swan
sean swan 3 months ago
Lol the hair that was on the bag
Kathleen stgeme
Kathleen stgeme 3 months ago
Love the wildcats you should get noahj456 on it
Vince_STICK 3 months ago
pleas do lazarbeam
Kraken 5883
Kraken 5883 3 months ago
I don’t know if anybody else would wanna see this but what if we had AreUSuperceral on the WILDCAST
T-KEV92 3 months ago
Great Wildcast! Really Interesting. Maybe bring in some more business related people to the Podcast.
hypno 3 months ago
This helped so much cause I em now starting a youtube channel and need some people to start with message me on Instagram if you want to
PapaGibby13 3 months ago
Can the next one be with Marcel, Tim Courage and Ninja... I just wanna see Ninja get bullied by you guys...
Na'el 3 months ago
I was at 2X speed for the whole time until the outro and they sound drunk to me
Hector De loza
Hector De loza 3 months ago
Oh fawk i forgot i was simping for wildcat shit ummm Day 33? Of simping for wildcat
Hector De loza
Hector De loza 3 months ago
Im trynna be a youtuber messing around in games with my buddies😈
Lumhead 54
Lumhead 54 3 months ago
Hector De loza that’s sorta what I’m attempting
meme matthew
meme matthew 3 months ago
Tyler I thank you for making this video I've been trying to make good content for my USposts channel because my family doesn't have or barely has enough money to even get through a year so I wanted to make some money off of USposts if this works I will be forever grateful thank you for making this video
Sora Jay
Sora Jay 3 months ago
Keep it up wildcat, I love the podcast
Dante Mathee
Dante Mathee 3 months ago
Can you play hide or die and see if you can get the beta
Nelson Symons
Nelson Symons 3 months ago
Keen for even to be on here
FrozenAsf 3 months ago
Yoo, what kind of headset does devin have? I need those earmuffs, my ears hurt
Teeka 3 months ago
This has motivated me to make content
Goober Gary
Goober Gary 3 months ago
To anyone in the comments, I’m lookin for people in the same age group 18-22 tryna stream and grow together. Hmu on sc @datfatguy3334
WickedWieñer 3 months ago
I gtg so ill leave a time stamp for myself 1:19:30
ViperNotSwiper games
ViperNotSwiper games 3 months ago
Can u doan episode wit evan plz
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