Assassin's Creed Valhalla moments that really pillage my village...

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Month ago

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Anthony Perry
Anthony Perry 17 days ago
Gawd, what a bunch of idiots trying to trash talk the king of trash talking
Bread fred
Bread fred 18 days ago
So much killing.....I NEED IT!
jake wolf
jake wolf 19 days ago
I havent actually watched wild cats videos till just now and hes down right hilarious i just subscribed with notifications
Poison Month ago
they should make an assassin's creed game where they put the whole world in it or else before the continents of the world got split up that would be cool
Donovan Farnsworth
Donovan Farnsworth Month ago
This is the exact “Vikings” tv show lol
Jurassic Room
Jurassic Room Month ago
10:17 When Kelly's mad at Tyler.
Lule Month ago
Hey I'm a viking and I swiped up
Carrick Flye
Carrick Flye Month ago
Who else got an assassins creed Valhalla advert LMAO 😂😂😂
Daniel Keller
Daniel Keller Month ago
I can't wait for this game to release. These past two games have been way better than the Assassin's Creed games we used to play in the past. I love more open world, stealth games. They should've started that in the first place.
Crabby 2 Dope
Crabby 2 Dope Month ago
340k without milking among us...
KnightOwl1928 Month ago
Is this the country of Norwegia?
DvB Be$poke
DvB Be$poke Month ago
this game looks horrible
ToxicFlicks Month ago
i stopped playing assassins creed after the 4th one, assassins creed was always a solid game but i think they should put it to rest
Katsuo Bakugou
Katsuo Bakugou Month ago
Omg ivar is not a cripple!? This is a joke calm dowm
james mason
james mason Month ago
The fact this looks worse than odyssey is fucking mind blowing
Roadblock Month ago
Yo cat you funny a shit bruh
Elijah Carodan
Elijah Carodan Month ago
9:07-9:10 Wildcat's brethren have come to save him.
Kari Fletcher
Kari Fletcher Month ago
Cough cough Wildcat statue
WolferWolf 123
WolferWolf 123 Month ago
Preordered since September lmao
iTz LEO IV Month ago
Wildcat is so peaceful when he’s by himself but cod or among us is different. OH piggy 🐷
Callie Creations
Callie Creations Month ago
The last kingdoms has a game now wth
Annoying Guy
Annoying Guy Month ago
I can imagine a rap battle happening and a pig in the back just yelling "Get pooped on!" And the village idiot running in and yelling "Got em!"
Annoying Guy
Annoying Guy Month ago
I am more excited now that the son's of Ragnar are going to be in this. I wonder if the great heathen army will be in this.
craziedzombie Month ago
yeah that is what ubisoft said about the previous asscreed game. the large battles were not actually that large and they were painfully tedious to do a thousand times.
BEASTBOY9023 Month ago
Definitely upload more
Nate 2002 GameZ
Nate 2002 GameZ Month ago
Not going to lie... Those bells during the trash talk battle... I thought they were from a train. XD
Polar Cola
Polar Cola Month ago
you can tell tyler is trying to be family friendly to keep the sponsor
Randa Wolf
Randa Wolf Month ago
Kinda reminds me of far cry new dawn
Mark Month ago
Is Anyone going to talk about that pig that rekt that man's career
Yorgoner 99
Yorgoner 99 Month ago
This is so different than the actual series which makes me.. Idk... A bit ill 😂 I mean okay that was a series but I fkn loved it so much for another genre of Vikings concept to make it different story
Hilarious Happenings
Hilarious Happenings Month ago
Love that title 😂
Jacob Richardson
Jacob Richardson Month ago
Dog this isn’t assassins creed anymore
Harvey de Artus
Harvey de Artus Month ago
What is it then
Jeremie Month ago
Dude absolutely nailed the video title.
Chris Vaughn
Chris Vaughn Month ago
Joseph Alejandro
Joseph Alejandro Month ago
This dude still can’t pronounce Valhalla correctly 😭😂
exp. 3rŕoŕ
exp. 3rŕoŕ Month ago
Wildcat sponsor when he said Norway reminded me of the Norwegia vid
Jacob Davidson
Jacob Davidson Month ago
Not gonna lie but assassin creed is not even about the assassins anymore
W!ld Thing
W!ld Thing Month ago
Shadow Claw4762
Shadow Claw4762 Month ago
Are there sidequest that will disappear if you progress through the story?
Assasin rattatuè
Assasin rattatuè Month ago
Dis is my game I need to get......
Antonia Antoine-Victor
Antonia Antoine-Victor Month ago
I wasn’t gonna get this game but after seeing that you can pet dogs. I may have to get it now
Cam Spaghetti
Cam Spaghetti Month ago
I watch this to see the progression of Valhalla as the concept is there but when I last saw a video the game looked sloppy. However it looks more polished now so I’m considering it
Mr.reaper_14 Month ago
Its vol-hall-a
Talha Syed
Talha Syed Month ago
Game looks awesome in my library
zombie fox
zombie fox Month ago
Niwaie L
Niwaie L Month ago
I think Ubisoft watched too much vikings xD
The Kot
The Kot Month ago
Assassin's Creed is not Assassin's Creed in this time. So is not AC
XxYouGotplayed xX
XxYouGotplayed xX Month ago
It’s crazy how half the characters are the characters from the Show Vikings
Alexander Fuentes
Alexander Fuentes Month ago
Hello wild cat can i challange you to a sniper battle if you win you get free content but if a win you can choose my fate
Samuel Gangemi
Samuel Gangemi Month ago
No offense I can't watch this game play cause I wanna experience it for my self. Love you wildcat keep up the good work bro!
Max Johansson
Max Johansson Month ago
This game looks kinda bad?
KRL XeroSpy
KRL XeroSpy Month ago
But you need to buy and Nintendo switch oof
KRL XeroSpy
KRL XeroSpy Month ago
It’s literally Wildcat
KRL XeroSpy
KRL XeroSpy Month ago
Wildcat did you know there’s a skin in fortnite with your name
Boqueefeus Month ago
Bruh brown trout smacks🚫🧢
Sondre Sørensen
Sondre Sørensen Month ago
slumped Month ago
Why does pretty much every youruber pronounce Valhalla wrong
31slay flame
31slay flame Month ago
Wait a second did vikings invent rap battles
Wolf4999 Month ago
My two favorite things
TheZestyPirate Month ago
This is so far from Assassins Creed its not funny lol it stopped being Creed after Paris, MAYBE London.
LazyDonut 8011
LazyDonut 8011 Month ago
Norway gang
Logan Tafoya
Logan Tafoya Month ago
Robo Gaming
Robo Gaming Month ago
Thank you, no more among us... shit man
OK ANd Month ago
iain forrester
iain forrester Month ago
Did my mans really make the same joke the I am mediumly confident I will beat you
BOR Vanguard
BOR Vanguard Month ago
Wildcat I just had deja vu
iain forrester
iain forrester Month ago
Cameron Burkett
Cameron Burkett Month ago
What system was this on?
Aiden Eyman
Aiden Eyman Month ago
Cop: “what happened here?” Me: “well there’s this cool new thing called assault where you can team up with friends and take over fortresses” Cop:”sir you massacred 13 kindergartners on a school playground”
Aden Norman
Aden Norman Month ago
So the game includes Norwegia
k1ngs4ndm Month ago
Wildcat: *mentions settlements* Preston Garvey: *heavy breathing* Me: *sobbing in the corner*
Parker Dalrymple
Parker Dalrymple Month ago
I appreciate this reference.
The Worlds Most Average Gamer
The Worlds Most Average Gamer Month ago
I'm so pissed I spent $200 and don't get it till November
koolboy59 123
koolboy59 123 Month ago
Doooooo more
Go Away
Go Away Month ago
Capped is probably a bit before it's time here XD Thank you for another great vid and take care of yourself please, Mate
bob yourmom
bob yourmom Month ago
Wildcat whats with the beef in the crew idg anything
Tyler Redacted
Tyler Redacted Month ago
Spectre Month ago
wildcat is already has an easter egg dude
Adel Skull
Adel Skull Month ago
What's wrong with Brown Trouts, Tyler?
J-ish_GAMING !
J-ish_GAMING ! Month ago
the norse man had an icelandic accent...i would now cuz im icelandic myself😂
Gage Sons
Gage Sons Month ago
I want the footage of you getting stomped in dice! Haha
MrLol07 Month ago
Removing the signature assassin peak hoodie grinds my gears
Jakub Liszka
Jakub Liszka Month ago
Vikings was an amazing show, all came bak to me when I saw the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok
younggothsavage Month ago
Too bad its not ragnar lothbrok
William Folwell Shryock Cooke
William Folwell Shryock Cooke Month ago
iamboredofthinking Month ago
this is more gameplay than the first look gameplay trailer.
Jack - Brawl Stars
Jack - Brawl Stars Month ago
How do I join the members only discord
Jay-DJ- 06
Jay-DJ- 06 Month ago
I should go do something produ- HUH PIGGY!
super-mixed Month ago
"I should probably go thousands of miles awa- piggy!!!
News Justice James Cop Watch
News Justice James Cop Watch Month ago
Gm mr wildcat , i just want to share with you and your friends that i love your videos . Yourself and ibasicallydowork are the funniest dudes ever . i must add also, that i support you though the MW as a supporter . love you guys keep up with the funny game play . keep pissing those campers off lol
3x3c0t3 Month ago
Cool thing about this game is that there is pigs Wildcats ancestors
ginger ninja
ginger ninja Month ago
Valhalla is not a place its Viking afterlife
Morgan Marie
Morgan Marie Month ago
For how big Ubisoft is, the facial animations could really be a lot better than what they are. A lot of the characters look a bit jank lol.
vDrogon Burn
vDrogon Burn Month ago
I can’t wait for this game
Jester ?!
Jester ?! Month ago
it’s pretty sad what they did to these games... they used to be about stealth and movement and now it’s just head on fights
Ryan Crutchley
Ryan Crutchley Month ago
I havent brought one in ages because of no stealth
Daveet Hajian
Daveet Hajian Month ago
Damn. Mad disrespect on 95 Honda Accords.
It's Shawn
It's Shawn Month ago
How much did Ubi pay you to make this video?
Stephen Graves
Stephen Graves Month ago
You should stream this
Beasty Month ago
I might buy it just because of how it has the ragnarssons in it hopefully it's has all of them not just Ubba, Ivar the boneless and Sigurd snake-in-the-eye
Landry Gammon
Landry Gammon Month ago
What happened to the ASSASSIN part of assassins creed
goldstarplayz Month ago
i have beenlooking forward to this game ever since i started play odyssey 5 mnths ago
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