SeaNanners, Sark, and Hutch talk about the dawn of YouTube Gaming and Machinima... | WILDCAST Ep. 12

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Month ago

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Co-Host - @BigJigglyPanda
Guests - @Mr Sark @Hutch @SeaNanners Gaming Channel
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0:00 Intro
9:26 Getting Hired at Machinima
16:50 Monetizing on USposts in 2010
25:03 How WILDCAT and Panda Got Into Gaming
32:09 Why Hutch Left Machinima Respawn
35:14 Paid Promotions on Machinima
42:32 Machinima Videos All Being Private
45:25 Uncomfortable Moments on Camera
52:47 Shoddy Work Conditions
55:25 Escaping Machinima's Contracts
1:00:31 Regrets
1:21:39 Decriminalizing Drugs
1:33:04 Outro
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Nissan Pathfinde
Nissan Pathfinde Day ago
Now then let’s hope the next podcast has vanoss in it
Nick Nickk
Nick Nickk Day ago
Holy shit I would kill myself if youtube had a total watch time knowing I watch these guys
Clarence Carr
Clarence Carr Day ago
Get Grizzy on one of these and him and Anthony can have a laugh battle.
leeChMSI 2 days ago
where's the new episode?
CezrDaPleazr 2 days ago
Fuck yes this was amazing
isaac martin
isaac martin 3 days ago
I love these guys they Bring my teenage years back! I love re watching the machinina shows !
Benjamin Cisneros
Benjamin Cisneros 3 days ago
These were the dudes i always watched instead of doing homework lol
FIREWIRETV 4 days ago
panda needs the lead roll
Alex 6 days ago
You should have Berleezy on the podcast.
Atticus Anderson Prior
Atticus Anderson Prior 7 days ago
i love how the conversation goes to decriminalizing drugs right after talking about regrets
Grimm Book
Grimm Book 7 days ago
Is Nanners still doing those Minecraft boxes? They take off so much he left? lol
Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson 9 days ago
When is Basically going to get on?
PRISMRAXX 9 days ago
we need more wildcast 😔
Carston 101
Carston 101 9 days ago
What a legendary cast..... If you can get this cast together again!..
Jack Epp
Jack Epp 9 days ago
We NEED Marcel!
Sauce God
Sauce God 10 days ago
Pls drop a new podcast with Evan/vanoss that’s all I ask for 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Otter King
Otter King 13 days ago
Yes plz give me more ! this is my youth in one and the same podcast, GIVE ME MORE!!!!
david _
david _ 13 days ago
For me it all began with seananners minecraft videos.
tinnitus667 13 days ago
Please do this again.
Idk MaN
Idk MaN 14 days ago
We all love the wildcasts I’ve watched them all over multiple times but I’m pretty sure we all want to see one with Evan/Vanoss
KyleT0928 14 days ago
17:49 is my favorite part.
Agd 760
Agd 760 14 days ago
We’re is Even
Travis Elwell
Travis Elwell 15 days ago
Anyone else remember the 24 hour cod stream from machinima
Travis Elwell
Travis Elwell 15 days ago
Y’all should do an episode with KYRSp33dy, sidearms, and delux
DankSouls 16 days ago
I need a podcast with the same energy as that Decriminalize Drugs section.
RingaDingaHurgen 16 days ago
If Wildcat could do this again with the same guest, but also bring in AllShamNoWow it would be great.
Haydunn 17 days ago
This was really cool to listen to, I totally remember almost everything that was talked about. Great group of OGs
Todd K
Todd K 18 days ago
I already own manscaped and I still spent the time to listen to the ad
Jose rico
Jose rico 19 days ago
It’s crazy how gaming changed
The Vault Hunter
The Vault Hunter 19 days ago
This group are honestly the fucking best, every one of these guys is hilarious
Gas Mask guys
Gas Mask guys 19 days ago
Yep those were the days, i miss those times :)
Smithers 19 days ago
Hutch looks creepy and why is he the only one who needs to suck off his mic when he talks.
bernhard85 19 days ago
Hutch we saw the severity of it but we all just love you three to the moon and back so it didn't matter haha
bernhard85 19 days ago
You know nanners walked off with a backpack full of hard archived content for sure... no question
Dat Harass
Dat Harass 19 days ago
FOE _H4MMER 19 days ago
This content has got me excited to start watching your channel again 👍
Worpal 21 day ago
1:14:00 really useful stuff
Andrew Haines
Andrew Haines 21 day ago
I wanna see Evan in a podcast
flxsemi ;
flxsemi ; 21 day ago
Holy shit, Mr Sark is the war hero of Machinima. What a guy.
Revenant 22 days ago
I can’t believe I just heard a Nanners weed story XD
Dark 22 days ago
Thanks for bringing us back to 2010 for a couple a minutes out of this garbage year, haven't watched vanoss or wildcat in awhile but hope everyones doing well
TheGlizz 24 days ago
So we are just going to forget how they scam and have sharkish contract ... yes they did some great stuff.... anybody can come up with compilation not over the top idea
Sparo Splat
Sparo Splat 24 days ago
That's Machinima the company, not them.
matthew moore
matthew moore 24 days ago
1:00:50 sarks best line ever 😂
Perrydiculous 24 days ago
I felt personally attacked when you said those few people who're mentally strong enough, to get limited by their physical endurance... As I'm sleep deprived & my neck hurts & my back hurts & everything hurts... And I hereby blame you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
matthew moore
matthew moore 24 days ago
So weird how this is the best episode I've seen and it has the least views¿ Honor you're legends USposts there would be no USposts without these men
Anonymous 25 days ago
Wildcat: Welcome to Episode 13! Video: Episode 11 Title: Episode 12
Tommy Welte
Tommy Welte 25 days ago
Put Evan on the podcast
Theglorious 9712
Theglorious 9712 25 days ago
We really need vanoss on the wildcast people have been watching his vids for almost ten years and we know almost nothing about him Btw still love this tho
rene on noob
rene on noob 25 days ago
Where is Woodysgamertag?
Scott Phillips
Scott Phillips 25 days ago
This is amazing! I remember watching the very first Respawn video with Hutch and Sark talking about a call of duty tournament and I proceeded to watch every single video they ever did after. If any of you three see this you shaped some of my comedic timing and early adult life man. And id never take it back for anything in the world. Hour upon hours of laughter and entertainment. I used to dream about doing videos with you guys, day dream I could go to machinima and hang out with you guys. Thank you sincerely. Some people aspire and look up to famous directors, musicians, or comedians. You three were that to me and in a way still are. One love guys. Shine on you fucking crazy diamonds
Dejonic Gaming
Dejonic Gaming 25 days ago
This is the best by far :))
Dejonic Gaming
Dejonic Gaming 25 days ago
Wildcat got the Infinity stones together LMAO
Dejonic Gaming
Dejonic Gaming 25 days ago
"Respect your elders"
mango gaming
mango gaming 25 days ago
Is it just me or is his mic barely clipping out from time to time?
Radioactive Penguin
Radioactive Penguin 26 days ago
Speaking of ancient youtubers, the fuck ever happened to WickedShrapnel?
Sam Chun
Sam Chun 26 days ago
This was a thoroughly enjoyable trip down memory lane, much love to our founding fathers 👌
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy 26 days ago
48:55 playing with viewers potential segment
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy 26 days ago
1:15:00 by far the smallest... *wait what*
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy 26 days ago
1:13:10 Adam randomly clicked a 1 viewer stream... doing all week no traction , but were trying ya know?
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy 26 days ago
1:09:56 no longer wanna be funny fat side character , want lead role GDI
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy 26 days ago
1:09:18 join me in the politcal toxicity (i think?)
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy 26 days ago
1:05:54 anthonys regret... no bonsai GDI no but really... stepping away during THE BOON 1:07:00 the tour and momentum lost , crash and burn
Nigel H
Nigel H 27 days ago
what the actual fuck happened to Hutch's face and head area? Does he have cancer?
Sevaun Mason
Sevaun Mason 28 days ago
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Sevaun Mason
Sevaun Mason 28 days ago
The peaceful wool radiologically regret because legal beautifully attach against a alcoholic bowl. shivering, skinny foxglove
TheGamingGeek 28 days ago
i miss nanners so badly, his gmod videos were so fucking funny XD
XxTurboZxX 29 days ago
God this brings me back to the days of grizz
DigsArt Realm
DigsArt Realm 29 days ago
Awesome episode :)
cooper Hutch
cooper Hutch Month ago
Out of everyone's background, Sarks room makes me feel more at ease.. idk why I feel the need to point out my opinion on the matter.
Lewis Green
Lewis Green Month ago
The proof that Sark is a real one is how much effort he put in to save his friends from Machinima. He's a really funny guy but that shows how much of a good dude he is too
Emporio Armanj
Emporio Armanj Month ago
he sais its episode 13, it sais at 4:58 that its episode 11, and the title sais ep. 12. what? xdd
Alyssa Stack
Alyssa Stack Month ago
I fucking love Jiggly. Wherever he decides to venture outside of gaming I will follow.
Mike Raad
Mike Raad Month ago
The simplistic withdrawal reportedly dry because statistic genomically plant vice a colossal tenor. defective, redundant tomato
Mikeey Lor
Mikeey Lor Month ago
As a person who is going through financial struggles and trying to be something to the world, it's very hard for me as of right now, I always wanted to post USposts videos and want to play games, because I simply enjoy and love playing games, but as of right now it's hard as fuck, and listening to these guys talk about life and learning things these guys went through, I think I've gained alot of charisma by just simply putting myself in their shoes.
Herbbunny Month ago
love papa sark but the first 20 mins ive watched hes dominating the convo! gotta let hutch and nanners get a word in
Dying Zealot
Dying Zealot Month ago
20mins in did hutch not bring up the legendary moment that was hutch vs wings debate?
PIMPYshark Month ago
Seannaners is bald Scotty by the looks
Sid-Icarus Month ago
This was so good, it was great seeing everyone together and shoot the shit!
FREE M1ND Month ago
Jae Eazy would do MW2 commentaries and yell YOUSH all the time 🤣🤣🤣
John Month ago
can you please put vanoss on the podcast?
TJ Kaczkowski
TJ Kaczkowski Month ago
cant believe ive been watching these guys since i was 11, kinda crazy how big an impact these guys have had. kinda chopped idk
stephen Hadraki
stephen Hadraki Month ago
stephen Hadraki
stephen Hadraki Month ago
Forevermore. TFC episode
NOLA Christmas
NOLA Christmas Month ago
Sark is a hell of a guy. You can tell he really worked his ass off to take care of his people.
Nagarath16 Month ago
Wait... He says it's 13th episode, title underneath says 12th episode but title in the video says 11th? This is some confusing Sark and Nanners mind-bending stuff. :D
snrcbpco Month ago
Yogscast were pretty early and were powerhouses until 2015?
Doctor Bonkus
Doctor Bonkus Month ago
Man, this right here? This shit is really good. These three were our childhood. I'm 24 and I have been watching Seananners since I was 12. And the machinima? Damn, I used to look forward getting home, so I could watch the latest respawn vids. Having these guys real talking and "getting to know them" really is important and therapeutic. Thanks, Wildcat
Nite HaWk
Nite HaWk Month ago
Gotta get sandy ravage and griz YAGB
Waddles Worth
Waddles Worth Month ago
Best podcast yet
David Pierre
David Pierre Month ago
Thank you wildcat for making this video
Tyler Month ago
Can't wait for the episode you get either just kyr_speedy and/or some of the crew, I think they were the first nsfw group on youtube
Carlos Salazar
Carlos Salazar Month ago
Lemme save you sum money don’t buy manscape it’s legit trash
Carlos Salazar
Carlos Salazar Month ago
Don’t buy manscaped it’s pretty trash tbh
PineappleParty Month ago
oh to see nanners, hutch, and sark take a brownie and play some games lmaoo i would sit thru a several hour livestream if they did that
Eric Moreno
Eric Moreno Month ago
Nanners had to toss on that gray shirt
Santa Australia
Santa Australia Month ago
Ok, I knew I love Mr sark, watching his channel over the years had been pure joy and the most supportive environment I've seen in the gaming sphere. But hearing his spear heading these projects, filtering through Machinima's demands, and just telling panda at the end that he isn't fat. He truly is the biggest bro there is.
Omega Squid
Omega Squid Month ago
Have been wanting to see a perspective of the beginning from the OG's. Good stuff!
Just A Caring person
Just A Caring person Month ago
Seananners was and always has been my favorite. I got into him right after my mom died and binged him constantly. He shaped my sense of humor and the way I interact with people lol.
WarBacca 101
WarBacca 101 Month ago
Wait, the banana first million in gaming? That's hype
Blue Loon
Blue Loon Month ago
First time ive seen ur face, fuckin sick guy
Kristina J
Kristina J Month ago
a week late but so happy to see all of you guys together. king shit
Ziya Month ago
I wish sark guests another episode but solo, loved the episode but I cannot get enough of him.
maskorro Month ago
Aaron Kay
Aaron Kay Month ago
Sark is literal comedic gold, always has been
The Enemy Entity
The Enemy Entity Month ago
Seeing this makes me wither, lmao.
Zack Smith
Zack Smith Month ago
Great podcast guys!!, would love to see some of the optic guys on here to talk about recent events
static 679
static 679 Month ago
I laughed so fucking hard.
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