Donating money to small streamers

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5 months ago

Streamers in the video!
Oscar Plays:
Sir Doge:
Mr. Mo:
One Pump Willie:
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No one reads this far into the description...what are you doing snooping around...

Jay Nat
Jay Nat Hour ago
Wildcat is the cheap version of mr beast lol
Daniel Gallardo
Daniel Gallardo 4 hours ago
Your the reason oscar play s has 11k subs
Spence Weinheimer
Spence Weinheimer Day ago
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Bryan Medina
Bryan Medina 4 days ago
Idk man if you find a game that will end up having funny clips then go ahead play roblox. I mean you will get funny clips it’s roblox it broken
Nicolas Garcia
Nicolas Garcia 4 days ago
Dude I’m still so chocked the amount of people there is who are having success on USposts.. congratulations continue the success 🎊🎈
DynaniteYT 4 days ago
Spend it wisely. “Buys €50 roblox giftcard”
Scar Bacon
Scar Bacon 5 days ago
When he’s not a pig smh
The Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper 5 days ago
For one day wildcat becomes MR. Beast
贼德w̶a̶v̶y̶g̶h̶x̶s̶t̶ 5 days ago
shiuuudd roblox is a go from me
shy 6 days ago
Re-watching i just now realized that you forgot to change the text you wrote in Mr Mo's stream lol
Anubis Gaming
Anubis Gaming 7 days ago
When this was made Mr no had 1.79k Now he has 29.3k
Ross S
Ross S 8 days ago
little kid saying he is rich and hes gonna tell his school is so wholesome
Jacob Bower
Jacob Bower 9 days ago
I fucking dare you
Jacob Bower
Jacob Bower 9 days ago
Play roblox
Annoying Toads
Annoying Toads 9 days ago
That dude is cracked 😂
Lamb Sauce 4s
Lamb Sauce 4s 12 days ago
“Let me give you some epic content yea whooo” that was epic ngl truly was not expecting such pure beautiful content
oscarotvt mations
oscarotvt mations 13 days ago
Shut up
oscarotvt mations
oscarotvt mations 13 days ago
oscarotvt mations
oscarotvt mations 13 days ago
Angela Rojas
Angela Rojas 13 days ago
You are a sweetheart. This is adorable!!
Nick Chavez
Nick Chavez 13 days ago
It’s only 250 dollars come down
Alexio 14 days ago
The first kid goes to my school
Scott Crutchfield
Scott Crutchfield 16 days ago
No way that bro got a kill from the tree lmao. I have never seen that!
SlyderX 16 days ago
Wait wait Willie?????? I played with willie before wtf it’s one of my videos!!!!!
Ninja154YT Games
Ninja154YT Games 17 days ago
Gnarly pickle my freind
Zach Winchester
Zach Winchester 17 days ago
Play roblox 😂😂😂
Landon Jones
Landon Jones 17 days ago
Miricar Danise Goder
Miricar Danise Goder 19 days ago
Dominic 19 days ago
You Should Play Roblox
d1fficult 20 days ago
me wearing the same brand has tyler
Zroid 22 days ago
Tyler alway s raged and yell and act douchy in videos but I never thought of him as an actual douche or a-hole. I know he actually is nice
N0T Vi3EZ 23 days ago
Homie u made Oscar gain 10k subs
Michael Da Silva Michael
Michael Da Silva Michael 24 days ago
Play roblox
kaleb glaze
kaleb glaze 25 days ago
No scope for the boys
Son 24 days ago
Mr Mo is great😂
Ryan Mura
Ryan Mura 25 days ago
If one of my kids if I have one and some one gives them over $100 donation ill make them pay the bills
Queen Live Compilations
Queen Live Compilations 25 days ago
3:09 LOL RIP
BigDaveGaming 25 days ago
You can say that again having a small channel an trying to have it take off now days is really hard to do, I had more subs then my friend did for a long time then he ended up blasting up to over 2k subs and i'm here now stuck at little over 500 subs. an my life goal is to reach 100k i'm 28 and my USposts/Gaming friend is 16 he has plenty of time to reach 100k lol.
shaven cream
shaven cream 27 days ago
hey wildcat jerry can for the win bois
XXKyaXx 27 days ago
3:07 "Sorry i never heard about wildcat. Wildcat: Get this guy out of here, are you kidding me!? Me: how can you not!?
Crusader 28 days ago
“No I’m not insane. I’m a sane human”
SwitchMatt13 28 days ago
Yes you should play roblox. PLEASE!
SHC-SHQIP 29 days ago
In this video i saw big hats loool
Panranch Month ago
Zane Knopp
Zane Knopp Month ago
I love how at the end od the desc it says No one reads this far into the description...what are you doing snooping around
Carlos hernandez
Carlos hernandez Month ago
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Troy TheGreat
Troy TheGreat Month ago
Whatcu got under yo upper lip? 15:48
Aiden Blazier
Aiden Blazier Month ago
muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda
Mr Meseeks
Mr Meseeks Month ago
You should shave
Jm Moreno
Jm Moreno Month ago
The dad
Jasper Gray
Jasper Gray Month ago
More of thissss
The_B0t 320
The_B0t 320 Month ago
From talking shit to giving shit😂
Alexander Corr
Alexander Corr Month ago
Ummm he does know he donated the most to the final dude right with 250 pounds being 333 US dollars roughly
Manhaj Ul- Salaf
Manhaj Ul- Salaf Month ago
Here from tyke
Cow_Boi132 Month ago
OscarPlays now has 10k subs
Brian Lee
Brian Lee Month ago
That county Kerry accent tho
Escanor Month ago
Bruh who tf disliked this thats just sad
Escanor Month ago
MrBeast6000 OHHH E OH
Cyan /ROLE:Imposter
Cyan /ROLE:Imposter Month ago
In games tyler calls his friends names but in real life hes nice
emmalee beardslee
emmalee beardslee Month ago
The Oscar Plays channel is now over 10K subs and he even made a thank you video for wildcat. If this isn't wholesome then the human race is fucked
pumpkin :P
pumpkin :P Month ago
ah wildcat playing roblox would make my week omg 😌😅
_Ethereality_ Month ago
Dude I need to see Tyler play roblox immediately.. IMMEDIATELY
My guy really spent $250 for a subscription
Curl Up N Dye
Curl Up N Dye Month ago
Think about it Tyler...another whole gaming platform to mess with. Of course you should try out Roblox.
Adam Pelayo
Adam Pelayo Month ago
Curl Up N Dye
Curl Up N Dye Month ago
The PO-OP hat
Papi 999
Papi 999 Month ago
Damn where I was at 😭6 years in watching 😩😭
Radiical Month ago
fuck it keeps unsubscribing me automatically ugh
Your Friendly Neighborhood Shugoki
Your Friendly Neighborhood Shugoki Month ago
Dude you got that oscar plays kid 10k subs
Jackytheboy 3674
Jackytheboy 3674 Month ago
This was recorded on my bday y tf didn’t I stream
MKM05 Month ago
Jesus to wildcat: Well I just want to say that Im a huge fine.
Jack Gaming
Jack Gaming Month ago
Just watched a 1 minute ad just because it’s wildcat
Vibzzz Month ago
Wildcat being the best at games and donating to low streamers
Ava TheTwilightZone
Ava TheTwilightZone Month ago
that first kid was adorable lmao
pe3lz y
pe3lz y Month ago
Jcob_ 2319
Jcob_ 2319 Month ago
Mr Mo shoutout
Im Nooby
Im Nooby Month ago
the kid gets cash Bank: im sorry but u dont a credit card or paypal
Bro this is so nice of you to do
A V Month ago
Wilcat i dare to make a gta v video with vanoss and well crew pls that will be the best christmas present. Pls
Mysta Kun
Mysta Kun Month ago
You should have told the first guy that you meant to donate 2.50 lmao
Aiden Oldham
Aiden Oldham Month ago
play roblox
vision_ftc Month ago
Hey wildcat maybe u should help some streamers that are hispanic for ex me which I play fifa 20 r6 and modern warfare and spiderman
assassination squad Gemini
assassination squad Gemini Month ago
Yes make a roblox video wildcat
Mr. blue
Mr. blue Month ago
Hello kelly
Ichico Sy
Ichico Sy Month ago
Yessssssssssss play roblox
Melissa Aldana Navor
Melissa Aldana Navor Month ago
Who else would just be vibing with his outro music
Crown Able
Crown Able Month ago
damn bro they are so lucky
Daniel Butt
Daniel Butt Month ago
This is so damn wholesome
MONKÈ Month ago
Nice video brothr
tank gaming
tank gaming Month ago
Channel is called tank gaming
tank gaming
tank gaming Month ago
Hey can I get a shout out
Nukefusion Month ago
I wish this happened to me lol
michael lachnicht
michael lachnicht Month ago
Roblox is hella fun
XRX_Silence Month ago
Because that’s what hero’s do
michael lachnicht
michael lachnicht Month ago
this is awesome bigups Wildcat
ggkarumi Month ago
Can I get a donation 😔
Lumative Month ago
Oscar plays has 10.8K subscribers and he doesn’t post anymore
Rohan Gollakoti
Rohan Gollakoti Month ago
the people who disliked were prob blind
TRZerkG Month ago
This is why I want to get famous, so I can make money and give it to other people
Emmanuel Gaytan
Emmanuel Gaytan Month ago
Yeah sure you could play roblox if you want to your choice
greed yyy
greed yyy Month ago
Hey man your a generous person and I love the content man
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