How we went from nothing to YouTube stars... | WILDCAST Ep. 1 w/ MiniLadd & BigJigglyPanda

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11 months ago

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0:00 Intro
0:55 How We Met Vanoss
7:16 Jobs Before USposts
12:58 Why Panda Quit Then Returned to USposts
18:41 Mini Dropped Out of College for USposts
23:55 PAX East 2014
27:27 Staying Relevant Over Time
34:35 The Demonetized Tour
57:30 Technical Difficulties & Messing with Siri
58:46 Goals for the 2020s - Comedy, Music, Mental Health
1:11:47 Staying Fit, Being Role Models, Networking
1:22:20 More Technical Difficulties
1:23:07 Where Will We Be in Five Years?
1:34:43 Closing Thoughts
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I AM WILDCAT 11 months ago
Thanks a ton for the response on this guys! I'll have another episode soon. Means a lot to me that so many of you enjoyed something so different for my content.
Tristan Sharp
Tristan Sharp Month ago
Damn wildcat u a whole snack
ashdidaz Month ago
Jimmy Toxic
Jimmy Toxic 5 months ago
Josh Lucas
Josh Lucas 6 months ago
I love your podcast keep up the good work love your videos
NeoVester 6 months ago
I'm barely watching this now cause I've been working a lot lately and it's honestly awesome keep it up man! (also I had no clue vanoss was rynx that surprised the fuck out of me)
Kloiud Voices
Kloiud Voices Day ago
Panda lived in Ohio? I didn’t know that
xdGrimReaper_ Day ago
lul they think they could travel last year little did they know that last year was the most shitty year i've ever had
MINE!! 3 days ago
35:15 oh believe me Craig, your grandkids have something ahead of them......
grenouille 4 days ago
,, and then back to nothing
Brandon Ramirez
Brandon Ramirez 7 days ago
56:27 Gordon Ramsey
Grimm Book
Grimm Book 7 days ago
Fuckin sucks he ruined your first episode. Should probably private this.
Switches Fc
Switches Fc 7 days ago
they may be grown up but when siri steps in there children
Pp Smol
Pp Smol 9 days ago
Damn Craig really did just go from nothing to USposts stars and back to nothing again...
Waffle G
Waffle G 14 days ago
Lmao Craig went from nothing to USposts star and back down to nothing
I'm Blue™
I'm Blue™ 22 days ago
1:29:42 Yeah but you don't have to steal others grandkids...
I I 24 days ago
I love the point he makes at 1:19:30
TheRoyalPigeon 24 days ago
when is Even going on the Wildcast??
Lemardeyoutube God
Lemardeyoutube God 27 days ago
Though I am not happy with Miniladd I am glad he did well for all the time before 2017-2018 (when the drama apparently happened) though wish he actually changes and does well in the future.
NEMES!S Month ago
27:30 Yikes
Firewolf Gaming2579
Firewolf Gaming2579 Month ago
Funny thing is I was subbed to vanoss when is was 11 and now I am 17 a hell of a lot has changed
Firewolf Gaming2579
Firewolf Gaming2579 Month ago
(2011 I was 11when Evan started his channel not the first sub but I was one of the subs when he had 100k subs and now it is 2020 and I am now 17 this meant that I have been subbed to vanossgaming for 10 years)
ً Month ago
tbh i'm actually quite curious if you guys were always okay to call your group after vanoss "the vanoss crew" i thought you guys would actually be offended just because he was the one who blew up I aways thought you guys would make a group name or something but that title always been stick out to alot of people for years even till this day the only closest one is team 6 but even that wasn't the full group and just a skit to mock team 10
Justin Villalobos
Justin Villalobos Month ago
You gonna get Evan anytime soon on a podcast?
Iron Banana
Iron Banana Month ago
27:29 the foreshadowing for Craig. Makes me sad, but he did this to himself.
Iron Banana
Iron Banana Month ago
20:45 not anymore....
Vital Concrete
Vital Concrete Month ago
Kinda sad to watch craig talk about his future when we know whats happend to it. :( He rightfully deserved what happend though. Real sad thats who he is :(
Tristan Sharp
Tristan Sharp Month ago
I've been watching for 3 years and I love WILDCAT And The Pussy Party
Dylan #93
Dylan #93 Month ago
I've caught up on craigs drama, no I don't think what he did was right, am I still going to watch his videos ofc yes he's still a good youtuber, some of u guys don't seem to realize that everyone has made mistakes, his was just very bad, it shouldn't excuse his actions but damn some of mfs thinking u perfect, but done ranting about that, now tell me what tf is the drama with Tyler, what'd he do
Gak R
Gak R Month ago
It doesn’t matter what your name is
Drag0n Emper0r
Drag0n Emper0r Month ago
God I wanna meet every one of these guys
Riley Jordan Maingque
Riley Jordan Maingque 11 days ago
Nope Craig is a big no no
OutScreamer Month ago
Anthony and Tyler are cool, Craig on the other hand....
CalCon Month ago
Are you sure about that?
Kraig Gilbert
Kraig Gilbert Month ago
Bro you have know delirious for how long and still don’t know his first name that is one of the only public things that people know
crazy kids
crazy kids Month ago
They know his name just they don't use it when making vide
Deelon Puno
Deelon Puno Month ago
I think the title should be “How one of us went from a USposts star to nothing...”
Jacob Carpino
Jacob Carpino Month ago
Wait, so Craig meeting the group was random and faith? Because he said he meet them from a public lobby in COD. Meaning if he didn't join that lobby, hell, not even play COD, he won't have met the group and raised up. This is blowing my mind.
Christopher Orminski
Christopher Orminski Month ago
i never realized vanoss literally brought together one of the most iconic content creation groups of the 2010’s. hearing abt the start of it all is crazy considering what it has turned into
Timothyimessege Month ago
wow its weird how nine months ago Craig still had a career
WhiteHammer 2 hours ago
This feels weird lmao
Bryson Ware
Bryson Ware 2 days ago
iGinger YT
iGinger YT 16 days ago
Timothy woke up four weeks ago and chose violence xD
jj 24 days ago
Kelly Jackson
Kelly Jackson Month ago
Ol' Dreäddy
Ol' Dreäddy Month ago
I hope to fucking god no one dislikes this just because Minis in it. Wildcat doesn't deserve your petty bullshit.
Bernie Gores
Bernie Gores Month ago
Everytime miniladd picks up his phone he's texting a minor
Alix Firaga
Alix Firaga 28 days ago
rilee1229 _D3AD
rilee1229 _D3AD Month ago
Says the dude with the username "moe lester"🤡
yBMEVS Month ago
That could be true lol
James Adams
James Adams Month ago
I did watch you guys back when I was a kid, and recently I got curious what you guys were up to these days. To hear about how all that went down is awesome; you guys did some creative shit, and still do to this day. It was always fun watching you guys because you all were genuinely good friends. Keep at it fellas.
Sawyer Decker
Sawyer Decker Month ago
I was at the new york show and it was great.
Nope Never
Nope Never Month ago
TwoFacedBot - 173
TwoFacedBot - 173 Month ago
I think the Wildcast really fits
Butter cheese Omelette
Butter cheese Omelette Month ago
This reminds me of a Chris Hansen interview
Can We Reach 1000 Subs For No Reason?
Can We Reach 1000 Subs For No Reason? Month ago
Craig went from nothing to USposts Star to nothing. Serves him right
Fmc_PearmaN Month ago
Its kinda sad that they had plans to go places then the virus came but they will have there plans soon
Fmc_PearmaN Month ago
xBlownx Gaming
xBlownx Gaming 2 months ago
The first video of you guys I watched was the Halloween map on gmod where you almost pasted out sniffing a door
Dalton Weihrauch
Dalton Weihrauch 2 months ago
1:30:45 2020 said otherwise
fujo fa
fujo fa Month ago
_SpEcTeRz_ 2 months ago
Idk why but the thought of Evan making a group with smaller/new channels just by saying hi is the most innocent shit ever
Space Man
Space Man 16 days ago
Evasively 2 months ago
FearMePhoenix Month ago
@Assassin Jack1. I love Wildcat and he is actually my favorite. 2. Pedoladd doesn't deserve the 1 view from me and should be terminated. 3. I'm not being a dick and if I am, then you can call everyone who had disliked a miniladd video a dick
Assassin Jack
Assassin Jack Month ago
@FearMePhoenix then your just being a dick for going to someone elses video to say this that had nothing to do with the persons video that its on now
FearMePhoenix Month ago
@Assassin Jack because who wants to click on his video
Assassin Jack
Assassin Jack Month ago
yo why bring that up here save it for his channel or let it go
FearMePhoenix 2 months ago
baby cart
baby cart 2 months ago
I’ve been watching y’all 7 years now also always love the wildcast also try to get even on it also the candy ratings is how I feel to
Ethan Reed
Ethan Reed 2 months ago
I liked the part where they talked
Kinn 2 months ago
hey its been 10 year since Panda and Wildcat Poggers!
Jiggy 2 months ago
To think we was all youngsters and around 10 11 or 12 now we are all in our 20s and now we just all vibing
Andrew McDougall
Andrew McDougall 2 months ago
People commenting on anything with Craig being pissed off. What he did was wrong. We know it, he knows, all of his friends now know. Is he still doing it? No, so it doesn’t fucking matter. Quit being a bunch of nagging pricks and move on. He didn’t fuck a kid, he didn’t try to run a sex slave island in the Caribbean, and he’s also undoubtedly donated more to charities across the globe than all the USposts comments section combined.
Райана Month ago
mate he’s a fucking nonce he shouldn’t be forgiven 💀💀💀
Elay Kitsu
Elay Kitsu 2 months ago
@Toby actually the thing is all rapist to me shouldn’t be released but if you look at murders there are some files on certain murderers who killed but for their own justice let me tell you about one I know where this guy ended up killing a guy who did unspeakable things to his wife that led her to commit suicide and the man is in prison having nothing but a calm and peaceful personality it’s kinda sad I’ll try and fine the file so you can get a better understanding
Toby 2 months ago
So with your logic all murderes and rapists should be released because there not doing it anymore
VixSlayer 2 months ago
He emotionally manipulated 2 adolescent girls for nüdes and 1 for sëx. He confessed to this and has made no attempts to apologise for it or take any responsibility or punishment for it. He deserves every bad thing happening to him now. No amount of charity work makes you immune to the law.
GT Mr.C 2 months ago
bruh everyones mad bc he hasn’t admitted to his actions......
anthonytrashboat 2 months ago
Might wanna private this one bro..
ashdidaz Month ago
Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez 2 months ago
I think we all know why we’re watching this one episode nowadays... rhymes with speedos
Frost Byte
Frost Byte Month ago
🎵Pedos on speedos 🎵 🎶Down by the Beach 🎶 🎵Pedos in speedos 🎵 🎶Watch where they reach 🎶 - BigJigglyPanda
hentai hero
hentai hero 2 months ago
Jonathan Hernandez
Jonathan Hernandez 2 months ago
4Heed Indeed
4Heed Indeed 2 months ago
This episode hasn't aged very well...
Gurren Nap
Gurren Nap 2 months ago
Dude I know the feeling of having to make videos and stream with other people in the house.
Colin Phelps
Colin Phelps 2 months ago
I've been watching these guys when I was 8 and I'm only 15 and I still enjoy them all
Colin Phelps
Colin Phelps 2 months ago
@Legendary_ Noob not him now
Legendary_ Noob
Legendary_ Noob 2 months ago
Even the peđo?
the sharpest foo
the sharpest foo 2 months ago
Cringing at all of craig slip ups
Panda_ Bre
Panda_ Bre 3 months ago
I just wanna know how u uploaded videos onto USposts and how u edited it and how your editing changed through out the years.
OrangeGaming721 -
OrangeGaming721 - 3 months ago
Wildcat, I’ve got a question, did you ever attend college?
Tristin Smith
Tristin Smith 3 months ago
Eli Avi
Eli Avi 2 months ago
@Coal Fire He's right tho, Craig admitted to all of it.
Anikin Rodriguez
Anikin Rodriguez 2 months ago
He admitted to it tho
Tristin Smith
Tristin Smith 3 months ago
RayWolf 3 months ago
wo i just realized this came out on my birthday
Xersia Ghost
Xersia Ghost 3 months ago
Isn't Delirious' real name Jonathan? He posted a Q and A Waaaay back in BO2 days
Justine Justininini
Justine Justininini 2 months ago
@PorkyPiggieBoy really? I've heard vanoss and cartoonz mention "Smith"
PorkyPiggieBoy 2 months ago
@Justine Justininini No, that’s not his confirmed last name, in fact, he hasn’t confirmed what his last name is.
Justine Justininini
Justine Justininini 3 months ago
Jonathan Smith to be exact
Cringey Ritz R66
Cringey Ritz R66 3 months ago
I’ve been watching these bois since 2014 when I was 14 I’m 19 now and sad that three of the original crew are gone cuz of stupid ass stuff
GA5_ MA5K 3 months ago
1:26:44 watch your kids
GA5_ MA5K 3 months ago
GA5_ MA5K 3 months ago
GA5_ MA5K 3 months ago
Alexander Welling
Alexander Welling 3 months ago
Tyler can you please take this down. I think it’s very obvious why I ask.
WORLD WAR 34 3 months ago
Aidan Bojorquez I mean sure but I think everyone realizes Tyler had no knowledge of Mini’s actions
Aidan Bojorquez
Aidan Bojorquez 3 months ago
@WORLD WAR 34 It shouldn't be taken down but it doesn't look good on Wild cat's part.
WORLD WAR 34 3 months ago
I don’t think he has to do that. He doesn’t deserve to lose money because of Mini’s action. Has nothing to do with him
Oden Theif
Oden Theif 3 months ago
Big yikes
John 3 months ago
Legendary_ Noob
Legendary_ Noob 2 months ago
That didn't age well
Siah 3 months ago
Well ig coke a cola dodged a bullet
GarlicIsNice 3 months ago
Just think, when quarantine ends, they will most likely go back to doing the Wildcast in this format.
Jaiden Lee
Jaiden Lee 3 months ago
We all know where minis gonna be in 5 years
Chris Littlewood
Chris Littlewood 3 months ago
No, you are Retarded
No, you are Retarded 3 months ago
We all know where Juice Wrld wont be. Aint yo problem gl bucko
Josiah 3 months ago
My favorite content still is how great wildcat was at zombies, been sooooo long. Still as amazing as the first few days.
Nick Fletcher.
Nick Fletcher. 3 months ago
And now one of them is back to nothing
Nick Fletcher.
Nick Fletcher. 2 months ago
@Timothy Issac Jackson wasn't talking about Panda
WolfBTW 3 months ago
“goals for 2020” hahaha
More or Less Productions
More or Less Productions 3 months ago
I love that you can still see Evans message on basically all the channels of what became the Vanoss Crew members, and they are all basically identical :D
Candy 3 months ago
*coughs awkwardly*
Amanda Grainger
Amanda Grainger Month ago
Andy Kelley
Andy Kelley 3 months ago
"I have been watching for 11 years, no the fuck you didn't" lmfao
Flames 24
Flames 24 3 months ago
1:27:19 I guess that’s never going to happen.
anthonytrashboat 2 months ago
@Timothy Issac Jackson gtfo out of here you p3do
anthonytrashboat 2 months ago
@Timothy Issac Jackson LMAOOOOOOO
SPACEHERO 2 months ago
Lox 3 months ago
As long as he's surrounded by children he'll be beyond happy
Assassinz killez
Assassinz killez 3 months ago
Shooot after what happened, ima agree with u🤣💀
By adexx
By adexx 3 months ago
Coca-Cola knew what their doing they do not promote pedophilia :v
Thy Nuts Consumed
Thy Nuts Consumed 2 months ago
Brennan Longboat
Brennan Longboat 3 months ago
Interesting how they were joking about the first two weeks of the decade were the strangest well at the time none of them knew about the cluster fuck that would be 2020 was gonna come by and ruin wildcats forced vacation
Chaos_nova 3 months ago
I still enjoy fortnite been playing it since started back in season 3 when fortnite was huge
Penguiking 3 months ago
Wildcat: this shit ain't stopping. *For two of you maybe...*
Jeremy Richards
Jeremy Richards 3 months ago
Siri is traumatizing as hell to hear
Jeremy Richards
Jeremy Richards 3 months ago
*Know delirious for 10 years, still doesn’t know his name irl.........*
VastSpartan 3 months ago
Gragala Kaisel
Gragala Kaisel 3 months ago
From nothing to youtuber star to nothing again. LOL
Captain Donut
Captain Donut 2 months ago
@anthonytrashboat diddle - (transitive, slang) To have sex with. (transitive, slang) To masturbate (especially of women). (transitive) To waste time.
anthonytrashboat 2 months ago
@Captain Donut I don't think you know what diddle means.
Captain Donut
Captain Donut 2 months ago
@Timothy Issac Jackson that's not who he's talking about...he's talking about the kiddie diddler in the middle.
FettuccineFredo 3 months ago
This was the greatest birthday present. my birthday on Feb 9
Ale 3 months ago
I still remember my first video from them it was when they found a glitch and they were flying with the bike I think I was 6 I remember it vividly my cousins put them on the tv and I said oh this is funny plus I think that’s the reason I started sweating a lot
random things
random things 3 months ago
You should get vanoss on wildcast
Jonathan Brickeen
Jonathan Brickeen 3 months ago
y’all have been great to watch and listen to god’s job y’all
Jonathan Brickeen
Jonathan Brickeen 3 months ago
i’m glad everyone one of y’all have got together
Ayden Kaulaity
Ayden Kaulaity 3 months ago
Can u do even and delirious
CommanderClean 3 months ago
instead of saying late 2012, they say late modern warfare, early bo2 lol
J Summers
J Summers 3 months ago
Yo Tyler gta5 is what got me watching yall
Hxxdie Kid
Hxxdie Kid 4 months ago
H2O Delirious' name is Jonathon. I think.
HunterLong1266 4 months ago
I guess miniladd is called miniladd because miniladd is into miniladds
Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez 2 months ago
@Timothy Issac Jackson It's still wierd bro
Emzy 1738
Emzy 1738 2 months ago
And he sends pics of his miniladd
HunterLong1266 2 months ago
@Timothy Issac Jackson bro it was a joke idk who tf diesel patches even is
Depressed Femboy
Depressed Femboy 2 months ago
shit I mean you ain't wrong lmao
Trench Trey
Trench Trey 3 months ago
fucking halirious bro
Clara Gatzke
Clara Gatzke 4 months ago
i can only imagine anthony being high as fuck 😂
Brad Hillhouse
Brad Hillhouse 4 months ago
2013 I found out about these guys thanks for good laughs and helping me get through some rough times
Xerox 4 months ago
Ive been watching for 30 years, i saw all these men being pushed out the womb
Cpt. Taselby MC
Cpt. Taselby MC 4 months ago
Fuckin' RIP
Finite Operator
Finite Operator 4 months ago
Miniladd is ass
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