Immortals Fenyx Rising but I yeet every enemy I see...

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Kasfar or Rage
Kasfar or Rage Month ago
The grean meneace aka Brock Koli
shawn sullivan
shawn sullivan Month ago
I’m an idiot I fought the cyclops up front with my sword
Zx7o Month ago
I love that this was a paid video by Ubisoft but the two ads that popped up was for AFK arena and dragon Ball legends 🤣🤣
unkown gamer
unkown gamer Month ago
they call him The Green Bean
Heath Hines
Heath Hines Month ago
Why don’t we want wildcat to play Genshin impact
Toxic Joshb
Toxic Joshb Month ago
Jason Hutchison
Jason Hutchison Month ago
It’s kinda a cartoon version of assassins creed
D̶̛̲̃Õ̶̞̀Õ̶̱̏Ḿ̴̙̖ Month ago
He will play this game most likely once, and never touch it again.
Jokerkid Playz
Jokerkid Playz Month ago
Can u do more gameplay of this it looks amazing
BigBoiCollin Month ago
When you gettin Johnny sins on the wildcast
Anytime Weeb
Anytime Weeb Month ago
Tbh all you had to say was greek mythology game and ill buy it
Kingdom Key 2015
Kingdom Key 2015 Month ago
D1sc0rd740 Month ago
Stream Spoart!
Stream Spoart! Month ago
7:53 he start silent & i thought ge will threw his keyboard, so glad to see wildcat finally become more patient 😂
tech nasty
tech nasty Month ago
Can u upload more call of duty Modern Warfare
Never Sin
Never Sin Month ago
Any game Ubisoft makes its trash now
Bunzen Month ago
Tyler! You have kids watching, how could you make such a joke!? 9:10
Axios Gaming
Axios Gaming Month ago
Panda needs to play this game with all them corpse launches 😂😂😂
Adrian Keyes
Adrian Keyes Month ago
He is the green giant mascot for those bags of frozen beans and peas sold in American supermarkets.
Polar Cola
Polar Cola Month ago
"Thats what thyey call my-....nevermind"
Shawn McMahon
Shawn McMahon Month ago
The caption for when he hits the ground is literally just pain, thats it, pain
j p6224
j p6224 Month ago
This game looks fun af
Oliver Dwyer
Oliver Dwyer Month ago
Um... as soon as I clicked on this video, all I need to say is that someone bought an ad just to Rick roll you and yes I fell victim to it and the ad was 3min long and don’t worry, it’s skipable.
Gabriel Mcgregor
Gabriel Mcgregor Month ago
2end ep nice
Bladen Darling
Bladen Darling Month ago
This game is also based off the game called smite. It the battle group of the gods. Look at it i play the game and i love it. Just becarful ur most likely gonna rage.
Tien Le
Tien Le Month ago
I haven't heard of Stadia in a long time...
Temo Villegas
Temo Villegas Month ago
I got a question does wildcat actually play these games after doing the video or does he just delete the game
david martinez
david martinez Month ago
Alright new video
Lime Crewmate
Lime Crewmate Month ago
xlv_Alpha Month ago
Anyone else getting mad Zelda breath of the wild vibes from this game
Drippsikle Month ago
Yo wildcat you got s tier on deasil patches tier list
Tavien Bench
Tavien Bench Month ago
The Jolly Green Giant
UnWrittenTomb Month ago
This game looks decent, but I don't see it being worth as much as AAA titles
LG Keogh
LG Keogh Month ago
Its nogla
Mr.Gunner Month ago
Missing jumps just made me 🤣🤣🤣
Help_im_High Month ago
So genshin impact basically
Gaprunner Month ago
Reminds me of Genshin Impact which reminds me of BoTW
Stryker Thomas
Stryker Thomas Month ago
I love this game! Can you upload more when it releases?
Jules Victoria
Jules Victoria Month ago
It's fun to watch you playing something you're excited about/having fun with
FriedTwinkie121 Month ago
Love Shrek Harding
Sean Watkins
Sean Watkins Month ago
Are we not going to talk about how this is a blatant rip off of breath of the wild? For 60? Come on Ubisoft
Lukas Panzer
Lukas Panzer Month ago
The new AC Game looks kinda weird
Aston Ogre
Aston Ogre Month ago
Dang, cant wait to play Assassin's Creed Odyssey again except I can fly and I have Yondus mohawk.
Dragon Meister
Dragon Meister Month ago
hahaha, in this one you even start out with the Hero's Sword!
Flikkz Month ago
Isn't this the guy that said yeet isn't making a comeback but he puts yeet in the title. hmmm something's fishy. Yeets making a comeback......
awesome dude
awesome dude Month ago
Play the new season of fortnite
victor wilkens
victor wilkens Month ago
Lol, the credits with Prometheus listed as pyromanciac and eagle feeder
Martyn Taylor
Martyn Taylor Month ago
Fenyx rising not phoenix rising
Pup. io
Pup. io Month ago
Wildcat This ⬆youtuber needs help spread the word
Mystic TK
Mystic TK Month ago
Murilo Cotrim
Murilo Cotrim Month ago
Smii7y was right after all... "Yeet will make a comeback..." And as Smii7y says that Tyler laughs at him and look where we are... i dunno 3 years later?
Murilo Cotrim
Murilo Cotrim Month ago
Smii7y was right after all... "Yeet will make a comeback..." And as Smii7y says that Tyler laughs at him and look where we are... i dunno 3 years later?
YaBoy Guccs
YaBoy Guccs Month ago
Who else thought that it was Genshin Impact at the beginning?
Reecemanw Month ago
Please do more of this! It's entertaining as hell
Egg Tart
Egg Tart Month ago
Day 1 of having a number generator choose a random point in the video 4:07
KumikoTakahashi Month ago
The way he fly upward reminds me of god of war XD
김치 Month ago
I know that Smii7y watchin this and yellin ''TOLD YOU YEET WAS MAKIN A COMEBACK TYLER''
Nightmare 86
Nightmare 86 Month ago
It’s been back... yes I already know they said that
close the Chanel
close the Chanel Month ago
The game just copyed zelda breath of the waild
superslime129 Month ago
"*mario copied any character that jumped before him*"
Bloodprince Month ago
honestly this is literally just AC:Odyssey except they don't have to use the AC brand to sell the product.
Dragon Meister
Dragon Meister Month ago
AC Odyssey except they used the graphics from The Might Quest for Epic Loot
William Folwell Shryock Cooke
William Folwell Shryock Cooke Month ago
Awesome and cool😀.
THE ŁØŚT Month ago
Dude this game looks so cool
RANDOG 41 Month ago
Connor McKelvey
Connor McKelvey Month ago
Let's play a game. How many elements of this game can you name that are copied from genshin impact
Dads Home
Dads Home Month ago
This is just ac odyssey but gay
aka_Panda 2taptv
aka_Panda 2taptv Month ago
Wildcat I want to watch you play fortnite again will you ever play it again
PhillyP Month ago
It’s bad when I can tell which videos are ads before I even click on them...tomorrow is AMONG US AMONG US AMONG US :(
Jack Batt
Jack Batt Month ago
This is a weird version of assassins creed odyssey
Shannon Colvin
Shannon Colvin Month ago
Wildcat you need to do a calab with this guy he’s fucking cracked at cod watch him in twitch please and he has USposts His channel is xrobbob
RealZG Month ago
Loved this video
Season 7 on MW comes out in 3 days!
Felix Lemus
Felix Lemus Month ago
On my birthday it drops
George Kasprzak
George Kasprzak Month ago
Reminiscent of fallen order a little bit
Waffle Boi
Waffle Boi Month ago
This gives me a massive breath of the wild vibe
Jakob plays
Jakob plays Month ago
i love greek
Mondo Osequeda
Mondo Osequeda Month ago
He killed vanoss
Lane The Chemist
Lane The Chemist Month ago
James harden🐐
TheOGThief 115
TheOGThief 115 Month ago
This man once said that yeet will never make a comeback. Now he’s using it in his titles.
Furryman 1113
Furryman 1113 Month ago
Matthew Weigel
Matthew Weigel Month ago
This reminds me an awful lot of assassins creed odyssey
Dragon Meister
Dragon Meister Month ago
They even start you off with the Hero's Sword
Tyler H
Tyler H Month ago
No one dislike. We're on 69. Fuck someone ruined it.
CaptainSsunklez Month ago
Cant wait for more of the Green Menace known as Fenyx, and wildcat just yeeting everything
EthanBowman Month ago
Another dope video from the goat himself... or should I say, the 'pig' himself 😂 (I'm not funny...)
The Hotshot
The Hotshot Month ago
Wildcat killing his brother 🤣🤣
Hisoka Month ago
I bet Anthony would have a blast with this game.
The Hotshot
The Hotshot Month ago
Which one better genshin impact or this game 🤣🤣🤣
Elijah Lopez
Elijah Lopez Month ago
“Yeets making a comeback” ~ @smii7y
Malicious Dolphin
Malicious Dolphin Month ago
Wilcat just ended up making jacksepticeye
Fluffypig12 Month ago
Wildcat: im the shrek Me: no u are the hulk
king slayer88459
king slayer88459 Month ago
I want to see more of this
Zackery Emberson
Zackery Emberson Month ago
You should play this more
kira64 Month ago
The year is 2020, and YEET is at the height of its power.
WhiteBoiDurag Month ago
Play that basketball game with ur dad again
Nm_ Crisclapsyou
Nm_ Crisclapsyou Month ago
I miss fortnite content no cap
ethan wojnovich
ethan wojnovich Month ago
lowkey this was fun to watch make a series of you beating the game
Username Pending Review
Username Pending Review Month ago
This game doesn't really interest me to play but is funny to watch
Pulse_Beastmode Month ago
Has anyone noticed that all of wildcats titles are (game) BUT I do something
Gavinator Month ago
Frankie Peele
Frankie Peele Month ago
This is a surprisingly good game
Forgotten_One Month ago
See SMii7Y was right, yeet made a comeback lol
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Month ago
Michael Ginnery
Michael Ginnery Month ago
Wildcat can you bring back fortnite I loved your content it was great it was funny and you're hilarious guy keep up the good work 👍
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