Among Us but my teammate is the WORST imposter ever...

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2 months ago

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JAMIE LOVE 22 hours ago
Joker X Makoto
Joker X Makoto Day ago
The thing u hear just before u die: Ninja: Oh shit did i throw?
Beastyted 3 days ago
as a fellow Indiana citizen i completely agree with what wildcat said at the end
The Odd Gamer
The Odd Gamer 3 days ago
that indiana bit at the end was so accurate. i grew up in indianapolis right by the race track and everything you said was spot on. i miss my people 😔
Pau Khai
Pau Khai 3 days ago
Wildcat I’m from fortwayne Indiana
Vanoss Son
Vanoss Son 7 days ago
Noah Brown
Noah Brown 8 days ago
0:00 8:13 8:14 8:15 9:13 9:20 9:24 9:31 10:37 12:07 12:08
Charlotte B
Charlotte B 9 days ago
I have finally found a gamer from Indiana
Ted Bundle
Ted Bundle 10 days ago
As a fellow Indianian I can confirm that is what we do
Sisterof72 11 days ago
He’s from Indiana??? We’re from the same state and I never knew...🤯
SpaceCowboyMugen 11 days ago
Ninja doesn't play among us anymore because this game actually requires you to have a brain
SEBASTIAN SUN 11 days ago
SEBASTIAN SUN 11 days ago
Wildcat can keep making Call of duty Cold War
EPIC GAMER 11 days ago
wildcat the doctor tries to saves lives and kill
Joshua Lee Tuggle
Joshua Lee Tuggle 13 days ago
Indiana gang
KiraSyafiq Family
KiraSyafiq Family 14 days ago
KiraSyafiq Family
KiraSyafiq Family 14 days ago
i am wildcat video good 👍👍🤭🤭🤭
MUK YIU TAM 15 days ago
Never subscribe
Blake Dodge
Blake Dodge 18 days ago
it feels weird hearing my name in a wildcat video
Jason E.
Jason E. 18 days ago
Hello from a fellow hoosier dude :)
Sh bat man panther
Sh bat man panther 19 days ago
I'm blind I could not see the words
Skilynn Garcia
Skilynn Garcia 19 days ago
Bruce Flores Lima
Bruce Flores Lima 21 day ago
wildcat, we need dk alive cizzorz kills dk infornt of 3 people
confused child
confused child 21 day ago
Hey I'm from Indiana too
beakers lad is my favorite YouTuber bop
beakers lad is my favorite YouTuber bop 22 days ago
I've got you on my favorite USpostsr buddy come on keep up the videos I love you bro year the lit also watch your other friends nogla he makes me laugh the heck up about his videos your videos are more better than your friends you're my favorite USpostsr buddy
gamer death 123
gamer death 123 27 days ago
Hi it's me crewposter I subbed to you
gamer death 123
gamer death 123 27 days ago
PLs heart
jinxed :P
jinxed :P 27 days ago
"we got corn, and we collect rocks"
Cole Tobin
Cole Tobin 27 days ago
Try Mike Shinoda. He had a teammate kill right in front of everybody. Seriously. Right when the game started.
Alex Alvarez
Alex Alvarez 27 days ago
Hell ye Indiana for life
NEON Kittyism
NEON Kittyism 27 days ago
No offense, but 10:22 was THE DUMBEST KILL EVER (maybe there was a reason? I don’t know) HE WAS ON CAMS AND THEY WERE SUS OF JESS
Deshea Downam
Deshea Downam 28 days ago
Indiana gang
Diyan Ahtasham
Diyan Ahtasham 29 days ago
Not even gonna lie did not know that wildcat was from indiana
Maitrik Patel
Maitrik Patel 29 days ago
“I’m actually nuts at this game how dare you” 😂😂😂
Nikki the bunny
Nikki the bunny Month ago
I'd watch your vids, but sadly u curse :(
Chance Miller
Chance Miller Month ago
Wildcat please do the dragon den with the team in Minecraft
ThatBoiOverThere Month ago
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia Month ago
Honestly ninja has been not very enjoyable to watch
IEA894 Month ago
What he said about Indiana is so true😂😂😂😂
Rainy Dayz
Rainy Dayz Month ago
Yeah people think you need a higher IQ you just Gotta be a good actor good liar and subpar gaming skills text game does not determine whether you’re smart
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer Month ago
whatever happened to Connor
HOF Duck
HOF Duck Month ago
MrKempii Month ago
being a northern hoosier, i can attest to all of the end
Sponsored by Raid: Shadow Legends
Sponsored by Raid: Shadow Legends Month ago
Jordan Fisher is a gamer?
*TENT* productions
*TENT* productions Month ago
Im from ohio and we only have corn no rock collecting
Matthew McMullen
Matthew McMullen Month ago
Ninja:Tyler you're trash Ninja thinks he can just say that shit he's 3rd imposter extraordinaire
Kaiden Sherwood
Kaiden Sherwood Month ago
i from indiana
MidSniperLyfe22 Month ago
Wildcat: Im from Indiana Me: well well well
KID_ KNEE Month ago
The Blake moment has more feeling in Pubs
daisy lu
daisy lu Month ago
my school mask cot is s wildcat
Alyssa Avila
Alyssa Avila Month ago
you should go with your gut more
Pac 450
Pac 450 Month ago
What is that music at the very beginning?
Zen Cole
Zen Cole Month ago
So playing with cizzorz will give you stupiedness too, huh?
Stephanie Mason
Stephanie Mason Month ago
IM FROM INDIANA WE HAVE CORN AND COLLECT ROCKS!!! Im dying over here being from Indiana!
Astrucraft 0112
Astrucraft 0112 Month ago
Great vid
Mr Man
Mr Man Month ago
Indiana gang ->
VENOM Month ago
I bet when someone killed ninja he was yelling Stream snippers!!! Sorry had to
Koshidono Month ago
Ive been watchin this mans vids for almost 7 years and i never new he was from my state damn indiana just be poppin out ppl
Jaydon Leg bone
Jaydon Leg bone Month ago
Bro I’m so happy you have so many among us videos
Kryoz14 ____
Kryoz14 ____ Month ago
12:34 to the end was just golden
Inappropriate Username
Inappropriate Username Month ago
Damn ninja is annoying af lol
Brady Taylor
Brady Taylor Month ago
Wildcat, your explanation of Indiana is the definition of Brookville🤣
Landon Barry
Landon Barry Month ago
Brook can’t come up with a task so wildcat assumes it’s her which anyone would but ninja says “Tyler your so bad” when literally if Ninja didn’t know it was her because he was dead he would have done the same thing
Bubbabob145 Month ago
To be fair, I don't really look at my tasks. I just follow the icons on the map.
nevii _
nevii _ Month ago
wait ... your from indiana ..... omg ... niceeeeee
Cingkin Month ago
19 among us vids in 4 weeks
Christian Wenskoski
Christian Wenskoski Month ago
indiana 🤙🤪drinkin pop and watching lightening bugs
5th Element Entertainment
5th Element Entertainment Month ago
Lightning bugs lol. It’s cool how different parts of the country say things differently
Kenzie Matney
Kenzie Matney Month ago
omg hearing wildcat talk about indiana... 😂😂
brook halsey
brook halsey Month ago
He ain't wrong about indiana😂😂 out dumb little hick state 😂
Zachary Hall
Zachary Hall Month ago
Indiana is where it’s at man!
Damon Garner
Damon Garner Month ago
didn’t know Wildcat was from Indiana... but he’s right it’s jus a lot of corn
Martin Vasquez
Martin Vasquez Month ago
we Indiana people are really wierd
Somebody:Tyler you’re awful Wildcat: I am actually nuts at this game, how dare you I don’t know why that made me laugh so hard😂
Ayden Charette
Ayden Charette Month ago
Indiana gang lol
Tazzjr973 Month ago
Danielle Allen
Danielle Allen Month ago
pffft the shit he said about Indiana. Too fucking real 😂😂
Katarzyna Kiełb
Katarzyna Kiełb Month ago
TheCrazyyboi Month ago
DAMN, you playing a game with IceJJFish?!
Paris T
Paris T Month ago
“Get him outta here deeeewd” “oh did I just throw” lmao
DanteEats Month ago
ah crap he made me look
Tiwill0V2 Month ago
wildcat when he's imposter: "think carefylly, the imposter only one more kill to win!" wildcat when he isn't the imposter: "KILL HIS ASS!!!!" xD
Landon W.
Landon W. Month ago
This May be one of my favorite groups to watch just bc if DK Ninja and his wife, and of course wildcat is the greatest youtuber of all time
Lucas Davis
Lucas Davis 2 months ago
I'm from Indy too :D
Small bizluv
Small bizluv 2 months ago
freaky friday
lil seizurez
lil seizurez 2 months ago
Lmao ninja a simp
iSea 2 months ago
I’m from Indiana and I exactly feel that
Dirtdiver 3030
Dirtdiver 3030 2 months ago
As a guy from Indiana Tyler your not wrong lol rocks light bugs idk about getting naked lol
This_guy 2 months ago
Wildcat plz tell vanoss i said 'Keeper Goin ''
Xavier Suarez
Xavier Suarez 2 months ago
but mixer is banned what?
Recruit Lucier
Recruit Lucier 2 months ago
That outro is hilarious because of how much it reminds me of my dad
DJ James
DJ James 2 months ago
Indiana gang
Vuk Bojovic
Vuk Bojovic 2 months ago
I’ll be honest I hate ninja at this point goes try hard at everything I stg
Rescultir 2 months ago
Vanoss slowly turning all his friends Canadian. That's how you do it Vanoss! xD
Mystic 2 months ago
Good ol Indiana, best state to grow up in
Sir_BlueZ BlueZ
Sir_BlueZ BlueZ 2 months ago
i have an idea for wildcat do a vid of playing random games see how it goes for you
Justin Smith
Justin Smith 2 months ago
Who knew Me and Tyler are from the same state
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean 2 months ago
I didn’t expect to see lex here 😂 I was just watching her videos
Dominic Jeffrey
Dominic Jeffrey 2 months ago
anyone agree that ninja ruins most games he plays because of how toxic and ragey he is?
Donovan Smith
Donovan Smith 2 months ago
Wildcat total bull ! us Hoosiers don't have an accent u nutcase haha.
K1NG SAVAGE 2 months ago
I don’t know what Indiana your from but we do not do that here! 😂
karuto5o 2 months ago
Indiana raised baby!
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