Among Us moments where me and my enormous cerebral cortex instantly solve a murder...

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2 months ago

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No one reads this far into the description...what are you doing snooping around...
#WILDCAT #AmongUs #Impostor

waterzila 22 hours ago
First round speedy and dumb dog killed blue right under you
Andrew Meacham
Andrew Meacham 6 days ago
Heeeey cat lied
JOHN NGO 11 days ago
The cheerful judge partially wander because male conservatively love by a telling uzbekistan. miscreant, numerous dredger
YaGirlMya 21 day ago
the fact that swag isn't the first linked in the description is even funnier just look at the description and he's the 6th linked lol... also I guess im just the one person that reads that far into the description
Nina Roxas
Nina Roxas 24 days ago
The amazing bengal preferably twist because chronometer sequentially wave beyond a quaint buzzard. sneaky, ragged company
Carlos Santiago
Carlos Santiago Month ago
Soooo.....why's he not at the top? 😕
Mads Month ago
You mean your cerebrum not your cerebral cortex. Made that distinction because you didn’t put swag at top of the description
Chad Miller
Chad Miller Month ago
I got rick rolled by an ad LMAO
Vandy Month ago
Love a good Joel rage
Creepster 443
Creepster 443 Month ago
1:11 no he could have went to medbay and vent kill top electrical then come back
Love Trolling
Love Trolling Month ago
Vicious V
Vicious V Month ago
Poor swag, he deserves better 🥺
Ionic Retro
Ionic Retro Month ago
me and my enormous.... *reads notes* cerebral cortex...
Austin Gibbs
Austin Gibbs Month ago
Dam wildcat really caught me snooping around lol
Josh Foreman
Josh Foreman Month ago
Dude these among us videos are my favorite thing ever
Cosmic Activity
Cosmic Activity Month ago
Joel 😂 4:07
Emily Month ago
wft is swag dracula doing here?
MEB 1997
MEB 1997 Month ago
I am sad that Wildcat did not follow through and put Swag at the top of the description. Makes his word seem hollow... and I strongly believe in people keeping their word for the strength of character. I want to believe in him though. I'll give him a pass this time since it's pretty minor and it's only once.
Daniel Górniak
Daniel Górniak Month ago
Swag is in the description
FlaWLessMinigun Month ago
9:08 "This game is about lying" In my case, it's about telling enough of the truth that you seem innocent, but getting away with leaving out the parts where someone's neck gets snapped lol
LabTester Month ago
Wildcat: Top of discription Also Wildcat: MeRcH aVaIlAbLe NoW!
ATW Jay Month ago
0:06 Rod Wave ??
IronBlazeDragon Month ago
wildcat: top of the description, above my merch shout out, first line description: with everyone else not even first
Andy Pierce
Andy Pierce Month ago
he didnt even put swagdracs stuff on the top of the desc
Potato Month ago
Tyler has a bigger brain than einstein and steven hawkings
Masterking106 Month ago
My brain is so smooth I had to read that title 6 times to understand what it meant
Kiyohshi Month ago
bigdaddy94368 Month ago
I feel bad for swagdrac cause tyler straight lied about the top of the description.
QuietWyatt Month ago
do you and dantdm have the same thumbnail maker
Vertex Month ago
Can u play with papa meags
Lazyspy Z
Lazyspy Z Month ago
Why swag not at the top
Damn Month ago
HeartBreak Bonez
HeartBreak Bonez Month ago
Poor Swag didn't even get top of the description
red kight
red kight Month ago
Swag is even in the description
Syndrome of a Down
Syndrome of a Down Month ago
Wildcat knew from the best... Vanoss
Joker Month ago
Didn’t even give drac the top of the description
REEaboo Month ago
Swag wasn’t top of the description :(
sugar bomb
sugar bomb Month ago
I love this 8:32
Mari N
Mari N Month ago
I watched this strictly because of the title
AlienLantern Gaming
AlienLantern Gaming Month ago
Why is it so entertaining to watch the bodies drop
Nicholas Wilson
Nicholas Wilson Month ago
Shit he caught me. He said nobody even reads that far😂 what a guy
Ian Paez
Ian Paez Month ago
The man didn’t even get in the description
Sanctuary Guardian
Sanctuary Guardian Month ago
“top of the description”
Scree And Ree
Scree And Ree Month ago
Swag's links though my man
Austin Andronaco
Austin Andronaco Month ago
but you put him 6th description
Justin Sider
Justin Sider Month ago
Why would u vote when light are off im kinda thupid
Jacob Richardson
Jacob Richardson Month ago
cat cappin for not putting swag in the top of the description ✊😔
NorthernLaw Month ago
Damn he didn't put him top of description
CATRACHO 504 Month ago
My name is Joel 😧😱
the moderate gamer 1
the moderate gamer 1 Month ago
This on 2 times speed if great XD
Sh bat man panther
Sh bat man panther Month ago
Sh bat man panther
Sh bat man panther Month ago
MR- 2
MR- 2 Month ago
انتا رائع
BlueManiac Month ago
Swagdrac didn't get top of the describtion lmao. Wildcat promised though!
MTY Gaming
MTY Gaming Month ago
RIP Swag isnt at the top
STILL Month ago
One doesn't own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it's a reflection of one's belief that one owns them ⭕️
Jackson Cox
Jackson Cox Month ago
Puts swag sixth lol
esther ortiz
esther ortiz Month ago
i kept liking and unliking bc i’m the 27k liker lmao , it was satisfying watching it go from 26 to 27 💀
PERKED YT Month ago
Please do another proximity chat among us please
ImUpWake YT
ImUpWake YT Month ago
Wildcat play madden 21 with moo for thanksgiveing
ToleratedPanda Month ago
12:24 says top of description but then puts merch and then dumbdog
SpeedyAllien Month ago
Ngl i find it weird when they say speedy😅
10000 Suscribers With Videos Chalenge
10000 Suscribers With Videos Chalenge Month ago
Fun Fact: The dislikers didn't even have time to watch the whole video, means even they have notifications on.
Purebred On XBOX
Purebred On XBOX Month ago
Among us but only one imposter can sabotage and only one can kill
Ansjelo Month ago
12.25, where is he at in the description then😂
danielle xoxo
danielle xoxo 9 days ago
If you cannot go to the timestamp 12:25
XxCOOKIE7xX Month ago
You guys need to play MW2 again.
•S-A- L-E-S•
•S-A- L-E-S• Month ago
The screen is black
Dat Boi Bobby
Dat Boi Bobby Month ago
Why do deluxe and shadow sound the same lmao
María José Cárdenas Parra
María José Cárdenas Parra Month ago
OMG...,¡I'm So Excited For See Your Next Podcast With Toonz Today¡,¡Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease¡>3
Kason Simper
Kason Simper Month ago
When wildcat lies tho and doesn't put him in the top of the description though lol XD
Rob H
Rob H Month ago
Hey hey no ill snoop if i want to
Metro Discovery
Metro Discovery Month ago
Drac was not only not in the top of the description above your merch and twitter promos, he was in fact listed 6th out of the group.
Batista Farruggia
Batista Farruggia Month ago
says top of the description...
Israel A
Israel A Month ago
Wow I dislike deluxe
King's Nerd Cave
King's Nerd Cave Month ago
Uhhhhhh, Swagdrac was not the first link in the description Idk how I feel about that
extraterrestrial panda
extraterrestrial panda Month ago
Bro, you didn't even put him at the top, what the fuck 🤣
Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter Month ago
Now people are gonna think I’m a posser because I’m called shadow in among us
Kage NY
Kage NY Month ago
He lied about the top of the description being before his merch XD
KARTHIX Month ago
I win every game I contacting ghosts. I will tell them that, If (a particular colour) for example : If red (here) is an impostor, leave the game. And will do it till the ghosts leave. EASY WIN 'CAN I GET YOUR PIN'?
Liam Deaflad
Liam Deaflad Month ago
Yo wild cat remember doom dom?
Ashton Month ago
Thanks for posting videos wildcat they always make me happy and laugh I’m going through a rough time right now, not as bad as other people but I lost my friends a few days ago I’m away from home and anxious, so keep uploading thanks for everything
Armzilla 123
Armzilla 123 Month ago
Wait swag isn’t at the top of the description... you *LIAR!*
koro san
koro san Month ago
what happened to the "top of the description" for Swag Drac
Swag Dracula
Swag Dracula Month ago
You lied to me :(
Joe Boat
Joe Boat Month ago
there should be a mod where there are 9 imposters and 1 crewmate and the imposters figure out who the crewmate is, but the imposters have not just task but imposter task, and the crewmate has regular task , for example: imposter task is to tamper with o2 or something and a crewmate task would be calibrate something the imposters tampered with, also the crewmate can sabotage the imposters but i dont have any ideas. sorry this is long but ive been thinking about this being mod so many times maybe someone out there will read this and make it.
DooDooWater Month ago
An Italian Asian Alpha male
An Italian Asian Alpha male Month ago
Raidkill Month ago
Swag Draculaaaaaaa
Akash Arora
Akash Arora Month ago
I thought Swag was supposed to be first in the Description. Wildcat being IMP even in Description?
Nathan Month ago
Deluxe is a nogla when it comes to the button
Nate Gutierrez
Nate Gutierrez Month ago
Top of description above merch he says then doesnt do it lol
ShadowJab 17
ShadowJab 17 Month ago
It's feels weird watching someone using the name "Shadow" and having the same outfit I always use in-game.
I been the imostor a lot I tried to deni it but I Blaine blue red pink yellow
ParadoxTrue Month ago
Yea wheres swags description lmao
Siamese Month ago
wildcat lied to swag about top of the description.... i guess he really is imposter ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Nicholas Anderson
Nicholas Anderson Month ago
Wait... You didn't promote him before your merch...
MouseCloud Month ago
ok this is bothering me so bad what sound effect is that at 2:49
Aztec 3
Aztec 3 Month ago
Hay I was in one of your lobby’s one time and I asked before but I don’t know it you seen it but was I in one of your vids??
Grimm Book
Grimm Book Month ago
Didn’t even put him top of the description
Joel Lee
Joel Lee Month ago
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[TinyTAN | ANIMATION] - Dream ON
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