Modern Warfare but the FiNN with a sniper scope is stupid...

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2 months ago

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No one reads this far into the description...what are you doing snooping around...
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I AM WILDCAT 2 months ago
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Pinkbriansbrother 8 days ago
@Conner Dailey English?
IVI4I_IR0 8 days ago
Conner Dailey
Conner Dailey 2 months ago
Well we'll what if I don't want to no why I'll do it anyways
Pinkbriansbrother 2 months ago
i'm sad my phone is incompatible with this game
Ceeday Fanboi
Ceeday Fanboi 2 months ago
I just thought of something, you can’t go negative in cod because decimals are still below one but not negative
Michael Cristobal
Michael Cristobal 19 minutes ago
Who else say tht he misspelled description instead of “descrtiption “
kwekkiebv Day ago
These series can be renamed into one episode. People rage over tyler being a memelord
fj nagel
fj nagel 2 days ago
Imagine hating on people who play on Pc in a shooter lmao, man's gotta actually work for his kills without auto aim
SNL_Kapo Gaming
SNL_Kapo Gaming 2 days ago
You don’t need skill to play pc shooters
a kid falling apart
a kid falling apart 3 days ago
im still confused why its mostly adults that have a mic and they are ALWAYS toxic
Batman 4 days ago
Mmmm interesting
E v e
E v e 6 days ago
I'm addicted to this content...
IVI4I_IR0 8 days ago
Eli Martin
Eli Martin 13 days ago
Can u please play madden 20 more
Samuel Pruitt
Samuel Pruitt 14 days ago
Did he go sweaty after a riot shield? That's scummy
Noah Trusty
Noah Trusty 17 days ago
Tyler I got the same codemen as u😅😂
claire doyle
claire doyle 29 days ago
Your my favourite youtuber
DaFrenzyGuy YT
DaFrenzyGuy YT Month ago
Just your common Zombie
Just your common Zombie Month ago
All I saw was Finn and Sniper, and I had to click on the video
Luke Farmer
Luke Farmer Month ago
I haven't seen brock have this much fun in a while
Alexander Coffelt
Alexander Coffelt Month ago
My friends after people walk into medbay and there’s no one there then they see me running out: 6:38
Lil Will
Lil Will Month ago
I watched this just for the thumbnail
pRoJect 45
pRoJect 45 Month ago
Ill reinstall only if Piccadilly gets removed
NorthernLaw Month ago
Toxicity on COD is still the same as it always was, good to see lmao "He thinks hes cool cuz hes on PC"
NorthernLaw Month ago
Sad MW is this bad you have to use alt accounts to get literally any footage, and people still say SBMM if ok, lol imagine
Wtfam 00
Wtfam 00 Month ago
Who else is getting bored of mw
IkeBrown 2 months ago
Those dudes at 7:00 don’t know how aimbot works
Dangelo ROMERO
Dangelo ROMERO 2 months ago
9:06 thats just not nice.
Jorge Puente
Jorge Puente 2 months ago
RAID SHADOW LEGENDS for the millionth time its nice to see a different game sponsor u wild cat
Yeah Ok
Yeah Ok 2 months ago
I’m a simple man... the pig uploads, I click.
Loading Goblin07
Loading Goblin07 2 months ago
Trying to grind to get a scope on the kar98k is aids
Travis Tharp
Travis Tharp 2 months ago
Those nade kills lol
Chyllz Xbox
Chyllz Xbox 2 months ago
Love this vid
Zach zz
Zach zz 2 months ago
This video was fire
jesus christ
jesus christ 2 months ago
i dont know what im snooping around for and yes i do read
The Mayo
The Mayo 2 months ago
Wasn't it just me that thought he used the same thumbnail on a previous video
Ghost Games
Ghost Games 2 months ago
How you fnna get at legs on core it already pussy mode
slayer of 80
slayer of 80 2 months ago
Hey wildcat do u watch anime
Jace Toon
Jace Toon 2 months ago
Theyre having so much fun and everyones getting so mad😂😂
Mark 2 months ago
Haha I've played that game when it came out 👌its pretty good 0:33
demongod111 2 months ago
I wanna grow up to be as good as WILDCAT in Call of Duty.
Alexis Lopez
Alexis Lopez 2 months ago
The beginning kinda sus
G_N_S Scythe
G_N_S Scythe 2 months ago
Wildcat your the new smiity
hotdog voodoo
hotdog voodoo 2 months ago
Nice ad ;)
Demetra Simmons
Demetra Simmons 2 months ago
You finally use a scope on a weapon other than sniper. Love it
Wannabe Moira Main
Wannabe Moira Main 2 months ago
Bro I love how fast he can turn his skill to fucking max. I know it’s a 725 but he still fucking sweats on little kids
Mr Chiko
Mr Chiko 2 months ago
I have yet to see a suicide grenade kill as the final kill Cam
division 01
division 01 2 months ago
That LMG is called. Stoner LMG AI
James Q1icks
James Q1icks 2 months ago
Yoo wildcat use the m4 with 10 rounds mag is so op😂😂
The710Salmon UwU
The710Salmon UwU 2 months ago
Ok so I guess you know it’s the real Wildcat and crew when you’re winning and it’s match point and Wildcat pulls out the 725 cuz he wants to win
FluxerDux YEET
FluxerDux YEET 2 months ago
Did he not notice he got platinum
Darksyde 423
Darksyde 423 2 months ago
How tf does wildcat KNOWWWWWW
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson 2 months ago
Elijah Sanford
Elijah Sanford 2 months ago
Finn wolfhard with finn lmg
Jack Hoetzel 15
Jack Hoetzel 15 2 months ago
bro why don’t you play on your normal account
Cole Denbow
Cole Denbow 2 months ago
All these little Joe-Smo games that no ones ever heard about and suck sponsers wildcat😂
Ashton Conley
Ashton Conley 2 months ago
Lol, I've been doing the sniper scope but a better setup then that for way longer no one else used it until now thanks
Dearie 2 months ago
Would love to hear his reaction to a Scottish lobby
The Selfish Orca
The Selfish Orca 2 months ago
7:18 epic montage time
:D D:
:D D: 2 months ago
😔 I’m really really sick of that outro music
TsG_Riker 2 months ago
does any one know how to get subs and good gaming edit
Itzyouboi566 2 months ago
Bro I swear Xbox players always camp with 725 or LMG and ruin the game
derrick6198 2 months ago
All you gotta do is run up to the shield and jump when you melee and you can kill them easy
Aᴛᴏᴍɪᴄ 2 months ago
Wildcat's COD videos are my all day high light I FUCKING LOVE THEM 🤩🤩😵
Beatriz Rodriguez
Beatriz Rodriguez 2 months ago
What was the scope for your to good for a scope
Cam S
Cam S 2 months ago
What song was that in the beginning?
I’mcurrentlyaway BecauseYouTube’sbeingretarted
I’mcurrentlyaway BecauseYouTube’sbeingretarted 2 months ago
Can someone tell me the tightest pellet spread class for the 725???
YaBoiAbirZaman 2 months ago
At this point this is just a montage 7:25
Vulcan 2 months ago
Hey you played with reaper last video
Jacob 2 months ago
Does anyone know the class setup that Felix was using?
Kilsoe 2 months ago
Did you know in just 15 minuets you could save 15% or more on car insurance?
HyperBull 2 months ago
Wish they would do away with sniper glint...hopefully it's toned back from how much glint there is in Modern Warfare
Sebastian Sanchez
Sebastian Sanchez 2 months ago
it is a good game
EricHexaFury 2 months ago
Of all the sponsor deals, I NEVER thought wildcat would take an anime game
Snifferdawg 360
Snifferdawg 360 2 months ago
I love watching a-holes get pissed
Tristion VanCamp
Tristion VanCamp 2 months ago
How much you get paid for this bullshit😂😂😂lmao jk I dont care and your making bank so it works
Dillion Clark
Dillion Clark 2 months ago
25 k in 14 hrs? That’s not normal is it?
Oliver Longley
Oliver Longley 2 months ago
Anyone know Wildcat's 725 load out?
Jack Svancara
Jack Svancara 2 months ago
No raid shadow legends😢
Finn Hintzsche
Finn Hintzsche 2 months ago
My name is finn lol
vitz _
vitz _ 2 months ago
kidgamer XV
kidgamer XV 2 months ago
Hey wildcat I don’t know if you remember but do you remember this we ride together we make french fries together
harry duckham
harry duckham 2 months ago
The flag with a dragon!!! Big up Wales haha
Jonathan Reece
Jonathan Reece 2 months ago
“Reverse gainer”. So a front flip wildcat?
Alec Calairo
Alec Calairo 2 months ago
Bro, I was one of the first that started using the sniper scope on the Finn. There’s no recoil what so ever. I used the variable zoom in BO2 with a shield...lmao it was Comedy AF
Wyatt Beasley
Wyatt Beasley 2 months ago
The fact that widlcat has to reverse boost just to have fun and use a different gun shows how bad this game is
Ace the snail snail
Ace the snail snail 2 months ago
does your outro say brap or wap?
It’s Gusher
It’s Gusher 2 months ago
Do a Fortnite video
fazekiller 530
fazekiller 530 2 months ago
Tell me where conner is the little kid u and nogla and fourZer0 played with
fazekiller 530
fazekiller 530 2 months ago
Where is Conner
Star12 Arl
Star12 Arl 2 months ago
Man I can’t believe I used to watch these dudes. I think I only enjoyed their content when I was a youngen
Trevor Stemm
Trevor Stemm 2 months ago
The literal meaning of “Accuracy through volume”
shots 122
shots 122 2 months ago
Wild cat can i play warzone with you
xSlowDeath420x 2 months ago
I don’t understand how the crosshair for PC is so small even when you’re running full sprint and jumping it’s still so small but on console you take 2 steps and the crosshair is basically the whole screen and bullets go everywhere 🤔😒
THADZ 2 months ago
Everyone when killed by normal good skilled players: AIM BOT When Shroud Kills them: "It's an Honnor to be shot in the head, big fa- ☠️"
antonio cardosO
antonio cardosO 2 months ago
I saw u in among us
Break 600
Break 600 2 months ago
Damn wildcat killed El Cuh💀
Dru DuPuis
Dru DuPuis 2 months ago
The joy I get from these videos is amazing.
Younus Sheikh
Younus Sheikh 2 months ago
1:15 to skip add
Derek Bateman
Derek Bateman 2 months ago
Literally the best MW content on USposts
Landon Smith
Landon Smith 2 months ago
Who else loves that face in the thumbnail
Tia Keyaira
Tia Keyaira 2 months ago
you're such a smart gamer, it makes your content better
Your friendly Neighborhood Lawbringer
Your friendly Neighborhood Lawbringer 2 months ago
bill schneider
bill schneider 2 months ago
Your the reason why I don't play Search and Destroy. Before any of you lil shits say anything. I am trash and goddamnit I don't care.
Jesper de Hart
Jesper de Hart 2 months ago
USpostsrs having to smurf/ use different accounts really shows how not good sbmm is
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