Black Ops Cold War but it’s total chaos...

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Month ago

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Ghost_Domini 4 days ago
I thought my headphones broke at the start
Pawsomegirl 12
Pawsomegirl 12 7 days ago
The wheezes though-
DOGWITHABEARD 26 7 days ago
Wildcat was kidnapped by a tea kettle.
Ikaros 8 days ago
What’s the song at 7:08
RJ Cxzz
RJ Cxzz 13 days ago
Cough up those 10 subs😠
jomar undertun
jomar undertun 22 days ago
This game looks so terrible
Ooga 23 days ago
I eat kitkats whole
Kingdom Key 2015
Kingdom Key 2015 24 days ago
That ace at the end, tho! 😍 Love to see it!!
Bell 28 days ago
Aimming on vrhicles is broken i never can aim it just stops from aimmibg
dead channel
dead channel Month ago
Yellow starburst are the best stfu
Austin Plant
Austin Plant Month ago
Hey Wildcat idk if you know this but your mic sounds messed up I’m sure you won’t see this
spag hetti
spag hetti Month ago
am i the only one that thinks this games overhyped already
Daniel Longuski
Daniel Longuski Month ago
It is already better than mw bc of the speed of the game and color so im very hyped
Naruto_weeb 7
Naruto_weeb 7 Month ago
XeNo_VoltzzYT Month ago
turyy満 Month ago
everyone is saying the graphics of this game are ass but the more i see it they look pretty good
King Flexbot
King Flexbot Month ago
Who has the squeaky toy laugh 💀
Corbyn Burnett
Corbyn Burnett Month ago
Idk what you're talking is the best new game mode they have added in a while....cyber attack was awful though
TooWolffie Month ago
Are we not gonna talk about squidward at 5:37
Vibeszsz Month ago
Yooo!!! we played you guys on miami! first time in a wildcat video, scotty killed me in the killcam 😂
The Reaper
The Reaper Month ago
5:10 as a stoner myself, i can confirm all that was said other than the hallucinations 😂
Meme Lord
Meme Lord Month ago
Unpopular opinion: because of the starburst fail from awhile back, pink is the worst starburst while yellow is now one of the best
Wilfredo Rodriguez
Wilfredo Rodriguez Month ago
Iunno man I really liked VIP
DeMoN_sLaYeR-_-4 Month ago
So fuckin glad I’m pre ordering
Mint Guppy
Mint Guppy Month ago
Just want to point out in description he wants us to sub to his let’s play channel..... that hasn’t posted in 6 years cmon I wanna see that Pokémon ruby let’s play finish
Grayson Richardson
Grayson Richardson Month ago
Yo yellow starbursts smack but pink is da best
diane lagrega
diane lagrega Month ago
the whole vid ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Zochiquilis Month ago
Wildcat be developing a hell of a wheeze
ClickbaitGod Month ago
0:49 literally fell down and broke his leg instantly dead xd
Maarten Poel
Maarten Poel Month ago
Total Bollocks should be a better title. This game sucks ass
Big ounce Professional tiddy checker
Big ounce Professional tiddy checker Month ago
4:09 that fuckin drop shot bruh
Rell Gaming
Rell Gaming Month ago
When jiggly yells and get mad he just make me happy
Colen Wickiser
Colen Wickiser Month ago
When the baby said "AHVDVHHUSHJKYD NHDVBRC" felt that.
Try not to laugh
Try not to laugh Month ago
He said jet ski launch its a Snowmobile
joshua cuahuizo
joshua cuahuizo Month ago
You know terroriser was smokin that good good💨
Falcon Howard
Falcon Howard Month ago
Bel Vue
Bel Vue Month ago
Tbh yellow Starburst aren't that bad
Averie Glenn
Averie Glenn Month ago
Why do call of duty ads music make me so emotional
iammark Month ago
I hope the plastic pieces on ur shoe laces come off
CKY420 Month ago
I can’t be the the only one that thinks the yellow starburst is the best.
Wildboi_Gaming Month ago
Hmm let’s see here what’s the most bad dieing In in a car or disgusting yellow starbursts?!
Digitalised Ares
Digitalised Ares Month ago
i could vibe to his outro all day!
Ryan J
Ryan J Month ago
I thought the beta ended??
The Phenomenon
The Phenomenon Month ago
Yall talkin bout Wildcat wheezin but all I hear is Anthony being the Joker (5:35)
Clayton Pirie
Clayton Pirie Month ago
I would buy that shirt
kayla co
kayla co Month ago
Mention of subs: MUST GET SANDWICHES!!! TRY HARD MODE ENGAGED Edit: i loved search and rescue tyvm.
svRdx Official
svRdx Official Month ago
Rizzo the rat
Rizzo the rat Month ago
6:26 me and the homies when HOES MAD
Commander NUT
Commander NUT Month ago
We all knew panda was lying when he said he was skipping meals😂😂
Trey 123519
Trey 123519 Month ago
Aye bro why u hating on cyber attack my guy
TheRandomGuy 7
TheRandomGuy 7 Month ago
What are your class setups I need them my classes are bad
Thadius Snook
Thadius Snook Month ago
Try to win a game in fortnite it is impossible
N. Swanson
N. Swanson Month ago
I’m watching this at a pond and there were some ducks that just passed and I desdass thought that the laugh at 5:38 were the ducks
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller Month ago
That baby screaming is a good description of all people wildcat kills
Bologna Cortes
Bologna Cortes Month ago
Play zombies plz your my favorite USpostsr
pumps Month ago
Play fortnite pleaseeeee
IronicName Month ago
This game looks a lot less aids than Modern Warfare
Xshadow Month ago
From what I seen this game has potential
ĞhostÁnimationŻ Month ago
0:25 tee is ready
James Melham
James Melham Month ago
Damian Medina
Damian Medina Month ago
Love your videos
Zack Currie
Zack Currie Month ago
Make the shirt
Luca Roma
Luca Roma Month ago
the editing is nuts i’m ngl
xpenguinxz Month ago
To me Cold War just feels weird
C-Note Month ago
I love you but that mic ruined you voice
Im Water
Im Water Month ago
Was Wildcat the one weazing? 💀
Seth N.
Seth N. Month ago
They need to replace this mode with BO4s heist. And put s&d in with a new twist to make it funner
Mike Feldman
Mike Feldman Month ago
Why do they scream the whole video? I don't get it!!!
Danny Studios
Danny Studios Month ago
VIP mode was pretty fun tho
លី តិចហៃ
លី តិចហៃ Month ago
Check out geoexe
Mathias J
Mathias J Month ago
That ending tho, gotta love a COD Partner that aint affraid to say his 2 cents and talk shit about the game! - Plus, those words are so true it hurts..
MasFix419 Month ago
The greatest USpostsr alive 👑 every time I’m down or need help up I look up “I am wildcat” and there you are especially at work definitely need that emotional help keep up the great work!!!
sgt3blackhawkz Month ago
Treyarch >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> a baby crying on a five-hour flight >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Infinity Ward
Yeg Man
Yeg Man Month ago
why do all these mfs hate on yellow starbursts
Yao Ming
Yao Ming Month ago
I thought the beta ended a couple day ago 🤔🤔hmmmmmm
Num_sax Month ago
“LOUD NOISES”!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shahir Aiman
Shahir Aiman Month ago
Biggs Month ago
i would rather listen to the baby scream for the rest of my fucking life than four zero funny laugh one more time
Cuppedcup Month ago
Just be glad they’re adding new modes after 10 years
:Dr.Banana Month ago
Lord Destoyer
Lord Destoyer Month ago
Thoughts on marcel?
Incredible Sammy
Incredible Sammy Month ago
When your favorite chewy candy is yellow starburst
EggsBenedict Month ago
They always gotta add some 'downed' or health bar bullshits into games and call it a change
aaosbeh1 Month ago
I thought the beta closed
thron gamer
thron gamer Month ago
0:24 tea ready 😂
Big Winona
Big Winona Month ago
Really hoping that Tyler and the pussy party get into this game.
PBC 98
PBC 98 Month ago
I mean yellow starburst are better than candy corn
Joeltext Killa
Joeltext Killa Month ago
So is there no S&D on Cold War
No Name
No Name Month ago
Imagine mocking Rae
bigdungus Month ago
Fuck this games funny to watch
Dylan Tanner
Dylan Tanner Month ago
you need a perk to not take fall damage
Chaos_Reaper Month ago
Wildcat's wheeze's are higher than my self confidence o.o
DrTobii YT
DrTobii YT Month ago
I love yellow starbursts tho..
Mouthy 07
Mouthy 07 Month ago
This is the first time in 7 years I’ve heard you wheeze this shit was next level funny to wildcat.
sione toluao
sione toluao Month ago
Can we just take a moment and appreciate how AMAZING this thumbnail looks👍
David Jacobs
David Jacobs Month ago
You know that because of sbmm some people will just go on a 100 or so matches and try their hardest to lose as bad as possible so they'll get easier matchups
LadyxRuthless Month ago
The absolute disrespect to the best starburst flavor...yellows are amazing. Pink on the other hand is the worst end of story 😌
Nadia Month ago
Soooo Tyler's laugh has slightly changed and I'm loving it
RSF 24
RSF 24 Month ago
That 180 at the end tho....lmao
Reese Winkler
Reese Winkler Month ago
Azure Dragon
Azure Dragon Month ago
Wildcat wheeze and h20 delirious wheeze are the best
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