Immortals Fenyx Rising moments that really clobber my cyclops...

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Month ago

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Ollie H
Ollie H 25 days ago
Kelly Clifford
Kelly Clifford 26 days ago
💖😄👍🏻Keep it up it’s sow good
Cic Vids
Cic Vids 26 days ago
Typhon is not a titan
harry's guitar
harry's guitar 27 days ago
If I'm not mistaken, that was the arrow that would be needed if the J. F. K assassination was actually how the American government said it happened.
ImmortalHerpDerp 29 days ago
*No one reads this far in the description. What are you doing snooping around?*
Jonah Furlong
Jonah Furlong Month ago
Sir See Circe
wodt_ghost Month ago
Since this game is about greek mythology guess who was nicer zeus or hades
NSG_Corn_ FR
NSG_Corn_ FR Month ago
Stadia died first week lol
Joel Lee
Joel Lee Month ago
creepy pinny
creepy pinny Month ago
How my mans says Circe
roman cantu
roman cantu Month ago
I think he should play this game some more
ye et
ye et Month ago
circe is pronounced sir-see
Kxng Tweaky
Kxng Tweaky Month ago
I thought Chronos was the strongest titan in Greek mythology 🤔
Noto Month ago
Wonder if this is enough for them to get *any* players....
ezra viloria
ezra viloria Month ago
wildcat should play genshin impact
Mystical Wolf
Mystical Wolf Month ago
Lol I play it but it's just AC Odyssey😂😂😂
RAndom Blashmast3R
RAndom Blashmast3R Month ago
It’s curce not cerck
Augie Wall
Augie Wall Month ago
I think it was better when we didnt see them in real life
Fabian A
Fabian A Month ago
Ok bet
lxObitOxl Month ago
Where's kratos when you need him
MistakenMass Month ago
This game kinda reminds me of assassins creed.
High Hylian
High Hylian Month ago
Hate to burst your bubble. Typhon is NOT a Titan. He's not even a God, he's just some big monster that Gaia gave birth to.
Dante Andrew
Dante Andrew Month ago
Amazing video but the pronunciation was horrible I hope we see more of this game
Felix V
Felix V Month ago
so its breath of the wild meets God of War wow 👏
Brad Lawonn
Brad Lawonn Month ago
The game: Gesundheit. Also the game: What does that mean? Me: I felt that pain. I get that a lot every time I say that.
Gabriel Gonzales
Gabriel Gonzales Month ago
Low key Zelda vibes
Ayuchi Pulu
Ayuchi Pulu Month ago
hey it is not avaleble in my country
Matthew Sykes
Matthew Sykes Month ago
Hee, Wildcat is going grey, just look at his 'tashe. Don't worry Tyler, we all go grey at some point.
Dylan Summers
Dylan Summers Month ago
it's not in my country very sad
Ezryan Month ago
Yo why his hat so ✨ D I R T Y ✨
Matthew Noy
Matthew Noy Month ago
Plays fennex,doesn’t play genshin impact
Crazie Potato
Crazie Potato Month ago
Damn how much they pay you for that a minute and a half ad.
daniel komie
daniel komie Month ago
assassin creed + sky landers = This.
Symplefi Month ago
Bruh, we all know Mr.Wildcat is never gonna use Stadia again tbh. LOL
Pog _ETHI2AZ Month ago
U should definitely play this game agaian
Samuel Stephenson
Samuel Stephenson Month ago
(Cir-see) is the one who put polyphemus on the island odsyus sailed to and wher all his men where eaten by poly-boi man I know too much about Greek mythologies
AppleSauce95 Month ago
El_ Ruzzo_
El_ Ruzzo_ Month ago
How many times did wildcat say google chrome and browser? 😂😂😂
Jayden Vang
Jayden Vang Month ago
Anthony would love this game cause of the corpes launches
Mass Fusionn
Mass Fusionn Month ago
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is that you?
waffle man
waffle man Month ago
Love it ur an awesome USpostsr
SHRIEKER 3329 Month ago
I love all these breath of the wild clones 3 years after breath of the wild actually came out although i will say the combat animation and cinimatic wise looks more interesting which I hope botw 2 improves upon
Fae FierceVulpine
Fae FierceVulpine Month ago
Awwww Tyler, your sponsors appreciate ya but damn, it’s so obvious when you don’t care for the game XD
Profxavier Month ago
When he darts his eyes reading the script with the picture of google threatening to delete him if he doesn’t accept the sponsorship
Carnage Gaming
Carnage Gaming Month ago
That sucks even if it's a good game it's going to die because it's on stadia
Synq Gaming
Synq Gaming Month ago
Dunno about anyone else, but its really bugging me that Wildcats cap needs a clean lol
Steven Kohler
Steven Kohler Month ago
Stadia the most shit and the game as well
Nasser العسكر
Nasser العسكر Month ago
This game gives me a genshin impact/zelda vibe
Oneil Basdeo
Oneil Basdeo Month ago
Plz do game play on GTA San Andreas
Euphorux Month ago
Anyone else notice how he’s using tf2 crit sounds
Mikeox Average
Mikeox Average Month ago
Panda would love the corpse launches in this game
Zukira Zen
Zukira Zen Month ago
JackRex 18
JackRex 18 Month ago
4:03 as a Greek I respect u
Jacen Crawford
Jacen Crawford Month ago
Isn't this just the opposite of god of war?
Tomas Radajewski
Tomas Radajewski Month ago
Does anyone see how the game mechanics are extremely similar to God of War idk how I feel about it
Tyler F
Tyler F Month ago
Damn wildcat got a BIGASS room for his setup
D4rkOcean AMV
D4rkOcean AMV Month ago
Coryxkenshin is the real good gamer he would pick nightmare if it was unlocked and since it’s not he would go with hard mode
Anonymous Fox
Anonymous Fox Month ago
It's actually kinda nice. Knowing how many Greek mythos based games there are, aside from God of War, thise one could be one of my favorite.
JungleINSECt Spikewall
JungleINSECt Spikewall Day ago
Also has a chance too be more accurate cuz god of war rlly bothers me with how inacurate it is with the family tree and stuff cuz jeez. Making loki younger then jormungandr is just a face palm
Cutoff Learner
Cutoff Learner Month ago
this game actually looks cool
ArtikSlash Month ago
Google lies
Marwth Month ago
Ngl that game sounds pretty lit
Paige Markee
Paige Markee Month ago
Am I trippin or does Tyler’s face-cam look better?
FortsKillYT -_
FortsKillYT -_ Month ago
just asked my mom if I can get the BBQ joint tee. She said a joint is fucking weed. Me: your no fun mom.
FortsKillYT -_
FortsKillYT -_ Month ago
Btw I did ask her lmao
Luis A. Vázquez Román
Luis A. Vázquez Román Month ago
Is this a SJW game? Is that a she or a pretty boy?
josh jackson
josh jackson Month ago
damn bro. Clean that hat.
Bianca Pulido
Bianca Pulido Month ago
Sick hat dud
Owen Baxter
Owen Baxter Month ago
Lol reminds me of assassins creed odyssey
Cody Miller
Cody Miller Month ago
I think he meant to say typhon when he said the strongest titan but that would be wrong anyways the stronger was Cronus the king of titans typhon was strong yes but he was cast into Tartarus and never escaped so he couldn’t escape lmao but Cronus is other fables escaped Tartarus before
Cody Miller
Cody Miller Month ago
So typhon was the father of all monsters which made him strong I guess yea but honesltyyy Greek mythology claims several different titans to be the strongest so it’s hard to tell which is actually the strongest but I think it’s between those teo
james tiffin
james tiffin Month ago
pg god of war
Joey Warnken
Joey Warnken Month ago
Does this game come out for PS4
7C_08_Fathir Mumtaza Althaf
7C_08_Fathir Mumtaza Althaf Month ago
damn double sponsor
Finski1213 Month ago
69 euros ps4 40days to launch😔
Danudya ANC
Danudya ANC Month ago
every youtuber: play Genshin Impact Wildcat : I enjoys this game Immortals Fenyx Rising
Master_OOGWAY Month ago
So dauntless?
Marvinthecat 20
Marvinthecat 20 Month ago
No joke this is the first time I’ve ever seen wildcats face
Boogerman Month ago
This game has a strong mobile game look to it
SAJFD Month ago
If Zelda breath of the wild didn’t exist this would be a good game
1 Sub?
1 Sub? Month ago
Fun fact : *The word “Long” is shorter than the word “Short”*
Deadlyboom Month ago
Who asked?
Zach Garnes
Zach Garnes Month ago
This game looks ass ngl
h4veMercy Month ago
Gives me Genshin impact vibes
Tom Lieber
Tom Lieber Month ago
Ayo its AC odyssey but with fortnite graphics
Falcon Howard
Falcon Howard Month ago
Says he's obsessed with Greek Mythology, then can't pronounce Circe 💀
JungleINSECt Spikewall
JungleINSECt Spikewall Day ago
He didnt say he is obsessed with it he just said he thinks its dope wich it is
Falcon Howard
Falcon Howard Month ago
@Deadlyboom you're ruining it bud
Deadlyboom Month ago
I think its cool, doesn't mean I know all there is to know lol
Deadlyboom Month ago
He didn't say he was obsessed, he said he thinks its cool
no one
no one Month ago
If he was he would have played through the entire god of war series 😒
Grey Timber
Grey Timber Month ago
I get the strong feeling this game was inspired by assassin's creed odyssey
the slygamer
the slygamer Month ago
It was
crazy jake
crazy jake Month ago
Smash bros 3d
Landbro1 Month ago
i’m only half way through the video but can u plz do a play through on this game when it comes out it looks amazing !
the slygamer
the slygamer Month ago
Eh its a ripoff of assassins creed oddysey I'd rather see a play through of that
Chramo Bad
Chramo Bad Month ago
Are we just gonna ignore wildcat’s hat??? Cuz I dunno about you but I want a po-op hat
Carrabean Artist
Carrabean Artist Month ago
Tyler wanna talk about it you are being real sus. ARE U GUYS EXPECTING?
Christopher O'Brien
Christopher O'Brien Month ago
This game is low key less graphic assassins creed odyssey. In aco u fight Polyphemus, the bow and movement is the same, and so is the armor system. Not complaining tho I loved assassins creed
TheJAYGAMING485 Month ago
After pausing Alot and research o found that wildcat has a gap in his bottom row of teeth were there is not supposed to be a gape
Sarkis Younan
Sarkis Younan Month ago
NOOBandBRO Month ago
nice hat!!!! also..rough beard bro :P
Hector Perez
Hector Perez Month ago
Conner sounds different in your other video
Connor Lowe
Connor Lowe Month ago
Are going to play the new Halloween event in modern warfare
Mango Month ago
Everyone happy he showed his face again😎
Mobile Only
Mobile Only Month ago
Do a let’s play of this please
FoxSenpai Month ago
I love how Wildcat cut out most of the combat to NOT make the game look bad.
Xavier Alvarez
Xavier Alvarez Month ago
That deadly curse is Kratos bout to go on a rampage on all the gods
Izac Hughes
Izac Hughes Month ago
Plz play the new god of war
Nicolas Valenzuela
Nicolas Valenzuela Month ago
Bru two thing if we don’t see Kronos or a god of war Easter egg I’m am going to lose my shit
LupusEternal Month ago
The next time you make an Among Us video; BRING THE NORWEGIA ACCENT!! I miss that legendary accent
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