Among Us but I use facecam while murdering my friends as impostor...

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Month ago

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Cherry galaxy XXXSAVAGE
Cherry galaxy XXXSAVAGE 2 days ago
Sancho is such a child 😂.
Cherry galaxy XXXSAVAGE
Cherry galaxy XXXSAVAGE 2 days ago
Woah your look has changed so much wildcat .
DoomKnight 3 days ago
Vote for wildcat to get a make over :?
Sn0w S0S
Sn0w S0S 5 days ago
More facecam brutherrrrrrrr
Ezequiel Delacruz
Ezequiel Delacruz 8 days ago
Nice drum set in the back
Seeker_Alien_ 11 days ago
SanchoWest!! He's a TLOU youtuber!
Noah D Taggart
Noah D Taggart 12 days ago
Wildcat you have to watch this among us song Lying 2 me search it
jointwitchtoday2130 22 days ago
0:41 good to know every time he's voting he twitches his eyes and pokes them
PapaGibby13 23 days ago
Bryan Esparza
Bryan Esparza 23 days ago
Why did cozy mone.
Jakob Doering
Jakob Doering 25 days ago
Why does his face not match his voice?
Mahoney Jack
Mahoney Jack 26 days ago
The ratty park superficially calculate because copyright unusually support times a shivering jeff. versed, plucky invention
Zachary Lee
Zachary Lee 26 days ago
I’ve seen the drum set in so many videos, but all I want to see is you playing it 🥺
Hyper the thicc boi
Hyper the thicc boi 26 days ago
Epic face-cam time
Aurellius 21
Aurellius 21 26 days ago
Wildcat can u make video about you paky drum
ShieldNSpear 28 days ago
This vid is a face reveal for me and honestly idk what I was expecting but I guess it just kind of matches (duh I know right?) but I still will never be able to unsee his gta pig w/helmet.
Jared Gibbs
Jared Gibbs 28 days ago
You should do one where everyone has a facecam so you can see each others expressions when they are lying
itz orbiess
itz orbiess 29 days ago
Uhhh hes so cute omfg
terrence johnson
terrence johnson Month ago
Ímpóśtór fírśt gàmè wíth fáćecam lèts gó
kai freudenstein
kai freudenstein Month ago
Wildcat woke up and chose hitler today😂❤️
Christian Ramos
Christian Ramos Month ago
Wait a minute your not a pig
Phoenix gaming
Phoenix gaming Month ago
I hate wen girls play Among Us they act so stupid wen it comes to the game
Youmu.k Month ago
i never thought i needed tyler facecam with him making noises
MisterZplaySXD Month ago
Love it more facecam plz
GatsuBug Month ago
Its so weird to see face cam on wildcats channel
Sharkace gaming
Sharkace gaming Month ago
Please more face camera thanks
King Diggs
King Diggs Month ago
Love your videos
LDS 20
LDS 20 Month ago
2:40 That right there is a nogla edit boys
The_Aniyaihilator Month ago
Omg pluuu I totally forgot he excited I use to watch his videos all day
Serapio Martinez
Serapio Martinez Month ago
Hell yeah fc
Gabriel Wojniusz
Gabriel Wojniusz Month ago
I think tyler needs to change the thumbnail
Jebba Month ago
Luis Malvaes
Luis Malvaes Month ago
Wildcat looks tired af
MonkeyGaming Month ago
Do more of these
Zak And The Aces
Zak And The Aces Month ago
now this is what we need
Jacob Nestingen
Jacob Nestingen Month ago
I love seeing his face. It’s nice just seeing him
Jacob Hunter
Jacob Hunter Month ago
Wildcat makes my nights bearable.
Brendan Anderson
Brendan Anderson Month ago
i’m surprised he isn’t a pig
Aylin Montes
Aylin Montes Month ago
You should do call of duty Cold War but with facecam plz
Gerald_idk Month ago
among us but I’m showing my face cuz I ran out of ideas
Metanoba Month ago
I love when their is a face cam maybe move the location of it but it’s great Do this when you play cod that would be so funny
Jebba Month ago
He has to do it there so his stream doesnt see the code lol
Fully Cranked
Fully Cranked Month ago
he looks way different from what i thought
Kenneth Vang
Kenneth Vang Month ago
Hey wildcat, nice hair.
Eddie Smith
Eddie Smith Month ago
So awesome to have facecam back! I missed Tyler's face!
Emerald Dagger
Emerald Dagger Month ago
Tyler isnt as fit as he used to be. But ill support him facecaming any day.
منوعات ومسلسلات اروي mix arwa
منوعات ومسلسلات اروي mix arwa Month ago
My content is nice, but I could not find subscribers. Is there any help
MyScabula Month ago
Wildcat is so handsome 🥰
Reilly Mackenzie
Reilly Mackenzie Month ago
Face was boom
james orme
james orme Month ago
When are you going to use twitch again?
Matthew Barlow
Matthew Barlow Month ago
You should do this with proximity chat
J. O.
J. O. Month ago
Nice kit back there Tyler 😎
Oscar Delgado
Oscar Delgado Month ago
face cam💯💯
Mmmm girl Ur nasty
Mmmm girl Ur nasty Month ago
New idea: “among us but I control my character with my sick as drums.”
Mr. sleepless
Mr. sleepless Month ago
You should do this more! 💙💚
RandomStuff Month ago
who else actually watched his stream?
Scuffed_chicken Month ago
Why is your outdo so fire
Dêæd Ïñsïdê
Dêæd Ïñsïdê Month ago
Keith Miller Jr
Keith Miller Jr Month ago
Alright, you convinced Tyler. I'm subscribing now.
Cathy Sherrill
Cathy Sherrill Month ago
Tyler reminds me of Post Malone for some reason
Jay Williams
Jay Williams Month ago
More facecam
Jon Valino
Jon Valino Month ago
Oh boy!! Im new here and Tyler face reaveled!! 😂😂😂
Radiical Month ago
We get facecam? Early Christmas present
Koko74 Month ago
"haha yur knew it was there"
Zeuroxer Month ago
Wildcat has a potatoe mic
FlipFloddess Month ago
No face cam.... no. This is why vanoss has more subs than you.
Christian Martinez
Christian Martinez Month ago
I liked the face cam that he did this video! It's really nice to see him when he's playing
CrayCray Mose
CrayCray Mose Month ago
HeartBreak Bonez
HeartBreak Bonez Month ago
"No no no no no no no no no" 🤣🤣🤣
Duke Esparza
Duke Esparza Month ago
good guy kritz
good guy kritz Month ago
Nice, Have a great day
MemerBoi 69
MemerBoi 69 Month ago
I LOVE the facecam.
snh icedover
snh icedover Month ago
I love the face cam
Skittlezz-YT Month ago
You should lowkey make all your videos with face cam it’s lit seeing my favorite youtuber playing
meekwinner Month ago
Finally see the face cams
Afton Tomlin
Afton Tomlin Month ago
Tyler: strokes mustache
Ese Sapo
Ese Sapo Month ago
Grant Bergman
Grant Bergman Month ago
Alternate title: Hitler plays Among Us
Dawson Allen
Dawson Allen Month ago
I'm a fan of this, keep the facecam man!
Harambe 098
Harambe 098 Month ago
Only evan, 407, and moo is the only one that doesn't do facecam AHAHHAHA AND DELIRIOUS AHAHAHHAAB
Harambe 098
Harambe 098 Month ago
This is my first time watching wildcat having a facecam in a game AHAHAHHA
Fonts Loco
Fonts Loco Month ago
Ur so cutr
Seizres Month ago
I just realized that the video was playing at 1.25
Kenzo Samp
Kenzo Samp Month ago
Hi please don't be so sorry I'm not call her back in your day and I will be back in the morning and I will be back in the morning and I will be back in the morning and I will I among us please cod 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
mason schroeder
mason schroeder Month ago
Can we got more face cam videos
Justine Belarmino
Justine Belarmino Month ago
Ay yo mah men use some more face cam OK mah men I love u brother
Gabe Patterson
Gabe Patterson Month ago
M Gaming M Vlogs
M Gaming M Vlogs Month ago
I want to see more videos with face cam
Drew Joshua
Drew Joshua Month ago
Wildcat and facecam just hits different and it’s a great different
M Gaming M Vlogs
M Gaming M Vlogs Month ago
Holy shit I’ve been waiting for this
Joseph Carroll
Joseph Carroll Month ago
Love to see that you're comfortable with showing your face now keep it up
Enhanced Potato
Enhanced Potato Month ago
So this game is about being murderer and detective huh Looks nice
The Wolf Queen
The Wolf Queen Month ago
Facecam!!! Moooooore!
Raymond Riegel
Raymond Riegel Month ago
Am I the only one who’s bored of watching what’s essentially the new fortnite of the gaming community?
kao Month ago
umm does no one notice the vIEW COUNT ????? 666k??!?!?!!
Jeffrey Steele
Jeffrey Steele Month ago
I always thought he was a blonde skinny guy, I’m mad shocked 😳
NAFT Dark Month ago
people from the stream tap in
Star Platinum
Star Platinum Month ago
Seeing wildcat using a facecam throws me off and I don't know why-
Eric Wilson
Eric Wilson Month ago
I love it
Gavriel Month ago
More facecam
Eli Herring
Eli Herring Month ago
I wanna see a facecam while he plays Fortnite so I can see the sweat dripping off his face
jacob cohen
jacob cohen Month ago
I saw this on stream. It was great
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