Cold War Zombies Round 50+ Duos w/ @BasicallyIDoWrk...

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8 days ago

COD Black Ops Cold War gameplay #CallofDuty #BlackOpsColdWar #WILDCAT
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O110_0101O 4 hours ago
Disappointed my owl boy didn’t even come out for a min in this vid I got baiting good stream tho
Kylizzy 15 hours ago
2:27:11 😂😂😂
AdamsMusic Day ago
HAHAHA, if you knew you would get the DIE from the coffin Easter egg then you could’ve speed run the Easter egg 😂
Shannon Rinaldi
Shannon Rinaldi Day ago
Just so you know on the box from the lights there’s a smiley face on the top left corner you get a legendary gun if it’s yellow and the rarities are color coordinated
I slxnder I
I slxnder I 2 days ago
If u don’t roast your friends then r u even friends
Jason 2 days ago
MoltenKetchup 89
MoltenKetchup 89 2 days ago
Kinda felt bad for Nogla.
NBD Artemis
NBD Artemis 3 days ago
I’m semi new to black ops and I’m pretty new to zombies, does anyone know how he has his shotgun and a knife as well? Because whenever I meleed with my shotgun out it would just punch with the shotgun
Sleepy Gamer
Sleepy Gamer 3 days ago
Monkeys,C4,Death Machine are the way to go for extract
slowsloths 18
slowsloths 18 4 days ago
People say they are toxic to each other but me and my friends get sassy 😂 I don’t see why people say that
愛Cam 2 days ago
Bc it's there humor with eachother 🤷🏽‍♂️
Kaylei Coutee
Kaylei Coutee 2 days ago
we dont know your friends
_trybutex _
_trybutex _ 4 days ago
I stg whenever I'm in the mood to play/watch cod, wildcat is the first person that comes to mind😂 Him and Nogla
Edgar Dominguez
Edgar Dominguez 4 days ago
Ik right
Depressed Light bulb
Depressed Light bulb 4 days ago
Yo everyone put ur record mine is round 19 lol the pack a punched m16 is insane
Sonic The Demon God
Sonic The Demon God 3 days ago
30 31 but just because one fucker who decided to exfil they ruined my record
Ryan dignan
Ryan dignan 5 days ago
Love this shit dude
Ethan Mall
Ethan Mall 5 days ago
Yes the full stream finally.
Shadow Helix9681
Shadow Helix9681 5 days ago
11:58 goddammit activision why would you do this
P1UT0 6 days ago
why is the stream chat so toxic wildcat does nothing wrong i dont get it
HANK DaTank 6 days ago
I hope wildcat post this type of content more
Hairashi 696
Hairashi 696 6 days ago
How did they open this spot?
ChildishPotato 6 days ago
you can get the D.I.E machine by claiming legendary rewards thru trials, so trials are not pointless
Naucht urnal
Naucht urnal 6 days ago
Bro won't get to round 50 with a sniper and rocket launcher as weapons
KG6ERROR Gaming 6 days ago
I got ray gun my 3rd game playing but died with it the round after I packapunched it
Clown_killa202 6 days ago
11:37 wtf did I just stumble upon 😂
L Shadow177
L Shadow177 6 days ago
3:51 gameplay starts
rod Sanchez
rod Sanchez 6 days ago
45:40 Very power quote by basically
Rosie Gal
Rosie Gal 6 days ago
So far zombies has just been nothing but nostalgia bait, and I love that shit
peyton_burrowz 6 days ago
Wildcat:Gets wonder weapon. Proceeds do use shotgun
NXFinalPlayZ 6 days ago
11:42 dancing coffin zombies
hey there
hey there 6 days ago
Runing out of thumbnails you cougar cuchieeeeee kisseer
risto delgado
risto delgado 6 days ago
Damn I didn’t know gallo made a game ,a type of motor and pizza
Tom_S 6 days ago
was it just me or did this video kinda feel awkward to watch
Black Heart
Black Heart 6 days ago
It's a stream so it's all unedited footage
Colin Wagner
Colin Wagner 6 days ago
j C
j C 6 days ago
@crisnappy has some cool clips
Donovan Asami
Donovan Asami 6 days ago
the left hand of your charecter look messed up maybe its a cod storyline hint
Nick MJ
Nick MJ 7 days ago
I watched the entire stream. The first stream I watched
ThePrimalFate 7 days ago
Really great stream sorry the ray gun glitch happened
Faze Nave
Faze Nave 7 days ago
bro on round 52 god said, i'm taking your raygun privllages
Faze Nave
Faze Nave 17 hours ago
@Charlie Woodham ok Charlie
Charlie Woodham
Charlie Woodham 17 hours ago
And at the end of your sentence god said, "This man shall forget the one ability so very special to him! Typing!"
Cameronljp 7 days ago
How to does he have that knife with his shotgun
Lemontarts01 3 days ago
The weapon upgrades bruh. Its the last one (Knife) 1st upgrade replaces gun meele with knife. Final upgrade is a bowie upgrade
Rayden Gamino
Rayden Gamino 7 days ago
Among us
Rayden Gamino
Rayden Gamino 7 days ago
Hey wildcat can i play with you on a
Rayden Gamino
Rayden Gamino 7 days ago
Hi wildcat im a fan
Sally Solano
Sally Solano 7 days ago
I was watching his entire stream
Douglas McArthur
Douglas McArthur 7 days ago
50+ is easy when you get the ray gun, I spent at least 200k on the box in one game and never got it
Tristan Dobson
Tristan Dobson 7 days ago
anyone remember at what time he was talking abt how they both got the wonder weapon? I can't find it and there's nothing abt it online that I can find.
Tristan Dobson
Tristan Dobson 4 days ago
@Joe Yeah I figured that out lol. Thanks tho Joe
Joe 4 days ago
Tristan Dobson they both got it because marcel got it from the coffin EE and wildcat got it normally
Benjamin Stadelmann
Benjamin Stadelmann 7 days ago
We need to make the tod mod to the Marcel mod
Alex Hunsberger
Alex Hunsberger 7 days ago
This is so nostalgic bro. Takes me back to the black ops 2 days. Times were simpler then 😥
Reese Cohen
Reese Cohen 8 hours ago
Kaylei Coutee
Kaylei Coutee 2 days ago
@Extreme_ Hitzz how
Jordan Had
Jordan Had 2 days ago
@Dilozer Analmal so true 😂😂😂
Dilozer Analmal
Dilozer Analmal 3 days ago
@Extreme_ Hitzz you have a bo4 pfp my guy and you talk about bad mechanics
Arizona Ranger
Arizona Ranger 6 days ago
I still remember the times in zombies where everyone would agree to do the Easter egg but after doing the first 3 steps completely give up 🤣🤣🤣
Playboi. Dürk
Playboi. Dürk 7 days ago
What skin is he wearing
thegamingone aka seth
thegamingone aka seth 7 days ago
Did you know you can finish people with the knife in cold war
JoseitooJunior 7 days ago
I’ve been looking every where for where marcel streams. Does anyone know?
Furry Plays
Furry Plays 7 days ago
perfect length for background noise while working on school work
Spacy•Aaron ツ
Spacy•Aaron ツ 7 days ago
Anyone not gonna talk that wildcat got his "own" skin in fortnite without even playin it?
Karnage -
Karnage - 5 days ago
No because we don't play fortnite and we wouldn't know
Matthew Gahagan
Matthew Gahagan 6 days ago
bruh just cause a skin is named wild cat dosnt mean its his
ツSamoanBrawler 6 days ago
That's a no no
Avaterbro 7 days ago
no not really
EL3KTR1K DR4G0N 7 days ago
Its so weird seeing wildcat play zombies because hes a multiplayer kinda guy
EL3KTR1K DR4G0N 7 days ago
@adigity Ive been watching for 6 or 7 years its just its weird now because he doesnt make them often
adigity 7 days ago
You must be new here
Koen Stambera
Koen Stambera 7 days ago
He’s really not
nobody 7 days ago
No way there's a guy acting and thinking he's Jesus Christ in the chat reply.
YoungDaggerDick 999
YoungDaggerDick 999 6 days ago
I was literally going to say something about that😂😂😂 that dude a freak 🚫🧢
Yt_Dagr 7 days ago
This man really used vanoss in the thumbnail but he's with basically😂
nigthmare 7 days ago
LUV VS The World
LUV VS The World 7 days ago
Are you gonna do the Easter egg for this map?
Chimp 20
Chimp 20 7 days ago
How does he have the knife to melee
Chimp 20
Chimp 20 5 days ago
@Sindicle Gaming thank you
Sindicle Gaming
Sindicle Gaming 5 days ago
Go to skills then loadouts and upgrade the melee knife to tier 3
xPsychoUnicornx 7 days ago
So can you get the wonder weapons as a load out weapon?
teinkie 6 days ago
@xPsychoUnicornx yeah I understand. You can't but I wish you could
xPsychoUnicornx 7 days ago
@teinkie yeah Ik that I just was confused for a bit by marcel asking if he could do akimbo ray guns or something along those lines maybe I misheard idk
teinkie 7 days ago
@xPsychoUnicornx you can unlock alternate ammo types for the DIE. You can see Tyler using the Nova 5 upgrade and Marcel using the electric upgrade in this video. You have to unlock them every game as if you were building staffs on origins
xPsychoUnicornx 7 days ago
@teinkie not sure thought I heard them saying something about attachments for the wonder weapons
teinkie 7 days ago
Why is this even a question? No.
Ethan Scott
Ethan Scott 7 days ago
Why is vanoss in the thumbnail, the cats editor is getting lazy and re using a thumbnail mm mm mm
Andres Contreras
Andres Contreras 7 days ago
Did he not do another stream?
N8's RC
N8's RC 7 days ago
Full watching gang, anyone with me?
Caligula 300
Caligula 300 5 days ago
ben peterson
ben peterson 7 days ago
Jordan Giles
Jordan Giles 7 days ago
12:55 jeez...
Chase Yake
Chase Yake 7 days ago
I literally just got off we had to end it at 35 because it’s getting to late. this game is so good idk how people die so many good training spots!
Badbeatinu2 3 days ago
I only die when I get cocky with revives or when the 3 randos do an exfill
King ZUMMI 7 days ago
Brooooooo same round and bc it was late for me too
MonkeysJaw 7 days ago
Round 56:) watched 3 hours my eyes are fucking burning
Gabriel Hernandez-Ancheta
Gabriel Hernandez-Ancheta 7 days ago
Does anyone know how he uses the knife without taking a weapon slot
Gabriel Hernandez-Ancheta
Gabriel Hernandez-Ancheta 6 days ago
@xPsychoUnicornx u good bro i was grinding today lmao im 41 now
xPsychoUnicornx 7 days ago
@Gabriel Hernandez-Ancheta oh sorry btw the level was 50
Gabriel Hernandez-Ancheta
Gabriel Hernandez-Ancheta 7 days ago
@xPsychoUnicornx thanks brother i appreciate it
xPsychoUnicornx 7 days ago
Yep at (insert level here) you get the melee skill upgrade on zombies and instead of using the gunbutt you use a knife
Unknown Qrow
Unknown Qrow 7 days ago
How do you open the tunnel to that small room in medical bay that wildcat camped in
Nasty 4 days ago
You have to go threw the anomoly and and at crash site the front of the plane will be floating and there you will see the purple ather tunnel which cost $500
No, Just No
No, Just No 7 days ago
U guys probably already know this but if u are using the knife and knife just before u normally would it does a faster animation Also u don’t need to do the trial and if u keep activating them and waiting them out ur reward goes from common then uncommon and keeps going up the more u do
TobiasTB _
TobiasTB _ 7 days ago
The famous phrase "don't believe everything you see on the internet" has grown up and now become "don't believe everything you see on tiktok"
Project R34P3R
Project R34P3R 4 days ago
No, thats his kid
VGxdly Gamerz
VGxdly Gamerz 7 days ago
Hey wildcat can we play fortnight the name is vGxdlyGamerz plz
alesito_1016 7 days ago
He either was too lazy to make another thumbnail or he wanted to use vanoss for more views😂
R Slickers
R Slickers 5 days ago
And those thumbnails are hard af to make, I can just make stick figures.
R Slickers
R Slickers 5 days ago
Probably the first one.
Kyle Justiniano
Kyle Justiniano 7 days ago
Levi Starr
Levi Starr 7 days ago
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 7 days ago
So happy we were able to watch you guys grow as USpostsrs and streamers, much love guys😁✌
monsterking 479
monsterking 479 7 days ago
What does he stream on besides youtube
Ethan Steelman
Ethan Steelman 4 days ago
only youtube
Caligula 300
Caligula 300 5 days ago
Twitch maybe? Not too sure
Kermit_de_frog 7 days ago
Still waiting for that stream to come back up
MonkeysJaw 7 days ago
Zombies plus wildcat equals my favorite content:)
Travis Lehman
Travis Lehman 7 days ago
Playin with marcel but has vanoss in the thumbnail 😂😂😂
MackTheMild 7 days ago
READ MY MIND 😂😂😂 ik someone had to say something
Attempted Gameplay
Attempted Gameplay 7 days ago
Im sad
Teagan Frey
Teagan Frey 7 days ago
I love you man I Watched your videos on the day
Dilozer Analmal
Dilozer Analmal 7 days ago
Wildcat just hates Nogla especially after that argument in mw
xPsychoUnicornx 3 days ago
@Jeremiah P ah my bad the video has been either edited or taken down but you can find the clip on USposts still just look up wildcat being rude to nogla
Jeremiah P
Jeremiah P 7 days ago
@xPsychoUnicornx Which video was it?
xPsychoUnicornx 7 days ago
@Cathal he was getting mad at Nogla because nogla was giving him callouts then wildcat said he was gonna mute nogla then mute nogla for the whole discord server
Cathal 7 days ago
@Bradley Stafford what did he actually say in the first place?
Bradley Stafford
Bradley Stafford 7 days ago
No, he apologized. Look at his past posts
DrenalinERush 7 days ago
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Luke Burton
Luke Burton 7 days ago
How’s he got shotgun and a knife?
Luke Burton
Luke Burton 7 days ago
Tommy Bruno
Tommy Bruno 7 days ago
@BashMad thank you sir 🙌🏽
BashMad 7 days ago
You can upgrade melee in loadouts to start with a knife and then a Bowie knife instead of just fists, and you start with a weapon and ability which was the shotgun in Tyler's case.
Tommy Bruno
Tommy Bruno 7 days ago
Same thing I’m wondering
Jacob Stevens
Jacob Stevens 7 days ago
Amazing! Job well done
Vin_Diesel68 7 days ago
Kino is the mascot of wildcats channel
Frank Soriano
Frank Soriano 7 days ago
2:18:30 no that was from your guys scary map video lol. fucking leon the creepy guy
Zjan Arkin Cala-or
Zjan Arkin Cala-or 7 days ago
monty turner
monty turner 7 days ago
This game would be cool to play on if it was on the switch.
Scott Kosick
Scott Kosick 7 days ago
Anyone got a start time?
Christopher Loth
Christopher Loth 7 days ago
Youre a fuckin GENIOUS
KanAKinO 7 days ago
Going for the mastery camp in zombies instead of the mp. The dark matter canon for mp is trash
xHamster52x 7 days ago
This was the best zombies game I’ve watched in a long while
Sam Nodine
Sam Nodine 2 days ago
@Andrew Carbonara even in his sleep he knows cyans sus
David Bunting
David Bunting 4 days ago
@Andrew Carbonara I’m dead
Andrew Carbonara
Andrew Carbonara 7 days ago
Yoooo I felll asleep last night with phone on hahahah. This is mad funny
LetsGo22 7 days ago
@Andrew Carbonara bro you don’t need to get so political
SLYCOOPER5 7 days ago
@Harrison Stephens his statements strike pure knowledge into me.
Tatted Mango
Tatted Mango 8 days ago
That clickbait tho
Iamlucky 2
Iamlucky 2 8 days ago
Kyle Sorensen
Kyle Sorensen 8 days ago
If your only playing with basically why do you have vanossgaming in the thumbnail
Bauer CA
Bauer CA 7 days ago
@Kyle Sorensen it doesn’t matter who’s in the thumbnail he put the people he’s playing with in the fucking title is that not good enough for you?
Kyle Sorensen
Kyle Sorensen 7 days ago
@Bauer CA but you can’t put someone else in a thumbnail without even playing with them linking them into the description, basically I do work isn’t even in the thumbnail 😂
Bauer CA
Bauer CA 7 days ago
Because you can use a thumbnail more then once
Slashgamer 27
Slashgamer 27 8 days ago
Are people actually retarded he's using the same thumbnail he did in the last video Edit:He does that for every stream
Drift Media
Drift Media 8 days ago
AshGaming 8 days ago
I’m picturing a zombie operating a javelin 😂
Bomhack 5 days ago
@Dwight Howard fr
Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard 7 days ago
Who’s the girl in ur pfp?
WHITE WOLF007 8 days ago
Please do the zombies Easter egg
SaDx Weevil016
SaDx Weevil016 8 days ago
Start with a knife it 1 taps zombies over round 20+ best strat that worked for me
joyce cravens
joyce cravens 7 days ago
@Big Skrimp oh yeah zombies is apart of the games also game modes are not dlc
Big Skrimp
Big Skrimp 7 days ago
@joyce cravens oh sorry, i meant is zombies included.
joyce cravens
joyce cravens 7 days ago
@Big Skrimp is what included? The knife? All dlcs in cold war will be free
SaDx Weevil016
SaDx Weevil016 7 days ago
@Landon Bond I just used it it my last game I was round 21 and it still 1 hit for me
Big Skrimp
Big Skrimp 7 days ago
question, i have never played zombies. is it included in the standard game or is it a dlc you have to buy?
Cheezy Ball
Cheezy Ball 8 days ago
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