Modern Warfare but we play on MAX SENSITIVITY...

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3 months ago

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I AM WILDCAT 3 months ago
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days
maryrshirkey 3 months ago
If i do i what a yes
LIXon 45
LIXon 45 3 months ago
Mr I AM WAILDCAT can I play call of duty with you 🥺 👉👈
rauser danny
rauser danny 3 months ago
I AM WILDCAT thanks for the info. Hope u guys r doing well
NUB4LIFE XD 3 months ago
Ayyy Cortana
Ayyy Cortana 3 months ago
@SAMPLE TEXT That seems so extreme lmao
DaddyKryp 2 days ago
Hey wildcat idk how much you know about pc but the higher yohr dpi the higher reshresh rate your mouse is so it makes it smother so play with high dpi low sens
Syahmir Muhd Shah Iskandar
Syahmir Muhd Shah Iskandar 6 days ago
I play on 8000dpi not gonna lie...but i only turn down the game sensivitiy😂
• serds •
• serds • 6 days ago
Use the scar with max sens
x CrusaderOfHope
x CrusaderOfHope 18 days ago
Ngl... this is the first time that I didn’t skip the Sponsorship 😂😂🙌
Rianna Miller
Rianna Miller 18 days ago
Lmao i play on 100 always and im fine. I find anything else is to slow
Yigit Koray Kocu
Yigit Koray Kocu 20 days ago
İ wish i had cod mw
Kenneth Semien
Kenneth Semien 21 day ago
One guys name was lela star...nice 😎
Alex Rippons
Alex Rippons 23 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks 3200 dpi is pathetic. I got my mouse set on 12500 dpi ong
Destiny5608 0
Destiny5608 0 27 days ago
i allways play on 3200 dpi :(
Adrian Avila
Adrian Avila Month ago
Nice voice crack
the batman
the batman Month ago
1:39 men of culture i see
Chance Atkinson
Chance Atkinson Month ago
I casually use my computer at 9000 DPI
EliteNinja5307 Month ago
wildcat i literally play on max sensitivity. it is easier to control on controller though
GoldenLightning_ Month ago
i play on max sensitive on console, not that difficult
David Bruce
David Bruce 2 months ago
Magicman 123
Magicman 123 2 months ago
Wildcat was legit was doing his ad for raid showdown and then when he finished a advert came up on raid shadow😂😂
Connor Hogan
Connor Hogan 2 months ago
I play on max sensitivity normally
Ye Old MeMer
Ye Old MeMer 2 months ago
Wild cat I wanna say one thing insert lyrics from the wild cat cooking show
Ye Old MeMer
Ye Old MeMer 2 months ago
Raid shadow legends
Playgroundplayzz 2 months ago
I play on 8000dpi when im messing with my friends
Stale Steak
Stale Steak 2 months ago
3600, thats lil kid dpi, try 4500 dpi
Tykio 2 months ago
Ummmmmm....i play on 6400 dpi
Wastelandexplorer1 2 months ago
Hate to break it to u but my sensitively is 4k but then again I have a extreamky heavy mouse
Sir_ TopCat
Sir_ TopCat 2 months ago
heh emily willis
i nutted too fast
i nutted too fast 2 months ago
Best raid shadow legends ad ever
Pokémon Trainer Hilbert
Pokémon Trainer Hilbert 2 months ago
I think the lesson is to never play on maximum sensitivity.
Victorious 2 months ago
imagine thinking 3200 is high. i play 12k bitch.
Kaleb Coleman
Kaleb Coleman 2 months ago
I watched the whole raid shadows legends ad just to be greeted by a RAID SHADOW LEGENDS USposts AD RIGHT AFTER I FINISHED WATCHING WILDCAT’S!
ElBOBBY 101 2 months ago
The best ad ever 1:38
A crying koala
A crying koala 2 months ago
There’s a player named “Lela star” at 1:43
Vance Ovesky
Vance Ovesky 2 months ago
From the thumbnail I just expect wildcat in it going “nyoom”
PlasmaPro 2 months ago
Kingdom Key 2015
Kingdom Key 2015 2 months ago
There you go again, showin' off. 😆 Great content as always, Wildcat! Keep it up!
Kaitlynn Chick
Kaitlynn Chick 2 months ago
“Ayo can y’all put the 725’s awa- AYO can you download raid shadow legends”
Cool thing Henlo
Cool thing Henlo 2 months ago
Moo saying max sen on controller is crazy me play with max all the time(baby am a different breed).
Soul Eater
Soul Eater 2 months ago
The dpi on my mouse has a 16,000 max
Jason Warner
Jason Warner 2 months ago
Omg so funny keep up the great content Wildcat
BuBba KuShInGToN
BuBba KuShInGToN 2 months ago
Damn great lobby to hear your advertisement
sLeepydragon905 2 months ago
I mean I play full sense
shaggythegreat 2 months ago
my mouse can go up to 8200 dpi but i play on 2400
Rayen Rampersad
Rayen Rampersad 2 months ago
Not because you play cod you should be a pro some just play to have a good time we didn't make it a job
Chimp Edits
Chimp Edits 2 months ago
My dpi is 6400 and I play on 5😂
Rodolphe Kondakji
Rodolphe Kondakji 2 months ago
As soon as wildcat stopped promoting raid a raid add came on
Glitch dtv
Glitch dtv 2 months ago
1:19 spam click this
CALiber 2 months ago
Raid legends ad popped up right after your sponsor push 😂
Mc Furry
Mc Furry 2 months ago
11:07 when my balloon runs out of air
Connor Harris
Connor Harris 3 months ago
I play on 4800 dpi and 9 in game sense am I special?
ItZMercWolf 13
ItZMercWolf 13 3 months ago
right after his raid ad and he says i have a clip i got an ad from youtube about raid
Meet Singh
Meet Singh 3 months ago
When he just talking about raid shadows I got a advert about it
Aden Willis
Aden Willis 3 months ago
high dpi players be not super duper fricky dicky happy
Martin Vasquez
Martin Vasquez 3 months ago
marcel powell
marcel powell 3 months ago
Its not easy but you'll get the hang of it
Hari Ng Rebound
Hari Ng Rebound 3 months ago
is it bad that i use 5000 DPI on FPS games?
Dillon Snowder
Dillon Snowder 3 months ago
Bruh. This was the most entertaining wildcat video I ever watched 😂
JJ Imapro
JJ Imapro 3 months ago
Modern warfare hiding strat???????????? I would love to see that
bradley sweat
bradley sweat 3 months ago
what absolute PLEEB plays on 3.5? i play on 12
Jaredoboi1 3 months ago
Omg ffs wildcat those teammates I seen them before on phub brother.🤣
Javier Figueroa
Javier Figueroa 3 months ago
You should do funny hot mics compilations
MomsBiscuits 3 months ago
Koarol 0
Koarol 0 3 months ago
Does Wildcats mouse only go to 3200 dpi?
Thomas Bratton
Thomas Bratton 3 months ago
Of course right after wildcat is done explaining raid shadow legends I get an ad that just says let's play raid shadow legends
Archie Maddock
Archie Maddock 3 months ago
everybody: *nothing* wildcat : "RaId ShAdOw LeGeNdS"
Z-man 123
Z-man 123 3 months ago
Best advertisement 😂
DeRpY sLuRpY
DeRpY sLuRpY 3 months ago
Legend says hes the second best trickshotter
nathan d
nathan d 3 months ago
I’m drunk and watching this at 2:45am. Thank you Tyler
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson 3 months ago
The best raid shadow legends sponsor clip ever to exist
trey 3 months ago
Anyone else think of flair when Llama rhoades came up🧐
Mikal Aaron
Mikal Aaron 3 months ago
This was the best raid shadow legends hype I’ve ever seen 😂
Aceg8mer 3 months ago
Search sliver2204 for ome of the guys who was part of the raid shadow legends ad
qtDigi 3 months ago
When u get an ad for raid shadow legends after listening to an promo for it
Spam Here
Spam Here 3 months ago
I play on 5400 DPI all the time............
Batman on DS
Batman on DS 3 months ago
avery Isajiw
avery Isajiw 3 months ago
My mouse is on 9,500 dpi, with in game sensitivity at 2.50... yall play on that slow speed
The Shady Boi
The Shady Boi 3 months ago
As a wise man named Carlton Banks once said “max sensitivity, max pain baby”
Saeed 3 months ago
*4 seconds ago*
Thom Green
Thom Green 3 months ago
Good variety with the ad homie. Also shoutout Lela Star.
Adan Rios
Adan Rios 3 months ago
Aaron Fat
Aaron Fat 3 months ago
I’m on Xbox and I play on max sensitivity normally
MiniMonkey76 3 months ago
Wildcat rlly took the bussy clan tag shits copyrighted i own dat shit
maryrshirkey 3 months ago
Jone seilm is telling u to play raid so play it
maryrshirkey 3 months ago
ChAgO The boy
ChAgO The boy 3 months ago
I really wanna know that broken mic he has I want that
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez 3 months ago
When Wildcat’s in-game ad about Raid Shadow Legends is interrupted by a USposts ad for Raid Shadow Legends 😂 🤦🏽‍♂️
GAMER MAN 3 months ago
After the raid showdow legendes part I had an ad about raid
Hayden Johnson
Hayden Johnson 3 months ago
Can you do hc s&d it isnt a total difference but everyone is usually a one shot
Xilefy 3 months ago
How does he have a much tighter hip fire ????????? I’m so confused lol 😂
chris goebel
chris goebel 3 months ago
The reason it appears your movement is higher than moos has a lot to do with moo using a controller and you on a mouse,
goldenplays 3 months ago
Try 0 sens
Combat Engineer AKA Shrin
Combat Engineer AKA Shrin 3 months ago
My mouse maxs out at 10K DPI, i play most games on 5-6K
SicK Filipino
SicK Filipino 3 months ago
Who else got a raid shadow legends ad after he was done with the sponsor.
Robloxlegend69 3 months ago
My brother plays on 16,000 DPI all the time
l7Sinzl 3 months ago
Wildcat: Sponsors raid shadow legends Me: *Gets a raid shadow legends ad*
MouthMuffler 3 months ago
The only raid shadow legends sponsor that hasn’t been skipped
KidDynamite101 _
KidDynamite101 _ 3 months ago
Ha he was just talking about raid shadow legends to sponsor it to his team and then immediately right after he was done out popped up an ad for raid itself really puts the whole two in one thing to the test
CountDrackula 3 months ago
theirs a video in ur ads
matthew 3 months ago
You should do the opposite
Joseph Calvert
Joseph Calvert 3 months ago
XD Right after he got done with his Raid shadow legends ad, a Raid shadow legends ad played.
Robert Hallums
Robert Hallums 3 months ago
I gotta try this my mouse goes to 16,000 dpi😅
pro projector
pro projector 3 months ago
The original video of the raid shadow legends ad is on siliver2204 we were the people playing with him
Redrum Rampage
Redrum Rampage 3 months ago
I play on max Sensitivity
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