Asphalt 9 moments that really make Basically RAGE...

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11 days ago

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I AM WILDCAT 11 days ago
Asphalt 9 is available for Free on Switch #Ad
Greyson Chioros
Greyson Chioros 8 days ago
This game is garbage it ruined my switch I can't even turn it on don't buy it
Dominic Dimodica
Dominic Dimodica 9 days ago
I challenge you wildcat a race in Asphalt 9
Dakota Harrison
Dakota Harrison 9 days ago
If u see this could u do a vid on origins remastered with the Easter egg
Alpha Eclipse
Alpha Eclipse 9 days ago
Will you make a war thunder video? The game is free.
Bowsette NC-17
Bowsette NC-17 9 days ago
To bad you missed the one year celebration week. I got so many cars during that it was stupid.
Silvershine 20 hours ago
I play asphalt 9 on mobile
Ezriel jhun Torres
Ezriel jhun Torres 2 days ago
asphalt my ass fall
Jeremiah Alexander
Jeremiah Alexander 2 days ago
Does this remind anyone of speed racer
Bugarin Jaaziniath
Bugarin Jaaziniath 3 days ago
Well that’s just great, I have Asphalt 8!
Liam Leyson
Liam Leyson 3 days ago
It's not the car you drive. It's the driver who's driving the car that's doing the driving. - Vin Serento
Bruce 4 days ago
More Asphalt 9 content pls
Sonic The Hedgehog: Sonic Adventures YouTube Series
Sonic The Hedgehog: Sonic Adventures YouTube Series 4 days ago
Find me on the Switch version of Asphalt 9. But I am proud of you. ❤
Ryan Hargrove
Ryan Hargrove 5 days ago
Play more Asphalt just to see Basically rage again
Astronomically MC
Astronomically MC 5 days ago
2:00 Somebody tell me why Tyler and I said that at the same time.
nothing_cool the magical cat
nothing_cool the magical cat 5 days ago
The RS badge on the back of that Camaro is taunting Marcel. Imagine a Porche getting beat by shoddy V6 wannabe sports car.
lllYumYumlll528 5 days ago
zoom zoom
Boi Yeah that's it
Boi Yeah that's it 5 days ago
It’s on mobile and I love playing it
Gabe Aguilar
Gabe Aguilar 5 days ago
Is this game making fun of my financial situation
Boston Blues
Boston Blues 5 days ago
there's been 9 of these? I've never heard of it ever lmao
I had a siezure trying to read the title
Durp 6 days ago
This game is actually very good, I love it
Noah Le'Vay
Noah Le'Vay 6 days ago
The fact that they're just now started playing is hilarious, It takes bout 2 years to even get half the cars in the game
Yikes Chief
Yikes Chief 6 days ago
Better as a free mobile game
Avery Cody
Avery Cody 6 days ago
If u watch basicallys video wildcat losed more time than he showed
alvin 6 days ago
Now this is a good game
u could play on your mobile
MonkeyMan 6 days ago
Game actually looks pretty fun.
Arka Arham
Arka Arham 6 days ago
It's sad that this is the only asphalt vid he has ever posted
Bradley lysaght
Bradley lysaght 6 days ago
Please play more of this
Thesuperkillerplays Gooby!
Thesuperkillerplays Gooby! 7 days ago
Asphalt is a horrible game
jason valecruz
jason valecruz 7 days ago
that was more entertaining than i expected lol
Spaceman :0
Spaceman :0 7 days ago
Who else already plays this game
NorthernLaw 7 days ago
Someone that plays this game, is there a Civic Type-R in this game? The new one not the old ones
Sir common Decency
Sir common Decency 6 days ago
Yea it’s a d class car
NorthernLaw 7 days ago
He had that lancer evo, too bad it wasn't a Civic Type-R
Tsusana Kuruto
Tsusana Kuruto 7 days ago
I’ve been having the game since it came out I know have over 48 cars
Noah Le'Vay
Noah Le'Vay 6 days ago
I have 55
Cairon Da boss
Cairon Da boss 7 days ago
Pls do more videos of this game
Ryan Zimmer
Ryan Zimmer 7 days ago
The disrespect to the evo bothers me
Shadow Assassin
Shadow Assassin 7 days ago
Before I had any kind of consol I was addicted to asphalt 8 on my phone
swiss_ EXO
swiss_ EXO 7 days ago
luis alvarado
luis alvarado 8 days ago
I was dying and I mean dying when he said this game making fun of my financial situation 😂
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor 8 days ago
This is funny this is the first video I ever uploading I just did this a few weeks ago
Jacob Weisskirchen
Jacob Weisskirchen 8 days ago
Tyler did a top gear on the Mazda furi at 9:07
holydracoeva 24
holydracoeva 24 8 days ago
aww, no code for a bonus?
Froggo1q 8 days ago
I sub.
Jesus Ramirez
Jesus Ramirez 8 days ago
This video was pretty funny! I also have Asphalt 9 on mobile ever since it came out
Luke Pedersen
Luke Pedersen 8 days ago
It’s better on mobile
Marf0777 0777
Marf0777 0777 8 days ago
Does anyone else remember playing asphalt 4 on the dsi? This is a huge upgrade and difference, I was blown away.
Khadeemrg _
Khadeemrg _ 8 days ago
Alexander Lopez
Alexander Lopez 8 days ago
Play 5 person race wt basically, Delirious, Cartoonz and Nogla
the real savage
the real savage 9 days ago
This video was really funny and you should make more asphalt videos 👍
Gabriel Caballero
Gabriel Caballero 9 days ago
the faster cars have lower numbers
bellybongofoxx -
bellybongofoxx - 9 days ago
If they ever remaster burnout revenge that would be the absolute best game for you two to play
Dev Prasad
Dev Prasad 9 days ago
Who remembers mod apks
Luis Marchena
Luis Marchena 9 days ago
Hey Wildcat have you play NFS
stienley nagata
stienley nagata 9 days ago
used to play this game on my Nokia
Gabriel Carrington
Gabriel Carrington 9 days ago
I went straight to the comments to look for ppl who have been playing for a while
Jesus Manuel Valenzuela Smith
Jesus Manuel Valenzuela Smith 9 days ago
i love this videogame
Ayush Guruswamy
Ayush Guruswamy 9 days ago
I rmb asphalt 8 and that fucking switzerland map. This is definitely better, but i prefer asphalt 8
LiterBikesForever 9 days ago
Zendrive -
Zendrive - 9 days ago
Why the hell is this video trending for gaming lol?
King Galix
King Galix 9 days ago
Why play on switch if it’s on PC and Xbox
Andrew Melendez
Andrew Melendez 9 days ago
mazda furai fun fact the only one that was made caught on fire in top gear
Jacob 9 days ago
wildcat could make any game entertaining
Damo Jak
Damo Jak 9 days ago
This video makes me wanna get the game again
ØrigaMii 9 days ago
I play this game too much LMFAO on Switch btw
Maximilian Vang
Maximilian Vang 9 days ago
Wildcat, I have a request, whenever you are streaming can you plz put it on members only(especially zombies). Seeing people come to your stream and talk shit is infuriating, though I’m not a member I prefer to have my mind on you instead of idiots in chat. Yes I know I should just ignore them, but it’s very-fucking-difficult when it’s constant, you know better than I do, your call boss
Joshpooperdooper Gaming and more
Joshpooperdooper Gaming and more 9 days ago
Every mobile player has already known about this
Julio alRamirez
Julio alRamirez 9 days ago
No gonna talk bout his 50 cent reference
Okamimusha 9 days ago
This looks amazing for switch. That said, I don't usually play racing games, but I'd play this.
It'sYourboy 9 days ago
For everyone who toons into his zombies stream don't spam fuck him with clickbait or where's Vanoss shits annoying
fuzzyunicorn3 9 days ago
This was actually fun to watch
hooodini ceasar salad
hooodini ceasar salad 9 days ago
Ah yes a mobile game series from my childhood and now its now switch
Kayden Doubleday
Kayden Doubleday 9 days ago
love this game. I want to see Marcel rage more please!
SESS 9 days ago
Sup guys all I do is play games that makes me money
Unruly Pisces
Unruly Pisces 9 days ago
miss this game
ent!ty 0
ent!ty 0 9 days ago
i would love to see wildcat and marcel play CSR2 sometime
Efrain Luevano
Efrain Luevano 9 days ago
Play this game again and use the cars u have in real life
David Bump
David Bump 9 days ago
Just picked it up for the Switch. I'm actually pretty intrigued by the whole game, good stuff
my22bullets 9 days ago
Wildcat you should play rust again
Bowsette NC-17
Bowsette NC-17 9 days ago
Just wait til you get the Lambo
NoTT__ 9 days ago
Ass Fault
Bowsette NC-17
Bowsette NC-17 9 days ago
Love the Cherry Blossom trees in the new map. ☺️
Mejia Alonzo
Mejia Alonzo 9 days ago
Play this with the crew please needs to happen
Sam Becker
Sam Becker 9 days ago
Please play more of this
SUSBOYv0 9 days ago
This is my first time seeing this game and it reminds me of the racing games u see in a pizza place or bowling alley with better graphics
MY TOXIC 9 days ago
Find the letter Л дддддддддддддддддддддддддддддддддддддддддддддддлддддддддддддддддддддддддддддддддддддд
Donald Valois
Donald Valois 9 days ago
BidderGick 9 days ago
My Dad played this game.
jeremy bonnes
jeremy bonnes 9 days ago
Dorthy was raped by the little people.
Noah Ziegler
Noah Ziegler 9 days ago
unlike normal sponsers this game actually looked kinda cool
Doughboy_0105 9 days ago
I played this game on my school laptop 4 years ago. Good times. Simpler times
Awab Meeri
Awab Meeri 9 days ago
What I see "asphalt" What I hear "ASSphalt"
Vibin Out
Vibin Out 9 days ago
The fact this is also a mobile game is insane... graphics are so good
Jertyatgaming YTL
Jertyatgaming YTL 9 days ago
Kenway Lam
Kenway Lam 9 days ago
Tyler and marcel just made this game look fun for no reason, need to see the rest play this as well
David 9 days ago
i love watching you playing racing car games
RSX_BackFire 9 days ago
i used to play this game religiously so seeing them play this is amazing
Fero Exe
Fero Exe 9 days ago
Bruh I have this on my phone
Matthew Sheats
Matthew Sheats 9 days ago
Wildcat:I am the great racer lightning McQueen once said Me:speed is the great youtuber jacksepticeye once said
Ryze pixle
Ryze pixle 9 days ago
didnt think this video would be this funny omg "can we get some F's for Marcel"
aSmallB01 9 days ago
Let's see more!!
Grayson Dillashaw
Grayson Dillashaw 9 days ago
its on mobile tooo
Abraham KK
Abraham KK 9 days ago
Please play this game and upload videos later.... I love to watch this!!!!
Hunter 9 days ago
I mean if y’all tryna make more asphalt videos I’m 100% down on god this game is fun and enjoyable to watch
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