Among Us moments that remind you never to go into storage...

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Jodishae Haughton
Jodishae Haughton 4 days ago
Who else that con was a girl at first
Greywolf YT
Greywolf YT 7 days ago
Omg I missed Conner
NEON Kittyism
NEON Kittyism 9 days ago
I swear every time before they get voted out the person that IS getting voted out guesses the two imposters EXACTLY.
LyTr1x 10 days ago
I just wanna be clear, is that the NerdOut?
Narwhal 12 days ago
Honestly I expected Hafu to vote for wildcat.
Mahoney Jack
Mahoney Jack 12 days ago
The messy flight effectively mate because rub morally water during a marked property. minor, teeny-tiny department
Jaystyz 13 days ago
Connor just yells bcz he is a child man
RG Exotic
RG Exotic 13 days ago
Bro I wish I could play with wildcat it would be a dream come true
Ra1zeXx _1
Ra1zeXx _1 19 days ago
1:38 When you find out your mom real name isnt "mom"
Carter Smith
Carter Smith 19 days ago
I do the same strat for imposter that wildcat uses and no matter what everyone just says it's me immediatley
RayquazaKing04 21 day ago
Fkn love Conner in these videos! He brings me a smile w you guys!
SykoSkipper 22 days ago
Man Conner annoys tffffff outta me
Sachiko Sandler
Sachiko Sandler 24 days ago
The cloistered print recurrently visit because offer advisably haunt worth a standing cable. husky, rabid leaf
Pyro 26 days ago
Im so glad conner is back
Eden Elamawi
Eden Elamawi 27 days ago
I thought con is a girl in that first game
Kuya Badz
Kuya Badz 28 days ago
" how am i supposed to defend with his perfect laugh feel the same way 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Blossom Maid
Blossom Maid 29 days ago
Sorry but the voice of little kids ruined the video
George Carben
George Carben 29 days ago
Wildcat just letting you know your animated face of you smooshed up against the glass is now my phone. Background
Doom Ghost
Doom Ghost Month ago
3:30 wildcat plays with 12 yr olds. The more you know
Doom Ghost
Doom Ghost 13 days ago
I have no clue
Vlad The Evil Cat
Vlad The Evil Cat 14 days ago
Who tf even is he?!
rosin robbie
rosin robbie Month ago
Can you do fortnite Liz Liz Liz Liz Liz Liz plz
Bad2theoppeboen Month ago
Keep up with the great content!
Gian Cosio
Gian Cosio Month ago
Wildcat:I 100% sure trust cipher *after discussion* Wildcat:yea let's vote cypherx3
TF4L Kreach
TF4L Kreach Month ago
This is the best thumbnail I’ve ever seen
Woulou III
Woulou III Month ago
Bro Wildcat and Alpharad are not a Colab I ever expected... and it only lasted the first clip of the video.
Juulian Hilser
Juulian Hilser Month ago
This video was great until Conner talked
Spazz Gaming
Spazz Gaming Month ago
Damn that kid is annoying
Mathieu Robichaud
Mathieu Robichaud Month ago
omg its connor from Forkknife (i think)
fox boy gaming online
fox boy gaming online Month ago
When i see your outro all the memories of watching you years ago come back...
Cob Father
Cob Father Month ago
Why are there children playing with you guys
vSpiffyy Month ago
Connor when he saw he was imposter 😀 when he say his teammate was Tyler 😁
Dylan McCallion
Dylan McCallion Month ago
Connors voice is getting so deep
Crispy Clone
Crispy Clone Month ago
Daemon Nebula
Daemon Nebula Month ago
Bruh you forgot Alpharad
YOUKEZ Month ago
Willie White
Willie White Month ago
Bro purple is my loadout that exact load out even the witch hat
Radiical Month ago
The death storage
Cash Condit
Cash Condit Month ago
(This is actually what he does 😭) My 1 year younger Brother just says this every DAY just to annoy me Him: Ah Ah aaah~ Me:F U $ K I NG S H U T U P
PlainSauce Month ago
How do they get the kids to play? Are they one of their kids?
PlainSauce Month ago
@TabortoothTiger aaaah. That's cool
TabortoothTiger Month ago
The kid I think you're referring to is Connor. He has his own channel and met Wildcat and others on Fortnite I believe, and now he records with them occasionally.
Hezakigha Morgan
Hezakigha Morgan Month ago
That big brain, infinity IQ mind game from Wildcat at the last round though!! Man hard vouched for a crewmate while he was sus to make people think he was Imposter. That was beautiful!
Jake Despres
Jake Despres Month ago
I lowkey hate connor
Pz4 Z
Pz4 Z Month ago
Yo hi
Pz4 Z
Pz4 Z Month ago
Pz4 Z
Pz4 Z Month ago
steiner1710 Month ago
Con conner from you fn vids
Kezz Irvin
Kezz Irvin Month ago
Conner is getting older man 😞
Ace Hat
Ace Hat Month ago
Those 358 dislikes are people that died in storage
Pug Gamer 2
Pug Gamer 2 Month ago
1:38 this is just hilarious
MEX won
MEX won Month ago
How do those little kids get to play with them just most likely random kids who didn’t k ow him got to play with them and be a part of the friend group
Carlos hernandez
Carlos hernandez Month ago
The animation of Wildcat as a crewmate with his face pressed against the glass was hilarious
0R0 oRo
0R0 oRo Month ago
con and wubblekins are next gen content creators
Lil_Bobby _Vert
Lil_Bobby _Vert Month ago
Is that Conner
Victor Maravilla
Victor Maravilla Month ago
Fortnite Flyer
Fortnite Flyer Month ago
I remember the first video you ever had with connor and now I'm remembering that little kid turning into a teen
Lil Turtle dove
Lil Turtle dove Month ago
Sorry to say it but when Conor said GG BOYS was hella annoying
Connor Biernat
Connor Biernat Month ago
Fun fact: no one cares if u get here first
Nick W
Nick W Month ago
Why the fuck is there a child in the game
XenoR1MSlayer Month ago
Dk is awesome. 😂😂😂
Super Cousins
Super Cousins Month ago
When someone reports a body look at the bottome of the report screen, it said where the body was reported
Orlando Lozoya
Orlando Lozoya Month ago
Conner is Legend
BCV _00
BCV _00 Month ago
Nick is such a genuinely nice person
Kasoy29 Month ago
this is funniest vids xD
Shadic 228
Shadic 228 Month ago
This is quite the lineup
ArroLee Moorhead
ArroLee Moorhead Month ago
i love that they have conner play with them still
Hudman Month ago
Have an amazing day/night everyone, you got this, Jesus loves you, I love you, message me if you ever need anything, I'm here for you! ❤️🙏
Nedac Gaming
Nedac Gaming Month ago
Connor lowkey annoying now lol
The Evil Incarnate
The Evil Incarnate Month ago
Crab with a monicle
Crab with a monicle Month ago
Just realized the anime king nux taku is playing
toxic chemicals
toxic chemicals Month ago
Been awhile since Conner has been in a vid
Abject Month ago
Everytime nick begins to talk. He says "Yep".
Rando's Carp
Rando's Carp Month ago
People who knows conner1234567890 is back poggers
Jayden Month ago
3:12 my ears are hurting
Important_Man Month ago
That DK play was actually genius wth
Krzysztof Król
Krzysztof Król Month ago
Wait. You were playing with NerdOut? I have to see it.
Wizzy Month ago
This nux guy is pretty funny
Ethan Leslie
Ethan Leslie Month ago
Sydney W
Sydney W Month ago
Nice to see Con back Happy Thanksgiving y’all
KyleH. YT
KyleH. YT Month ago
dang...i was expecting the "see" part to be not only "see" but "see" "si" "sea" "c" 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jayden Moody
Jayden Moody Month ago
Conner is WAY too hyperactive
That_1_smelly_fox Month ago
Ima watch this back with my kids in 10 years and say this is what we did back in 2020 :)
Jeff Jefferson
Jeff Jefferson Month ago
I get Connor’s an enthusiastic kid and what not but fuck he’s annoying
JEFF21Gaming Month ago
You should make merch out of you smudging your face in the window when you caught DK
flaming freezy
flaming freezy Month ago
Wow, great video
Zer0 Month ago
at 7:08 Wildcat killed Connor the moment the cameras turned off
LAAAT WEL Month ago
Can we have a connor check in the comments every video to know if he's in it or not?
Rob Walsh
Rob Walsh Month ago
we finally got more from the legendary Connor
Gizouli Month ago
that was an entertaining one
Maurice Canar
Maurice Canar Month ago
1:37 This is the cutest face I've ever seen in my life
Nick Month ago
I love dk. Need more dk wildcat steve
Captain/Thug Gaming
Captain/Thug Gaming Month ago
Did some of these folks kiss their bedtime? XD
Jack Jessup
Jack Jessup Month ago
I just can’t stand Connor
Diego Mendoza
Diego Mendoza Month ago
What my microwave sees at 3 am 1:38
Patrick Mullally III
Patrick Mullally III Month ago
bro conors baby voice is so fucking annoying
Dajah Nelson
Dajah Nelson Month ago
Omg Connor’s voice is changing 🥺🥺
xXMJdogXx Month ago
Wait dk is a while man I thought he was an annoying kid
CodeNameZ Month ago
Cant stand video with conner in makes my ears bleed
Brandon Sanchez
Brandon Sanchez Month ago
conner is on his way to hitting puberty
Michael Mcclanahan
Michael Mcclanahan Month ago
Connor is annoying..thumbs down
Jasmin Sengsourichanh
Jasmin Sengsourichanh Month ago
WILDCAT isn’t a Cat 🐈 he’s a Pig 🐷
CHAOTIKZ Month ago
Wildcat playing with Alpharad? Damn I didn't even know they were friends with each other- pretty cool
Blu Month ago
Inside the boxes in storage are dead bodys
Stone Ocean
Stone Ocean Month ago
I thought con was a girl
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