Modern Warfare moments that make a 10 year old yell at me 😢

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3 months ago

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Aryanna Cruz
Aryanna Cruz Hour ago
Brocks daughter is so adorable
dark soul
dark soul 18 days ago
I feel sad for ya
Name Spidle
Name Spidle 25 days ago
any one else watched this video 4 times bc he doesnt post cod that much
Stewart Kennedy
Stewart Kennedy Month ago
That no scope confirms it wildcat has aimbot
NorthernLaw Month ago
We are to a point where nobody can act bad in a game and suddenly be good without randoms knowing they are a good player, ITS IMPOSSIBLE WTF IS HAPPENING NOW
Ltgraygaming Month ago
u should make a new acc and name ur self somthing other then wildcat and shit on ppl then sht talk them xd
TheRealCATM Month ago
I got into an argument with a squeaker the other night it was fucking hilarious
Cowboy Max10
Cowboy Max10 Month ago
4:04 Can someone repeat this for 10 minutes and put the super Mario world credit song over this. That would be funny as hell
Im Gunsmen
Im Gunsmen Month ago
What happened to Conner lol
Zane Givens
Zane Givens Month ago
7:36 you know it gets real when he pops deady and throws the stun😂
bunchygymmast57 itsmyxboxaccount
bunchygymmast57 itsmyxboxaccount Month ago
Never forget the starfish man
Ben Hemken
Ben Hemken Month ago
1:37 🤣🤣
Snipez4lyf8 '
Snipez4lyf8 ' Month ago
If you think about it this game is still based match making so if they're being stupid that means that everyone else suck
Fearless 2 months ago
Ruth Jennings
Ruth Jennings 2 months ago
Cosmic Badger
Cosmic Badger 2 months ago
I thought the kid in the thumbnail was Connor
Chris Price
Chris Price 2 months ago
2036 brocks daughter takes over moo snuckel channel.
ᕼ I
ᕼ I 2 months ago
That was rude 3:41 🙁
Pro Stopper175
Pro Stopper175 2 months ago
Her voice melted my heart...
NEMEZIZ 2 months ago
Yes I hear The Kid Larois new album
liberty oaks
liberty oaks 2 months ago
best wepun clamore
Badger 2 months ago
The super loud mic is the funniest shit ever
GLITCH OTAKU 2 months ago
What happened to conner
Jaiden Wanner
Jaiden Wanner 2 months ago
How is it when Tyler goes up again people there brain dead defaults but when I go up against people there literal gods
Jah TV
Jah TV 2 months ago
How do you get these lobbies dude
SPEDhotpocket 2 months ago
And I was watching this vid while playing
SPEDhotpocket 2 months ago
I got into ur game then my game crashed I got a screenshot tho
Lucas Jenkins
Lucas Jenkins 2 months ago
I wish I had that kid so I can literally crap on him and make him go play fortnite even thow im 12 lololol
CLOVER SIENKO 2 months ago
Brocks daughter is so cute!!!
sparrow 2 months ago
When they get upset because u shit on them with a worst recoil dragnocov setup
Recruit Lucier
Recruit Lucier 2 months ago
Honestly the dragonov is fucking scary
Recruit Lucier
Recruit Lucier 2 months ago
I come back to this upload sometimes
Local_ Goon_17
Local_ Goon_17 2 months ago
bro riley reid always in tylers lobby lmao
sxd bxy
sxd bxy 2 months ago
watching this rolling off acid rn , its kinda great
John Moore
John Moore 3 months ago
The best part is, the ones that call you garbage are always the ones at the bottom of the leaderboard who die first every round.
Spt Miller
Spt Miller 3 months ago
4:56 Ima do whats called a pro gamer move
Bryon Littke
Bryon Littke 3 months ago
Why is wildcat lowkey really good
Order 666
Order 666 3 months ago
Tyler's high pitched voice sounds fake and kinda cringe
NoHeckinClu 3 months ago
8:41 I’m sorry but my heart just melted, that was adorable!
Tyler Butler
Tyler Butler 3 months ago
This is the type of content that brought me to your channel in the first place. Years ago.
eqa pacific
eqa pacific 3 months ago
iron maiden
Good Guy Toner
Good Guy Toner 3 months ago
5:45 got me rolling dude 😂😂😂
Laezuh 3 months ago
My last name is Kirkby
Jake Boryszewski
Jake Boryszewski 3 months ago
How do u make your mic sound that horrible?! Its hilarious!!!🤣🤣🤣
im jake721
im jake721 3 months ago
what happened to conner that kid
im jake721
im jake721 2 months ago
TheLionBoss I was high as fuck
TheLionBoss 2 months ago
Its connor
william harrison
william harrison 3 months ago
Dragunov. 7.62x54. Soviet. One of the best snipers in history. I admire you for that, wildcat.
TheLionBoss 2 months ago
Great gun
william harrison
william harrison 3 months ago
You think you can do a discord call one day with all of your friends? Thatd be amazing, and help me so much.
Alex Kriner
Alex Kriner 3 months ago
Where is our boy? Y'know, Connor.
Squeak wolf
Squeak wolf 3 months ago
Lucas McComb
Lucas McComb 3 months ago
Me and my friends were in this game on his enemy team starting from 10:58
Liz Bagnall
Liz Bagnall 3 months ago
I can’t tell if it’s wildcat trolling on my team or it’s actual players on my team Because there always so bad
Joseph Perez
Joseph Perez 3 months ago
I don't know how you guys can handle people trash talking I would be so crushed by there words
BodyBagBlue 420
BodyBagBlue 420 3 months ago
I hope wildcat makes a montage of all the insane and stupid plays he has made in all of the cod games
Jack McPherson
Jack McPherson 3 months ago
Are we not gonna mention at 7:54 that guys name was "Riley Reid" XD
Braiden Harpold
Braiden Harpold 3 months ago
Riley Reid and Lana rhoades on MW are my regiment leaders, it’s funny you went against them, they’re actually really good
Judy Morgan
Judy Morgan 3 months ago
Love it
Scouseleemini1 3 months ago
you love it when the Texan says running out of ammo sucks, god bless america
Kevin Perez
Kevin Perez 3 months ago
I know because of David dobrik
Kevin Perez
Kevin Perez 3 months ago
I love how one of your teammates has a name of a porn star
MrSachasan 3 months ago
How fun this game can be without sbmm....
Insert Name Here
Insert Name Here 3 months ago
This makes me want to play the dragonov
Jonny Huber
Jonny Huber 3 months ago
Brock is making a new supersoldier, the toxic toddler.
J3553x 3 months ago
Dragonov actually has a secret effect where 1 in 12 shots will aimbot whomever you're pointing at.
Lotus Sqirz
Lotus Sqirz 3 months ago
Was he out of ammo? Yeah he was out of ammo😂😂
DGeZy 3 months ago
This is the funniest video you've put out in a while
A Guy
A Guy 3 months ago
I haven’t laughed this hard since the dragon ball z gmod video
Bat man
Bat man 3 months ago
Faded Panda2513
Faded Panda2513 3 months ago
brock's daughter is so adorableeeeeeee
Deterin 3 months ago
5:38 the rapid fire and scotty were too much for me
roho 3 months ago
the glize munche is king
Jaidon Bevan-German
Jaidon Bevan-German 3 months ago
I love the fact they are so good when the play shit everyone says their bad but the top their team
Caz 3 months ago
he's fucking insane Jarvis with the mollies
Thomas Harrington
Thomas Harrington 3 months ago
that's so sweet for brock to include his daughter
Etiénne Loots
Etiénne Loots 3 months ago
kingofcats Jr
kingofcats Jr 3 months ago
Hi wildcat
lethal saints
lethal saints 3 months ago
The fake laughing is getting kinda cringe.
FirePowerXtream 3 months ago
I was dying 5:32 - 5:42
Zachary koeppen
Zachary koeppen 3 months ago
My favorite MW vid this week.😆👏
Legendary Taco
Legendary Taco 3 months ago
bro brock's daughter is actually super fucking adorable
Highlighted Gaming
Highlighted Gaming 3 months ago
I love his videos so much that he made me start uploading videos of my own
Summer4998 3 months ago
Whenever Brock’s daughter gets on game I die inside from how cute she is
iEditzz 3 months ago
Panda is a vibe
Sally Taylor
Sally Taylor 3 months ago
Chimp Ross
Chimp Ross 3 months ago
Idk why but I just love the ending outro of your videos
L4ca Xd
L4ca Xd 3 months ago
Wildcat, you have to play fall guys!
Shadow Beast
Shadow Beast 3 months ago
So the legend is true he’s still in season 4
F.B.I 3 months ago
I’m pretty sure yur the one who yells at 10 year olds lol
ColaBro420 ;P
ColaBro420 ;P 3 months ago
I was a long time fan and supporter of all of you guys but making fun of someone's accent for being country is bullshit. Unsubscribed
MARIO PEREZ 3 months ago
Why that kids name GOD_IS_COMING?? 1:20
eder briceno
eder briceno 3 months ago
This. Is. Content!!!!!!!!!
Jay 3 months ago
what perk makes the throwables restock is it only pc?
ReposefulCrane4 3 months ago
Keep making the squeakers mad, WILDCAT!
Roebobitch 3 months ago
The same person that donated thousands of dollars in toys to kids in need is also bullying 8 year olds in call of duty lobbies. There are 2 kinds of people in this world and wildcat is both
James Moore
James Moore 3 months ago
Wildcats no-scope of the year bro😂
Espectro 3 months ago
Brock's daughter is fucking adorable
MONSTERstile12 3 months ago
Cod hour bring it back, BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK!!!!
MONSTERstile12 3 months ago
Yo bring back cod hour with here on MW!
Dogo Jones
Dogo Jones 3 months ago
I laughed so hard I cried when his team was cheering him on
Tony Contreras
Tony Contreras 3 months ago
we’re conner
KingDavidIII 3 months ago
panda didnt need a smurf account lmao his main account already has bad stats im sure
Logan Remm
Logan Remm 3 months ago
Imagine only being able to have fun if u make a second account, gotta love cod
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