Among Us but I troll crewmates as a ghost...

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Month ago

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daythrayne Boii
daythrayne Boii Month ago
Wildcat. Thank you for everything you do and content you provide for everyone. It always makes me laugh and it’s awesome!🤗
SwishyR6 29 days ago
@WILDCAT have a hair cut big boi
Manuel 360'd you
Manuel 360'd you Month ago
Fun fact: You only did this do get pinned and get wildcat to reply to you
I, the Spoopy Crumbs
I, the Spoopy Crumbs Month ago
Krishan G
Krishan G Month ago
DemonicToasterStrudel Month ago
What a simp
Chavez David
Chavez David 7 days ago
The puzzling statistic developmentally drip because mom aboaly embarrass a a rich bone. thoughtful, instinctive battle
KamikazeB0I 17 days ago
“ I’ve been with *SHPEEDY* “
Anwar Diggs
Anwar Diggs 27 days ago
4:10 missed the perfect opportunity to say good LUXE 😂
Trista Jager
Trista Jager Month ago
Do that all the time
MrStayOnTop Gaming
MrStayOnTop Gaming Month ago
Your content makes me laugh during hard times quarantine has been very hard Watching Wildcat makes it 10x better and then some thanks my g 🤟🏿💙
gucci jesus
gucci jesus Month ago
tayders voice is fucking annoying
Jay BBX404
Jay BBX404 Month ago
Hey WILDCAT love your content keep it up and plz just kill Nogla so he shuts up for you
XR Sera
XR Sera Month ago
5:28 Speedy is killing me
Adriana Sandoval
Adriana Sandoval Month ago
Personal bookmark 5:26
Jeremy Bennett
Jeremy Bennett Month ago
5th Element Entertainment
5th Element Entertainment Month ago
Ooooh that medbay scan ghost mode is fun lol
BillyJDonut Month ago
well hey, you did ask him to kill you
Nick S.
Nick S. Month ago
I love that you still use the "Nogla Bark" effect for kills all these years later lol
Kingston Castle
Kingston Castle Month ago
Why is your name wild cat but in gta your a pig
ArticFlipz Month ago
STILL Month ago
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates ♦️
Out lander Another wonder
Out lander Another wonder Month ago
Yeah Nogal is a simp super into mass potato
Mickey Casagrande
Mickey Casagrande Month ago
alternative title for this video: edging medbay scan
Tommy Carpenter
Tommy Carpenter Month ago
Is it bad that I just now figured out he lives in TN.He’s now the only USpostsr that lives in Tennessee that I know
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy Month ago
0:11 tay didnt see nothin 1:14 if i was alive no way hed get away with this 1:35 neither have button , nicest impostor calls button 1:57 *SURPRISE BITCH* and "side deserves the L he knows he threw" BUT vegas even voted for side so it wouldve tied if side didnt hold his end anyway lol , Nobody was wrong if anything vegas threw 2:17 impostor got... oh proximity IS on.... *air balloon noises* 3:28 jumpeda body aint gonna lie 4:15 imma wind up dead-yep 5:25 im with a girl- so sidearms or what? 6:00 heardsimp 6:17 sitting in hear talking to yourself myguy 7:30 kill2 ok.... well we only neeed 1 thats the problem - ooh 8:32 wait for ghostcat
Acejak1234 F22raptorace
Acejak1234 F22raptorace Month ago
lmao the god damn nogla bark again
Stanley Barnett
Stanley Barnett Month ago
Hey Wildcat, long time viewer here, are you ever gonna play more siege?
Madison Weisbrod
Madison Weisbrod Month ago
Me: waiting for a new vid every day during school Also me: hiding my phone trying to watch u in class >:D
Donald Ducx
Donald Ducx Month ago
I just got unsubbed from your channel. USposts is literally sabotaging itself.
Charzavion Clark
Charzavion Clark Month ago
2:40 you can see Wildcat’s mouse just slowly going to the report button
Derrick Lara
Derrick Lara Month ago
Nogla is the best third imposter.
the glados core
the glados core Month ago
InfernoSerpent Month ago
Wildcat can you please play COD soon
Jakob Dean
Jakob Dean Month ago
Wildcat: if I was alive they would never get away with this Also Wildcat: PRAY TO THE HOLE GOD AND UKMAR
Easyprey 007
Easyprey 007 Month ago
ReapersShadow88 Month ago
Lmfao! I thought tayder was Bryan doing a voice!!!
Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald Month ago
Wildcat wont reply
Alex Paige
Alex Paige Month ago
Hey man, love the content, Thankyou for putting in so much effort all the time! Would love to see you play some story games to mix it up :)
I love your videos wildcat
not thecandi09
not thecandi09 Month ago
You post when I'm ice fishing:(
Savannah Smith
Savannah Smith Month ago
I’m so happy you’re playing with Crream He is so funny
snack_attackxxx Month ago
You should play with 5up
Adien Mendoza
Adien Mendoza Month ago
The nogla bark lol 6:31
William Folwell Shryock Cooke
William Folwell Shryock Cooke Month ago
noah d
noah d Month ago
why is side arms so weird lol
Kaz Month ago
New strategy if your the impostor: If your impostor teammate gets voted out for no reason or something. Fake medscan before hitting the button and say that your teammate was scanning as a ghost then blame the person who accused your teammate.
Vegas Month ago
Justin Quintanilla
Justin Quintanilla Month ago
taydor tot annoying
Matty N.
Matty N. Month ago
I love it! :)
Derrick Black
Derrick Black Month ago
Lmao. I did the same thing with medbay scan in public lobbies before
chunkymonkey5458 Month ago
Sidearms just makes my day
Toten Month ago
Your videos and the crews videos wildcat helped me get through the 2 months I stayed in the hospital a couple years ago. Now I'm having to have surgeries and hospital trips again and I plan on making it through once again with the help of your videos. thank you!
Till Wolly
Till Wolly Month ago
I do not want to watch among us!! Play something else every once in awhiel
Jtgily Month ago
If you ain’t got no money take your broke ass home
Ali Aftab
Ali Aftab Month ago
bro this game aint fun anymore
Dave Crupel
Dave Crupel Month ago
8:50 YES! another great wheeze from Tyler!
Love Trolling
Love Trolling Month ago
Infernius TF2
Infernius TF2 Month ago
I’m gonna do the medbay scan as a ghost in public lobbies It will be fun to fuck around with randoms
Eternal Raider
Eternal Raider Month ago
after moving on from speedys crew, i find his lines sooooo fuckin cringy. ugh.
Scythe Month ago
How have I not thought of doing this to my freainds god Wildcat is a GENIUS
Hells Hound
Hells Hound Month ago
I’m in the comments waiting for ads to play Edit: I now have a 39 minute advert...
Ken Bladehart
Ken Bladehart Month ago
Nogla is a twunt #2
Madhavan Ramesan
Madhavan Ramesan Month ago
Where tf is lannan!?!?!
SimpsBison 1
SimpsBison 1 Month ago
BajoonRS Month ago
0:27 Are you sure it's not "Swiftor Says?" :P
SVPREME Month ago
@Le Extazy he's still doing youtube ^^ still uploading swiftor says almost at 3M subs too
Le Extazy
Le Extazy Month ago
Bet barely anyone remembers him
Steven Martinez
Steven Martinez Month ago
Wildcat I have a question, are you ever going to play with the banana bus guys on gmod and gta??
Brixter Geronimo
Brixter Geronimo Month ago
Im not complaining about the among us gameplay But i wish there are games that are good these days
Bonner Month ago
Wildcat, may you find a game you love in 2021.
F0cu_s Winter
F0cu_s Winter Month ago
Hey Tyler, I'm not trying to get recognition, but during the last few months I've been really depressed and your videos are really helping. Thanks
vFearMySkxll Month ago
Varia XI
Varia XI Month ago
Should def make another "Medbay Ghost Troll" vid hahaha
Muphet Month ago
How nogla makes most stupid things and gets away with them in good way
SkinnyBoyGerman Month ago
In 6:37 why did you report the body wtf you would've won 🤨
Radiical Month ago
BasedTrey Month ago
Thank you for the daily uploads and the work and time behind all of them. I’m watching every day I love your content. One of the few youtubers I’ve watched consistently over the years and never gotten bored of 🙏🏼
Logan Gnap
Logan Gnap Month ago
I’m waiting for an among us video titled “Among us but we’re out of ideas”
Mythic xbappo
Mythic xbappo Month ago
Who else loves wildcat
Hayden Castiglia
Hayden Castiglia Month ago
Do they play with visual task off?
david martinez
david martinez Month ago
This was a good video
Anthony Demott
Anthony Demott Month ago
The medbay scan trolling is something I will be peppering into my own game play. A thousand blessings for this.
SCIENCE_BEAST!!!! Month ago
“No one reads this far in the description... What are you doing snooping around?” *How do you know how much of the description I read???*
Alexander Kierstead
Alexander Kierstead Month ago
Oh, wait you weren't kidding. I'm gonna have to read the whole description for every video now
Crazy Theif
Crazy Theif Month ago
Vegas going calmly insane and crazy over you doing the medbay scan troll it was hilarious
BloxyNotFound Month ago
no intro just content I love it
Joelvz RPG fun
Joelvz RPG fun Month ago
Honest favorite two youtubers of the whole gang being wildcat and Marcel
Gryonutz Month ago
i love the noise you put when nogla dies
Jimmy Bob
Jimmy Bob Month ago
Wish he would continue the South Park series
Kyler Braswell
Kyler Braswell Month ago
Give Cold War another chance!!!
IrnBru Month ago
"Nogla was doing Swiftor Says" Me: "now that is a name I haven't heard in a long time"
Oscar D. Lisboa
Oscar D. Lisboa Month ago
@IrnBru good looks
Oscar D. Lisboa
Oscar D. Lisboa Month ago
@IrnBru oh
IrnBru Month ago
@Oscar D. Lisboa it was a game mode that a Call of Duty youtuber called Swiftor made, it was just Simon says
Oscar D. Lisboa
Oscar D. Lisboa Month ago
Ive never heard this... where is this from?
Stefan Car King
Stefan Car King Month ago
Dam that sound when he kills nogla is priceless.
BleaU- Month ago
Am I the only one that vibes to the outro music?
Wally Fone
Wally Fone Month ago
You need to make a compilation of funny moments in among us
The IJordan
The IJordan Month ago
Hey, you reading this, have an amazing day :)
Dee yaga
Dee yaga Month ago
Is it possible to play with your trash mic on among us?
Jimov Month ago
Love your vids. Still not even close to being bored of your Among Us videos! Always an insta click from me. Keep up the hilarity!
The Bauejax
The Bauejax Month ago
Swiftor says* not siptor
Sofa Month ago
Vanoss: He's starting to believe! 1:16
Xnvcburty 007
Xnvcburty 007 Month ago
Sup Wildcat43
Eric Christopher
Eric Christopher Month ago
I was wondering when you were gonna do this 😂
Great Carty
Great Carty Month ago
Nogla : breathe Wildcat: vote nogla he is sus for that !!
Copyninja Month ago
This was great
CeeGeeTee Month ago
Thank you for The amazing content
Orlando - Bannana
Orlando - Bannana Month ago
Thank you I was looking for a video to watch wil I’ll eat my dinner
Kevin Vargas
Kevin Vargas Month ago
jacob hall
jacob hall Month ago
nogla calling the button as the impostor in the first clip made me finally realize how hard they milked content out of this dying game
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