Fortnite moments that make you want to play as Halo Chief...

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25 days ago

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Riskitz 135
Riskitz 135 5 hours ago
This makes me miss the golden days when Wildcat dropped a Fortnite video damn near everyday
KeepIt Blue530
KeepIt Blue530 3 days ago
If I kills Nogla I’d leave I don’t care what I have or how many kills or 1v1 at the end I’m leaving because I’d feel so bad
Try It
Try It 4 days ago
Fortnite has ruined everything for me literally everything they even fucked up My Childhood sad
NF_ LukeZz
NF_ LukeZz 4 days ago
Love how he's still better than me. Even after the time he hasn't played
Owen Fry
Owen Fry 5 days ago
Wait I just realized did wildcat delete his other account or is this an alt account
Sebastian Theodore
Sebastian Theodore 8 days ago
Nogla was definitely fried asf in this video
Josiah Castr0
Josiah Castr0 9 days ago
Hey wildcat I was wondering if we can play sometime? My username is JDMCVC_99-Brskez
Jaylon Zane
Jaylon Zane 9 days ago
Bring back Tyler playing fortnite
JakesterAviation 11 days ago
Terroriser is from Norwegia Accept the change
Fury X
Fury X 12 days ago
Craig The Brute
Craig The Brute 13 days ago
Spednite turns your brain into poopoo
Brady McDugle
Brady McDugle 13 days ago
That great lol. The three singing characters with the marshmallow skin was me and my buds. That was the first time we played in months, good timing I guess.
Seals Soup
Seals Soup 14 days ago
Wahh wahh boo fortnite bad wahhhh boo hoo
Hunter Deneen
Hunter Deneen 14 days ago
I wouldn't mind seeing more fortnite
Collin Brougher
Collin Brougher 14 days ago
My respect for Nogla the first 6 minutes 📈📈📈📈
moonlight Animations
moonlight Animations 15 days ago
Nogla not a furry Also nogla: poggy woggys.
Osiris Official
Osiris Official 16 days ago
Tyler people are trying to cancel you for saying The R word but u can’t cancel someone who don’t care 😹😹
mrjohnw2 16 days ago
So the editing on this video... Freaking top notch my dude. Also I can't with you three.... Too funny
Sargu Blast
Sargu Blast 18 days ago
ik its sad, but i miss wildcat playing fortnite as 'semi pro'
Sean Boehm
Sean Boehm 18 days ago
This entire video reminds me of “Norwegia”
PlatinumLCG 18 days ago
how do you record gameplay on an xbox for long video setions? do you need any external software?
levi duncan
levi duncan 19 days ago
i now know why his names halo chief
Rynxx 19 days ago
As much as I refuse to play the game I love watching ya'll play it LMAO.
versace toxic
versace toxic 19 days ago
poggie woggie B)
The Greatest Show Fox
The Greatest Show Fox 20 days ago
I'm a furry
J. DOTTER 20 days ago
Lmao when at 7:10 as I looked up at the Tv and saw a documentary about a veteran who lost his legs and was in a wheel chair😂😂😂😂 The timing
Michael Charlino
Michael Charlino 20 days ago
Terroriser is falling off
Vi0let.ski3s 20 days ago
Ive never seen fortnite gameplay. Im so confused. X.x
GetawayXD 20 days ago
HaloChiefs is now my Xbox gamer tag 😂🤣😂😁
Ezekiel Ad
Ezekiel Ad 20 days ago
Says controller players but literally doesn’t miss a shot wit the p-90
Jean-Paul Dominguez
Jean-Paul Dominguez 20 days ago
Pewdiepie after watching the beginning: 🥲
Shane Corley
Shane Corley 21 day ago
Wildcat troll nogla for a vid, he deserves it.
Larry Leos
Larry Leos 21 day ago
Larry Leos
Larry Leos 21 day ago
GetawayXD 21 day ago
I want to play as master chief, oops sorry halo chief
AMBUSHED Hd 21 day ago
ur nuts god
Loafbun 21 day ago
Is this ay low free?
Mrs. Green
Mrs. Green 21 day ago
he's still got it👏👏👏👏
John Cain
John Cain 21 day ago
I wish I was a billionaire and I buy Epic Games and delete Fortnite. I hate this game so much. Still love you Wildcat.
SwiftzZBTW 21 day ago
I'm a furry and I still found that shit Hilarious.
King of all
King of all 21 day ago
"Get pooped on dude!" For the last time
idigdeadthings 21 day ago
Halo Chief
Luh Vera
Luh Vera 21 day ago
I miss the fortnite videos😢😂
The Inky Crow
The Inky Crow 21 day ago
During that part where they hummed Star Wars I low key hoped Nogla just crash over in a car screaming the halo theme
PheonixGamingCPC 21 day ago
Just saying controller aim assist isn't a thing because pc players kept wining about it. In my opinion keyboard and mouse vs controller aim assist is fair.
PheonixGamingCPC 21 day ago
I play on pc
Adrian Soto
Adrian Soto 21 day ago
That voice is amazing 🤣🤣
Commander Maverick
Commander Maverick 21 day ago
Where do I support a creator
Damian Medina
Damian Medina 21 day ago
Can someone buy we some tiers on Fortnite I want tier 100 but the game isn’t fun to play sometimes
Mikael Campa
Mikael Campa 21 day ago
As halo chief 🗿 yeah halo chief fosho
Gone fishing
Gone fishing 21 day ago
You’re just better
Travis Prough
Travis Prough 21 day ago
who made this vid title? i want to complain
slat on xbox
slat on xbox 21 day ago
what happened to ur acc
Recruit Lucier
Recruit Lucier 21 day ago
Battles in fortnite from the theater perspective are so satisfying to watch
Recruit Lucier
Recruit Lucier 21 day ago
"Just coz he has a controller doesnt mean he has a brain" aw nogla
Falcon Howard
Falcon Howard 21 day ago
Bruh Nogla would bring politics into this
itstime4aknapp 22 days ago
5:59 thats based asf
OS Slasher1850
OS Slasher1850 21 day ago
Tobias Heslin
Tobias Heslin 22 days ago
i love nogla so much more now
Philosophic human
Philosophic human 22 days ago
This is literally the only way I can actually stand to watch fortnite these days.
CosmicGodYT 22 days ago
Sometimes I forget nogla is a brunette and Irish
Hazardous Ghost
Hazardous Ghost 22 days ago
Crazy to see how good wildcat still is
CB Rekles
CB Rekles 22 days ago
2:42 i was drinking water and then i hear wildcat repeat *H A L O C H I E F* and i almost spit my water out trying not to laugh too hard
Max Herbert
Max Herbert 22 days ago
2 years of not playing fortnite people still complain about controller players
JustSomeNerd 22 days ago
JustSomeNerd 22 days ago
Really hoping the furry bit was joke
xaner 9er
xaner 9er 22 days ago
Its funny how nogla is fine with nazis but not furries
CJ Lute
CJ Lute 22 days ago
Paciente_345 22 days ago
Why didn't he play on his main acc?
9pacman21 22 days ago
is it just me but the reword thing i cant spell shows the music track for glactise last seson but it sured show some thing else
Craig Rizzo
Craig Rizzo 22 days ago
Fuuuu... now im gonna have to make the pedos in speedos reference and im not sure how many people will get it.
aka_Panda 2taptv
aka_Panda 2taptv 22 days ago
Wildcat why don’t you play on your main account
devin smith
devin smith 22 days ago
Nice to see wildcat still got it 😎 Side note I take offense to master chief 🤦🏾‍♂️
SpaghettiLegz06 22 days ago
One gets the gas chamber, the other gives the gas chamber.
Charlie 22 days ago
Halo chief, ok daithidenooogle
Mega Lucario
Mega Lucario 22 days ago
5:32 To late
Austin Wollman
Austin Wollman 22 days ago
He is from norweja
d1stractixn 22 days ago
What if I'm a murder furry nazi
Whiteythereaper 22 days ago
Is it bad that you have to play on a Smurf just to record a chill video lmao, what a shit game😂
Son Hype
Son Hype 22 days ago
People are gonna cancel these guys and it’s gonna be hilarious💀
Sergio Luna
Sergio Luna 22 days ago
Play more call of duty with marksman
Progamer1013 22 days ago
Halo Chief?
Josh Deal
Josh Deal 22 days ago
Can definitely tell nogla knows nothing about politics
DarthDoodo 22 days ago
halo chief
Brenden Gonzalez
Brenden Gonzalez 22 days ago
Its MASTER Chief, not Halo chief you simpleton
Logan Thornton
Logan Thornton 22 days ago
Vanoss I friend request you
i am onyx
i am onyx 22 days ago
halo chief.... I want to die.
CRAZYB3NDY 22 days ago
Wildcat playing this gane recently...going back maybe? Nah probably not
Brogan Kittell
Brogan Kittell 22 days ago
Wildcat for president 2024
Eze#92 22 days ago
Ahhhh I forgot how trash Fortnite is 😂
Alike Playz
Alike Playz 22 days ago
When he put halo chief he put it as a joke
Alike Playz
Alike Playz 22 days ago
When he put halo chief I think he put it as a jokr
james Kimball
james Kimball 22 days ago
Master chief you.mind telling me what youre doing in fortnite Sir emoting on these goofy ass kids
YourBoiRudy 22 days ago
You Know Fortnite wasn't a bad game till chapter 2 If they bring that back (chapter 1) I would totally play again but until then I'm done with the BR genre
Carol Nixon
Carol Nixon 22 days ago
What happened to lui caliber
BIG RIG GAMIN 22 days ago
Do not switch back to fortnite wildcat! This game would be better without building
Jonathan Seip
Jonathan Seip 22 days ago
Did no one notice that wildcat just said halo chief instead of master chief wtf
the grim reapers
the grim reapers 22 days ago
Great video wildcat but. 0:49 Fan ta dig från Sverige (Screw you from Sweden)
Nathan Bennet
Nathan Bennet 22 days ago
Yo wildcat you should get vanoss and the boys back together for one last bo3 moment
this makes my mood turn so much better
Ru5ty 22 days ago
Dude I need to hear a conversation between Terroriser's Arnold and Christopher Walken
AZAT 22 days ago
00:50 im offended Jävla vildkatt🇸🇪
Cody Tarpley
Cody Tarpley 22 days ago
I can't stand playing this game but I love watching wildcats videos of him playing it!
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