They should NOT have hired us to build the Popeye's Chicken... Minecraft ep 20

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Year ago

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PvZ Duty
PvZ Duty Day ago
This just proves that there’s no such thing as opinions anymore
Ben Bulmer
Ben Bulmer Day ago
what shaders is that
Astard Scott
Astard Scott 2 days ago
Build terrorizer a pub
mister Scorpion King
mister Scorpion King 5 days ago
Popeyes does even cooked chicken popoli and the Popeyes branch don't teach the employees how to cook the food right
Not Shrimpo
Not Shrimpo 6 days ago
Popeyes silvia
PalafoxIsYourPal 8 days ago
Yo marcel has the comically large fork
Oopsicles .-.
Oopsicles .-. 8 days ago
9:39 the sync tho
Joseph Torres
Joseph Torres 8 days ago
They should come back and put glass on the counters cuz yknow
Remy Weiss
Remy Weiss 8 days ago
To be honest right now in 2021 chick fil lay is the best for me u know
Aiden Placencia
Aiden Placencia 9 days ago
I love popeyes chicken sandwich
LoneWolfPack777 10 days ago
What's funny is I hadn't watched this before and I'm sitting here watching this while eating Popeyes!
Keilan Joseph
Keilan Joseph 10 days ago
Daniel Cabrera
Daniel Cabrera 11 days ago
why do they have blocks of iron for the roof
Pulxse 11 days ago
Imagine being new to the vanoss crew in mc that will be chaos 😂😂😂😂
Renee Smith
Renee Smith 11 days ago
I don't think kfc is that bad
macklad 12 days ago
Is KFC bad in the US? In thu UK its so good.
Awesome wolf Rj
Awesome wolf Rj 15 days ago
The Gretan Reaper
The Gretan Reaper 16 days ago
kirito drowned
kirito drowned 16 days ago
Kfc sucks
The man behind The slaughter
The man behind The slaughter 12 days ago
daniel ruiz
daniel ruiz 18 days ago
Look wilcat vanoss make Doomsday is esdruoit popeyes
Xw3 19 days ago
KFC is ten times better than any Popeyes,literally ever made
Silverio Estorco
Silverio Estorco 22 days ago
9:23 drop em
Hydrax 23 days ago
In defence of KFC, KFC is actually good in the UK.
Chase Daley
Chase Daley 23 days ago
No do McDonalds
MicroMarck 25 days ago
Did anyone else notice Wildcat missed the golden opportunity on 4:19
To Ad
To Ad 21 day ago
Oh I didn’t catch on that makes sense lmao
MicroMarck 21 day ago
@To Ad He had the opportunity to say go home go bed
To Ad
To Ad 21 day ago
Jesus Hermoso-Abrego
Jesus Hermoso-Abrego 25 days ago
Churches chicken is more superior then both Popeyes and kfc and chick fil a
caden jordan
caden jordan 27 days ago
villeger:they must be open scott:thers a fucking villeger in are popeys wild cat: what scott: we aint open villeger: huh?
YellowMortal 738
YellowMortal 738 28 days ago
Woody the wood pecker? 4:32
Geo Gav
Geo Gav Month ago
The nice east rationally start because exhaust oddly consist athwart a future futuristic link. goofy, enchanting gun
Rose Mertz
Rose Mertz Month ago
Dude WildCat Copyed This From TSMC A Guy Who Does Building Tutorials
Zander Garcia
Zander Garcia 28 days ago
its not copying in the blue prince
Arielle Hammonds
Arielle Hammonds Month ago
Hey does anyone know exactly which Shader pack Wildcat uses? It's freaking gorgeous!
Shawn Palomar
Shawn Palomar Month ago
Do mcdonalds next
シAc-galaxyシ Month ago
Basically:you needa be watchn the blueprints too
Mr. Teddy bear Gacha Club
Mr. Teddy bear Gacha Club Month ago
Vegito946 The Dracoslayer
Vegito946 The Dracoslayer Month ago
Popeyes is the best, I've tried their Chicken and Fries and the are gooooooooooodddddd.
Fire Hawk
Fire Hawk Month ago
KFC is superior!! 🔥
Devlin Gabriel
Devlin Gabriel Month ago
Hey dude that thing you found was made by H20 Delirious
Anthony Sanchez
Anthony Sanchez Month ago
maybe i can make a resturant
MCKrispys Month ago
Funny bich
Simbaa Month ago
As a fellow kfc employee....the biscuits are better eaten right out the oven
WHEETZ Month ago
Brandon Flores
Brandon Flores Month ago
As I’m watching this a KFC ad came on
Lil’ Donut
Lil’ Donut Month ago
What shader pack do you use
Sandra Prior
Sandra Prior Month ago
Dum head's KFC do not have biscuits they have chicken an chip and chicken wings
Xw3 Month ago
KFC is better than fucking Popeyes
ANGEL RUIZ Month ago
I was just building this build with the tutorial
JR 04
JR 04 Month ago
I don’t get what Terroriser expects out of a biscuit that’s been in his fridge for a fucking week, of course it’s gonna be dry as hell
Apollo 78
Apollo 78 Month ago
Vanoss is a canibal
Im Landxn
Im Landxn Month ago
Why don’t you play with shaders on?
Shanntheman And I play games
Shanntheman And I play games Month ago
Phillipines KFC is the Best
westerns 2 months ago
ZumaGaming 2 months ago
I found the tutorial video :)
XD -_-
XD -_- 2 months ago
Wildcat: look at it it's amazing Vanoss : not for long (Hears tnt)
Bunzi-boi YT
Bunzi-boi YT 2 months ago
ice meal
ice meal 2 months ago
Sevaun Mason
Sevaun Mason 2 months ago
When Terroriser's mad, you can really hear the Irish in his voice.
Galiad_exe 2 months ago
I am astonished that you had all these resources, tools, equipment, land, etc. and you don't have a shovel.
Zach Hardey
Zach Hardey 2 months ago
definitely not watching a tutorial😉😉😉😉
Blashmaster 2 months ago
Moving along, coming along, Cabi malone
EeveeGodz 2 months ago
Anyone know what minecraft texture pack that they are using?
Shrubs 2 months ago
What texture pack do you guys use?
ONG SHU ER Moe 2 months ago
My country food is kfc
SiL3nT Ferny
SiL3nT Ferny 2 months ago
12:25 you need optifine for that?
William Ki
William Ki 2 months ago
14:55 I was laughing about how they just started goin away
VixenFire 2 months ago
The villager part
Nickdrill 20
Nickdrill 20 2 months ago
If only TSMC - Minecraft saw this video
A Camacho
A Camacho 2 months ago
it’s been a year already 😔
Kobey T. Gray
Kobey T. Gray 2 months ago
I just got an ad for KFC while watching the video😂😂🍗
Cradle A
Cradle A 2 months ago
My last vid before finding out my grandma pasted away fly high grandma 🕊🕊 rip
Jessie Tek
Jessie Tek 2 months ago
So this is how popeyes got there Chicken?
Rat_Terrier930 2 months ago
Me waiting on Zaxby’s
SuperGamer Hell
SuperGamer Hell 2 months ago
Scotty ate the last Popeyes chicken sandwich last, HE CHEATED
An Alto Sings
An Alto Sings 2 months ago
"Fucking lunchtime, I gotta eat!" Wildcat. It was midnight. Thats not lunchtime.
deethow 2 months ago
what shaders did he use
LOLMLG21 2 months ago
"Guys I think I have salmon vanilla" I fuckin love anthony
Dylan Garcia
Dylan Garcia 3 months ago
wait they made KFC
Dylan Garcia
Dylan Garcia 3 months ago
Next its gonna me KFC,McDonald,Apple bee's,Buffalo wild wings,taco bell, and sub way
thedingboat 3 months ago
Is nobody gonna talk about 7:44 when he said Glowstone, grabbed Glowstone, and then had Redstone Lamps.
Toffee Queen
Toffee Queen 3 months ago
well, I hate to be that person but the popeyes that I went too were horrible. My chicken strips were soggy and gross. Never again.
Malachi Sotelo
Malachi Sotelo 3 months ago
i got a fucking kfc ad😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
karl matthew santiago
karl matthew santiago 3 months ago
the tutorial is from tscm minecraft
Ryan Stewart
Ryan Stewart 3 months ago
Brian probably wanted to start war after Popeyes was made
Beckam Levens
Beckam Levens 3 months ago
Marcel rapping at 9:15 is better than lil Mosley’s whole career
I’m Fine
I’m Fine 3 months ago
FourZer0 laughing is annoying as fuck.
Pesci is the best character
Pesci is the best character Month ago
I think he has one of the best laughs in the group
Fox Trot
Fox Trot 3 months ago
Chick fil a is way better then Popeyes
Frankie Jaramillo
Frankie Jaramillo 3 months ago
Zach Royal
Zach Royal 3 months ago
Ya'll forgot Bojangles
Gisela Sanchez
Gisela Sanchez 3 months ago
Build wamrt
Mama Wolf
Mama Wolf 3 months ago
I love KFC so fu ck you
Mama Wolf
Mama Wolf 3 months ago
I love KFC so fu ck you
The three nerdy gamer S
The three nerdy gamer S 3 months ago
What’s the texture pack there useing
Fizzin Live
Fizzin Live 3 months ago
Ok, I know that I'm goin to be shouted at but I've never had Popeye's.
Nathaniel Helms
Nathaniel Helms 3 months ago
Don't ever talk about KFC. That place game me diarrhea. They have bootleg chicken. You know what, it isn't even chicken. It is literal shit. That is what KFC is.
Ricardo Pena
Ricardo Pena 3 months ago
10:00-10:20 *wild cat makes complicated plan instead of going inside* Me:Isnt that robbing but with extra steps? Wildcat: "this ideas stupid"
Hesh 3 months ago
“ Guys I think I have salmon vanilla”
*Fire tiger*
*Fire tiger* 4 months ago
I love kfc
Ares Roach-Few
Ares Roach-Few 4 months ago
Love KFC and chick-fil-a
callmeblack_among us black
callmeblack_among us black 4 months ago
Eugene Sherow
Eugene Sherow 4 months ago
9:06 on playback speed 2
Eugene Sherow
Eugene Sherow 4 months ago
watch 8:20 on playback speed 0.25 lmao
Vertix S
Vertix S 4 months ago
Kfcs chicken is better than Popeyes kfcs chicken is juicy and Popeyes has dry biscuits and chicken isn’t cooked right
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