Cold War Zombies Round 1-50 first attempt...

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10 days ago

COD Black Ops Cold War gameplay #CallofDuty #BlackOpsColdWar #Zombies
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SCP Janitor
SCP Janitor Day ago
I subbed just bc of carson
who dat
who dat Day ago
Highest I got with a duo is 35
jayden stoltenberg
jayden stoltenberg Day ago
Zombies in this game is literally so you can level,up your weapons faster
Red fish Blue fish
Red fish Blue fish Day ago
@jayden stoltenberg it’s still way faster to do it in multiplayer
jayden stoltenberg
jayden stoltenberg Day ago
In zombies you don't have to worry about constantly dieing
Red fish Blue fish
Red fish Blue fish Day ago
Definitely not, weapons level up so much slower in zombies
cob:of:games :
cob:of:games : Day ago
Got round 58 first try and round 133 second
WeedyBongzalez 2 days ago
Whats that awesome Operator skin and how to get it?
Zachary Gaming
Zachary Gaming 2 days ago
Wildcat: *Literally dies at wave 10* Wildcat: mmmmmm that was CLOSE to round 100
DeadForLife 2 days ago
Tyler you are supposed to go in the exfil and kill a certain amount of zombies
DiceDodo 2 days ago
Intro: KMMM
plague docter
plague docter 3 days ago
Seeing him do exfil is pain
Maverick 3 days ago
man 3 months of Marine corps boot camp and my nerdy ass is already thinking about video games
Anton Baldwin-Roberge
Anton Baldwin-Roberge 3 days ago
For the exfil try to clear the area so the heli can land, I think that’s how it works
Sean Puscian
Sean Puscian 4 days ago
Who wants to bet that CW warzone is going to be BO4 BR reskinned ? Just playing the dirty bomb game mode I could tell they just reused a lot from bo4. Sound effects of getting shot, the downed animation, crawling, I’m convinced treyarch didn’t put hardly any effort in CW.
gaonou nand
gaonou nand 4 days ago
u go wildcats!!!! yeah!!!
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez 5 days ago
The menu music in this game is so good.
Bara Amour
Bara Amour 5 days ago
Who else would love to see him play it with vannos and the others
. Hour ago
he did 🤦‍♀️
Z3R0 Dragon
Z3R0 Dragon 2 days ago
@DiceDodo sh bro don’t tell them that
DiceDodo 2 days ago
@Z3R0 Dragon they didn’t lmao
MT 4 days ago
Bruh I wanna see them stream the Easter egg that’d be funny as hell
Z3R0 Dragon
Z3R0 Dragon 4 days ago
The group broke up
ImHadesL 5 days ago
Do u get anything from completing the campaign
Kaden Shelton
Kaden Shelton 6 days ago
Hey wildcat the knife is overpowered it's a 1 shot till round 13 and you can pack a punch it and its a 1 shot until round 26 and yes it takes up a wepon spot but you can have you gun out and melee while you have your gun out and that skips the knife animation
Parker Gambrell
Parker Gambrell 6 days ago
Why does the pig own a dog???
Mike Raad
Mike Raad 6 days ago
Honesty I might not be able to play this game for another 3 months because of my horrid grades
ZOOTED FAWN 6 days ago
Wildcat it says under the map to how many zombies you gotta kill
Hikaru Ito
Hikaru Ito 6 days ago
I run double shotgun and its op af especially towards the bosses(spas and hauer777
Anthony Reveles
Anthony Reveles 6 days ago
That zombie map is from the first call of duty game just the building
Jesse Cortez
Jesse Cortez 6 days ago
No shit
anthony palazzolo
anthony palazzolo 6 days ago
It’s a glitch with the ray gun same thing for me
Jake 78
Jake 78 6 days ago
How is his box drops that good I’ve been trying to figure it out all day but I don’t see any videos on how to get the box that good
Ethan H
Ethan H 5 days ago
You have a better chance to get higher rarity weapons the higher round you’re on
Digital Gaming
Digital Gaming 6 days ago
Man, the campaign has enough war crimes to out number mine I think
OneRageyBoi 6 days ago
bruh, you have to go straight to the landing zone, that little area where the chopper is, and clear out all of the zombies within the time limit
CrashinAsh10 5 days ago
He knows now we can't help lol
Black Heart
Black Heart 7 days ago
It's the lamest thing in the world that zombies is no longer split screen.
Kameron Myers
Kameron Myers 7 days ago
Hey Tyler we want that private solo if you know what I’m saying show us what we want
starhunter_YT 7 days ago
did he change the title name?
PapaGibby13 7 days ago
You didn’t get the kills needed
triple_chance099 gaming
triple_chance099 gaming 7 days ago
That map is nacht der untoten
Victor Torres
Victor Torres 7 days ago
My favorite part was when you were vibin to stamin up
Wiggles 7 days ago
Icy Losers
Icy Losers 7 days ago
@Potato Man agree, and also the remasters for certain maps helped bo3
Potato Man
Potato Man 7 days ago
Nah bru best of zombies was bo1 bo2 AND bo3. Because mods made bo3 the best zombies game. People dont really make maps for bo1 and bo2. Now bo4 is straight shit compared to the last 3
DevilLunitic Gaming
DevilLunitic Gaming 7 days ago
to exfil you need to kill the remaining zombies that's above the timer
The Deadeye
The Deadeye 7 days ago
At least you now all the box locations now 😂❤️
The Deadeye
The Deadeye 7 days ago
Love how he spent ages trying to get a ragun and I got it first try
IVI4I_IR0 7 days ago
BrecciSkills 8 days ago
Mw is far from fun lol.
brian Blackburn
brian Blackburn 8 days ago
What do you snack on while playing
A Child of Shadows
A Child of Shadows 8 days ago
What are all the things the zombies drop? Do they do anything other than nothing?
Dylan W
Dylan W 8 days ago
Ouch till round 4
CHUNK EDDY 8 days ago
Bumping to Stamin-Up randomly, got me 😂
zombiethief 21
zombiethief 21 8 days ago
the green big guy is one challenge IF I play Zombies on cold war. Other than that have a good time with playing with nogla, terroriser and vanoss.
Nicholas Bryan
Nicholas Bryan 8 days ago
Idk how to feel about zombies this year, it looks good but doesn't feel right...
Static Bliss Gaming
Static Bliss Gaming 8 days ago
Look at my last posts they are ridiculous
Happy Kitty
Happy Kitty 8 days ago
what happend at 2:04:37 nvm apparently the stream dropped.
Jason 8 days ago
2:27:27 he FINALLY gets RAYGUNNNN
Happy Kitty
Happy Kitty 8 days ago
perfect to watch while you wait for Tarkov raids to start
Andrew Wiater
Andrew Wiater 8 days ago
I fell through the map when transferring out of the dark aether. And I had ray gun.
Mr Gaming
Mr Gaming 8 days ago
Real og's remember when he used to play zombies
Riley Mackey
Riley Mackey 8 days ago
Riley Mackey
Riley Mackey 8 days ago
I ain’t got this shit yet haha im gonna try to get it soon
Riley Mackey
Riley Mackey 8 days ago
AwSaaa dude
Liam Sutherland
Liam Sutherland 8 days ago
Imagine someone saying they’re unsubbing just because you got a different opinion than them on a video game
nightcore kid
nightcore kid 8 days ago
Bro I’m so hype he’s doing zombie livestreams again
Jinx Redfox
Jinx Redfox 8 days ago
3:45 game play starts for real
Jaden DR0PZ
Jaden DR0PZ 8 days ago
Did talia mars give this dude 10 bucks?
Brown Drifter
Brown Drifter 8 days ago
Today, me and my friends played this, we did the exact same thing as you, ray gun and, wonder weapon, we made it to round 51 called the exfil and we failed it aswell. Lol
Omar Gonzales
Omar Gonzales 6 days ago
We just fail rn 🤦🏻‍♂️
Maximus Prime Levato
Maximus Prime Levato 8 days ago
Beat nogla to 8 million subscribers Tyler/I AM WILDCAT
Jade Vlogs
Jade Vlogs 8 days ago
Just so yk this video is the only reason why I am now going to buy Cold War
Zymir Davila
Zymir Davila 8 days ago
I'm est if you est to you know
Pandaman Johansson
Pandaman Johansson 8 days ago
The main difference in this zombies vs almost all others is that you can see a HEALTH BAR on them, lessening the intensity of hoards because you can pick off ones that are hurt. At least in my opinion.
Detective Noir
Detective Noir 7 days ago
All it takes is one zombie to bring a run crashing to its end
Derek Austin
Derek Austin 8 days ago
Not to be a dick but maybe you should actually read the task.
Red Rose
Red Rose 8 days ago
So apparently in Exfil. You need to reach to the area and Then kill the amount of zombies there before you could leave.
kill 1510
kill 1510 8 days ago
love vido
Jimmy long slong.
Jimmy long slong. 8 days ago
It wont let me play with friends only randoms.
kurt schmidt
kurt schmidt 8 days ago
How can I play it solo player I can not it puts me with three others and just wait to play it solo
Homer_Ate2 8 days ago
This is terrible. Health bars, a map, and sooo many max ammo drops?! What made zombis great was NOT knowing where they were coming from and running low trying to fight them off.
BPDMF 8 days ago
Such fast movements, that's why i prefer a controller, the screen doesn't whip around so frantically.
Dereck Frost
Dereck Frost 8 days ago
I saw in WildCat’s new video Nogla joined back into his game and that’s cool
Nick Williamson
Nick Williamson 8 days ago
Your route on this map is actually fine. It's the optimal one as far as I can see. The problem is that you slow way down as you're firing. Not exactly user error. You're just staying too close to the middle when you slow way down
Bryan Bautista
Bryan Bautista 8 days ago
Gg bro
Marxza 27
Marxza 27 8 days ago
The secret zombies in the Cold War *Colourized*
Wilco Botha
Wilco Botha 9 days ago
Love your answer to why your not playing with vanoss
Fred Oddo
Fred Oddo 9 days ago
I don't speak english so after 2hours I understand he say "ray gun" and nor "Regan" shit
Uhroara 9 days ago
I was gonna say let me buy it only for zombies but after seeing this it’s kinda meh not really good looking either
Lil reaper 5678
Lil reaper 5678 9 days ago
This streams title used to be when I get to round 100 the stream ends
Ark 7 days ago
Actually it was "streaming til I hit round 100"
Kyle Hindle
Kyle Hindle 9 days ago
Exfil u need to kill all the zombies under the timer
Gordie Porter
Gordie Porter 9 days ago
3 hr I do 4 hr now
STILL 9 days ago
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates❤️
leon deaves
leon deaves 9 days ago
Good skills pal
Fact Hub!
Fact Hub! 9 days ago
I love the lofi waiting screen lol
MonkeysJaw 9 days ago
Wildcat “It’s done suckin already”
MonkeysJaw 9 days ago
Finally zombies I fucking love you wildcat
AFKMH23 9 days ago
Takes his sweet ass time to get to the extraction point and then wonders how he failed
The Cerberus Of Hell
The Cerberus Of Hell 9 days ago
I've never been so happy as I am to see a 3 hour zombies video from Tyler!!!
õ z y
õ z y 9 days ago
You should do the Easter egg
Joel Barker
Joel Barker 9 days ago
This looks so fkn stupid... i was going to buy this yesterday.. glad I didn't
kyle craig
kyle craig 9 days ago
It says how many you need to kill left side of screen
DigitalDyslexia 9 days ago
SyndicateProject got the raygun on his very first box, during his first ever time playing cold war zombies. My guy struggled for it after 100’s of attempts😂
jasmine mondragon
jasmine mondragon 9 days ago
Zombies is ass
zenpher 9 days ago
do yo still level up in private matches
Colin Kerwin
Colin Kerwin 9 days ago
anyone else want normal zombies back
Da_king915 9 days ago
Same lol
Matt R
Matt R 9 days ago
Is he playing with controller or mouse?
KingSteve95 9 days ago
Yo who else remembers all of Wildcats zombies stream I loved those hopefully we see more
The Dave Gamer
The Dave Gamer 9 days ago
I haven’t seen Cold War zombies until now and I gotta say I’m a big fan of a health bar on the zombos
lone dragon wolf
lone dragon wolf 9 days ago
i remember that map from WAW ps3 the first zombie map. Just cant remember the name of it though. good times
lone dragon wolf
lone dragon wolf 9 days ago
@Atlas Ryuk yep that was the one
Atlas Ryuk
Atlas Ryuk 9 days ago
Nacht Der Untoten? I think. I didn't play a lot of WAW, honestly.
ThatOneGuy 9 days ago
Bro I made it to round 50 and trying to just make it there is the hardest shit ever
Gaming Master 2
Gaming Master 2 9 days ago
I believe you were supposed to kill a certain amount of zombies
Andrew Mills
Andrew Mills 9 days ago
Thank you! You da best wildcat
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