Modern Warfare but angry noobs talked S#*! so I got a juggernaut on them...

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2 months ago

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xd bdakilla
xd bdakilla 7 days ago
Ay yo wildcat U should make a 1 hour long vid of your funnyest moments on this game there will be so many parents wanting to sue U becouse there kids died of laughter
chris kuhnel
chris kuhnel 12 days ago
7:02 my man's literally got saved by the bell
Shawn Xgaming1000
Shawn Xgaming1000 18 days ago
5:28 I love that kid
Cole Shenberger
Cole Shenberger Month ago
Spider-Monkey D
Spider-Monkey D Month ago
1:45 is amazing!🤣 "What th-"*petetew*
ES23X :]
ES23X :] Month ago
I hate how wildcats using a 725 and a m4 😔
Litphantom Month ago
0:18 Wacky waving inflatable arm failing tube man Wacky waving inflatable arm failing tube man
Wilfred _115
Wilfred _115 Month ago
Was that the enderman sound at 1:47 😂😂😂😂😂
WhiteCoffee Month ago
That kids fucking accent is the BEST
Lethe Month ago
But why is wildcat a pig?
Lilithan Chrispiford the 3rd
Lilithan Chrispiford the 3rd Month ago
Wildcats is a veteran when coming to the Toxicity of CoD, so I love how the insults never phased him.
Kirk Brindley
Kirk Brindley Month ago
Squeaker squad.. Those were the days 🤣🤣
smallfrycrusher 6
smallfrycrusher 6 2 months ago
He’s great
Maddison Murray
Maddison Murray 2 months ago
Imagine being in 2020 and thinking it’s still acceptable to tell people to kill themselves smh
Lizz Stevens
Lizz Stevens 2 months ago
0:20 he is playing fortnite
Ruman 2 months ago
American servers are seriously the most toxic full of a lot of shit talkers
VirgNSurgeon 2 months ago
I’m VirgNSurgeon...😂😂😭
8-bit_Kharmaza 2 months ago
6:53 perfect karma
VSA Reaper
VSA Reaper 2 months ago
fakest country accent ever...
James Games
James Games 2 months ago
Justin Chastain
Justin Chastain 2 months ago
The scream around 5:50 marker killed me 😂😂
Juane Greeff
Juane Greeff 2 months ago
5:58 "Which way did he go george which way did he go"
kaleb 2 months ago
Talk about jack again and we will all unsubscribe
Nolan Fernandez-Miro
Nolan Fernandez-Miro 2 months ago
Can anybody appreciate the fact that wildcat works so incredibly hard on his thumbnails. I don’t know if he has someone else do it for him but all I know is that they look amazing every time and if he was that good at drawing and he did them himself my respect for him would be so much higher than it already is
Spawnnagi14 Warzone
Spawnnagi14 Warzone 2 months ago
I got put against their fake accounts a couple weeks ago and left my friends didn’t understand why
Lucas Beegle
Lucas Beegle 2 months ago
cheesey boi
cheesey boi 2 months ago
NoBoDy LoVeS yOu There are 7.56 million people who disagree
Hunter Benavidez
Hunter Benavidez 2 months ago
4:13 A-10
PEACE OUT 2 months ago
can u defuse while in juggernaut?
Owen dalton
Owen dalton 2 months ago
0:18 black ops 2 zombies
Recruit Lucier
Recruit Lucier 2 months ago
10:37 the thought of fighting the enemies is mildly terrifying, then you hear the minigun.
Recruit Lucier
Recruit Lucier 2 months ago
The best clips in my opinion have always been wildcat making fun of mildy upset enemies "you gotta watch the bomb" just reminds me of marines in real life they have Humvees with megaphones talking shit to the enemy and another thing the best thing is they shoot at you and their bullets cost them money but you shoot at them and you have a content rifle that shoots you money it's kinda a double dose of Dickem down dawg
Recruit Lucier
Recruit Lucier 2 months ago
4:35 the bipolar anthem
Sally Taylor
Sally Taylor 2 months ago
Vv Fu
Vv Fu 2 months ago
I was two off it 😔
Aaron Vang
Aaron Vang 2 months ago
We need the crew to come back
Drath king yt
Drath king yt 2 months ago
I thought he said 175
LightningStar03 2 months ago
I know you wanted to play modern warfare after this but quit after one match since you arent actually that good
Luke Wagner
Luke Wagner 2 months ago
Wildcat should just have some videos where it’s literally just randoms yelling and getting pissed or trash taking.
Luke Wagner
Luke Wagner 2 months ago
Jesus. The 725 just needs to be removed.
THRILL SLAVE 2 months ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 y’all mimicking the country kid had me dying. DaH dAmN pIcKeD uP mY 725
ERIC Vasquez
ERIC Vasquez 2 months ago
Ok everybody is going to ignore that aimbot at 1:05 to 1:10 but i may be wrong
damb 17
damb 17 2 months ago
8:04 *baby noises ensue among the enemy team*
Devin Kidd
Devin Kidd 2 months ago
Who brought boomhower off of king of the hill😂😂😂
Blunthammyjammy 2 months ago
Why is wildcats vids now are nothing but shit talking
Brayden Larosee
Brayden Larosee 2 months ago
juice world at 0:28
Ashkan Kazemi
Ashkan Kazemi 2 months ago
The 'I'll get him" guy was so funny
Dylan D'Ambrosio
Dylan D'Ambrosio 2 months ago
Wildcat, if you complain about other people using the 725 so then you use it on them, why use it on people who aren’t using it? If they’re talking shit about you using it, why don’t you switch to something else and shit on them with that gun so they can see that you’re actually good and not using the most OP weapon in the game
Kootenai Boy00
Kootenai Boy00 2 months ago
1:45 This mans using ultra Instinct
Del 8
Del 8 2 months ago
No one: Absolutely no one: A-10 Wildcat: 4:13
Rishi Sharma
Rishi Sharma 2 months ago
big iron
Vito Friscia
Vito Friscia 2 months ago
I can't bro my stomach hurts from LOL so much GREAT VIDEO as always
Nathaniel Malcolm
Nathaniel Malcolm 2 months ago
I've decided to give Scotty a sub after 10:47. The match that Wildcat got a Juggy was hilarious asf but Scotty's rage at that flanking random *legit slayed me for some reason.* 🤣🤣🤣
11RossLeronX 2 months ago
3:05 I love how he Admitted that hes the Camper😂😂😂😂
qwertty Boi
qwertty Boi 2 months ago
0:25 he’s hittin the jig
RugathGaming 2 months ago
You need to play with that kid more, that fake accent is hilarious
Zyson Defa
Zyson Defa 2 months ago
5:29 %100 fake
Zero 2 months ago
Is that smoking poop
Maria Ahmed
Maria Ahmed 2 months ago
Loving the videos dude, keep them coming 😂💜
KARS 2 months ago
"Who is the one camping" "Me bitch" I love that part
THICC BOI 2 months ago
OK- J 2 months ago
he said "do the harlem shake"
eXiLe DeMonZz
eXiLe DeMonZz 2 months ago
Wildcat do you think you will scare the enemy team if u shout at the top of you lungs at the end or each game
Evoh_iDrxps 2 months ago
Wildcat what happened to your account
TheCeo OfBees
TheCeo OfBees 2 months ago
Smoking poop is only someone you would know if you watch huntertv and I think Scotty called him a shitter but that’s how they get content through rage so hope to see fourzero in the montage
Kaden Davis
Kaden Davis 2 months ago
It's fake country accents really ain't that different from normal we just say some words different
DUCKBRUH YT 2 months ago
You need to make a vid with u just trolling people with decoy grenades
Jah TV
Jah TV 2 months ago
I’ll get em that’s savage asf had to replay
DUST X 2 months ago
Can someone please help i need 10 dollars Google card Please i'm begging you please Someone
Andrew Dobbs
Andrew Dobbs 2 months ago
yo felix you good?
Daniel Orzolek
Daniel Orzolek 2 months ago
0:57 the ben shapiro censor lmfao
Chief 2 months ago
Man I love how toxic cod players are
The pineappleish Demon
The pineappleish Demon 2 months ago
I don’t really know what’s happening in this video because I don’t understand modern Warefare or video games but dear lord it’s so entertaining to watch
Ghost Face
Ghost Face 2 months ago
That man used instant transmission at 1:47
Junebug 2 months ago
wildcat has become the fake default of cod
XXBluemistX96 2 months ago
Bruh once I was playing cod with my friend and we got taints as teammates I remember 2 of the names I think it was "wettest taint" and "tastiest taint"
Shut up and take my likes!
Shut up and take my likes! 2 months ago
Holy shit, I have tears in my eyes because I was laughing so hard! 🤣
Adimysk 2 months ago
you give me hope that my videos will succeed.
mat corona
mat corona 2 months ago
I wish wildcat would’ve sign up for tournaments he would shit on all these kids
El_ Ruzzo_
El_ Ruzzo_ 2 months ago
Smoking poop is friends with Hunter Tv and nogla
fubby chatso
fubby chatso 2 months ago
“This guy peed in his butt”
Tyler Rose
Tyler Rose 2 months ago
Throw a proximity mine in middle of bomb trust me
Macellus Stepeney
Macellus Stepeney 2 months ago
That body was hamboning
BHS Bro 2 months ago
Yo when’s the next podcast 😂
a goose
a goose 2 months ago
4:07 I’ve died to 1 nade full health with EOD from farther than that more times than I can count so it doesnt suprised me that he died to that :/
Half Jalf
Half Jalf 2 months ago
Sub to wildcat
Garritsens Chute
Garritsens Chute 2 months ago
⚠️⚠️⚠️Yooooooo What Happened To Connor?
Jeffrey Salmeron
Jeffrey Salmeron 2 months ago
1:47 Nani...!
Nick Simpson
Nick Simpson 2 months ago
When's the next wildcast
icloutwill _
icloutwill _ 2 months ago
I havent watched jacksepticeye in so fucking long as soon as he said "top of the morning to ya " I almost lost it
SirJoeDirt 2 months ago
10:52 is all you need to hear...
SirJoeDirt 2 months ago
I’ve replayed Scotty raging about 8 times in a row. It’s so good.
DrPainPhD 2 months ago
Its just not the same. I recall a day when wildcat made elaborate traps on call of duty black ops with vanoss and lui. And Puncake. Idk why i ever bother anymore
William Schnarr
William Schnarr 2 months ago
They kid sounds Newfie lol
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson 2 months ago
Scottys already done this one
Kyjuan Fanly
Kyjuan Fanly 2 months ago
Wildcat.... what a guy
Chris Ramirez
Chris Ramirez 2 months ago
wildcat still at war while Delirious has a baby
Evan Alvarez
Evan Alvarez 2 months ago
I stopped my job thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Chris Ramirez
Chris Ramirez 2 months ago
Blackbrodsword Gaming
Blackbrodsword Gaming 2 months ago
Delirious is having a baby
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