Among Us Proximity Chat but I make a deal with the crewmates to live as Impostor...

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27 days ago

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I AM WILDCAT 26 days ago
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days #ad
Kyon the Brigader
Kyon the Brigader 24 days ago
You know what at least it's not stadia so whatever
Colin Bales
Colin Bales 25 days ago
Hard pass.
Qwendra Percy
Qwendra Percy 25 days ago
Wildcat in the Europe there's a skin called Wildcat that you can only get in Europe
Bacon Sanchez
Bacon Sanchez 25 days ago
yo cold war gameplay for christmas?👀
Getsuga Tsunentaiga
Getsuga Tsunentaiga 25 days ago
I'm glad Raid is paying you. But you could literally take a shit and it would be more fun to play with the turd than playing Raid ever could be.
David Cedillo
David Cedillo 12 hours ago
waiting for the ad skip on wildcats promo
Jackson Garrison
Jackson Garrison 7 days ago
in the intro the only time i see deluxe be friends with you
Nolan Hall
Nolan Hall 9 days ago
after raid shadow legends he forgot to make it fullscreen
Starr Castillo
Starr Castillo 9 days ago
That would be the funnest thing to go on to: two people beatboxing and dancing in front of a camera
AJ Alonzo
AJ Alonzo 12 days ago
Were they singing die antwoord?
Ariel Klein
Ariel Klein 18 days ago
1/4 of this fuckin video is raid shadow legends, why...
Furry Time
Furry Time 19 days ago
WILDDDDDDDD CAAAAATTTTTTT I think we seen enough adds I know it's a sponsor.. But come on mannnn why the beginning of the video -*-
TheTraveler 2021
TheTraveler 2021 19 days ago
Came back to watch this because your content is great,
Ganon Peters
Ganon Peters 19 days ago
Wildcat needs to make a song
Tomatech 20 days ago
I can’t unsee the window bar at the top of the screen
Cr1tickl _GaJ
Cr1tickl _GaJ 21 day ago
Tyler: "You're already dead" SideArms: "What!?"
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez 22 days ago
ᵕ̈ ᑋᵉᑊᑊᵒ ᵕ̈ ᑋᵉᑊᑊᵒ
Amita Rathod
Amita Rathod 22 days ago
raid shadow legends spending so much money on advertising they're gonna be in debt even after students return their education loans
Narwhal 22 days ago
click 2:57 to skip the raid ad, youre welcome
Jordan Zamora
Jordan Zamora 22 days ago
The add had me dying. Very funny
TBH nightmare cruST
TBH nightmare cruST 23 days ago
Intro lol
G 3 N E R A T I O N
G 3 N E R A T I O N 23 days ago
I'm slowly losing what little respect I had for Tyler...
Rose White
Rose White 23 days ago
I think you have my favorite Among Us videos because you guys strictly just have fun. You all are so goofy and just mess around. It's really fun to watch.
Javier Escuella
Javier Escuella 23 days ago
Almost every USpostsr has gotten 25 raid shadow legends sponsors
Annoying Toads
Annoying Toads 24 days ago
I can’t believe he made watching raid shadow legends ads enjoyable 😂 and yes i do actually watch them 😂😂
Dman16920 24 days ago
I liked this video based on the whole "hole God" part 😂😂😂
Kaiyin Smith
Kaiyin Smith 24 days ago
I love these nonsense not serious at all types videos
TheCreepingDeath1984 24 days ago
2:58 skip ad
Alaina B.
Alaina B. 24 days ago
That's was really funny!
Dice Jr.
Dice Jr. 24 days ago
that intro was wholesome i liked that
Regener8 Plays
Regener8 Plays 24 days ago
Fuck raid shadow legends
Electric Zombie
Electric Zombie 24 days ago
Somebody scream !!
theytrynabe crate
theytrynabe crate 25 days ago
pro tip put the ad at the end of the video
Matt Nemsick
Matt Nemsick 25 days ago
Cat & Junk as imposters put an image in my head.. Cat Junk o.0
zeguner 1324
zeguner 1324 25 days ago
Merry Christmas:)
Fefek1 25 days ago
hank france
hank france 25 days ago
Dude I full lol'ed at Dumbdog disrespecting the Hole God
CryseTech 25 days ago
great round! i laughed alot and awesome roleplay too xD
Cole Meierhofer
Cole Meierhofer 25 days ago
bro what happened to full screen
Whiffler 25 days ago
Christmas just ended
Adrian Diaz
Adrian Diaz 25 days ago
mewwy christmas y'all, make sure to kiss your girl for the homies who cant!
John Landry
John Landry 25 days ago
0:50 D4 just casually spitting on the Raid Shadow Legends Sponsor
STILL 25 days ago
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🔻Non-Duality
Jackson 25 days ago
Happy Holidays
Nikki Guschausky
Nikki Guschausky 25 days ago
SSC 25 days ago
Man spat us to a sponsorship
Yorcon Villo
Yorcon Villo 25 days ago
The intro gave me an Among Us mod idea. Characters names would be blank & there color would randomly change during rounds🤔. Any thoughts?
Decisive Flamez
Decisive Flamez 25 days ago
Merry Christmas
stealth_S1 25 days ago
make hole god merch?? :)
Omaer 1
Omaer 1 25 days ago
Very Nice!
Leslie Musacco
Leslie Musacco 25 days ago
Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays everyone 😁
Marco Biello
Marco Biello 25 days ago
The windowed mode🥲
Sakanarai 25 days ago
Need the clip of wildcat and Brian both saying thats my porn name
Ahmed Al Iraqi
Ahmed Al Iraqi 25 days ago
Do u think raid shadow legends is the brand new rickroll sponsor? Bc is just annoying is rickrolls
I I 25 days ago
merry Christmas everyone
[ blank ]
[ blank ] 25 days ago
Greetings from Russia Wildcat, happy new year, и такое бывает)
master mustafa m1911
master mustafa m1911 25 days ago
why is your game windowed ?
Trey Woodson
Trey Woodson 25 days ago
Merry Christmas wildcat and everyone
Christopher Lisojo Warprime
Christopher Lisojo Warprime 25 days ago
Merry Christmas to all you guys & ladies And Happy New Year 2020 is almost over
roxy is gay
roxy is gay 25 days ago
Mike um
Mike um 25 days ago
Merry Christmas Wildcat
Fresh 25 days ago
I’m pretty sure at 11:20 It’s called a semi circle
Austin Dyer
Austin Dyer 25 days ago
merry christmas to all❤️❤️
Default _Tech
Default _Tech 25 days ago
When the whole game is in windowed mode
7DSMystic 25 days ago
Just wanna know how well a raid shadow legend ad pays lol
KosmicKumStain 25 days ago
whole fucking quater of the video is a shitty sponsor
Im C
Im C 25 days ago
2:57 For people who wanna skip the sponsor 😉 Someone did it for me so I'mma do it for ya'll
Pirate Penguin121
Pirate Penguin121 25 days ago
stanman 66
stanman 66 25 days ago
7.77 mil subs
Mr King Kee
Mr King Kee 25 days ago
Cole- 23
Cole- 23 25 days ago
Im watching this waiting to open presents
Damian Medina
Damian Medina 25 days ago
Merry Christmas hope you guys have a good Christmas
Logan-Caleb Hornak
Logan-Caleb Hornak 25 days ago
me when the raid part comes: “ damn that’s crazy” *skips to gameplay*
Raffle Daffle
Raffle Daffle 24 days ago
Agent Beamstar
Agent Beamstar 25 days ago
Merry Christmas and congrats on 7.77M Tyler
Brandon Morgan
Brandon Morgan 25 days ago
I've watched literally 20+ hrs of among us content, this is the Best one I've watched since the craze started. Thank you Tyler, continued success in the new year.
ZB 25 days ago
So deluxe hoked a dookie over there
Ghou1zy 25 days ago
Merry Christmas from Australia y’all
Exacutioner 15
Exacutioner 15 25 days ago
The first 25 seconds was a vibe low key😂
Owen Mccoll
Owen Mccoll 25 days ago
Merry Xmas wildcat
SirPotatorito 25 days ago
CinnamonMan 26 days ago
It’s about to be 6:00 and my body said fuck you no sleep. Now I’ll be a giant shit head on Christmas. Happy fucking new year’s
Lolita Terry
Lolita Terry 26 days ago
Merry Christmas
extract vaper
extract vaper 26 days ago
Merry Christmas everyone hope you have a great one 💜❤
Ruslan Pultz
Ruslan Pultz 26 days ago
Love raid shadow legends!!!
Binkel 26 days ago
“7.77 million subs” now that’s lucky
{KARMA} 26 days ago
Merry Christmas 😁
Baby Shrimp
Baby Shrimp 26 days ago
Dumb dog is such a great asset:)
Mahoney Jack
Mahoney Jack 26 days ago
The ruthless windscreen habitually serve because ink ontogenetically mess up across a disagreeable scissors. knowing, flagrant hubcap
Joel Lee
Joel Lee 26 days ago
DisturbedParadise 26 days ago
You've sold your rectum out to raid so much at this point you could fund everyone's covid relief checks
Myzthicc 26 days ago
this was the first video i watched on my new phone 😎
OffBEAt clan
OffBEAt clan 26 days ago
The white bar at the top is annoying me
Prince _Turdman
Prince _Turdman 26 days ago
The thumbnail is just USSR in a nutshell
Connor chameleon
Connor chameleon 26 days ago
Remember reach
Adam Wallace
Adam Wallace 26 days ago
What anime is that sound clip from?
halfdead1380 26 days ago
9 min content... fuck yeahhhh... lmaooo 🤑🤑🤑🤮🤮🤢🤢
Zachery Valencia
Zachery Valencia 26 days ago
In the words of someone that I can’t remember : we are gonna milk tf outa among us
Jason 744 Guetta
Jason 744 Guetta 26 days ago
Raid shadow legends have returned…
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 26 days ago
Hello, Humans. "If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much."-Jim Rohn TERRANCE OUT
JohnIs_Trash 26 days ago
#12 on trending, nice job
Prophet 26 days ago
MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS. To all of you who see this I hope you get everything you wished for. Love you all
Hex Vibez
Hex Vibez 26 days ago
524th 😈💯
Strykr Eclipse
Strykr Eclipse 26 days ago
Does anyone get the vibe that Deluxe 4 is trying to be Pikmin 4?
ReeF 26 days ago
This lobby is so good. Finally people who dont sweat on among us
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