Prop Hunt moments that really jingle my bells...

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26 days ago

The future is near:
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Its López
Its López Day ago
Ohhhhhhhh 0:51
imperial guard
imperial guard 2 days ago
wait is 407 really a jew
Anubis Gaming
Anubis Gaming 8 days ago
Dedataded wambo-cheezy
Cristian Velazquez
Cristian Velazquez 14 days ago
Why prop hunt and not sandbox or deathrun
Clayton 15 days ago
“might fuck around and put the p in raspberry” 😭
Alistar Keck
Alistar Keck 19 days ago
thx for gmod (:
Kai The Gamer
Kai The Gamer 20 days ago
TheRelaxingExotic88 21 day ago
Hmm. Finally some good content 😂. Keep up the good work Tyler!
gabe rosema
gabe rosema 21 day ago
FlyingWaffleZombie 22 days ago
The only thing I read in that blue screen message was “might fuck around and pronounce the p in raspberry”
Luke Crowley
Luke Crowley 22 days ago
My favorite since 2015
Richardツ 22 days ago
no one: mosquito at 3am: 7:26
Justin portue
Justin portue 22 days ago
You know what’s better than a Lamborghini???? Knowledge....
LILPinakeit 22 days ago
All out of faith
All out of faith 22 days ago
merry chrysler
YouTube Pol
YouTube Pol 22 days ago
This...this is good..
Chris dovahkiin
Chris dovahkiin 22 days ago
Was this a 2018 clip i remember the dino glitch
Carter Dedrick
Carter Dedrick 23 days ago
@I AM WILDACT if you respond to this I’ll sub
Ian Lancaster
Ian Lancaster 23 days ago
7:04 the way he said that reminds me of _"I'm Dirty Dan!"_
Mercy Lover
Mercy Lover 23 days ago
3:13 everyone: *quiet* 3:15 Brian: oop!
Duke Corbin
Duke Corbin 23 days ago
So you're telling me shooting that dinosaur STILL crashes the game?
Aleq Vasquez
Aleq Vasquez 23 days ago
I was under the impression that everyone stopped playing gmod cuz wildcat bitched about the glitches so much
Mr Chiko
Mr Chiko 23 days ago
Mr Chiko
Mr Chiko 23 days ago
Only ogs remember
Manuel Gabriel
Manuel Gabriel 23 days ago
The crews Gmod videos will be always be legendary
V0rtex 23 days ago
This brings the good memories back
Cerberus 24 days ago
Oh man 2020 is finishing well Tyler back on prop hunt it's a good time to be alive!!
ziya urfalii
ziya urfalii 24 days ago
Joe Hem
Joe Hem 24 days ago
Deditated lambogini... 😆
Durp 24 days ago
To this day I still don't know how Evan has a keybind for /kill
Gabe Sanabria
Gabe Sanabria 24 days ago
Happy to see some prop hunt
Taylor Pewitt
Taylor Pewitt 24 days ago
Should burgini
David Reyes
David Reyes 24 days ago
Gmod prophunt content>cold war prophunt content
Doug Sinsabaugh
Doug Sinsabaugh 24 days ago
Someone created this map and added in the glitch from a map awhile back that a crashed the game from the dinosaur prop?? Kudos for attention to detail if so
LA Dokii
LA Dokii 24 days ago
What a cute little dinosaur
SteamPunk 24 days ago
Well well looks who's back at gmod
Xadecimal 24 days ago
Notification:wildcat has made a new prop hunt video Me breaks through my coffin: hold on I can die later
LEVI EBERT 27 24 days ago
The Cheesyghini
Justmesav20 24 days ago
that face you put when nogla made that noise 😂😂😂
Ravensfan4life 24 days ago
Tyler kinda sus😳
Adrian Castro
Adrian Castro 24 days ago
Play more prop hunt!!!!!
Marky 24 days ago
1:50 It says “might fuck around and pronounce the P in raspberry.” 💀
Lex Studios
Lex Studios 24 days ago
5:33 Brian: “that’s what I do when I’m imposter”
Spartanwolf223 20 days ago
I love your profile picture
hoodie-_-paul 24 days ago
This is prob Cats last post for a little unless he doesn’t have at&t since it got kinda messed up in the RV bombing in nashville yesterday
Spaghet7a 24 days ago
This took me back
Capital Boom
Capital Boom 24 days ago
this video wasnt long enough to satisfy us unfortunately. i will have to watch all perspectives
Andres Lugo
Andres Lugo 24 days ago
Happy Christmas
Ethan Maduro
Ethan Maduro 24 days ago
People who think wildcat should play phasmophobia👉👉👉👉
IceWolf _Alpha0
IceWolf _Alpha0 24 days ago
Dedicated Lamborghini!!!! Here in the garage
VicZilla24 Dreamer
VicZilla24 Dreamer 24 days ago
*Nogla noise*
VicZilla24 Dreamer
VicZilla24 Dreamer 24 days ago
Sub_Estrada 856
Sub_Estrada 856 24 days ago
Alllll sheet yall already know when a gmod prop hunt thumbnail or title says it to any there channel you know its gonna be good
Zachary Gibson
Zachary Gibson 24 days ago
Best video in a while
tkcaingt Playz
tkcaingt Playz 24 days ago
Merry christmas to Marcel because he has the funniest scream moments
UwU Master
UwU Master 24 days ago
Hello merry Christmas
Jettze 01
Jettze 01 24 days ago
You guys should play the prop hunt in cold war
STILL 24 days ago
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos✌️
Jakeb Chatham
Jakeb Chatham 24 days ago
I hope everyone had a good christmas!:)
Angel L Diaz III
Angel L Diaz III 24 days ago
I have been watching you guys for 5 years. Merry Christmas y'all and a Happy New Year!!!!! Also if you are a bears fan 🐻 ⬇️
Troxel Chief12
Troxel Chief12 24 days ago
Hide and seek?
Dark Play
Dark Play 24 days ago
This bring back Happy memories not gonna lie
Shadowjoker2597 24 days ago
Hey wildcat I bought your youtoonz
Noxx 24 days ago
Why am I getting deja vu from this I swear it happened before
bending tech60
bending tech60 24 days ago
PROP HUNT finally back yes
ryan woodlock
ryan woodlock 24 days ago
Omg it's gmod
Josiah pennington
Josiah pennington 24 days ago
I miss this type of content
Quincy W.
Quincy W. 24 days ago
VeXx Specture
VeXx Specture 24 days ago
The nostalgia I’ve felt this year is so weird
Anita Aihara
Anita Aihara 24 days ago
Same, honestly. This was the year where I went back and watched some of the shows from my childhood, and read some of the books too. Nothing but DBZ Kai, Secrets of Droon, Goosebumps, Code Lyoko, Pokemon, Digimon, Yugioh, Invader Zim, and Fairly OddParents. If only I knew where I could watch Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends my nostalgia list would be complete...
RussianBear001 24 days ago
9:20 Don't you mean Hamburghini?
Emerald Heart
Emerald Heart 24 days ago
It was so funny when Wildcat and Vanoss were seekers and saw Terroriser going down to the house and saw that he died of gravity!!!! Also,Merry Christmas to all!!
Cohner Bearden
Cohner Bearden 24 days ago
It’s been so long since we have seen a prop hunt
Hades Gaming 626
Hades Gaming 626 24 days ago
"Happy Hanuka Jew"~ Wildcat 2020. BTW, FourZero, if you see this, happy belated Hanuka to ya man.
Hudson 24 days ago
It's a Christmas miracle wildcat made a gmod video
Grumpy ballmilk
Grumpy ballmilk 24 days ago
"Might fuck around and pronounce the p in raspberry"
Grumpy ballmilk
Grumpy ballmilk 24 days ago
"Merry Christmas jew!"
Diogo Barros
Diogo Barros 24 days ago
Me after doing a nogla noise -Maybe i am a Nogla
Gunther Fish
Gunther Fish 24 days ago
I love the edits or this. Amazing video haven’t laughed this hard in a while
Astian Stewart
Astian Stewart 24 days ago
In the blue screen 🤣🤣🤣 he said “Might fuck around and pronounce the p in raspberry” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
derreon fortniter
derreon fortniter 24 days ago
Rubert DaFairy
Rubert DaFairy 24 days ago
Wildcat in interviews: "here's why I don't play with vanoss anymore" Wildcat when he wants views: posts video with vanoss Crazy how openly fake he is 🤮
William Nation
William Nation 24 days ago
i never commmented that your outro song is AMAZING! great beat
Bec querel
Bec querel 24 days ago
gimme some deditated lambocheesy.
DJ FiveThirtyFive
DJ FiveThirtyFive 24 days ago
hope you play call of duty again one day instead of these garbage games
Cara Salusc
Cara Salusc 24 days ago
Happy Christmas and nice copying title
Luca Games
Luca Games 24 days ago
Your friends there have videos of phasmophobia. So you join in phasmophobia(ghost hunter game) Terroriser Nogla Vanoss Sark Moo Basically
Xavier Gonzalez
Xavier Gonzalez 24 days ago
Finally a gmod video been waiting for so long
Yee Howdy
Yee Howdy 24 days ago
good to have prop hunt back with the boys
ItsDK 24 days ago
what editing software do he use
Alfie Goldsworthy
Alfie Goldsworthy 24 days ago
In one of your blue screens you missed the d in reading
Angus Malroy
Angus Malroy 25 days ago
Nolga almost boogada boogada'd everyone
Surable 25 days ago
I started geekin when he said I get it it’s for zero cuz he a jew💀😂😂
NestyLoL 25 days ago
Kyrzmaa 25 days ago
“Might fuck around and pronounce the p in raspberry” 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😭
SilentFox - theWhiteChaos
SilentFox - theWhiteChaos 25 days ago
*stomp stomp clap* *stomp stomp clap* *stomp stomp* boogitaba
Govert 25 days ago
Why is Vanoss one of the hashtags?
Voltage Fear
Voltage Fear 25 days ago
Can you do more MW
Brayden Barlow
Brayden Barlow 25 days ago
At 0:18 it’s a damn iHome with a docked iPod 2nd generation
Fernando R
Fernando R 25 days ago
Is Tyler ok? In the news there was a bomb that went off in Nashville. (Just curious)
Alex D
Alex D 25 days ago
Reminds me of the good ol days
Sgt Airman
Sgt Airman 25 days ago
I have been watching wildcat for a couple of years now and it is awesome to see a big USposts that lives in my home state. Tennessee is an awesome state.
DeadForLife 25 days ago
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