Moist Cr1TiKaL on sex toys, Karens, UFOs, and also YouTube and games and stuff... | WILDCAST Ep. 8

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5 months ago

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0:00 Intro
6:35 P0rn Games / Sex Toys
9:54 Starting Out USposts
17:10 Why "Moist?"
19:10 Being a Kid / Anonymous Online
24:00 Charlie's Approach to Content Creation
32:46 White T-Shirts
34:44 Fleshlights and Sex Dolls
38:52 Hair Styles
42:45 Florida / COVID-19
50:16 Airplanes
53:42 Creating a P0rno
1:00:05 Old Tweet Reactions
1:05:02 Karens
1:15:56 UFOs / Conspiracies
1:26:48 Professional Slapping
1:34:36 Copyright Strikes
1:39:58 Outro
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I AM WILDCAT 5 months ago
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ilxwhytryxli 29 days ago
There’s porn commentary and reactions on pornhub now
c coxx
c coxx Month ago
Nnnnny L
DokValentine 3 months ago
Marie Sault you know “ufos” are just man made crafts, the US and USSR started testing them in the Cold War there’s declassified videos of it
Marie Sault
Marie Sault 3 months ago
Hey wildcat the Pentagon just released video evidence that UFOs are real proving aliens are real koreans podcast pls
TheSlowPandaa 4 months ago
Owen W
Owen W 2 days ago
Hard evidence about aliens you say...? You should Do another podcast with Charlie talking about the recent docs leaked by the CIA
Mario Del Rio
Mario Del Rio 5 days ago
Who is wings channel at 26:55?
WXLFIE 94 5 days ago
Pandas skeptical about bob lazar but really into the nutcase who shits himself on a golf course
WarloRd 6 days ago
I'm down to see some civ 5/6 or hoi 4.
Bryan Torres
Bryan Torres 9 days ago
What's so special about this guy
iceberg0106 10 days ago
Wildcat, you have the A40 headphones? Respect
_A Steven Lozano
_A Steven Lozano 12 days ago
1:27:30 that joke went underappreciated
Beanbag 1970
Beanbag 1970 14 days ago
You can really see how much of a fan Anthony is of Charlie throughout the whole podcast. It’s really funny to see.
ThatguyLiam 15 days ago
Bob Lazard or however u say his name is to high profile and if he was killed it will be confirmed what he was saying was true so he’s better off alive
Space Man
Space Man 15 days ago
1:20:50 we get fucked leaking games , hes ok leaking alien government shit
KingofDecay 15 days ago
they do make reactions but usually from females to porn
dredbaron 18 days ago
There is a girl that does reactions on ph
Shafer Hilke
Shafer Hilke 19 days ago
My earliest memories of USposts are of TeamFourStar’s early days of DBZ ABRIDGED and smosh food battle 2010
Joe Picone
Joe Picone 19 days ago
Jose Velazco
Jose Velazco 23 days ago
Woo yea baby
Austin 27 days ago
Tyler and Anthony are two of the best podcast hosts
Skylinedays _
Skylinedays _ 28 days ago
The wii i got mine stolen a 5 or 6 yrs ago
wpgboi81 28 days ago
Hey wildcat love ur videos also Nashville predators are a cool nhl team not as good as the wpg jets tho lol keep up ur awesome ways. Much love from wpg ca
Yeet Man Jones
Yeet Man Jones Month ago
What does it mean if I already have the problem at 1:00:30 and I am not yet 21
Conner Games
Conner Games Month ago
Davis Productions
Davis Productions Month ago
If Aliens exist and they can fly and go from a light in the sky to disappearing then if they can do that why the fuck would they won’t us if they can fly that fast then why do they need are primitive technology and if Aliens do exist which they most likely do why would they need us
Tomahawk Fourth
Tomahawk Fourth Month ago
Look up the McNugget Karen
Captain S
Captain S Month ago
Wow, now i know bout critikal....
André Pecego
André Pecego Month ago
Can someone explain why the heck I (a straight guy) wanna rail Charlie with no second thought?
Dusky Aura30
Dusky Aura30 Month ago
All hail Prince Panda!
The Chaconut
The Chaconut Month ago
anyone else notice anthony is wearing a golden ring?
Nathan Clark
Nathan Clark Month ago
I love how jigglypanda just stares at Charlie (most likely ) and just soaks in all of his gorgeous features for most of it🤣
Yung Husk
Yung Husk Month ago
The most ambitious crossover event ever
Nuke_Lord 1998
Nuke_Lord 1998 Month ago
Kinky_Kitten420 is the name I love the most. Marksmen had some good names
Percaholic Month ago
Logan Paul, Joe Rogan, and every other goof with a podcast also says theirs is the greatest
maruftim Month ago
yooo true! can't get shit here in indonesia, even reddit is blocked
Problematic Productions
Problematic Productions Month ago
Was Charlie chewing tobacco? No hate I’m just very surprised if so
zomster 909
zomster 909 Month ago
One kiss at the end... Too lewd for me
Ben Ridley
Ben Ridley Month ago
The kings have united
Alex Ling
Alex Ling 2 months ago
play among us together
xStar_Stormz 2 months ago
I just now notice the time of this video is 1:42:00 if your blind then there’s 420 in there smoke the good kush I guess
Nxbody 2 months ago
7:00 Mirror. For reference. I have it. worth it.
FOCKSTROT 2 months ago
We gonna ignore the fact that The dude that Wildcat was talking about faked his Card Swipe? 1:14:10
ThatOtherChild 2 months ago
40:56 you bet she does ;)
DragonMaster485 2 months ago
Gotta say at 58:50 reaction content for porn exists, there isnt very much but there is some of it out there.
Lmao Max
Lmao Max 2 months ago
No context: 40:56
E Jo
E Jo 2 months ago
Well if no one believes him killing him only makes it more suspicious
NATE HIGGERS 2 months ago
My favorite episode so far
plinplinplon butwhole
plinplinplon butwhole 2 months ago
This is actually the video that made me love Charlie. His fleshlight and dildo product trials, his monotone commentaries, his musical talent with The Gentle Men, his participation to the Hunger Games, effortless thumbnails, non-existent 3 min intros and outros, and more. I mean, he's jesus himself. What else could you hate?
Strate Ak
Strate Ak 2 months ago
Yoooo they should get Luna on the podcast
uznolk 2 months ago
1:27:30 am i the only one that caught onto this joke?
itsfat 2 months ago
Im in a dark room watching a man talk about sex toys i see nothing wrong with this
Andrej Tasevski
Andrej Tasevski 2 months ago
isnt this the guy that starred in the hunger games?
ScifMilch 2 months ago
48:55 another sign that Anthony is a true fucking stoner lmao
Problematic Productions
Problematic Productions Month ago
I don’t get what you mean
Phenomanal Mako
Phenomanal Mako 2 months ago
Funny how Charlie is talking about his dad watching ancient aliens and my dad is watching in the other room. Dads are nuts I swear
Isaac Guerra
Isaac Guerra 2 months ago
Lmao, im glad tyler got charlie on here but they should also get leon lush
Evan Forrest
Evan Forrest 2 months ago
Hey I have that hat
PhazeDemonFox Official
PhazeDemonFox Official 2 months ago
Natural Floridian. Welcome to Florida, come for vacation. Leave on probation
starblitz 999
starblitz 999 2 months ago
This the greatest podcast of All Time
adection 3 months ago
Who’s here after the “Whooo baby that’s what we’ve been waiting for woohooo!!” Meme
Zer0 KillZz
Zer0 KillZz 3 months ago
9:06 moby huge
The Jesstr
The Jesstr 3 months ago
lol, what sucks is about the whole conspiracy thing with the ufo giy, youd expect him to have died... but isnt that the point... they should be dead but if they were to kill them that would be conformation... wouldnt it, lol
RedNeck MowerMan
RedNeck MowerMan 3 months ago
I perfurr the video one better
xKinG BeaN
xKinG BeaN 3 months ago
The collab of the god damn century 😳
Lok Flauntles
Lok Flauntles 3 months ago
I come just for the sponsor into.
RestlessButter 3 months ago
talking to homeless Jesus about karens is the best
Dayyan 3 months ago
Bruh, y'all weren't talking about anything important, until I unmuted my zoom call and wildcat started saying shit about sex toys 😂😂😂
chain & triangle
chain & triangle 3 months ago
why not make a separate channel for this?
Darth Revan
Darth Revan 3 months ago
Man so many people don't know of Jon Lajoie. He's such a legend.
Ares Of Fresno
Ares Of Fresno 3 months ago
Tonya TickleTitties came from Cr1tikals Happy Wheels video
Andrew Boyce
Andrew Boyce 3 months ago
Yo you drum?
Brayden D
Brayden D 3 months ago
I love the podcast wildcat been watching since I was a kid man keep it up
LordminionJesus 3 months ago
Wtf is this the esports of Karen
FAT BOY_0989
FAT BOY_0989 3 months ago
Charlie donated to the neo Nazis
Kolby Claxton
Kolby Claxton 3 months ago
My favorite saying about Florida is the more north you go the more south it gets
Colin Goode
Colin Goode 3 months ago
it took me 1 hr and 6 min into the podcast to realize that the background moves
Tiffster_OBM 4 months ago
hate u guys
pure Nobody
pure Nobody 4 months ago
MONSTER'S MUSIC 4 months ago
The man himself is on the podcast.
Brennan Taylor
Brennan Taylor 4 months ago
When is Bacically coming
Trisint 4 months ago
Their over here speaking about how they want hard evidence. Little did they know that theirs crazy shit going on at the pentagon now
really cool
really cool 4 months ago
This podcast is really growing, you already featured Keanu Reeves on Episode 8, can't wait to see what episode 10 holds.
Isaac Slayton
Isaac Slayton 4 months ago
Man Tennessee bitches are crazy
Sonny the Duck
Sonny the Duck 4 months ago
This is the most exhilarating cross over ever
Omar Flores
Omar Flores 4 months ago
i'm just wondering if vanoss will show with or without a camera
Reverb 4 months ago
i think anthony had more fun meeting charlie than tyler
Diloricate 4 months ago
Tyler was on Charlies podcast a few years ago.
Zoetje 13
Zoetje 13 4 months ago
Even if you have a plane crash, most crashes are at the take off and landing phases, and you have a pretty good survival chance on most types of crashes An engine fire is bad yes, but the plane has another engine or more to fly with Pilots are trained for all situations, there’s a procedure for everything (even going to the toilet) I understand fear of flying is real, and there’s no shame in it, but most fears are just based on the unknown of the situation
Jose_able720 4 months ago
I’m the same way with Netflix😂
kosmosrebell 4 months ago
S U N B U R N T G H O U L S ™
John Doe
John Doe 4 months ago
I 50% believe in Aliens and I 50% don't believe in Aliens. . .
John Doe
John Doe 4 months ago
Bob I bet is super smart but somehow, someway, he got brain damage and he started talking about the UFO's and Alien Crap. . .
Yung Yamborghini
Yung Yamborghini 5 months ago
I truly believe if this world was filled with people who have Charlie’s attitude toward life world peace would be achieved
Avocado Paste
Avocado Paste 5 months ago
This is my first Wildcast Podcast, and its great.
Fuzor Leogala
Fuzor Leogala 5 months ago
Australia is about to be hit hard with news shit and what Wildcast and Surfshark to the rescue, So worth it now
Loud Shrek
Loud Shrek 5 months ago
I am so glad that you guys made a video together. I love both of your videos and I hope you make more videos together
Uncultured Bread
Uncultured Bread 5 months ago
wildcat thinking about doing miiladd's roadtrip vlog idea: COVID19: I am afraid I cannot let you do that tyler
LIFEenjoyment Vids
LIFEenjoyment Vids 5 months ago
As soon as the VR porn games were talked about, Panda's eyes lit up with joy
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 5 months ago
The developer who made games with Hitler as one of the characters will be murdered for not making it Stalin
Gianni Delbuono
Gianni Delbuono 5 months ago
😭good podcast bro hopefully one day you can have deleerious one day
Jbdillard1 5 months ago
Anthonys laugh brings me joy 😂 I love the fatness in it if you can get what I'm saying lmao 🤣 😂 😆 💀
sublime_engram 5 months ago
This is my favorite podcast episode ever
Steven Mathis
Steven Mathis 5 months ago
Have faze jev on. Him and jiggly would have a ton in common.
Jorge C
Jorge C 5 months ago
Anthony's grandpa, gone, but not forgotten
Freya Schenberg
Freya Schenberg 5 months ago
My god, Charlie is a gorgeous man, I will never get over it. Just look at those locks!
Twank Face
Twank Face 5 months ago
very cool
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