Poly Bridge 2 but I would never drive across my bridges...

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3 months ago

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Hudman 9 hours ago
To anyone reading this, I want to let you know that you got this, it will get better, Jesus loves you, I love you, have an amazing day/night, also you look great today ❤️🙏
Sean Gabriel P. Guzman
Sean Gabriel P. Guzman 4 days ago
12:04 my motor
Always make sure i am wildcat watch the budget
Kaiden Nix
Kaiden Nix 7 days ago
I never laughed this fucking hard
Thomas Colon
Thomas Colon 8 days ago
"I don't think it will lift up high enough" *Litterly snaps the bridge in half*
LOL Mlg 12 days ago
No joke while i was watching the video i got a poly brige2 add lol?.
dab police _
dab police _ 13 days ago
What are the odds that they gave me a poly bridge ad
GainedYew181 xbox
GainedYew181 xbox 16 days ago
Use reinforced road dumb arse!
Zavier Yazzie
Zavier Yazzie 26 days ago
Low key the only Poly Bridge videos I watch are Kryoz's
Josh A
Josh A Month ago
TheAverageKEKW Month ago
MLG Polly bridge FaZe5
Jaiden Wanner
Jaiden Wanner Month ago
“Alright this definitely won’t work but let her fly baby” *entire bridge falls into the water*
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Month ago
You guys should all play smash ultimate
Zheus Ozaeta
Zheus Ozaeta Month ago
What a ccoooooooonnnnnnnnnntent
Milah S.
Milah S. Month ago
Petition for tyler to play horror games
Easy Peasy Gaming
Easy Peasy Gaming Month ago
0:47 thats my name!
USS Wilson
USS Wilson Month ago
i fucking died at 11:16 - 11:33
XTRON Coolguy
XTRON Coolguy Month ago
Hit or miss
PlungedGaming 2 months ago
8:36 had me dyingggggg
cris cat
cris cat 2 months ago
11:19 the game just wanted to proove you wrong there hahaha
Cats Are YES
Cats Are YES 2 months ago
8:38 It’s Elmo.
Toxic Dagger67
Toxic Dagger67 2 months ago
For future reference the top buttresses are more supportive than the bottom ones
ProtectYo Cheecks
ProtectYo Cheecks 2 months ago
You would rather play this then fall guys..... ok Tyler ok
xxxanthous 2 months ago
The little splash sounds😂
Marcus37 2 months ago
Not even 40secs into the video and a fucking spider crawled over my shoulder and over my mouth while I lay on my bed
Fabian Quintero
Fabian Quintero 2 months ago
5:21 “wha the fuc”😂
Ben Swedberg
Ben Swedberg 2 months ago
Matt Sargent
Matt Sargent 2 months ago
That firefighter cruck when't into Tarzan mode
SneezyIsGaming 2 months ago
I needed this laugh. Thanks man
thehulk 82013
thehulk 82013 2 months ago
I want to see more of this I have never laughed this hard at a wildcat video.
coushin theorigin
coushin theorigin 2 months ago
I wasent expecting u to upload a vid right after a stream
Canadian CanuckleHead
Canadian CanuckleHead 2 months ago
The fart noises are so simple yet so damn funny
XeeWoW 2 months ago
I love this series more please
Cooper 2 months ago
Play more poly bridge 2
Archie Outdoors
Archie Outdoors 3 months ago
I haven’t played this game in ages
Assasin Habacon
Assasin Habacon 3 months ago
what a wonderful day to start the day watching the seven deadly sin's while watching this video now i found one of them wildcat the sin of wrath
September Beats
September Beats 3 months ago
more poly bridge
GhostTrueCapitalist 3 months ago
Not gonna lie... replayed the "First Jump" part.
Darris Weinkauf
Darris Weinkauf 3 months ago
scp 5237
scp 5237 3 months ago
You should try the game "We become what we behold" just look it up and play it, no costs
Jeremiah Broussard
Jeremiah Broussard 3 months ago
13:35 when I see someone camping with a riot shield and a 725 in a snd lobby
Broderious The Turtle
Broderious The Turtle 3 months ago
U taking kryoz’s content now?
Cwag Swaggy
Cwag Swaggy 3 months ago
i loved this lmao it was so funny
qtDigi 3 months ago
Literally thought this was kryoz
Drums Of Berk
Drums Of Berk 3 months ago
Is Wildcat taking a page out of Smii7y's playbook with random games?
rdoerger23 3 months ago
play moreee
Khandy Killer
Khandy Killer 3 months ago
We need more of this! No really. I liked it.
Dustin lensch
Dustin lensch 3 months ago
Hello wild cat I'm a huge fan love you videos keep it up do more with Anthony and nogla
Alex_Legit207 3 months ago
Do more pleaseeee this so hilarious
the glados core
the glados core 3 months ago
ʚ小猫ɞ 3 months ago
Lol, 😂 maybe you should ask John (The Bridge Master) for some tips on how to build the perfect bridge :))
Goblin Gimmicks
Goblin Gimmicks 3 months ago
Don’t let Pewdiepie know about this game
Captain Pancake
Captain Pancake 3 months ago
I got my piggy hat!!
Brandon H
Brandon H 3 months ago
I remember watching some of this on stream
Veronica bock
Veronica bock 3 months ago
Wild cat hows delirious
Aurora Barrera
Aurora Barrera 3 months ago
I hope wildcats ok he hasn't posted in 2 days
Devansh Gupta
Devansh Gupta 3 months ago
Fuckin best commentary ever holy fuck
kmgbro !
kmgbro ! 3 months ago
video idea face cam call of duty
Robert Worrall
Robert Worrall 3 months ago
5:47) *This can't fail* LOL
BabiiSwish 3 months ago
Oh I’m here for this. Let’s get some elaborate ass bridges goin!!
MrDarkTails V.2.0
MrDarkTails V.2.0 3 months ago
We want to see more of this Wildcat.
rapidfirer56 3 months ago
I now see that it cost me to leave the stream early
ChaosMiles07 3 months ago
"It's a game where you gotta build bridges..." Oh? I didn't know Death Stranding had a mobile port!
YUNG SON 3 months ago
How much did they pay you for this one?
GachaSlender 3 months ago
Wildcat if you need a new terroriser I can do the voice to
Purple Ninja
Purple Ninja 3 months ago
Found wildcat in my snd match and asked him to suck my toes 😔
corn in my ass 3
corn in my ass 3 3 months ago
U should play more of thos ame
Tora Kuro
Tora Kuro 3 months ago
I really love your videos. Your personnality is so freaking cool. I laugh so hard, and the fact you don't keep you tongue and tell what you think in other videos I freaking love it. Stay the same!
Lisa Mattingly
Lisa Mattingly 3 months ago
wildcat I am a subscriber and I love your videos and everything else you post it's so fun to watch and I wanted to ask you do u still play dauntless also have a good time doing whatever you do. good luck and KEEP ON POSTING I WILL BE A SUBSCRIBER TILL THE END WILDCAT ALL THE WAY
Nottdv 3 months ago
Wildcat missed his daily upload 🥺
Julian Olmos
Julian Olmos 3 months ago
MouthMuffler 3 months ago
When in doubt... triangles
FlamingWaveInTheWind 3 months ago
Kryoz must have the bigger brain of bridges
Dragoeman Gaming
Dragoeman Gaming 3 months ago
If u can swim ur fine
Ricky Trader
Ricky Trader 3 months ago
I remember seeing this game years ago awe yea
I WORST 3 months ago
Person in car sees bridge break in front of them. Looks safe to me and drives into the water
Shmitty 3 months ago
Make the ramp part long enough for it to make it without a landing oplatform?
Linc 3 months ago
Who else is hoping that wildcat is going to play The Henry Stickmin Collection
codi ferguson
codi ferguson 3 months ago
I’m not a regular viewer but I do love watching from time to time , keep up the good content
Boise Plays
Boise Plays 3 months ago
u should make a video playing valorant
Socio Raps
Socio Raps 3 months ago
Am I the only one who didn't want the video to ever end orrrr?
ItsTheChips 3 months ago
11:16 This run wtf lmao, that van was effing committed to his vacation
RkoIsLife 1738
RkoIsLife 1738 3 months ago
im waiting to see Kryoz in the comments
anime_ _my_lord
anime_ _my_lord 3 months ago
this game is $.99 cents in the Google playstore
rawwduck 3 months ago
Play fall guys
Trey Rush
Trey Rush 3 months ago
Can you play “ among us”
Shisui 3 months ago
Mm k
Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia 3 months ago
I didn’t say it’s not going to work 😂😂
crazy Alex gaming
crazy Alex gaming 3 months ago
Hi wildcat
DegenerateGaming 3 months ago
Just take wildcats clips of this for a mobile game add
FN Baxr
FN Baxr 3 months ago
Crazy Caleb
Crazy Caleb 3 months ago
Hey I just want to say I love you wildcat and I hope your doing well
Максим Черняков
Максим Черняков 3 months ago
Привет меня зовут Макс и я из России и я ничего не понял в этом ролики потому что я хреново знаю английский! Желаю удачи!
Mitchell Merriam
Mitchell Merriam 3 months ago
Why you trying to steal johns mojo?
Cameron Healey-Steventon
Cameron Healey-Steventon 3 months ago
Hey wildcat! I know you may not see this but can you do the one house challenge on fortnite again?!
Zitu Org
Zitu Org 3 months ago
3:37 YHHHH😂
Kasey Malec
Kasey Malec 3 months ago
Am i the only one that wants more of this?
OM FG 3 months ago
Please make more
itzHannahStyle 3 months ago
Is that ur channel?!?! Why u kick me from the skribbl?!?!
Z!GGY 3 months ago
Optical illusion videos in 2013: 0:55