Fortnite moments that make you feel like it’s 2018 again...

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23 days ago

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Edgar Sandoval
Edgar Sandoval 11 hours ago
wildcat is gonna make me play fortnite again
Silver God
Silver God 17 hours ago
Wheeeen he hit a gas can
Prince Xiong
Prince Xiong Day ago
Hi Wildcat
Med clan
Med clan Day ago
Plz more fortnite
James Hennessy
James Hennessy Day ago
Play this more
FreddyRueger 2 days ago
I missed these videos, not gonna lie.
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez 3 days ago
Noglas commentary was fire😂
Kp lao
Kp lao 4 days ago
I'm only 20 and had to Google what poggers mean lmao. I'm so out of touch with memes lol.
xd Radboy
xd Radboy 5 days ago
Nogla do be lookin kinda 🥵🔥
Maems Lol
Maems Lol 7 days ago
ngl i missed wildcat fortnite vids
Jonathan S
Jonathan S 7 days ago
Y Robinson
Y Robinson 7 days ago
I bet this will never happen again
Vanex 10 days ago
Omar Mendoza
Omar Mendoza 11 days ago
Dang it’s almost my second year of not playing fortnite
Renzo 11 days ago
Why do they always fight against noobs but i always fight against lifeless sweats
Sprite Rite
Sprite Rite 11 days ago
I’ll try making that drawling Wildcat🙂
Natalia Peña
Natalia Peña 11 days ago
God listen to my prayers and wildcat did a fortnite video again 😌
RedSkull Crusher
RedSkull Crusher 11 days ago
I love when he says get shit on
Playboi Glohan
Playboi Glohan 12 days ago
Fuuuck it dUUuUde😭😂😂🤙🏾
ChaosMiles07 12 days ago
Poggers, dude!
Amilkratos Romero
Amilkratos Romero 12 days ago
It is insufferable just to hear that Nogla c***!!! I hate him so much!!!
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira 13 days ago
Wildcat, the only USpostsr with the power to make me click a fortnite video in safari 2020
G Crazy
G Crazy 13 days ago
It’s she-hulk then she died
The Reaper
The Reaper 13 days ago
The thing Brian (Terroriser) was talking about regarding Marilyn Manson, that he had the bottom ribs removed, so he could give himself some ‘head’.. that wasn’t actually true. He was asked about it once and he gave the best answer. He said “if that was true, I don’t think I would be here doing this interview” 😂
LittleDUP2 13 days ago
“He said he’s playing fortnite again as a joke right” definitely not no one has fun with it anymore I’m sure😂
LittleDUP2 13 days ago
If I don’t see Clifton in their show I swear😂
Victor Lizarraga
Victor Lizarraga 13 days ago
Novak said fuck ittt dudffeeee
MR R1 13 days ago
No wildcat still plays this in his spare time he just doesn't record it because there's no content
Blue Tiger1733
Blue Tiger1733 13 days ago
Please start playing fortnite again
creamy 13 days ago
bro stay we missed u ur still cracked sumhow
DarkKiller 14 days ago
Yxng Midoriya
Yxng Midoriya 14 days ago
I got trashed my you on arena i had fun thx for killin me wildcat love ya keep it up
Cody Chandler
Cody Chandler 14 days ago
Terroriser doing Bill Clinton’s voice made me laugh, and not just any laugh but the kind you don’t expect to!!! Thank you!
ikillzombys1 14 days ago
The strongest super hero in fortnite is either in weeping woods or the swamp near the water you have to kill him immediately or he will automatically rez him self and he heals himself.
Gabriel Lucero
Gabriel Lucero 15 days ago
Can you react to Cold War zombies please and play mor Fortnite
Jake Dean
Jake Dean 15 days ago
Can we play modern warfare
BOY LIKE ME 15 days ago
This man doesn’t even play this game anymore and still this game😑
The BigFellah
The BigFellah 16 days ago
The nostalgia... all we need is factory’s
David Martinez
David Martinez 17 days ago
I thought you were not going to never play fort again
Fletcher Ness
Fletcher Ness 17 days ago
even when he wasn't playing fortnite i was still using his creator code!
Gaming With Toni
Gaming With Toni 17 days ago
I miss this so much
Dennis Waersegers
Dennis Waersegers 17 days ago
wtf youre even better than you were before??
Kaden Neeley
Kaden Neeley 18 days ago
can you add me ?
Marvin Alvarado Jr
Marvin Alvarado Jr 18 days ago
Good times
Oscar the Wiener
Oscar the Wiener 18 days ago
The guy of wild cats original account needed it back he hasn’t paid rent so he’s in dept and lost it repo on your account
kingryan123pro the king
kingryan123pro the king 18 days ago
Can you plz keep making fortnite videos
Cole Carroll
Cole Carroll 18 days ago
Do more plez
Mr Trooper
Mr Trooper 18 days ago
It's weird cause my name is Clifton
ImKrez 18 days ago
So happy he went back
Parker Tibble
Parker Tibble 18 days ago
Fortnite gay
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 18 days ago
Matthew Barker
Matthew Barker 18 days ago
Damn wildcats a god
Gold3n_Wafflez 18 days ago
Taylor Eccles
Taylor Eccles 19 days ago
Yes the king has returned
Pat Plays
Pat Plays 19 days ago
What kind of mouse does Tyler have
Gamita Hernandez
Gamita Hernandez 19 days ago
Yes sirrrr
Gangster759 Tookook
Gangster759 Tookook 19 days ago
WAAAHOO!! Ma bois back on fortnite??!?
Daniel Espino
Daniel Espino 19 days ago
U bring back hope for fortnite
Andres Guzman
Andres Guzman 19 days ago
I love this
Elijah Pettay
Elijah Pettay 19 days ago
Bill Biden?
Zeke Cordero
Zeke Cordero 19 days ago
Yee Howdy
Yee Howdy 19 days ago
if they restart fortnite from season 1 i would definitely play it again
Grandpa 19 days ago
Y'all remember when people were rocket riding Yeah good times...
Rocco Romano
Rocco Romano 19 days ago
damn we back to fortnite this shit sucks but wildcat makes it tolerable.
Riley Waters
Riley Waters 19 days ago
I love the friendship between you three in this video. After all this time, you guys still enjoy eachother presence. Awesome.
Matt Williams
Matt Williams 19 days ago
For the algorithm!
vicy fatty
vicy fatty 19 days ago
Wooooooow fortnite that new
Izayah Hernandez
Izayah Hernandez 19 days ago
its cuz he plays it with his subscribera
Izayah Hernandez
Izayah Hernandez 19 days ago
Jacob Ray
Jacob Ray 19 days ago
Hell yah glad you brought it back wildcat loved the video bro 😎
Bryce Wolf
Bryce Wolf 19 days ago
0:36 oh look nogla changed his skin to a mexican
Ray Mccroey
Ray Mccroey 20 days ago
No way!!!!!!!
Zander Meyers
Zander Meyers 20 days ago
MrJastus 20 days ago
Still got the sauce
Benzo Morales
Benzo Morales 20 days ago
Bryson Esquivel-Cross
Bryson Esquivel-Cross 20 days ago
I died when he said Deadspiderpoolverine😂😭
Joshua Romero
Joshua Romero 20 days ago
8:06 was the highlight of the vid for me 💀
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez 20 days ago
mikeda chill
mikeda chill 20 days ago
another reason to unsubscribe
Ghauze 20 days ago
More fortnite
Niko 20 days ago
ahhhh i missed this
ryryy 20 days ago
Tyler's not addicted, he's just too good that's why he keep playing it
Isaiah Meium-Bratrud
Isaiah Meium-Bratrud 20 days ago
i kind of wanna see ironspiderpolverine
Blyse 20 days ago
Noglas commentary when WILDCAT is fighting is the funniest shit ever
BoyzFromTheHood- YT7
BoyzFromTheHood- YT7 20 days ago
Yall should make episodes of fucked presidents shit is to funny lmao 🤣 😂 💀
Money Chump
Money Chump 20 days ago
Scary Salad
Scary Salad 20 days ago
I'm at the point where i'm juust glad it's not among us
Gabe Aguilar
Gabe Aguilar 20 days ago
Bruh that’s sad I really enjoyed the among us content lol
Noah Joao
Noah Joao 20 days ago
10inchesSoft has made a return!
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez 20 days ago
love the video
Valorie Mathis
Valorie Mathis 20 days ago
I miss 2018 so much sometimes. It was euphoria euphoria
mr. dragon
mr. dragon 20 days ago
9:27 my dog barking
Paul Hutson
Paul Hutson 20 days ago
Holy tyler haven't see you on fortnite in a while
Jared Lowman
Jared Lowman 20 days ago
Still got it 🤙🏻
OTM 20 days ago
Bruh ngl I never thought he would bring the sound effects back lol
goalguy02 20 days ago
Was great to have a fortnite video back!
MTG Poison
MTG Poison 20 days ago
What are your keybinds
Wise One
Wise One 20 days ago
Fortnite is dead
T Crist
T Crist 20 days ago
The only reason I’ll watch fortnite
Prism ash
Prism ash 20 days ago
I miss my this content
Rowen Machia
Rowen Machia 20 days ago
what happen to marksman?
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