Rainbow Six Siege moments that showcase my massive cerebral cortex...

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2 months ago

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Ken Koneki
Ken Koneki 28 days ago
Is it just me or are the operators looking a little more cartoony
RiotRage 2 months ago
Unrealmoss 320
Unrealmoss 320 2 months ago
Please do more siege this is the best game to play
Cosmos :P
Cosmos :P 2 months ago
Tyler you just make people laugh whatever game you play...among us,rainbow ect
Boi Farley
Boi Farley 2 months ago
play more of this
ahegao Galaxy
ahegao Galaxy 2 months ago
Please play this more
iEatFeet69 2 months ago
If wildcat continues to play this game, he'll learn to absolutely hate it. Especially if he takes it seriously at all. Toxicity, hardcore sweat, and constant bugs/issues. (Fyi I have hit diamond)
Tiny 2 months ago
I can’t play this game because my internet is horrible, but even I’ve gotta appreciate that angle and claymore at 7:44 Psst hey if you’re reading this, have a nice day. Do it - it’ll be funny.
ToxIc Kite
ToxIc Kite 2 months ago
im actually so happy rn wildcat is good at this game and not only is it funny keeps the content fresh good job:)
Amarion M
Amarion M 2 months ago
Unfortunately this might be the only shooter i could beat wildcat in : (
YT Sparkle specialist
YT Sparkle specialist 2 months ago
When wildcat is better then u and u are 145 level and u are ranked platinum 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Spencer Marks
Spencer Marks 2 months ago
You should play seige with Mcnasty or soup
Carson Quist
Carson Quist 2 months ago
U should try ranked
no sensai
no sensai 2 months ago
Wildcat it was my bd 8 days ago but got nothing
Wyatt Webb
Wyatt Webb 2 months ago
Advice for Scotty put an acog sight on the DMR and you'll be able to hit him more
D’s Gaming
D’s Gaming 2 months ago
More rainbow please
Colt N
Colt N 2 months ago
Idk why I thought this but the title cut off for me and I thought it was Rainbow Six Moments that showcase my massive cerebral palsy lol.
TinFeak Tactical
TinFeak Tactical 2 months ago
Holy shit ! My friend and I were playing when he was recording. He’s Jamesbales12
Cerberus 2 months ago
Valitroad 69
Valitroad 69 2 months ago
I wish you played this on ps4 dude I could clap with you guys
Juicy Senpai
Juicy Senpai 2 months ago
You should start posting more siege videos man this content is gold ✊🏽
Jbusch 2 months ago
didn’t watch yet but liked it because of the title
Grub Killa77
Grub Killa77 2 months ago
Who didn't tell scotty that the mk14 has insane recoil?
Cash Allard
Cash Allard 2 months ago
But why red dot
Shelly 2 months ago
we gonna talk bout tyler using red dot on leigons gun?
Daveed Haddad
Daveed Haddad 2 months ago
more seige plzzzz
Fernando Lopez
Fernando Lopez 2 months ago
Hey wildcat can keep play six siga pls I
Diego 2 months ago
better than cod
Crazy_Crafter 809
Crazy_Crafter 809 2 months ago
When are you gonna play with russianbadger again?
rj lara
rj lara 2 months ago
seing wildcats vid after i rank plat 3
Matthew Barr
Matthew Barr 2 months ago
You should play R6 more often
Clarissa Pena
Clarissa Pena 2 months ago
Please play more some time i enjoy the ranibow six content.😁
Delaney Patterson
Delaney Patterson 2 months ago
it’d be interesting to see you play some more with the shameless/goons crew! loved your videos with them before
Donotin Harmsen
Donotin Harmsen 2 months ago
I'm disabled so I watch
Samuel Prudencio
Samuel Prudencio 2 months ago
There is no Michael Ironside therefore Zero sucks
Angel Gaming
Angel Gaming 2 months ago
Uses Lesion ez op shows all clips. Uses Twitch shoes no gameplay of her. Good vid though enjoyed it.
Jessica Castro
Jessica Castro 2 months ago
lady gaga
SirYeetusCleetusThe69th 2 months ago
Wildcat: *Dies* Wildcat's desk: "My time has come."
Hispanic Gaming777
Hispanic Gaming777 2 months ago
Didn't see Zero the entire vid breh.
Atomic Llama
Atomic Llama 2 months ago
you should play with smii7y if he's down to
Tachanka 2 months ago
The fact that he was using red dot makes me think he isn’t so intelligent. Also no one told him to change it....
Joe regular
Joe regular 2 months ago
Tylers ace was marley level
Starting relic21
Starting relic21 2 months ago
Me in ranked
Leonardo Amorim
Leonardo Amorim 2 months ago
Well, I remember when badger played with you
Jeremy Howard
Jeremy Howard 2 months ago
I didn’t know you played siege!
ty140 2 months ago
I dislike you for using lmg on zofia
Matthew Arthur
Matthew Arthur 2 months ago
Loving it dude
7thk_ ii
7thk_ ii 2 months ago
Why can wildcat ace and custard cant
ted ronald
ted ronald 2 months ago
I want to buy this game so bad!
Hunter Adams
Hunter Adams 2 months ago
Yea we definitely need some more siege gameplay
Colton Smith
Colton Smith 2 months ago
Honestly tho ur rainbow content is actually very refreshing and funny to watch u should keep posting more
Michael Toner
Michael Toner 2 months ago
Yess, wildcat is a part of red doot gang
Preech 2 months ago
Wildcat makes me feel bad cause he's so memey in this game and I'm a sweatstain
gacha xxxzombiexxx
gacha xxxzombiexxx 2 months ago
Make a complication on Rainbow and cod
Chaoticfoolzz 2 months ago
Please keep playing even after the free week this is the most entertaining thing ive seen in a while
svg_jem 2 months ago
Plz play more siege
WOLF_YT 2 months ago
Notice how wild cat got his revenge on Jamesbale12 in the same
J Frypan
J Frypan 2 months ago
Using Zofia’s lmg🥴 it do be what it be tho🤷🏿‍♂️
Angel Lemus
Angel Lemus 2 months ago
Wildcat when he made the title: BIG BRAIN TIME
Scott Bugarin
Scott Bugarin 2 months ago
I’m so happy I didn’t know wildcat played rainbow😁
Robotic Insanity
Robotic Insanity 2 months ago
Hey wildcat idk if u read comments this late, but in siege Suppressors are a no no, the dmg drop isnt worth it probably why moo whiffed some of his shots even if they landed it. Love the content man keep it up
Knight Hwk27
Knight Hwk27 2 months ago
Wildcat X Marley????
Nico Martinez
Nico Martinez 2 months ago
cant wait to see Tyler play ranked and uninstall the game happens to the best of us *sigh*
Extinction Gaming
Extinction Gaming 2 months ago
Dude your play against bots why are you saying you have a big brain in casual or newcomer? Man Tyler has gotten way more of an entitled douchebag mag
Xquisite 2 months ago
Gold level aim, bronze level game knowledge 😂
Living Fast Gaming
Living Fast Gaming 2 months ago
Can we start a petition for wildcat too continue playing Rainbow six siege?
The dislike button
The dislike button 2 months ago
Who else played rainbow 6 on Nintendo 64?!
Steven Amador
Steven Amador 2 months ago
i play this game pretty seriously and i sound whore and sweat all the time then i just see wild cat run a damn redot
Not Merk
Not Merk 2 months ago
nobody: wildcat: BIG BRAIN
NightNote217 2 months ago
Play on the tts server
Jrn 1297
Jrn 1297 2 months ago
Please play more rainbow I love how fun it is
FaderKT 2 months ago
Cake Lord
Cake Lord 2 months ago
As a siege player it’s nice to see him play lesion but why with a red dot I mean come on use the reflex at least
Xe’vakk Xenos
Xe’vakk Xenos 2 months ago
More R6S
Champ 26
Champ 26 2 months ago
Play with the Russianbadger
Ryan Miles
Ryan Miles 2 months ago
I’ve been wanting you to play this for the longest time this game is amazing!😂😁Love watching you bro!💯
Clay Pipkin
Clay Pipkin 2 months ago
Your sister goes to my brothers high school
Dominic Gonzales
Dominic Gonzales 2 months ago
Wild cat's still playing with his goo
Yuri Spastic69
Yuri Spastic69 2 months ago
You should definitely play the new season as your main focus
zombiebot 3000
zombiebot 3000 2 months ago
Barawr The Ninja
Barawr The Ninja 2 months ago
Please play more
Ashton low
Ashton low 2 months ago
More siege?
Knsamaro 2 months ago
People will really enjoy if you keep playing this game
Issa Croissant
Issa Croissant 2 months ago
Kinda wish you would play this game more with some friends
Desktop 2 months ago
Wamai:exists Me:Why me
HALOBOSS0514 2 months ago
This video was so funny I was laughing the whole time 😃
C Michael
C Michael 2 months ago
How come marcel and wildcat havent had a video in a while?
Purple7143 2 months ago
Pls play this instead of mw
Braden Miller
Braden Miller 2 months ago
You guys somehow make every game funny asf
Battlefield Grandpa
Battlefield Grandpa 2 months ago
I wish they would make a Battlefield game with the gun play of Rainbow six siege.
Extinction Gaming
Extinction Gaming 2 months ago
No because of hit registration
Pogchamp Podcast That's Pog
Pogchamp Podcast That's Pog 2 months ago
1v1 me, you won't
Joaquim Leal
Joaquim Leal 2 months ago
Hey wildcat tomorow i might get the chapter 2 season 4 battle pass and use code WILDCAT
Łøgåñ Mōörę
Łøgåñ Mōörę 2 months ago
That alibi didn’t shoot through a hole he pre fired the wall the hole thing was a glitch
lud1crous__ 2 months ago
Depsey 2 months ago
Have u tried playing valorant, it’s intense gameplay and I find it entertaining
Extinction Gaming
Extinction Gaming 2 months ago
Again he won't
Ben Conley
Ben Conley 2 months ago
Good vid man
BleachyReacts 2 months ago
jesus christ is this newcomers the enemy's were shit every game
jdizgrizz 2 months ago
Bust the goo in cindy loo
Rust Modern Warfare
Rust Modern Warfare 2 months ago
I seen this thumbnail before....
Riley Davidson
Riley Davidson 2 months ago
U shoukd have vanoss upload slmore siege videos😂
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