Cold War but the combat bow is completely broken...

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12 days ago

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Code Black
Code Black 46 minutes ago
New call of duty same sh!t
memesterlife _
memesterlife _ 17 hours ago
I was just listening to Chop Suey last night😰
Armand Day ago
No one going to question why wildcat knows what a pirouete is?
ExpensiveDebt ye
ExpensiveDebt ye 3 days ago
Can someone get the fan in the video
SoulFoxie 3 days ago
This video shouldn't of been called "But the combat bow is completely broken" it should've been called "CLIP IT!"
The Cook
The Cook 3 days ago
I'm glad fortnite finally died so I can resubscribe
Jayson Tatumakathegoat
Jayson Tatumakathegoat 4 days ago
What mode is this
Pyric 4 days ago
“Clip it”
Seks Pantherz
Seks Pantherz 5 days ago
so glad i didn’t wear headphones for this i’m high as fuck
Vezia 5 days ago
The dude who told wildcat that he loved him is my spirit animal.
Eli Avi
Eli Avi 5 days ago
Never thought they'll make a System of a down reference.
Le Ricardo
Le Ricardo 5 days ago
A fucking flaming arrow can pierce through armor and pecks of a 200 pound man? K
Mw3raf143 5 days ago
10:27 GT “GerogeFloydNeck”
soonersbaby1 5 days ago
Are u ever gonna play modern warfare again
dodge ram 1500 1996
dodge ram 1500 1996 6 days ago
I haven't even been interested in getting cold war. I mean, "Yay! New COD!" But it's not worth it. It's almost a downgrade from Modern Warfare
GameOver 7113
GameOver 7113 6 days ago
I got a team wipe and the guy that got best play was a guy that rushed a guy with a shotgun
Fire King
Fire King 6 days ago
Turtle 🐢
ッGhostyy 7 days ago
Invitation from Anne frank
Isaac Wallace
Isaac Wallace 7 days ago
why is no one talking about that guys name "georgefloydsneck" i really dont think that shouldve been in the video :/
Speed Demon
Speed Demon 6 days ago
Cop are cleaning the streets
tommy flockolockadingpoot
tommy flockolockadingpoot 7 days ago
The casual friend request from Anne Frank
TheAlbinopanda 21
TheAlbinopanda 21 7 days ago
0:37 Nogla was referencing chop suey by System of down
Evilzachy Gaming
Evilzachy Gaming 7 days ago
System of a down chop sue parody has me dead 😂
Live SC
Live SC 7 days ago
I lost it when clip it part played it over and over again lmbo
Finlay B
Finlay B 7 days ago
New found footage of George Floyd's death reveals new evidence 10:33
Taylor 7 days ago
5:30 mins in and I'm laughing away here... 😂 😂 😂 😂 Also has anyone noticed that the plane tail fin has 20200 on it... 0 points for 2020?.🤔 🤣 🤣 🤣
Nathan Ysseldyke
Nathan Ysseldyke 7 days ago
COD Wildcat!!!!! Yo video idea, cross map China Lake plssssss!! Love the vids keep it up‼️
Hell Boy
Hell Boy 8 days ago
Bruh Wildcat made that dude’s day by roasting him and saying he loves him xD
undead gamers
undead gamers 8 days ago
That was the worst shit I heard to wildcat it gave me a headic
Sam M.
Sam M. 8 days ago
Gotta love Nogla raging out while a fan screams "I love you" in the background.
OhAreistic 8 days ago
7:39 bro that "yeaaaaa" was cute lmao
Chase Day
Chase Day 8 days ago
I’m surprised he knows what a pirouette is
Deathman21 12
Deathman21 12 8 days ago
Folson TV
Folson TV 8 days ago
This is the best system of a down concert i ever been too.😁
S O U L 8 days ago
1:49 musve been the most merican thang yov evea sad brotha
the kid parzival
the kid parzival 8 days ago
Alfred Jagodzinski
Alfred Jagodzinski 8 days ago
After that SOAD reference 👌😔👌
Troy Callypso
Troy Callypso 8 days ago
“WAKE UP, whejlpehdlepod, you wanted to”
DatBoiMcCoy 8 days ago
*anne frank sent you a friend request* "I hear em burnin"-Marksman
Lunar 8 days ago
JprTM 8 days ago
literally what’s the point in buying the new cod just to play SND
Adrian Clark
Adrian Clark 8 days ago
Imagine wildcat and nogla playing battlefield 5. It’d be fucking hilarious
trent flegg
trent flegg 8 days ago
Syndrome of the Downs, Clip it
Logan Par
Logan Par 8 days ago
That System of a Down reference lmao
toyboxx12 AJP
toyboxx12 AJP 8 days ago
Cold War but they eventually make one balanced weapon
Tenath Zeckron
Tenath Zeckron 8 days ago
7:15: Anne Frank sends you an Activision friend request.
Idaho_Spud5695 8 days ago
Please make a chop suey parody
Dylan Widner
Dylan Widner 8 days ago
I was not expecting to hear a Chop Suey remake
Suliman Alqayyam
Suliman Alqayyam 9 days ago
why are there dislikes on this video
Tim Stevens
Tim Stevens 9 days ago
I love how anne frank sent him a friend request when he was burning people
ian robbins
ian robbins 9 days ago
Wats his FOV??
Caleb Lopez
Caleb Lopez 9 days ago
When did he even use the bow
Morgan Boyer
Morgan Boyer 9 days ago
They ruined the killcam system, if it's going to be a best play kill cam do the best play
xXSolid NukeXx
xXSolid NukeXx 9 days ago
I have COVID, wildcats videos make me feel better🤧😏
Machine Killer
Machine Killer 9 days ago
Oh my god....I hope I'm not the only one to notice one certain *name* show up during this video. Specifically the bit with the guy who said "I may suck, but I love you Wildcat"'ll know exactly what I mean if you keep looking at the bottom.
blank 9 days ago
At 8:10 what did that guy say 😆
Mauricio Martinez
Mauricio Martinez 9 days ago
8:45 I was drinkin sprite during this and I was abt to choke😂
Maddy TheSpaceFetus
Maddy TheSpaceFetus 9 days ago
Did nogla just reference systems of a down with jibberish , tons of new respect for nogla
Kayden Cameron
Kayden Cameron 9 days ago
I actually had to take my headphones off when Nogla started his ASMR
Cknapp1484 9 days ago
Hey wildcat are you going to use cold wars theater mode for videos?
Taylor Bower
Taylor Bower 9 days ago
The bow is broken. Broken as in it never fucking works. Every time I use it I’ll only get a kill with it if I get a headshot. Anywhere else and I might as well have just sneezed on the guy
Tyler’s Cards
Tyler’s Cards 9 days ago
5:51 lol
Bryan Soper
Bryan Soper 9 days ago
I need more of this please. It is so funny all the time
Malik Robinson
Malik Robinson 9 days ago
I LOVE WHEN THE CREW PLAYS CALL OF DUTY! Greatest game content alive
A.T Rodgers
A.T Rodgers 9 days ago
No final killcams or gun game? This cod is eh
Fireskullbro 9 days ago
New rock song in the making
MPK 9 days ago
You had shroud in your game at 9:39 pog
Squalidtomb13 __
Squalidtomb13 __ 9 days ago
I love the chop suey reference from nogla
Selena 9 days ago
I do enjoy Wildcat trashing his fans, but I really liked when he said "I love you" back 😂
ElectroPlayz 9 days ago
Sigh cold war is ard 80$ in sg its just soo expensive i dont even have money 😔
Jae 300 Shot300
Jae 300 Shot300 8 days ago
Game not worth it anyway
Hunter Gierson
Hunter Gierson 9 days ago
Yo I hope to see you in game when I get the game in a month
ICON1C 9 days ago
This new cod is way worse to watch than the previous...
Mare Perisoare
Mare Perisoare 9 days ago
Best play is definitely broken in this game
Julian Zbn
Julian Zbn 9 days ago
I loved the stream
AFKMH23 9 days ago
They need to fix this shit fucking game
Bradley777 10 days ago
pretty sure a 0:41 nogla said you wanted to cause of chop suey by system of a down
LiL_suskid321 T
LiL_suskid321 T 10 days ago
Funny thing is that I got a pubg add and Tyler playing cod
Xena 10 days ago
Lmao i love Nogla
Mr. CIA 10 days ago
I was just listening to that song today
Sanctus Lupus
Sanctus Lupus 10 days ago
You honestly gotta play more with Nogla and Marksman more often. This was hilarious 🤣
Tristan H22
Tristan H22 10 days ago
4:52 💀💀💀💀💀
_Hurtubise.inc_ 10 days ago
the system of a down reference at the start made my day honestly
sy plays
sy plays 10 days ago
Can you play modern warfare
Yeltnarb 10 days ago
when u watch the stream so u see nothing new
romero1337 10 days ago
Wtf is the point if you cant get the last kill Killcam?
XxChihuahua_S10xX ፉe
XxChihuahua_S10xX ፉe 10 days ago
What happened to Lui can someone tell me
Trippy Josh
Trippy Josh 10 days ago
4:06 funniest moment in the video
Joshua Anderson
Joshua Anderson 10 days ago
Word of the day CLIP IT!!!
Sheepy15 10 days ago
Nobody got Noglas reference to Chop Suey at the start
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer 10 days ago
This game looks awful Modern Warfare is 10x better
Michael Xiong
Michael Xiong 10 days ago
Wow I'm surprised Wildcat isn't being a douche to Nogla
aaron theborkbork8
aaron theborkbork8 10 days ago
Can we talk about why there’s a guy in yalls lobby named George Floyd’s neck cause that’s fucked in cod name and how does that get through as a name in cod
Sean Michael Wheat
Sean Michael Wheat 10 days ago
Nice chop suey cover from nogla
Carson Cherry
Carson Cherry 10 days ago
This is the most I’ve laughed at a Wildcat vid since prop hunt or BO2. It’s back baby
Fredy Hernandez
Fredy Hernandez 10 days ago
What do u guys think about Cold War?
Quan ?
Quan ? 10 days ago
I fucking love that Chop Suey reference
El Penguino
El Penguino 10 days ago
"GeorgeFloydsNeck" What a piece of shit
ADI- Z 10 days ago
I hope we get to see wildcat rage in this game 😂
Shock 10 days ago
Noones talking about how wildcat suddenly got friend request from Anne frank...
Sr. Butters
Sr. Butters 10 days ago
Arrows are just launched throwing knives
Bowie 10 days ago
Not gonna lie Cold War vids are way less entertaining without the final killcam. I miss enemies being able to react to shit.
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