Among Us but I predict my own death...

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Month ago

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Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 6 days ago
Evan and Conner, I wonder how that went 😂
Jcoombs31 8 days ago
Nice Ralph reference in the thumbnail lol
Evan Otter
Evan Otter 8 days ago
you should do among us IRL
Cristian de Vega
Cristian de Vega 16 days ago
Did you guys realize that vanoss and Connor finally played together
Еwqweb 17 days ago
Let’s have a moment of silence for puffballs having to do all these updates to keep up the fanbase.
AlanTube 21 day ago
Who else notice that Conner had a ui or mui goku profile pic on discord
Matt C
Matt C 22 days ago
I hate it more and more when people say "simon says" instead of just "simon"(the correct way)
Leprichaun Lord
Leprichaun Lord 22 days ago
We need Connor in more videos!!
obvs lilz
obvs lilz 23 days ago
evan is such a troll i love it
xDanulicious 24 days ago
why is the squeaker in these videos, shits annoying
Noah Raju
Noah Raju 24 days ago
Connor kinda annoying no cap
Rafael Manlapaz
Rafael Manlapaz 25 days ago
The ultimate duo LazarCat
Cam Schiebler
Cam Schiebler 25 days ago
Flamingo 25 days ago
I love getting a fucking Barbie dream house ad
Yt_predator _2134
Yt_predator _2134 26 days ago
4:49 your talking about Terrorizer having the balls but you just hide when you kill someone
Rocket ! Gaming
Rocket ! Gaming 27 days ago
am i the only one that the cat hat's eyes turn into x when wildcat died by Courage?
Fox-Boy 28 days ago
6:19 😂 report mychicken tender
Aiden Baratta
Aiden Baratta 29 days ago
I'm glad they are still playing with conner. They didn't just write him off after a vid or two. Love it. He went from not having any friends to have a set of amazing friends.😁
Eric Benitez
Eric Benitez 29 days ago
The thumbnails are insane
BernyBoyJones 417
BernyBoyJones 417 Month ago
Of course Connor is their I hate him so much
Junker Fan
Junker Fan Month ago
I never expect Vanoss and Connor to be in the same game session and video the first time I watched this.
TakeTheL Month ago
5:01 that double kill was on beat and very smooth
Bruce Carrillo707
Bruce Carrillo707 Month ago
Wildcat! to find out who killed in the stack is always look for the person who was behind the body during the stack kill
Makii Month ago
Connor being interrupted is sad but cute
NovaTGN Month ago
2:33 bro imagine having a Dragon Ball pfp...
Video for Life
Video for Life Month ago
Am I delusional, or is some of the Vanoss crew actually playing with people that aren't USpostsrs (or probably are USpostsrs that I haven't heard of. )
evan caz
evan caz Month ago
If conner is going to play with them he needs start talking more because he is just left out its just pure adults in the discord so their should be conners girlfriend if he has one or his friend who is a kid it would be cool and be content if conner brings his girlfriend if he has one????????
Jacob Snyder
Jacob Snyder Month ago
Wait... Is this Conner the kid they interacted with back on Fortnite? They actually still play with him? That's AWESOME!!!
XxCozmoand WandaxX
XxCozmoand WandaxX Month ago
Me:Clickes on video Video:Starts singing crazy frog
Joey M.
Joey M. Month ago
Try this : whoever calls the meeting has to use a random name generator and everyone has to vote that person but w skip as a “ name “ also to be able to randomly skip
Kelpy G
Kelpy G Month ago
This dude milking the shit out of this game
Erick GunMan1
Erick GunMan1 Month ago
Vanoss playing with people he doesn't play with just doesn't mix lol
De' wayne
De' wayne Month ago
Literally Nobody: Muselk: This is a throw
Cow Bell
Cow Bell Month ago
Idc what anybody says con are annoying and dosent belong here
why thefuck?
why thefuck? Month ago
I love your laugh :3
chloe frias
chloe frias Month ago
Yoiche kun
Yoiche kun Month ago
hi.wildcat can u read this pls.ur the only one that has tha good thumbnail nice content.ILY Team 6
TheCrystalikSuicune121 Month ago
I had to watch a 20 second barbies dream house ad for this
Sam Therma
Sam Therma Month ago
hi im lexus
Sam Therma
Sam Therma Month ago
hi im lexus to
MiniMello Month ago
*chuckles* I’m in danger
iDeath MaximuM II
iDeath MaximuM II Month ago
“Report my chicken tender Evan” I dunno why but that made me laugh so hard
Knight Guy
Knight Guy Month ago
What the hell happened at 2:29 I still don’t get it
Gage is Me333
Gage is Me333 Month ago
I luv when vannoss purposefully f*cks around😝😘
Lone Month ago
3:33 gotta appreciate the childhood memes
AppleSauce95 Month ago
"Report my chicken tender, Evan"
FlaWLessMinigun Month ago
Considering how often Nogla's first choices of imposters are actually correct, why the hell is it the rest of the group has no common sense to listen to the guy? Only thing I can figure is that Nogla is so good that no one wants to look absolutely stupid and so they vote him off. The lack of sense in all that is actually irritating
Marcupio! !
Marcupio! ! Month ago
Connor has been there since fortnite
Pearsk 07
Pearsk 07 Month ago
Nogla is either the best impostor or the best third impostor
Angel Month ago
Conner is always annoying when he plays with these guys weird ass kid
TheDisasterPrediction 2003
TheDisasterPrediction 2003 Month ago
Smii7y would be proud of you Tyler
It’s weird cuz nogla is high and low IQ at the same time
ZGoat Month ago
God Nogla gets annoying
Zαηε Month ago
The thumbnail make me laugh 😂😂😂
nizodizo Month ago
Its nice hearing Conner. Reminds me that those who play with him aren't weird...unlike MiniLadd lol
D4WX Month ago
at 2:29 i thought it was conner about to sing "Hello.... is it me your looking for.... i can see it in you eyes"😂
thedingboat Month ago
“You’re all I ever wanted, and my arms are opened wide!!”
thedingboat Month ago
“I can see it in your smile!”
Dustbucket Month ago
Wolffang Month ago
Terroriser: look at him, he vote for me that little rat. Also terrorister: "votes Connor"
SpaceCowboyMugen Month ago
Man.... y'all really enjoy making Nogla struggle. Kinda feel for the guy when he has actual information to say but he gets voted off anyway.... sometimes yes he has it coming, but damn Lupo not even giving him a chance is kinda low imo.
Tachanka Month ago
I call dead bodies “Turkey Legs”. It’s fun to say *”Pink turkey leg in nav”*
mac_nelly Month ago
bro that altro music slaps
Bogusław Łęcina
Bogusław Łęcina Month ago
Peter McCue
Peter McCue Month ago
Hey wildcat just subbed I saw you in mr beasts gaming vid and saw you were cool 😎. Also love the vid
Kiara Ultima
Kiara Ultima Month ago
I love how when Connor says something about Nogla, everyone agrees. Best Connor moment.
BLUE YOSHI2211 Month ago
And people say Tennessee is ass BRO WE HAVE YA BOI WILDCAT
Omar Osman
Omar Osman Month ago
insane video wsh you luck buddy
moon&sunwitch Month ago
Connor is sooo cute in this game.. uWu.. shout out to my nephew.
SentLin Month ago
SacredGaming HD
SacredGaming HD Month ago
I just knew when Evan said “stack kill in hallway” I felt it in my guts. I knew Tyler would say, *Fucking Evan*
Brandon Stephens
Brandon Stephens Month ago
I love Connor so much
Lebedy Pictures
Lebedy Pictures Month ago
Daithi De Nogla
Daithi De Nogla Month ago
nogla was correct and we voted him off... *gasps*
eef :3
eef :3 11 hours ago
*surprised pikachu face*
Lexy S
Lexy S 2 days ago
Once again
Gamer Craft0903
Gamer Craft0903 4 days ago
Not Lenny
Not Lenny 6 days ago
I don't get why they don't ever believe you 🤦🏻‍♂️
FearMePhoenix 18 days ago
icyMICNUGGET 760 Month ago
Play vr that would be so funny please
Kalvin Nguyen
Kalvin Nguyen Month ago
Imagine being seconds away from winning $10k
Johnson Playz
Johnson Playz Month ago
Wildcat how does it feel to lose $10,000
Stream Spoart!
Stream Spoart! Month ago
Please play postal 4, i remember the first time it's watching you, it's Postal Still remember the intro when you trying to more focus on the channel and start playing game solo XD
Clark Month ago
Tyler bro, you should play Phasmophobia as your next new game dude, I swear it'll be fun :3
Anony Soul
Anony Soul Month ago
Congratulations on almost winning 10,000 dollars
ひJoel Month ago
Where’s Conner at?😪
Dooler Month ago
go back to modern warfare tyler
3x3c0t3 Month ago
If Tyler didn't predict his death he wouldnt had died
Arto Aka ReeTeen
Arto Aka ReeTeen Month ago
you should play among us with conner
Ana Villacorta
Ana Villacorta Month ago
Evan is the greatest man alive and funniest
CertifiedLampost Month ago
When terroriser called Connor a little rat and a piece of shit I nearly had an asthma attack
Aryan Lal
Aryan Lal Month ago
Con is annoying
Brenin Sanchez
Brenin Sanchez Month ago
"I have been systematic destroying my tasks" lol
Vaporyswing1302 Month ago
New video coming out idk yet its minecraft among us idk what time
Logan Schofield
Logan Schofield Month ago
0:52 that's what she said Nogla
Topdeck Month ago
Haven’t been watching the videos lately so ... who’s Connor?
Ryan Opolka
Ryan Opolka Month ago
There ain't nothing better then watching wildcat vote off Nogla instead of doing school
Theonetobe 1
Theonetobe 1 Month ago
I think I brought Connor back bc I was on one off wildcats streems and I started the Connor spam
Taylor Bower
Taylor Bower Month ago
Connor’s discord pic is Ultra Instinct Goku😂
Kiegen Young
Kiegen Young Month ago
The return of con1234567890
Anthony Cabral
Anthony Cabral Month ago
Alternative Title: Among Us but I have Four Tasks in Electrical
Nathaniel Malcolm
Nathaniel Malcolm Month ago
'Nogla slams the emergency button in after 1 minute in at the start' Everyone's thought process as they vote Nogka off: *It eeesss what it eeessss* 😆😏
Jarruwat Thorung
Jarruwat Thorung Month ago
Conner will grow up into another fucking chaotic youtuber lol.
Luke Farmer
Luke Farmer Month ago
Who else absolutely loves the outro?
93jcoop Month ago
Anybody else notice the same clips popping up in multiple videos?
tgm willy
tgm willy Month ago
6:12 report my chicken tender 😀
XTinct Month ago
The thumbnail doe, Im in danger
RahFrmNc Month ago
Nogla does it every time 😂
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