I reinstalled Fall Guys and I regret it...

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3 months ago

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Iron Stickman
Iron Stickman 12 days ago
This game seems peaceful UNTIL YOU PLAY IT
Hunt HUTCHINSON 24 days ago
I hate fall guys so much
I’m Fine
I’m Fine Month ago
I’ve never actually played this game at all
rey calaor
rey calaor 2 months ago
Tell me... is stream sniping f f f f F F *FUN?!*
Hfgjgfk Hfgjgfk
Hfgjgfk Hfgjgfk 2 months ago
Geovani Canchola
Geovani Canchola 2 months ago
How is he on xbox?
SoUr Eclipse
SoUr Eclipse 2 months ago
How is he on playing with an xbox controller? When he dies it says a to spectate and b to quit
NMS Bomr
NMS Bomr 2 months ago
Aidcrazy Sol
Aidcrazy Sol 2 months ago
9:44 Earth,(I'm a smartbutt I know)
Luis Fernando Rosas Semo
Luis Fernando Rosas Semo 2 months ago
Wildcat's a pro cry baby
Phuong Chung
Phuong Chung 2 months ago
8:45 Hacker
Jesse Herrera
Jesse Herrera 2 months ago
I’m currently tripping balls off of acid, the fact I’m here is simply amazing
T- BONE 2 months ago
This might be the most adorable thumbnail ever lmaoo
Bob's your uncle
Bob's your uncle 2 months ago
6:48 "I"m getting rrr- just manhandled."
Anthony Rausch
Anthony Rausch 2 months ago
8:54 - 8:58 = Nice bars....
Anthony Rausch
Anthony Rausch 2 months ago
4:00 - 4:02 = that will do pig THAT WILL DO!!!!
takattack 749
takattack 749 2 months ago
How is panda bad at every game he plays 😂
Krayzeeful Noclue
Krayzeeful Noclue 2 months ago
OMG i know Im waaayy over reacting but I was the one that typed “let’s go panda *clap* *clap*” I can die happy knowing I made it into a wildcat video. LETS GO ME E LETS GO *CLAP* *CLAP*
nope :/ see you guys later.............. leaves
meetjoegaming nick
meetjoegaming nick 2 months ago
Wildcat I've watched you sense black ops 2 you've always been my favorite USpostsr and I hope 1 day you can get on the Joe Rogan podcast
Drpolite 2 months ago
At 2:33 I think that pigeon was me
Edgy Fluff
Edgy Fluff 2 months ago
For that last moment i just wanna say that the tile minigame usually has two seperate end routes each time, the other side just happened to also find the end at the same time...
Alert Distroyer
Alert Distroyer 2 months ago
Imagine if Florida was real
Nature_gives _Us_life
Nature_gives _Us_life 2 months ago
“If you see a wolf skin you get insta grabbed”, so what’s your saying is... if you see a fury your going to get grabbed?
Philbert 2 months ago
Love the content dude keep it up!
FrostStorm YT
FrostStorm YT 2 months ago
Fall guys is the worst game ever
I Own Adog
I Own Adog 2 months ago
ishrat rana
ishrat rana 2 months ago
This is her ass ment
Sith Hunter
Sith Hunter 2 months ago
When you run into a wolf skin but they don't grab: A surprise, but a welcome one indeed
HellSpartan Z
HellSpartan Z 2 months ago
nope u was fifth u jumping & diving somehow slowed down for the others to overtake ya
SRYZ.K 01.23.04
SRYZ.K 01.23.04 2 months ago
Fall guys is so garbage
Gauphastus 2 months ago
Game def has some latency issues.
dang3r0us_bunnY 2 months ago
Can i just say I be jamming to the outco song.
FELIX _YT 2 months ago
Today is my birthday
Farbod Forutan
Farbod Forutan 2 months ago
Fortnite was much better than this game but everything dies one day 😢
Daniel Orozco
Daniel Orozco 2 months ago
The glizzys grab the most they called the glizzy grabbers
Filitano 2 months ago
I just posted my Faze5 recruitment Challenge and I bet I’m better than ALL OF YOU at sniping
Leo Tokarev
Leo Tokarev 2 months ago
9:34 to understand what happened, When you dive, you jump a TAD bit in the air. This resulted in Wildcat being a TINY bit late and lose. The Salt is reasonable.
aguyuno 2 months ago
5:07 "I am clutch, baby!" Wildcat channeling his inner Ryan Lockwood.
vxloxiity 2 months ago
Wildcat blames the game instead of himself for sucking
Misslennerz1986 Reyna
Misslennerz1986 Reyna 2 months ago
Yee ye t
Jacob Long
Jacob Long 2 months ago
I was really hoping for a rage clip from Anthony when he left discord
Matthew Blaney
Matthew Blaney 2 months ago
Play more of this
Crazie Ghost
Crazie Ghost 2 months ago
You and other friends should play Among Us. I wanna see who has the skills and a big brain 😁lol
Krayzeeful Noclue
Krayzeeful Noclue 2 months ago
10 bucks says they’d eliminate the Irish men first chance they get
Tmxxy ???
Tmxxy ??? 2 months ago
Yo wildcat you heard of the terrible news about Chadwick boseman sadly ☠️ may he RIP.
ITL Noscope
ITL Noscope 2 months ago
I watched the stream
Iplayzzz 2 months ago
10:31 that happened to me today
Marcus La Corbiniere
Marcus La Corbiniere 2 months ago
6:37 If you're smart enough you can tell that's the orange android from portal 2.
Brute force 45
Brute force 45 2 months ago
Wildcat play among us
Aa 12
Aa 12 2 months ago
Why do they call it fall guys why not descending lads
Jonathan Moore
Jonathan Moore 2 months ago
I was there for the rage lmaoooo
__Darkplace__ __
__Darkplace__ __ 2 months ago
Wildcat should do a double date on any game with liz and delirious
Chase Cannon
Chase Cannon 2 months ago
He didn’t qualify because he dove and he didn’t touch the finish line but the people behind him did so they technically finished before him
DC Mclan
DC Mclan 2 months ago
I wish they would get the mechanic of grabbing other players out, some people are dicks in this game
Bubbled Potato
Bubbled Potato 2 months ago
In the end he didn’t show if he made it
Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson 2 months ago
I wanna hear more about Norwiegia
ChaosMiles07 2 months ago
7:39 I gotta wonder what was going through that player's mind as two of their teammates suddenly start breaking social-distancing with them.
TheGuyWhoJustBeatYou 2 months ago
you can never uninstall this game. you may take it off ur pc but its installed in ur mind and you will come back.
Zachary Laughlin
Zachary Laughlin 2 months ago
I love your videos man they are the bomb I love your whole crew and I watch them to make me happy and smile
Veno Gaming
Veno Gaming 2 months ago
Just uploaded my first fall guys video n I actually got a win without trying lmfao
No Lames
No Lames 2 months ago
Console Fox
Console Fox 2 months ago
When is the return of conner
Racoon Gang
Racoon Gang 2 months ago
Can't blame you for the regret
Mister WiZeguy
Mister WiZeguy 2 months ago
I love that piano music at the beginning! :)
blnd gamer
blnd gamer 2 months ago
Gawadai fera jrt bua 0:47😂😂😂
Unknown. 2 months ago
RyuSamaJP 2 months ago
Did anyone else see the two guys under him enter literally a millisecond before him
TrueGoldenEagle 2 months ago
i love that he even argued it all on the livestream about him not qualifying, when you can clearly see the other 2 beat him over the line from below, and even here on the video cut it before the others beat him... sticking to his convictions! :D
Wxrthy 2 months ago
yall should play among us
Gtg 9
Gtg 9 2 months ago
4:05 omg
Loot The Corpse
Loot The Corpse 2 months ago
Lol!!! Awesome video as always🤘🏾
Alex Breaux
Alex Breaux 2 months ago
you need to play more fortnight
big blasta
big blasta 2 months ago
3:04 perfectly cut scream
THE A TRAIN! 2 months ago
I knew he would reinstall
Josefin 2 months ago
New drinking game: take one shot everytime Tyler says RAT!
Mazen H
Mazen H 2 months ago
During the first 10 seconds : HoOTDOG GUY :IT IS BIG BRAIN TIME
boirsthedog Elder/Avalos
boirsthedog Elder/Avalos 2 months ago
Some clips are from the stream he had
walkch 47
walkch 47 2 months ago
He was streaming this and why didn't you include the hacker so he can get banned
Infamouscoder _YT
Infamouscoder _YT 2 months ago
Who remembers the stream?
AMIRMUS AMIRMUS 2 months ago
I love your videos ❤️❤️ keep me the beautiful videos 😍
JaquisTheBeast FromTheEast
JaquisTheBeast FromTheEast 2 months ago
U should play this as your new game it’s funny to watch. Plus it’s not hard to get good at
sam robertson
sam robertson 2 months ago
Again, here to ask. How many dents does your desk have? @wildcat
UncleDaddyJr 2 months ago
That no qualify happened to me today. I literally ran across the finish line and it wouldn't let me qualify, I ran back and fourth over it twice and still got eliminated
Angel 2 months ago
I'm watching this video at 1 am and drank 3 cups of coffee Im not sure what comes first... My sleepiness or a heart attack
Jarod Heuer
Jarod Heuer 2 months ago
I hate to be the one to point it out, but at 9:36 the reason you didn’t qualify is because two people were right below you and they crossed the line first before you did.
jernej lipus
jernej lipus 2 months ago
Hahahahah why do you reinstall that game if you hate
ItzDrocxy -
ItzDrocxy - 2 months ago
Tyler goes through so much bullshit and unlucky shit😂
Shazam3000 12
Shazam3000 12 2 months ago
4:04 clutch asf
John 999
John 999 2 months ago
So nobody’s gonna y’all about the guy stuck in the rope at 3:04 😂
*ws.ashhh* 2 months ago
Lennymations!! !
Lennymations!! ! 2 months ago
Todays my birthday
MAURYtheGIANT 2 months ago
kinda wanted to leave the comments at 420 but nope
William Quaid
William Quaid 2 months ago
Is it me or is it when wildcat doesn’t get to play fortnite he gets all pissy
Greg McLeod
Greg McLeod 2 months ago
I just found a site to play bob the robber on hudgames without lagging, which is hudgames You can easily access this site.
Gabriel123 Neubacherg17
Gabriel123 Neubacherg17 2 months ago
what's the best load out in cod to be a prick in multiplayer
Keith Brooks
Keith Brooks 2 months ago
Am I the only person who thinks he’s actually a little toxic in this game?
Nessa Jean
Nessa Jean 2 months ago
Gotta love Kino 🐶
Mr Cheesy Gamer
Mr Cheesy Gamer 2 months ago
He on XBOX
Captain Pancake
Captain Pancake 2 months ago
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 2 months ago
Fall Guys is so easy I uninstalled...
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