Among Us but I get to choose my Impostor teammate...

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9 days ago

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J R 10 hours ago
Lol he got banned
Island Monkey58
Island Monkey58 12 hours ago
No one: Nogla: *spit* *spit* how dare you step on holy land
Ryder Webb
Ryder Webb 13 hours ago
Eduardo Cosme-Torres
Eduardo Cosme-Torres 15 hours ago
If you know why fourzerosevens name is froozer you know
Shane H
Shane H 17 hours ago
Janitors closet sex scene had me dying if laughter my face turned bright red and everyone at work thought I was choking
xDropDeadMaxx 17 hours ago
How do you spell the giving tree’s name
eddie gaming2417
eddie gaming2417 Day ago
14:08-15:48 scene is so funny. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
murderkitten1 Day ago
Jade Hutchison
Jade Hutchison Day ago
The reflective willow increasingly avoid because sister-in-law intrahepatically decorate towards a busy cd. silent, uncovered catamaran
Jacob Babajanof
Jacob Babajanof 2 days ago
This is my favorite video
Jolly Rancher
Jolly Rancher 2 days ago
14:15 wow
x-pixelgameing-x mitch
x-pixelgameing-x mitch 2 days ago
Why is this video so damn funny.
Golden Gamer
Golden Gamer 2 days ago
Bruh he got named for hacking
Hannah Lovestruck
Hannah Lovestruck 2 days ago
WILDCAT BANNED FOR HACKING LOLOL I love his reaction, I love when people get that message and their reactions
Muhd aidil Mohd azizan
Muhd aidil Mohd azizan 2 days ago
14:23 and that kids is how u physically converting
Muhd aidil Mohd azizan
Muhd aidil Mohd azizan 2 days ago
aLl HaIl Ük|-|m@R
Jeremy Bennett
Jeremy Bennett 3 days ago
I I 3 days ago
I don’t get it can some one explain the farting in the shower?
TSL 3 days ago
Crewmates : Fixed Reactor Nogla : Kills Moo Wildcat : Tries To Kill Cartoonz Cartoonz : Not Today Asshole
Christian Dornacher
Christian Dornacher 3 days ago
5:38 there's some effed up website on the deep web for this
kelsey blue
kelsey blue 3 days ago
oh kryoz never change lmao
Jet Chong
Jet Chong 4 days ago
This is the funniest among us video put out in a while across the board 🤣 well done
MCspace PIG
MCspace PIG 4 days ago
15:28 imagine if he made the noise on the dead body XD
ERIC ROBINSON 4 days ago
big fan im eric love you all of you
Angelina 4 days ago
15:19 1:52
Harry James Coulson
Harry James Coulson 4 days ago
All hail the mighty god uakmař
Andrew Mason
Andrew Mason 4 days ago
Ohhh that sucks
Bruh hurB
Bruh hurB 4 days ago
Why are his vids so saturated
SciFi Writer
SciFi Writer 4 days ago
This is got to be the funniest episode of Among Us I've ever seen in my whole life! I've watched it three times so far.
Itz Ganso
Itz Ganso 4 days ago
Kryoz 🤣🤣🤣💀
jess 4 days ago
Itz Ganso
Itz Ganso 4 days ago
Dawg i popped three edibles and man nogla gmfu 🤣🤣🤣💀
Da Kurlzz
Da Kurlzz 4 days ago
15:28 kryoz was killing me bro. I'm dying
Sir_BlueZ BlueZ
Sir_BlueZ BlueZ 4 days ago
1:55 wildcat squeal
Sabrina Yilmaz
Sabrina Yilmaz 5 days ago
Okay so does nogla have an actual child or noo??? Just wondering lol
Raptor 5 days ago
Oohkmar the mighty will down in among us history
[Void]BlackoutBeatbox 5 days ago
15:50 that happened to me lately too but there was a weird person in the lobby with a color that wasn't in the game he had three question marks for a name I killed him and I was instantly banned watch out for that guy he'll get you banned
Templar Discussions
Templar Discussions 5 days ago
Semptic Vibes
Semptic Vibes 5 days ago
smi7y is the actual third imposter
Jay Vibes
Jay Vibes 5 days ago
This is honestly the funniest among us video ive seen 😭😭
Jesse Towler
Jesse Towler 5 days ago
The budget on the thumbnails has gone down significantly since the content has been getting better
Jacklynn 5 days ago
I’ve not laughed this hard from a vid in a while 😂
Ivan Rodriguez
Ivan Rodriguez 5 days ago
Oh fuck I play among us
Ronin 1124
Ronin 1124 5 days ago
Dam that’s sucks
Awesomesuperman 5 days ago
Nogla is fat
Peachy Gloss
Peachy Gloss 5 days ago
Das Müller
Das Müller 5 days ago
Wtf is the c Word?
Jesus 6 days ago
The 270 dislikes are all the non believers of the oukhmar cult
maruftim 6 days ago
best video in 2021 so far
maruftim 6 days ago
holy shit that holocaust joke cracked me up
Zoin Dime
Zoin Dime 6 days ago
Easy way to win in among us step one make a religion step two get believers step three profit
ThePlague657 6 days ago
I have an idea. Be a solo impostor until there's 4 crewmates left. Then choose an impostor and win.
Benny Boiii
Benny Boiii 6 days ago
4:44 this is something straight out of a Cards Against Humanity round 😭😭😭Im crying
T0M4T0 6 days ago
15:24 Think I left my tea kettle on
Evington Frank
Evington Frank 6 days ago
by FAR my favorite ever Among Us from Tyler
Ryan Connelly
Ryan Connelly 6 days ago
Name a thing worse than farting in the shower oh I got 1 the holocost
•barneysdust •
•barneysdust • 6 days ago
0verloaded 6 days ago
This was how the legend of Uchmarr was born
Vulpix- Chan757
Vulpix- Chan757 6 days ago
15:05 If you look to the far left, you can see Nogla getting killed by Squirrel
SilentBrother - IV
SilentBrother - IV 6 days ago
Only once I am christian 😂😂😂
Landumb 6 days ago
a really over powered thing about this mod is that if you wait until there's four people, and choose someone when it's on four
xxCodemaster 6 days ago
Welllll... you could say the holocaust and farting in the shower have a similarity
Jolie Cravy
Jolie Cravy 6 days ago
Everything was fine and dandy and then 14:00 hit
Mino Savage
Mino Savage 6 days ago
Can u make another video about this mod plz
Champion of Terra
Champion of Terra 6 days ago
Uhmar had me rolling xD
Lynge 6 days ago
So much shit happened in this video OH MY LORD
Melissa G.
Melissa G. 6 days ago
The last 5mins 😆
Sokker 6 days ago
YOOOO WILDCAT check urban dictionary for euchmar! Our lord and savior is there!!!!!
M Gaming M Vlogs
M Gaming M Vlogs 6 days ago
New title:among us but I get banned by ugchmar
Calico Marker
Calico Marker 6 days ago
I love when they start a cult in Among Us
BOUNTYHUNTER93X 6 days ago
@14:08 Oh shit we can have a 3-way lets go- SMii7Y 2021. It's always a never dull moment when it comes to SMii7Y and John LOL. Every time they play together with there friends they always do weird funny shit together and I love it LMAO. The whole ending from there was funny as fuck LOL.
Marvin Mendez
Marvin Mendez 6 days ago
Probly my favorite among us video ever!!! XD
Brandin Dow
Brandin Dow 7 days ago
wait nogla has a child kekw his ball bag was able to produce hmmm
Lycan Fenris
Lycan Fenris 7 days ago
Lonely RN
Lonely RN 7 days ago
Bro last 3 minutes of that was so funny
Chris Gonzales
Chris Gonzales 7 days ago
You and nogla should be imposters one game and argue between each other that the other is imposter. When you do that everyone thinks your crewmate
ur mum
ur mum 7 days ago
14:06 better than ph
MurderSave 7 days ago
the thumbnail doesnt make sense just pick moo
FireGodzillaKilla19 7 days ago
I want everyone to say it after me *Luhwark the mighty*
daddys baby
daddys baby 7 days ago
O.T 7 days ago
I got something worse, when you fart, and you can feel the gas bubble go out the front instead of the back
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl 7 days ago
14:33 I uhhhh oop
Drew 7 days ago
Brian rage quit again 😂
sony8331 7 days ago
I kinda wanted someone to try to solo kill until 4 is left then convert and win
KilometersButU.S. 7 days ago
5:46 ST-Dating
breadsticks 7 days ago
Zak And The Aces
Zak And The Aces 7 days ago
they won by making a new religion based off a tree. think about that for 3 seconds
Jordans Channel
Jordans Channel 7 days ago
Watching this in my car and my neighbors walked by at the perfect time... RIP
David Garcia
David Garcia 7 days ago
The bois playing among us is literally the best😂
Tru GamingBlonde
Tru GamingBlonde 7 days ago
KingD 7 days ago
Kryoz is gay for doing that.
Brandon Franklin
Brandon Franklin 7 days ago
14:11 I was dying and crying of laughter
deathking 4119
deathking 4119 7 days ago
Wait hold on? Does nogla actually have a child? Lol. If so then hly fuck that child is doomed lol
Chazeroo25 7 days ago
It’s official, the cat from the wild is a hacker 😅
Limbo Slam
Limbo Slam 7 days ago
Everyone who watches Wildcat and plays among us is going to call it Uulkmarg
Kalib Ferguson
Kalib Ferguson 7 days ago
Saw the video thumbnail on my chromebook for school.... that three way made me glad I didn’t
Jack Amana
Jack Amana 7 days ago
8:46 - 8:50 😂
Veeran Harnarine
Veeran Harnarine 7 days ago
Snipe E
Snipe E 7 days ago
Wildcat final got banned for cheating guys
Landon Bowden
Landon Bowden 7 days ago
I love these!!!!K
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Views 2.6M