Apex Legends added vehicles and I love it...

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20 days ago

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Bread 3 days ago
I knew they were gonna get partly massacred, the game has changed since season three.
adonissonic 7 days ago
Anybody Know where that sound effect from or what it is when Marcel goes down at 1:32 right before the oof
DarkHorizon YT
DarkHorizon YT 9 days ago
Their trash at the game but have big brain strategies(no hate I love these guys)
playonplayer 679
playonplayer 679 10 days ago
I would love to see more apex with wildcat
SweatyBOT 5796
SweatyBOT 5796 10 days ago
You can use kriptos drone for ramp arts turret
Pep Tulk
Pep Tulk 11 days ago
2:57 Basically: Tyler goes off on his own and we die Wildcat:I didn't go off on my own Basically: yes u did Also Basically: welp I'm home alone
Cosmic Badger
Cosmic Badger 12 days ago
I was the blood hound XD
UltraGamer8 13 days ago
Tbh they should try the crypto drone with ramparts minigun
Abdirahman yusuf
Abdirahman yusuf 14 days ago
how did this come out a week ago but i just got the notification
Nick lagomarsino
Nick lagomarsino 14 days ago
Jakob Ottsman
Jakob Ottsman 14 days ago
Man I can't wait for him to go back to playing among us instead of this game that takes more effort. I'm not even going to watch this because I'm annoyed that he won't play it until they pay him to.
owen gordon
owen gordon 14 days ago
tyler should hav taken the hamelock
TheVoidOmen TTV
TheVoidOmen TTV 15 days ago
Finally seeing him play this again
Naofumi-Click,Click-Sama 15 days ago
Nobody: EA: "EA Sports pay the fee"
Nathan J
Nathan J 15 days ago
Well i just watched a shit fest, lol
anxity_ expr
anxity_ expr 15 days ago
I wish I can play but my computer is broke gg
Temporal 16 days ago
Tyler, Marcel, and Scotty: *don’t even know how to play Apex* Also them: *plays with best Apex players in the world*
AC TheReal
AC TheReal 16 days ago
Good 2 see wildcat again
israel c
israel c 16 days ago
Breaking news Someone Has out pizza the hunt
Stoner Life
Stoner Life 16 days ago
Damn your TRASH
Snappy Turtle
Snappy Turtle 16 days ago
More apex gameplay?? If so I’ll watch wayyyyy more I love apex gameplay
Kapapage 16 days ago
I'm pretty sure at the end there that it was Mr fruit who send their car flying into the air haha
James Downey
James Downey 16 days ago
My favorite game
clare fortt
clare fortt 17 days ago
I love it to
Itsclassified 14
Itsclassified 14 17 days ago
Can you play more apex
OffTopix 17 days ago
8:24 the Honda going down my street at 3am
Some dude on YouTube
Some dude on YouTube 17 days ago
アマリジョースター 17 days ago
Wow yall suck 😂
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 17 days ago
White Canvass
White Canvass 17 days ago
I find it funny how wildcat became the group leader after canoes fell off.
RiotReign 17 days ago
He says new vehicles Trident and the phase runner
kammeliyaDo 17 days ago
not enf $$$ EA pay him more
Mac Vibrant
Mac Vibrant 17 days ago
Bailey Downs
Bailey Downs 17 days ago
I’ve been wanting him to play this forever
-_- XvEnragedvX -_-
-_- XvEnragedvX -_- 17 days ago
love how one of favorite youtubers is playing my favorite game ;-; hes only playing apex because he gets payed too and hes never gonna play it again😪
Modo 17 days ago
3:08 *magazine
Swiftkil 18 days ago
I am wildcat if I ever EVER NEED A TEAMMATE HMU I'll help ya out bro my twitch channel is swiftkil2k20.
S4mer 124
S4mer 124 18 days ago
0 kills the whole video. LMAO
JMN128 18 days ago
Anyone else love the new map?
Shadow ?????
Shadow ????? 18 days ago
*Its been awhile since we last saw wildcat suck ass, I feel honoured to witness It c:*
L_A_B_A_R_R_E_T _
L_A_B_A_R_R_E_T _ 18 days ago
Man it's amazing to see my favorite USposts squad play my favorite game 😀
SWC lone165wolf
SWC lone165wolf 18 days ago
Wildcat should play more apex than just this sponsorship
Lucky DeFox
Lucky DeFox 18 days ago
He says he love it but next week he’s gonna be hating them since everyone will use them
PumpedRockets 18 days ago
An exclusive ps4 does not get. Surprising
Floppyo_o 18 days ago
Wildcat- imma show everything new in apex Also wildcat- drives car the whole game😂
Mastiv_2.p 18 days ago
Bro play more Apex i love It!!!
CtheG games
CtheG games 18 days ago
I miss miniladd
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 18 days ago
Who the hell still plays apex legends were to busy playing among us for some reason
Dayton Shirt
Dayton Shirt 18 days ago
The end clip was Mr. Fruit that threw you up in the air. 😂
Anthony Padilla
Anthony Padilla 18 days ago
The loading screen for the new map reminded me of BO3 NUKE TOWN
Croissant 18 days ago
That’s so funny because I just uninstalled this game from my computer
Jhin Cain
Jhin Cain 18 days ago
i did way better than you are and your team r so stupid
Kyle Bartels
Kyle Bartels 18 days ago
Just playing apex becuz your sponsors your not welcome
RATT Rocker
RATT Rocker 18 days ago
Hey guys i made a video on wildcats warzone class check it out please much appreciated
OmegaThe1st 18 days ago
People get happy when he plays Apex but get mad when he plays fortnite and not getting paid to
ZackGames 18 days ago
Before I type anything I know I'm gonna get shit on, but in my opinion this is pathetic.
Neil Degrasse Tyson the III
Neil Degrasse Tyson the III 18 days ago
The reason he plays ot only When they pay him proves how shit the sbmm ruined this cancer fest
Ezality 2
Ezality 2 18 days ago
Anyone else hear Scotty laughing during the outro?
midnight 121
midnight 121 18 days ago
i was about to click on the video and in my mind i said it’s a sponsor know way they would play this game other wise but still good vid
Carson D
Carson D 18 days ago
Brian A
Brian A 18 days ago
Damn lost a few subs to nogla fans huh
dedstowily 18 days ago
@8:11 lmaooo no way I watched Mr. Fruit's video only to come over here and find out it was 407, Marcel and Wildcat they did it to
IronManhood 19 days ago
This game is total shit now.
Tip Top
Tip Top 19 days ago
Basicallyidowork got the lifeline herlioom
brody leonard
brody leonard 19 days ago
Oh my lord Tyler bro need to play more apex honestly
STILL 19 days ago
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos✌️Non-Duality
Commander Maverick
Commander Maverick 19 days ago
WHY IS THIS A F**ING build?!?!?!
Anthony Tena
Anthony Tena 19 days ago
Im glad they came to see the game that won the 2019 game award.
ImJoekinTV 19 days ago
Hold up, I watched Calamiti’s gameplay and watched calamiti kill them in that tunnel, had no fuckin clue it was these guys lmao
GEforce 19 days ago
I really forgot about this game
flooredbythestupid 19 days ago
Hey wildcat I have been having some dark thots and when ever i feel sad I just watch your vids and they make me feel very happy
MC GAMING 19 days ago
you need to start to play the game again its just to much fun
Dr. Psychopath
Dr. Psychopath 19 days ago
dang, you can tell Wildcat and them only play this when sponsors come a knockin ;-;
Beast Manny
Beast Manny 19 days ago
wildcat i have a suggestion for a vid U should do a face cam in a vid
Jon 19 days ago
At 8:10 that was another USpostsr @Mr. Fruit if anyone wanted to see their POV of the vehicle sky rocketing
ToXiC Lynx VI
ToXiC Lynx VI 19 days ago
The only time I see apex is if a streamer has a deal, a paid promo, or a underground youtuber doesn't know what to do for content
Polo Polaroid
Polo Polaroid 19 days ago
Horizons finish reminds me of the Impact Dials from One Piece
Elite 19 days ago
Aiden Gibbons
Aiden Gibbons 19 days ago
Was the laugh at the end of the video always there???
Oliver Powell
Oliver Powell 19 days ago
He's in pro lobbies doing decent
Oliver Powell
Oliver Powell 19 days ago
Plz more apex
Connor Cheetham
Connor Cheetham 19 days ago
It's funny Americans think british estates are grand and ye olde timey but in reality they are what you would call projects in America hahaha
Shaun Pratt
Shaun Pratt 19 days ago
Me waiting for Wildcat to hurry up and drop a vid on the frag round shotgun-.-
Ray Martin
Ray Martin 19 days ago
Wildcat: whyd you drive it off a cliff? Marcel: i didnt know it had a boost bro
Dapper Eagle
Dapper Eagle 19 days ago
Can you please continue playing apex?
Zamm 19 days ago
Always fun to see wildcat play a different game once and then instantly go back to among us right guys?
Atlas Gaming
Atlas Gaming 19 days ago
Y’all are complaining more about him getting payed for playing than when he played fortnite
RealDramaGod 19 days ago
I’m glad to see him play it but no caps sucks
TIARA BELL 19 days ago
"Yo you guys got any lightening ammo?" 😂😂 as a person who plays this game regularly this is the funniest shit I've ever heard
Paddy J
Paddy J 19 days ago
Dead game
X3RO-Vixie 19 days ago
Ghost G4ME5
Ghost G4ME5 19 days ago
Welp time to get Apex
10000 Suscribers With Videos Chalenge
10000 Suscribers With Videos Chalenge 19 days ago
Nobody: Wildcat: Making Everyone's Quaratine Better
Ghostface 19 days ago
This game still shit?
AverageOtaku100 19 days ago
Anyone else see the water mark appearing and disappearing throughout the video?
Kattos _
Kattos _ 19 days ago
Wowie this game has changed so much since the last time i played it
Darcy Cussen
Darcy Cussen 19 days ago
surely they keep on playing apex
Yuan Mojica
Yuan Mojica 19 days ago
woah it's season 7 now
MR_the_dude 21
MR_the_dude 21 19 days ago
8:11 they got killed by mr.fruit
Dre plays ps4
Dre plays ps4 19 days ago
6:13 y’all saw that wraith t bag him
Fancehh 19 days ago
I love how they know about the Mozambique meme
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