Cold War Zombies moments that really awaken my granny...

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15 days ago

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xXReApOrXx Day ago
Little secret between us if you get a couple zombies to go threw the teleporting thing where you go into a different dimension they dance I’m pretty sure
Master_Gamer 1908
Master_Gamer 1908 2 days ago
What's the out tro song
Kam Pritchard
Kam Pritchard 4 days ago
Lol at 3:21 you can hear someone scream NAZIS!!
YF21_Septic 6 days ago
I can’t wait to get this game
will is beast 55
will is beast 55 7 days ago
Hey wildcat u and moo need to play madden
NovaTGN 8 days ago
rhude 8 days ago
this isnt even zombies
MotorMatt 9 days ago
Love the editing
So I have Memes
So I have Memes 9 days ago
Ngl shotguns are the way in Cold War zombies
JakesterAviation 9 days ago
11:37 Cold War Zombies: Advanced
Derp 9 days ago
Exfil FAILED we FAILED 😂😂😂
Landinn Lamoureux
Landinn Lamoureux 9 days ago
Now he’s a dead guy
Landinn Lamoureux
Landinn Lamoureux 9 days ago
How big is the guy BIG GUY
Landinn Lamoureux
Landinn Lamoureux 9 days ago
Julia Braga
Julia Braga 9 days ago
This video ended too soon
MaxBruh 69
MaxBruh 69 10 days ago
They really kinda bug kinda snack
ImFeelNIt 808
ImFeelNIt 808 10 days ago
I love watching these guys. Always laughing,joking around,playing as team in funny way, making goofy sounds affects. So Hilarious. Keep up the great & funny work!! 🤙🤙💯💯
Reece Johnston
Reece Johnston 10 days ago
15:59 I nearly choked on my cereal 😂
Fifi Moseley
Fifi Moseley 10 days ago
hi its fifi i played among us with u today but i was kicked lol
D K 10 days ago
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Dash Ferguson
Dash Ferguson 10 days ago
Now evan can't ruin a session with pizza anymore
Isaac Gonzo
Isaac Gonzo 10 days ago
'American Granny, trying to sleep with me-e' Quick, someone get Weird Al in the phone!!!!
Aaron Chif
Aaron Chif 10 days ago
American Grannyyyyyyy We need this as the intro
Enrique Hernandez
Enrique Hernandez 10 days ago
Damn everyone already got ps5, Xbox waiting till Black Friday 🥴
She Dummy 7hicc
She Dummy 7hicc 10 days ago
Raidar the blip blop
Raidar the blip blop 10 days ago
holy shit vanoss said tf2 is a fuckin plot twist in my book
Dominik Janicki
Dominik Janicki 10 days ago
As soon as Vanoss said he has the stock market on his hud USposts hit me with a stock advertisement
Sluaghter_ flame_
Sluaghter_ flame_ 11 days ago
I died at 14:34
Aden Hanson
Aden Hanson 11 days ago
Watch him turn American granny into a shirt
JyNx Gaming
JyNx Gaming 11 days ago
14:16 had me dying
Cody James
Cody James 11 days ago
13:35 had me dead till the end 😂
Morgan PLAYZ
Morgan PLAYZ 11 days ago
Any1 else think these guys are just ass at zombies now
Eli TheOne
Eli TheOne 11 days ago
13:34 Nogla needs to be in a Dragon Ball dub
Goldenjuice Box
Goldenjuice Box 11 days ago
This is on par with BO3
C.J. R.P.
C.J. R.P. 11 days ago
Evan yelling "TOSSING STICKY" is one of the funniest things hes said to date😂😂 Theres just something about the raw passion in his voice lol
Jack Riddl
Jack Riddl 10 days ago
Very poor choice of words
rick james
rick james 11 days ago
me and brian pReStEEgEd lmfaoooooo 1:00
Nico-Jan de Jong
Nico-Jan de Jong 11 days ago
What playable character is wildcat playin with
Riley Sessions
Riley Sessions 11 days ago
How long does your granny sleep?
Archangel 11 days ago
13:33 Grandma awake now
Blvke 11 days ago
Did anyone else cringe their ass off the entire vid even tho these guys are zombies legends
whales_rock 11 days ago
he should've put "Moments that really awaken my American Granny"
Dakota Harrison
Dakota Harrison 11 days ago
They need to go back to original zombies
Dakota Harrison
Dakota Harrison 11 days ago
Zombies is no longer zombies it’s turned into survival they need bo4 is where zombies turned to crap, this is just my opinion
Josh Pathisseril
Josh Pathisseril 11 days ago
I wonder if they know that naucht is a part of this map
KrN_Saul 11 days ago
Tyler: we're smart guys we'll figure out the easter egg His game: round 14 dont even have pap
MUK YIU TAM 11 days ago
MUK YIU TAM 11 days ago
Minixbox12 11 days ago
Wildcat did you guys try the Wonder Weapon and the main quest for zombies?
Steven Wheeler
Steven Wheeler 11 days ago
Fist'em on the insta kill
Kevin Molina
Kevin Molina 12 days ago
Y’all sheep’s bruh it’s the same thing video
TAC 22
TAC 22 12 days ago
I just now realized that the map is a remake of Nacht
Chino 12 days ago
First g mod, BO3, Fortnite, Among us, now this... I love it
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez 12 days ago
This brings back so much memories
Elvin Baez
Elvin Baez 12 days ago
Can anyone game share Cold War with me pls?
Horizon 12 days ago
Finally after all the clickbait!
Big Schoones
Big Schoones 12 days ago
The mouse clicks matched up with that head shot tho sounded sexy
Jason’s Vlogs
Jason’s Vlogs 12 days ago
Y’all realize what map that is right? It’s from world at war 😭
Keaton Macaulay
Keaton Macaulay 12 days ago
Lol I made it to 32 last night. Felt good to see they couldn’t make it that far yet
Skylar Walton
Skylar Walton 12 days ago
Itsyaboyteepoo 12 days ago
At the start of the match when they in that helamachopta what is the name of that song man. I’ll never find it
ree kid
ree kid 12 days ago
look at the views it's curse the curese is he will get more subs
PeanutButter7824 12 days ago
🎵 "American Granny" "in the room next to meeeee"🎵
ghost 12 days ago
0:10 Nogla's war cry
Taking the L
Taking the L 12 days ago
Welp not buying this shit lmao.
Alexapexgod 12 days ago
He has 5670 cpd points
Alexapexgod 12 days ago
How do you see a iFunny :) tycoon
Flower 12 days ago
I'm viewing this video when it has 663,666 views am I gonna get cursed?
Ryan Homayoon
Ryan Homayoon 12 days ago
I was on the stream :)
Returning Fire
Returning Fire 12 days ago
"Lazy shit". LMFAO. Wildcat, need I remind you that you play video games for money? Gtfo 😂😂😂
gianni g
gianni g 12 days ago
12:41 😳😳
Yxng Lamppost
Yxng Lamppost 12 days ago
Me and the boys did the exact same thing as they did with the exfil 😂
Instinct Catalyst
Instinct Catalyst 12 days ago
Nogla is definitely not getting to sleep
SlimGrim602 12 days ago
Call of Duty: Heads Up Display Warfare
Michael Pio
Michael Pio 12 days ago
Nothing makes your first game of zombies better other than someone complaining about it the entire game 🤷🏻‍♂️
CuriousStar XD
CuriousStar XD 12 days ago
The screaming at the beginning 😂😂😂
XxOptimus_JxX 12 days ago
The buyable shotgun that you can get on the broken plane is the most op thing in zombies
Brycenbest 123
Brycenbest 123 12 days ago
You know a USpostsr is stupid when they dont know how to follow simple directions. It shows them where to exfil, yet they didnt know. Stupid
Peter Castelo
Peter Castelo 12 days ago
Really good video, loved it... Cold war looks great, but this zombies doesn't really draw my attention and it doesn't look so fun
Flashy green x Nathan
Flashy green x Nathan 12 days ago
So is no one gonna talk about the og zombie map look alike
ixJak_e 12 days ago
At least Evan didn't go afk to get his pizza
Michael Molina
Michael Molina 12 days ago
Yoo nice ass hook man loved it 👌
BalooBaby 12 days ago
Numbers and Health bar are very stupid. My immersion is destroyed and my day is ruined.
Kevin Avalos
Kevin Avalos 12 days ago
The gam fam
Koya 12 days ago
It actually is German "Die maschine" or "The Machine"
W.D Chaotic
W.D Chaotic 13 days ago
Pls do the boom-5-orbs-teleport-to-dark-aether easter eggg...
slime 13 days ago
From 13:30 to 14:27 i was laughing my ass off. 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀
Mr.J P
Mr.J P 13 days ago
why in hell do the zombies have health bars... cod is trash 😭
Andrew Ings
Andrew Ings 13 days ago
I believe you can turn it off
fairuz atalla sonia
fairuz atalla sonia 13 days ago
Remember shoot the zombie on the head
Spheniscidae Wdle
Spheniscidae Wdle 13 days ago
Bro me and my friends did the Easter egg but we have a retarded friend let's just say it took a while
Just Another Z31
Just Another Z31 13 days ago
Ah yes.. a revamped nacht der untoten. I actually kinda love it tbh
Happy Kitty
Happy Kitty 13 days ago
15:02 is where noises happen
B S 13 days ago
if you prone in front of perk machines you get extra points
Bear Cubb
Bear Cubb 13 days ago
Dahi: I can’t tell I can’t my American granny Also dahi: 13:34
Mr. Kneecaps
Mr. Kneecaps 13 days ago
lmao wilcat's ak-7 said wap on it
Bauer CA
Bauer CA 13 days ago
14:59 courage the dog sound effect
SurgeKnight OG
SurgeKnight OG 13 days ago
Y’all didn’t go to the site😂😭
Clayton Budz
Clayton Budz 13 days ago
Loved this! “TOSSING STICKY”
Exotic Butters
Exotic Butters 13 days ago
The zombie was the imposter who took down the exfil copter to hide the evidence
STILL 13 days ago
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates 🔺
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 13 days ago
Hello, Humans. "Meditation is the soul's perspective glass."-Owen Feltham TERRANCE OUT
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