I won 3 Impostor games in a row...

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2 months ago

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BoB SlayeR
BoB SlayeR 4 days ago
My highest streak of being impostor was 5 times. What's yours?
Sir Valient
Sir Valient 11 days ago
I've gotten Imposter 5 times in a row and lost all of them
bad content and cringe
bad content and cringe 12 days ago
Hey man I got three in a row to and I won
Lindsey Hyde
Lindsey Hyde 16 days ago
I got it 5 times in a row
Cyber 23 days ago
I never thought who's chaos and wildcat would play together
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 28 days ago
I've got imposter 8 times in a row
The Vasquez crew
The Vasquez crew 29 days ago
9:43 what kind of laugh is that 🤣🤣
Gacha Grace
Gacha Grace Month ago
i love how reckless wildcat is lol i wish i could do it toooo
Diamond promax
Diamond promax Month ago
Pink:yea I did key card them:instaly votes her me:what about the admin card swip
RoYaLe2Snipez Month ago
Who here has been watching suda since bo3
Jude__****__ Month ago
Holy shit suda and tranium and excedes I love them
Jayson Miguel Atamosa
Jayson Miguel Atamosa Month ago
wildcat; we dont have key cards ;me what about admin swip card
ArOw Monkey
ArOw Monkey Month ago
U should play with mc nasty more he’s fucking halarious
Maple Cake
Maple Cake Month ago
Maazz 13:07 "it was your pants!"
Nick Berhorst
Nick Berhorst Month ago
Never thought I'd see mcnasty and wildcat in the same video.
more money
more money Month ago
。    •   ゚  。   .   .    .   .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • WILDCAT was the imposter
Yvette Hope Hernandez
Yvette Hope Hernandez Month ago
U won cuz nogla and marcel aren’t there to HELLA interigate you😂😂😩
Luminize Month ago
Why does he try so hard at a 2d $5 game...
David Manzur
David Manzur Month ago
Wildcat during streams: 😥😥😭😭😭😭 I never get imposter
Eman Pro
Eman Pro Month ago
Miss 2014
Eman Pro
Eman Pro Month ago
Eman Pro
Eman Pro Month ago
Gta vids
Eman Pro
Eman Pro Month ago
Eman Pro
Eman Pro Month ago
M Gaming M Vlogs
M Gaming M Vlogs Month ago
I’ve been waiting for a vanoss crew,suda crew crossover for years and this video is the closest thing I’m gonna get
Freddi Cortez
Freddi Cortez Month ago
That first clap and hand rub be relatable asffff when I find out I’m imposter 😂😂
Joe mama
Joe mama Month ago
Bro I got imposter 5 times in a row and won all
Matt Hillman
Matt Hillman Month ago
Have you ever tried the bacon flavored candy
Christian McLucas
Christian McLucas Month ago
no bonsaibroz as friends in this video agian. dang not okay :(
NarwhalGalaxy Month ago
God loves you!
Bobby Wood
Bobby Wood Month ago
Matt Hillman
Matt Hillman Month ago
FNAF in Roblox
blah blah blah
blah blah blah Month ago
I love these because people use common sense instead of."he sus"
xatr lmao
xatr lmao Month ago
Among us should add pig ears for wildcat
Heavy Weapons Guy
Heavy Weapons Guy Month ago
I'm good at Impostor
Epic Mikey
Epic Mikey Month ago
Hearing zeedy and sudas voice after so many years made me quite sad
Packscheck 03
Packscheck 03 Month ago
More vids with exzd suda and tranium puffer please
Snatchy Clover
Snatchy Clover Month ago
Bro he playing with every group of people, MCNASTY, AND SUDA?? M
Frost Month ago
People Tyler plays with: smoothbrain People I play with: Ace Detectives here, and you were a pixel out of place, it must be you!
Jack Day
Jack Day Month ago
You need to play with aches more
Ethan Cochenour
Ethan Cochenour Month ago
love u wildcat i watch u on two accounts and sub with notifications on
BE4U Month ago
this is the least amount of dislikes i have ever seen
_ W.A.S.P _
_ W.A.S.P _ Month ago
I love aches 😂😂
mrrod charger
mrrod charger Month ago
I could not get imposter for a few days now amd im realy mad
squishyboii Month ago
Damn, you got to play with the doo and suda??????
ShakeDownBoi Month ago
how did wildcat get the army outfits?
Marvin Bonilla
Marvin Bonilla Month ago
Dude puffer and wildcat being imposters would be so door
The Office Man
The Office Man Month ago
When will I get imposter for the first time lol
TrapFlow Month ago
I lost 3 imposter game
Addison Rae
Addison Rae Month ago
BlazeJV Month ago
Do among us but you can't lie
Hugo Dunder
Hugo Dunder Month ago
zeed have an annoying voice
Joeyfield0 Month ago
"won 3 games" Oh so this is the 4th game, that means they lost *won again* Ay, it's what it is
Adheel Hussain
Adheel Hussain Month ago
Wildcat get back to your let's play channel 😇😇
Chase Murray
Chase Murray Month ago
I have never been the imposter the whole time I’ve had the game
Aidan McKay
Aidan McKay Month ago
Hazardous Gaming
Hazardous Gaming Month ago
My first game ever I was imposter and I won!!!
Hazardous Gaming
Hazardous Gaming Month ago
It was bye myself btw
Jamie Cornett
Jamie Cornett Month ago
This is why I'm subscribed to you wild cat you make me laugh every day i watch your videos
Jamie Cornett
Jamie Cornett Month ago
Is that the real doo who plays the guitar
Night Star 6248
Night Star 6248 Month ago
and ive won 4 wildcat 3 in a row me 4 in a row
Beafgty Person
Beafgty Person Month ago
4 days later, this finally came up in my subscriptions.
yungjuju -
yungjuju - Month ago
glad to see the mome boys working with the og crew💪🏽(vanoss crew)
Wolver Da W0lf
Wolver Da W0lf Month ago
I have got imposter 5 times in a row and won all the times twice with no killing well no 3 with no killing
Cheese for me
Cheese for me Month ago
thats nothing to me i go to electrical every round
Lui Gutierrez
Lui Gutierrez Month ago
this game is bringing so many youtubers together and i love it
Ace 32
Ace 32 Month ago
The only game that’s more entertaining to watch than play
Lil_jisoo Month ago
I got it 4 in a row and nearly won all 4
J s
J s Month ago
Yooo I haven't watched or heard of chaos in years bro
SSleeet Month ago
AngryTwxBar Month ago
GJ 456
GJ 456 2 months ago
Wow now I’m getting notified about this...thanks USposts
Its only jax
Its only jax 2 months ago
I’m a freshman🥺🥺
Carl Wheezer
Carl Wheezer 2 months ago
I know you dont play a lot of solo story games but you should play the Mafia series for us the 1st is decent the 2nd is in my top 3 games of all time and the 3rd is ok
TheAlbinopanda 21
TheAlbinopanda 21 2 months ago
Wildcat playing with aches 🧐 didn’t see that coming
Marcus Eaton
Marcus Eaton 2 months ago
He is scary good at imposter
Aztec 2 months ago
I have a idea that you could try so u know how you stream you should make a voice or text to speak thing saying that is someone in your game and make sure they can here. Sorry explained it wrong
kiya m
kiya m 2 months ago
e part where you came out of the vent"
Gamerboy13 2 months ago
please don't tell me we're starting to commend people for being "good" at a party game
S M I L E Y 2 months ago
Ryan Coil
Ryan Coil 2 months ago
I got it 4 times in a row
Kaiser Ax
Kaiser Ax 2 months ago
So fucking good
Patroot The Cat
Patroot The Cat 2 months ago
I have in the total time of 26 hours only got imposter 3 times and that’s how many times he got it in a row
Koa 2 months ago
Are the people who play with wildcat blind?
Alexhomes1 2 months ago
What is imposter
Axelvexel 2 months ago
Wildcat is the best in the game in any group
Kai DoesStuff
Kai DoesStuff 2 months ago
Let’s Be Honest, WILDCAT is The Dream Of Among Us
adufflebag 2 months ago
I think toast is better
Jian Grey Montes
Jian Grey Montes 2 months ago
"gwak gwak 3,000"
Lao Hoe
Lao Hoe 2 months ago
so glad to see wildcat play with so many other youtuber groups that i watch
DcGoose 2 months ago
I won four imposter games in a row
ItsCarbon 2 months ago
Damn you played with Suda and his friends that’s crazy !
Eric Shultz
Eric Shultz 2 months ago
The only person I can watch play this game because you aren't actual trash at it.
Memes McGee
Memes McGee 2 months ago
asianboy: gawk gawk 3000 Me: no, you fool its 360 double gawk gawk 9000 double back flip SUPER succ mega twist triple buster vacuum succ
JohnPaul Smith
JohnPaul Smith 2 months ago
Double Vacuum Gawk Gawk lol
v0 2 months ago
I got it 6times in a row idk how but I did lol
That One Guy
That One Guy 2 months ago
Good thing Vanoss wasn't here or else he would suspect it a mile away.
lol 2 months ago
JUST noticed the banana bus on ur outro 🌟
Jorge Tec
Jorge Tec 2 months ago
I want to see wildcat and toast play together because there really good and if they were imposter they will win every game
Piku Koji
Piku Koji 2 months ago
"Uhhhhhh, yea?"
Cσσƙιҽ 2 months ago
The only reason this was possible cos these people are blind as bats. WildCat kills in front of three people and no one sees it?! Unreal. Not cos lights were off, they were accusing OTHER people of venting too. Madness.
Home 2 months ago
Hi wildcat ive been a big fan for 7 years now love your videos so much love your content and hope to play among us with you some time i think we would be a great team!
Lil Pyro
Lil Pyro 2 months ago
3 wins on the hardest imposter map in a row
Slade, Bestest Sergal
Slade, Bestest Sergal 2 months ago
My friend group hates me because I get imposter sooo often!
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