Warzone moments that you have to see to believe...

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2 months ago

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No one reads this far into the description...what are you doing snooping around...

Bucky_ Loves Donuts
Bucky_ Loves Donuts Day ago
Wildcat you are craked BTW I've been watching you since the April fools viedo with delirious
ツAqua 3 days ago
Use a other class
Jamox 09
Jamox 09 7 days ago
This is the most best video ever
Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez 7 days ago
12:50 I think that was jacksepticeye
Gunner Cordell
Gunner Cordell 8 days ago
Tyler... you killed me fuuu
Jean-guy Dupuis
Jean-guy Dupuis 10 days ago
Contraband why u no get
Frosted Crystal
Frosted Crystal 12 days ago
Dude is it just me or do basically and wildcat work best as a team
ThisisMo 17 days ago
your "shnifping" is frkn Daaaaaamn
Anthony Avina
Anthony Avina 20 days ago
Did wildcat not see that blueprint at 0:33
TheWang Month ago
You guys ever realised that his name is WildCat and the logo is of a pig?
The Candi09
The Candi09 Month ago
Tyler is nutty
Evan Rico
Evan Rico Month ago
Bro this game play and call outs or sooooo goood bro (GG your the best player)
David Trujeque
David Trujeque Month ago
This reminds me that I lased a kids team mates and took out 3 and the last one escaped
Evan Duggan
Evan Duggan Month ago
Wildcat can you please play the new season and play with the new gun
Evan Duggan
Evan Duggan Month ago
The kar98 2.0
Rebel Savage
Rebel Savage Month ago
Wasn't meaning to snoop, just trying to find the load out for for your sniper.
Vibed Ham
Vibed Ham 2 months ago
I came at that snipee at the heli
Jayson Camacho
Jayson Camacho 2 months ago
they both said bitch at the same time lmao 4:50
Lonely Cadet
Lonely Cadet 2 months ago
0:10 *Asthma activated!!*
Pedyrise 2 months ago
Wildcat: Names him self wildcat also wildcat: a pig would be a good mascot
Jake Wade
Jake Wade 2 months ago
I was just on and my buddy smacked a guy out of a helicopter 755 meters
Fijan Valkenhim
Fijan Valkenhim 2 months ago
9:28 It took me a second to relieve it was a throwback to the Black Ops 2 Knife. Thought it was a animation glitch
DeadTacco 2 months ago
I love his cod videos
Toast in bath
Toast in bath 2 months ago
1:40 mans died by a demon
Joel Rodriguez
Joel Rodriguez 2 months ago
Me: 5:00
Gringo Guy
Gringo Guy 2 months ago
Call of duty players in a nutshell. Throws c4: strats Gets c4 throw at :“hes a pussy” lmao classic
Rafael Hernandez
Rafael Hernandez 2 months ago
he says he never loses his gulag so i have something to say wildcat are you challenging me
Connor Owen
Connor Owen 2 months ago
I would of believed everything you told if you told me you did these clips wtf? Lol
big fern
big fern 2 months ago
1:45 how did he even see him? bro’s crazy
Anubis Gaming
Anubis Gaming 2 months ago
1:40 at 0.25
Nicholas Todd
Nicholas Todd 2 months ago
Am I literally the only one who noticed that in the thumbnail he's shooting with his left shoulder but aiming with his right eye?
NejmFlight 2 months ago
13:45 45 ammo exists ;D
Creamy Dog Soup
Creamy Dog Soup 2 months ago
Wildcat is a pro
will s
will s 2 months ago
Bruh tell me why I got a poly pocket ad
ssjghost 4
ssjghost 4 2 months ago
3:00 call a dude a pussy for throwing c4 when you did the same thing lol🤣
Uziel Rodriguez-Aguilera
Uziel Rodriguez-Aguilera 2 months ago
7:15 is way better
BloodySupreme707 2 months ago
Is no one gonna tell him that he got contraband😂😂
Rook _
Rook _ 2 months ago
See u in cold war
Haroon Sarfraz
Haroon Sarfraz 2 months ago
Man i love your video ending music alottttt, i dont whats so special about it i never heard it b4 but, i dont kw with those animations and all i am addicted to it...it is so goooooood
Gonja Mike1024 GULLETT
Gonja Mike1024 GULLETT 2 months ago
Good stuff here
Seth Lapham
Seth Lapham 2 months ago
What sniper loadout was he using
Xory 2 months ago
Only true OG’s remember this style of thumbnails
Drone Of War!
Drone Of War! 2 months ago
I snooped...
Godzilla Games
Godzilla Games 2 months ago
Wildcat...king of shit talking, Godly at backing his shit talking up.
Keelan Bennett
Keelan Bennett 2 months ago
Prethrows c4 then gets hit with a c4 and calls the guy a pooty
Logan Blanton66
Logan Blanton66 2 months ago
Sickest snipe I've ever seen
Shaul Sam
Shaul Sam 2 months ago
Outro is DA BOMB.
Benton Risner
Benton Risner 2 months ago
Indy hi
TK Lyfe
TK Lyfe 2 months ago
12:45 I’m going to die on my own terms. 😂
IMiniyou 2 months ago
It's good to see that this channel is still as funny as it was 3 years ago
cruz damian check
cruz damian check 2 months ago
6:02 if you listen closely youĺl hear nogla in their hearts
Sam_the_ 1d_larrie_trash
Sam_the_ 1d_larrie_trash 2 months ago
Can someone tell me why I got the notif 4 *days* later?
Mr.CatPower 2 months ago
When Wildcat And Basically Got Sweaty
Wtfam 00
Wtfam 00 2 months ago
Wildcat u need to play different games other than war zone
RTHRO _ 2 months ago
Fun fact: you can slide down a ladder if you hold down crouch
Lucas Jenkins
Lucas Jenkins 2 months ago
45 round mag bro
Tabitha Ware
Tabitha Ware 2 months ago
xKING0FD3M0NSX 2 months ago
i literally just want one thing in life and that's a hole audio file of nothing but just wildcats wheezes laughs and giggles from all of his best moments from when his hole channel really popped off with subs any body else feel the same sometimes or is it just me??
Jaxon Bradley
Jaxon Bradley 2 months ago
Edit 👌
Extinction Gaming
Extinction Gaming 2 months ago
Oh his thumbnails are going back to normal. Never mind
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams 2 months ago
Do you still play with vanos
Comical Gaming
Comical Gaming 2 months ago
The fact wildcat tried to push with a m13 has me dead 💀
JC Bazzell
JC Bazzell 2 months ago
How can you say someone using C4 is a pussy yet you use it...
DinoNickFPS 2 months ago
your insane wildcat 7:15
Krashoutt Kyro
Krashoutt Kyro 2 months ago
0:34 bro you left a contraband smhh😂
Nathaniel Tine
Nathaniel Tine 2 months ago
7:17 helicopter kill
LIL YEeZY YT 2 months ago
its an off-brand you have bear fist 4:48
Kicking Bear Dodge
Kicking Bear Dodge 2 months ago
when they were landing and wildcat was shooting I got a headshot when we were dropping he was downed or it might of been in plunder
Yuto Matsuba
Yuto Matsuba 2 months ago
put on 45 round mag for wz😂😂
Troy Pearl
Troy Pearl 2 months ago
He is uninstalling the game after that sniper shot lol XD
J Solis
J Solis 2 months ago
0:34 lucky -.- pause then click it
Ricardo Aravena
Ricardo Aravena 2 months ago
You should make more warzone videos
P-Diddy Freeman
P-Diddy Freeman 2 months ago
Jacob Stokes
Jacob Stokes 2 months ago
Me: "Mom can we have Smii7y with Kar98k?" Mom: "We have Smii7y with Kar98k at home." *Smii7y with Kar98k at home:*
Ethan Oldag
Ethan Oldag 2 months ago
you need to use 45 round mags for the mp5
Ur mom bruhズノ刀ム
Ur mom bruhズノ刀ム 2 months ago
u called a guy pussy for using one c4 and u were using 2 c4's.damn
Juicygamer5890 2 months ago
Yeah no not a good video
Jake Williamson
Jake Williamson 2 months ago
Love this game play bout time we got some warzone
bd shred
bd shred 2 months ago
awkward silence
MetronomeGaming 2 months ago
Take no prisoners
Miraculous Meme Maker
Miraculous Meme Maker 2 months ago
7:15 Tyler: *snipes helicopter driver* Tyler: OHHHHH MY GOD Me: OH SHIIIIII- Marcel and Brian: ...
The gaming bros S
The gaming bros S 2 months ago
Vid looks so good
Aksakii Sukkah
Aksakii Sukkah 2 months ago
Make more of these where you just shit on people
Joshua Campos
Joshua Campos 2 months ago
That snipe was god-tier! 😱👍👌
FallenActual 2 months ago
none of this is unbelievable... thumbs down from me
WhosColin 2 months ago
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 2 months ago
Hello, Humans. Riddle me this - I have cities, but no houses. I have mountains, but no trees. I have water, but no fish. What am I? TERRANCE OUT
Tracey Stockwood
Tracey Stockwood 2 months ago
Anyone notice why he didn’t pick up the contraband to get a variant and $7000 because I play this game a lot and when I see one my heart race’s to get to that chopper
Shayaz Shabaz
Shayaz Shabaz 2 months ago
Wildcat play a game called squads The game
IPostComments 2 months ago
Wildcat spams c4 on every person and when one person throws one c4 at them, he calls them a pussy. I cant.
Dylan Ayers
Dylan Ayers 2 months ago
Wow no offense but this is actually a good title
Juan Montijo
Juan Montijo 2 months ago
Wildcat tries using c4 gets hit by c4 Calls Him a pussy
LukeDyloneBarge 2 months ago
I love wildcat but I would never want to play against him cause he scares the shßt out of me
colton carreras
colton carreras 2 months ago
I hear honks
articwolfie 2 months ago
Called the guy a pussy for suing c4 while using stun and c4 smh
Lone Renagade
Lone Renagade 2 months ago
Anybody else wanna see Tyler rage at escape from tarkov? Just a content idea
ItIsPuma 2 months ago
I dont know how much they're getting paid, but your thumbnail artist needs a raise
trxsh bxby_10
trxsh bxby_10 2 months ago
Remember wildcat43 here
Flux o
Flux o 2 months ago
I want Conor in warzone not the fortnite zone
Ahunter 024
Ahunter 024 2 months ago
Everytime a watch you play cod or a fps game I always want to play on keyboard and mouse I play I suck I'm sticking to xbox :/
Jack Kennedy
Jack Kennedy 2 months ago
Hey Tyler/Wildcat your videos are amazing been a fan since the beginning. Your videos got me through some prity hard times and some prity dark places. You may not see this but thank you, keep up the good work🐷👍
Noah Harrison
Noah Harrison 2 months ago
7:11 the moment you came for
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