Black Ops Cold War moments that make me forget about modern warfare...

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2 months ago

Leave a LIKE for this Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War ALPHA gameplay! This year is gonna be fun!
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Coolcat Killcam
Coolcat Killcam 6 days ago
not gaystation, its gaybox, get it right lol
Marcus De la torre
Marcus De la torre 6 days ago
1:55 did I hear a donkey
lovely lily
lovely lily 12 days ago
My match in Satellite I got 50 normal kills and then another 20 with my chopper gunner. I have pictures to prove that I got 72 kills. That was my best match of cod ever
x77- WRLD
x77- WRLD 14 days ago
Jacob Hess
Jacob Hess 17 days ago
Vanoss might actually play multiplayer this year because it’s black ops
Michael Artigas
Michael Artigas 24 days ago
Bro you guys should play zombies
NBS Play
NBS Play 26 days ago
Briefly about what my team is doing.
NBS Play
NBS Play 26 days ago
Louise Phillips
Louise Phillips 27 days ago
What edition is this
EMAAD-K Month ago
this game is shit
Brodaddy Month ago
StoneClover47 Month ago
Well at least you are forgetting about MW. What a shit game.
Fxsionistc Month ago
Black ops 2 nostalgia coming back?
II Month ago
This game does look so very realistic
Velkian CodMW
Velkian CodMW Month ago
6:05 Trash talking kid using sniper:I can snipe u bitch! 6:48 me with a chopper gunner:are u sure about that XD!
FireScull Month ago
I thought early access wasn’t available till today
Moe Makki
Moe Makki Month ago
8:24 you good wildcat?
Evil black
Evil black Month ago
Gay box 🤮
Cheese Burrito
Cheese Burrito Month ago
Here during the beta, putting a c4 on a snowmobile is a viable strategy to killing the vip within the first 15 seconds of the round
ZackGames Month ago
KaoticGaming Month ago
Do i hear Vanoss?!
Kamal Karchut
Kamal Karchut Month ago
This game ass
Perla Castro
Perla Castro Month ago
6 days
poot fish
poot fish Month ago
9:30 NOGLA said what I’ve been saying for years
Don’t Care
Don’t Care Month ago
Its weird seeing them be bad at the game lol
Gabe C
Gabe C Month ago
You need to get Connor to play with u guys
Corvald Month ago
What people dont understand is that a COD game doesnt have to be as realistic as MW 2019 to be good, especially since BO2 is widely considered as one of the best games in the franchise.
arsenal 1v1
arsenal 1v1 Month ago
Funny as hell😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
arsenal 1v1
arsenal 1v1 Month ago
Garrett Willman
Garrett Willman Month ago
Good god 407’s laugh gave my dog ear cancer
lxl jxhn
lxl jxhn Month ago
Finally the mp5,mp7,m4 nerds are finally gonna end. Mw was good but the guns were so stupidly op no matter how much nerfs those 3 guns got
Jack D
Jack D Month ago
Idk man infinity ward games will always be better than treyarch in my opinion! Dope video though!
Kelton Campos
Kelton Campos Month ago
Shilo Ammons
Shilo Ammons Month ago
Austin Wisler
Austin Wisler Month ago
Christian Sullivan
Christian Sullivan Month ago
Can't wait for the gsystation5.
Trail Kings MX
Trail Kings MX Month ago
You should do 3v3 snipers only
big boys
big boys Month ago
Gay box
Sytona Videos
Sytona Videos Month ago
00:47 The attention to detail by making the voices muffled while underwater shows how much effort Wildcat puts in his videos
Paul Dowdy
Paul Dowdy Month ago
somebody been my account because I snacked them in the face on Cold war and now I I can't play any of the games that I bought
Paul Dowdy
Paul Dowdy Month ago
Recording Games
Recording Games Month ago
Gay box gaystation
Mr. Vocknied
Mr. Vocknied Month ago
Why can't everyone just respect the other consoles I don't get it.
venomous Recon
venomous Recon Month ago
Someone has to hit an epic 360 no scope off the diving board
Mythic Legion
Mythic Legion Month ago
Does that mean no more modern warfare? Ever?
JD GREY Month ago
If you wanna see some really dumb killcams just play cod mobile 😂😂😂😂
HideAndChill Month ago
Honestly I’m not hype for Cold War multiplayer but campaign and zombies looks more interesting.
Melissa Wickersham
Melissa Wickersham 2 months ago
Boing boing boing....BANG! *Wildcat getting shot to death on the diving board*😆😂🤣
Aidan Pridgen
Aidan Pridgen 2 months ago
Why does this feel nostalgic
Samuel Murray
Samuel Murray 2 months ago
If you ever make a 2nd account in call of duty Cold War where you make your kd 0.30 instead of doing raidlover92 you should do thunder jug for your username
Todd Coleman
Todd Coleman 2 months ago
How about gayputer
Archurro.12 2 months ago
IDIOTIC xPANDAMAN 2 months ago
Cod slowly becoming battlefield.
xDeath 2 months ago
This game in terms of graphics doesn't look as good as mw
The Trash Mammal
The Trash Mammal 2 months ago
Adam Wallis
Adam Wallis 2 months ago
What about pennis4
Adam Wallis
Adam Wallis 2 months ago
Yo the trickshots form the diving board can't wait for suda
Raven Enloe
Raven Enloe 2 months ago
You forgot gay c 😂
TypicGnu 2 months ago
FaZe Wildcat?
Curlymoron 2 months ago
sǝpnu puǝs
sǝpnu puǝs 2 months ago
man i cant even hear vanoss
Orion 2 months ago
Panda's k/d: 0.50 Panda's win/lose: 6.00
Toxicity Recxks
Toxicity Recxks 2 months ago
At least you don’t have sweaty virgins that only snipe in your games
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 2 months ago
Is he playing on console or pc?
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 2 months ago
and which console
BkillerJ 2 months ago
There's the Gaybox, the Gaystation What about the GAYming PC (that was terrible)
Xavier Joseph
Xavier Joseph 2 months ago
does anyone remember that time when Tyler got on smii7y for still saying yeet, yeah I'm on yo ass now boi!!!!
Syadiya 2 months ago
Cold War sucks MW is better
jon landkammer
jon landkammer 2 months ago
PlayStation is better just saying
mikeycyber 2314
mikeycyber 2314 2 months ago
Honestly both suck playstation and xbox.
RxwanDT4R 2 months ago
Xd mnk on ps4
Conner Smoth
Conner Smoth 2 months ago
The gang is back
D Naquin
D Naquin 2 months ago
-_-ThisNameIsCreative AsFuck-_-
-_-ThisNameIsCreative AsFuck-_- 2 months ago
gelerdon2 2 months ago
imagine liking xbox
The Daily Beugle
The Daily Beugle 2 months ago
I usually never say this but cod looks ugly
ChillyBoi 2 months ago
Wildcat, you play GTA so rarely I'm sure many people are seriously confused you your name is wildcat, and your character is a pig with a bike helmet
Gage 16
Gage 16 2 months ago
Tyler is a weeze machine
Darkzy v
Darkzy v 2 months ago
I’m gonna love watching vanoss play zombies
Axxel Navarro
Axxel Navarro 2 months ago
Dar Wi
Dar Wi 2 months ago
Wtf did we all just watch lmfao!
Zach English
Zach English 2 months ago
That same map had 41 woth the chopper gunner
Will Axon
Will Axon 2 months ago
He played big doinks in mw
BAM Kipperz
BAM Kipperz 2 months ago
Blue Snipes
Blue Snipes 2 months ago
That diving board is a good trick shot spot
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan 2 months ago
Idk about yall but this game will never make me forget about Modern Warfare😅
Duel Phantom
Duel Phantom 2 months ago
Gaybox Gaystation Shitendo
Cyan 2 months ago
was so sad when the alpha version ran out today since i cant get the game until christmas :((((
Diswifeys 2 months ago
Just get on the very tip of it😳
David Nodal
David Nodal 2 months ago
Damn he left out the GayC 😂
Luckynaut 2 months ago
consoles r gay XDDDDD
ÒwÓden 2 months ago
The alpha was sooo much fun
ChaosMiles07 2 months ago
The stream snipers getting caught have GOT to be the funniest part.
Collin May
Collin May 2 months ago
I can already imagine the trickshotters going on that diving board real quickly
Jonny Almonte
Jonny Almonte 2 months ago
I'm watching this during class and almost bursted with laughter about 5 times
MICHAEL WOODS 2 months ago
Setsuna 2 months ago
2:55 Streme Spoats!!!
John Stones
John Stones 2 months ago
This game looks shit lmao
The Aztec King
The Aztec King 2 months ago
After three days of experience am already starting to miss this game am so pre-ordering can’t wait for zombies next
fynnrey 2 months ago
lowkey getting 2012 vibes from this
x HITMANHARDY x 2 months ago
We miss vanoss
TruSturdyy 2 months ago
Cw seems so good
Teh Etchasketch
Teh Etchasketch 2 months ago
My life is crumbling
The Viewer
The Viewer 2 months ago
This game iskinda dogshit
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