Among Us but we double kill in front of everyone and get away with it...

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21 day ago

The future is near:
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Jade Hutchison
Jade Hutchison 7 hours ago
The steady beer bioinformatically shiver because tendency cellularly move astride a windy porch. chilly, disagreeable drink
Ryland McClelland
Ryland McClelland 14 hours ago
Gengar the best
Reesa Beebe
Reesa Beebe Day ago
That’s cap😂😂
KakarotYT 6 days ago
Wym gengar wack gengar lit
LoveLuna 10 days ago
Just notice he’s played with Shubble wtf
Derek Foletta
Derek Foletta 11 days ago
11:29 has some real Carl the Llama vibes.
Alex Geskus
Alex Geskus 11 days ago
Sorry dislike gengar king
Dawson Bosco
Dawson Bosco 11 days ago
Wait, who the hell runs Destiny Bond on a Gengar?
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson 12 days ago
4:55 Merry Christmas, you flithy animal! Home Alone 2 (1992)
Coby Lane
Coby Lane 12 days ago
That was a good play tho he playes the med audio though the game
Blarg MANZ
Blarg MANZ 14 days ago
Is good
Blarg MANZ
Blarg MANZ 14 days ago
Proximity chat is why this game
Sᴏғᴛ Gɪʀʟ
Sᴏғᴛ Gɪʀʟ 14 days ago
These are so funny
Javier Padilla
Javier Padilla 14 days ago
“Gengar is wack” almost unsubscribed
Call of duty O-J
Call of duty O-J 15 days ago
THATS CAP 🧢!!!!!
ishalld3sr0yyy BAMF
ishalld3sr0yyy BAMF 15 days ago
deluxe's brain is small
foxygamer036 15 days ago
cool video
Speedster 105
Speedster 105 15 days ago
Unrelated: Just bought $500 of COD points while using code WILDCAT 🥰
ddragontrainer 16 days ago
G25 Xpired
G25 Xpired 16 days ago
4:53 XD
Ren Seal
Ren Seal 16 days ago
These are great xD the proximity sassing that happen is very fun.
brayden atkinson
brayden atkinson 16 days ago
Speedy is the goat
GhostPhoenix 666
GhostPhoenix 666 17 days ago
Y did I think they were playing Among Us with FaZe Jev lmao
Matsor 17 days ago
Odsey 18 days ago
Speedy is speaking facts, Tyler has one of the most infectious laughs to exist
Bad Wolf
Bad Wolf 18 days ago
That was a fucking golden play from Marcel wtf 🤣
VRGPM 18 days ago
Gengar is not wack
Erik Bazarov
Erik Bazarov 18 days ago
Last Among Us video, someone called out Tyler for still using Overwatch kill sounds in 2020. Guess he noticed cuz now its CS:GO sounds in 2021!
Bryce Smith
Bryce Smith 18 days ago
sidearms vented..........dead
sniffer movies 11
sniffer movies 11 18 days ago
Wildcats actually a funny guy not going to lie including his friends
Meg Stephens
Meg Stephens 18 days ago
Happy new year mofos.
LazyZombieYT 18 days ago
Who's watching this in 2021. Jeez I hate this joke
SirPotatorito 18 days ago
Jax Moore
Jax Moore 19 days ago
Proximity chat over regular gameplay
Turbosprite2 19 days ago
Merry christmas lol 4:54
XD Akito XD
XD Akito XD 19 days ago
7:05 Bruh🤣
Tp L
Tp L 19 days ago
I watched this at 1 am what a good start to 2021
Elijah Florian
Elijah Florian 19 days ago
has anyone noticed this new outro?
Alexisgaming 19 days ago
Happy new year Tyler
Kevin chan
Kevin chan 19 days ago
Just roasted your own mom he said sorry Wildcats mom has a pit inside of Minecraft
Pronicycle 19 days ago
Wait wildcat your from indiana united states... Thats where im from lol 🤣🤣🤣
Krab 19 days ago
i bought every youtooz except h20s because i spent the rest of my money of edibles
Derek Nimke
Derek Nimke 19 days ago
what ever happened to the LTR ridding videos
Pac De navailles
Pac De navailles 19 days ago
Send buses
Vincent Vessels
Vincent Vessels 19 days ago
Gengar is a goated Pokémon
WolfieBoiPotato 19 days ago
Dude this is why 2021 is gonna be so much better
People of the Age
People of the Age 19 days ago
all this time looking at the outro screen, never noticed the picture of Kino
Impxct -
Impxct - 19 days ago
does anyone just listen to the song at the end and just vibe to it or is that just me??
sasuke 19 days ago
everyones voice changes when they get imposter
RazorEdge878 19 days ago
I love among us, but I will admit, it is starting to die out a bit, there needs to be something new that gets some insane hype for Wildcat to jump on, cuz let’s be real Cold War is shit😂
Joaquin Delgado
Joaquin Delgado 19 days ago
Manuel 360'd you
Manuel 360'd you 19 days ago
I once trusted someone with cat ears... *and I regretted nothing*
C-ROY016 19 days ago
LMAO that was good marcel , 1000 IQ
ツimBored 19 days ago
I just made the comments 421
Hayden Hatcher
Hayden Hatcher 19 days ago
Nice vid
ParianGamer 19 days ago
How is Connor????
Log Log
Log Log 19 days ago
Marcel and Tyler are the best among us duo
Parrot PK
Parrot PK 19 days ago
Happy New Years
TheRedDeath 19 days ago
Holy crap, *Shubble?* That's a name I haven't heard in so long.
Commander STARscream
Commander STARscream 19 days ago
4:54 is hilarious! For sure best part!
Fek You
Fek You 19 days ago
I loved your mw cod are u doing cold war aswell
Jolly BunBun HTF ARTS & MORE
Jolly BunBun HTF ARTS & MORE 19 days ago
Happy new year wildcat 2021 fuck covid 19
Allgrim 19 days ago
I absolutely love the crew
Nightmare Paragon
Nightmare Paragon 19 days ago
You say Marcel's not smarter than you, but who's the one always figuring you out first? 👀 Love you both
Terence Ellis
Terence Ellis 19 days ago
EASY UNSUB. Gengar wack? Never in a million years
waitimnoob 19 days ago
How does sidearm after all these years still be the one with the shittiest mic?
Mike Oxbig
Mike Oxbig 19 days ago
MissSarahDonut6 20 days ago
How dare you call gengar whack???
scorpion 20 days ago
Wildcat please play MW
MOTHERWOLF 96 20 days ago
Is it just me or is basically getting getting worse
aight 20 days ago
there was a 38 minute ad before this video, If i watched the whole thing how much money can i get Tyler?
Retarded Seagull
Retarded Seagull 20 days ago
You had an ad that is longer than the video
Crystal Homan
Crystal Homan 20 days ago
D4 is so funny. I'm here in bed with Corona laughing my ass off!
Dalton Gibson
Dalton Gibson 20 days ago
Hey wildcat if you make a video on January 9th can you say happy birthday to me cause my birthday is on the January 9th pls and thank you.
Steven Aprahamian
Steven Aprahamian 20 days ago
13.28 the DVD hit the corner of the tv!!!!!
Avidar Zusmanovski
Avidar Zusmanovski 20 days ago
Halil Halilibram
Halil Halilibram 20 days ago
5:40 pokemon fight
JimiDPlays 20 days ago
I love how they picked up on the “literally” tell. So good
Garrett O
Garrett O 20 days ago
@wildcat you should convince treyarch to put kino der toten in Cold War zombies.
maxthebrave 228
maxthebrave 228 20 days ago
Among us but marcel is angry with me
Alex Pankow
Alex Pankow 20 days ago
Yoooo where the among us streams at. I miss them
Twisted Zeus
Twisted Zeus 20 days ago
thx for the vid
John Leal
John Leal 20 days ago
You need to do best moments of 2020 again and add when marcel played mes scan sound on his phone 😂😂
killha bollman
killha bollman 20 days ago
Make more among us videos
amber smith
amber smith 20 days ago
9:34 idk why i’m dying at this part omg😹😹😹😹😸😹
Michael Scotts
Michael Scotts 20 days ago
Plays the sound on his phone and keeps it playing when he hops off. Hilarious.
hector Nugra
hector Nugra 20 days ago
ahhh shubble from the Minecraft days
DukesimusMaximus Duke
DukesimusMaximus Duke 20 days ago
WildCat: *Jeb Kill Speedy its fine ill let it slide* Jeb: Ok *Kills speedy* WildCat: I lied it is you Jeb: ah shit
Vash Jeremy Q Cruz
Vash Jeremy Q Cruz 20 days ago
Suddenly wildcat became black
Yash J
Yash J 20 days ago
5:24 got weeeeeakkkk LMAOOOOO "SHIIT"
SilentFox - theWhiteChaos
SilentFox - theWhiteChaos 20 days ago
there needs to be a game mode or something where the crewmember ghosts can screw over the killers, because killer ghosts can still trigger reactor or lights or oxygen, and all crew ghosts can do is finish tasks. There should be a way for ghosts to mess with the living players on the other team
Xhillen Monkey
Xhillen Monkey 20 days ago
5:41 me and marcel are in the same page favorite Pokémon gengar and wildcat gengar is the best Pokémon in generation and it’s poison and ghost type it’s mega evolution is the best it’s amazing looking bro
Radiical 20 days ago
Being blind
RockOwlGamer 20 days ago
I swear you'd make a great spy in Team Fortress 2, too bad the disguise is crap sometimes and people have caught on to spy checking
Rogue Flame
Rogue Flame 20 days ago
That setup play on shubble was big brain AF
Joshua Frizzell
Joshua Frizzell 20 days ago
Is Shubble LilShortySGS? If She is, I haven't heard that voice in a very long time. Same laugh too.
Raymond Krysiak
Raymond Krysiak 20 days ago
Its my birthday!!!
SCIENCE_BEAST!!!! 20 days ago
ALEX WALKER 20 days ago
Marcel got that dollar general headset😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Deku _
Deku _ 20 days ago
The famous last quotes now I get it now I’m sad
TheTraveler 2021
TheTraveler 2021 20 days ago
Hi WildCat, Hope you have a great day and thanks for a great video!
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[TinyTAN | ANIMATION] - Dream ON
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